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Bigg Boss 8 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Grand Finale
Farah Khan comes on stage, she welcomes all in bigg boss halla bol grand finale, she says this season is ending after 132 days. clip plays, voiceover says that after 4 months we got 5 finalist, some old challengers came in to shake champions, but champions wasnt less, Ajaz bullying Ali was shown, voiceover says Ajaz thought he will take over the house but Ali’s fight with him made Ajaz do a mistake, he used violence and got evicted, then it is shown how Sana was evicted, then Mahek’s essence’s couldnt work and got evicted, then Rahul flirting with Tanna is shown but Rahul got entangle in relations and got evicted, then the last challenger Sambhavna is shown, her fights with Dimpy, then how she got eliminated and the five champions remained in end. GAUTAM PRITHAM ALI DIMPY KARISHMA are finalist, one will today. clip ends.
Farah says we enjoyed this season, she welcomes ex-contestants, they cheer, she says still the votes are in counting process, winner will get 50 lacs but we will also get to know who will get 25 lacs, she says tonight will be entertainment night, lets see how makeover team is working with inmates.
Farah comes in make up room, she meets costume designer, hair designer, make up artist, inmates come there, Farah meets them, she says to them that you are finalist, you entertained all, this night is for you people, so i want you all get make over, she says to Karishma that you are deepika padukone of bb8, she says to Gautam that you are craze in people, Gautam smiles, Farah says to artist that make Dimpy drama queen, she says to Ali that ypu changed colors in house so should get a chameleon tattoo on head, Ali pleads no, artists start the make over. abhi to party shuru hui plays.
first Karishma comes out all dressed and new get over, she says all called me selfish, but when did i say that i will make name of others instead of me, then Gautam comes, with new hairdo, he says sometime i thought i am targeted, sometime felt alone but i think i played the most successful game in house, then Pritham comes dressed, he says i was known by my voice but my face got recognition in house, then Dimapy comes in new haircut, she says i got many names in this house but how to tell you that its impossible to not involve in house, then Ali comes and says that i said everything openly to all. then Farah comes and says lights, camera and action.
Malika arora comes on stage, she dance on anng lagade re, then Dimpy and Karishma comes on her back, they trio dance on song ang lagade re. dance ends then malika says enough of boys boys, now i will show my curves to Ali, Gautam and Pritham, first Ali comes on stage and says his famous dialogue sunno (listen), he dance with malika on je meinu yaar na mile, then Pritham comes and dance with her, he kisses her hand, then Gatuam comes and sings we love we love Gauti, he lifts Malika and dance with her. female finalist come, the five finalist dance together on je mainu yaar na mile with Malika.
finalists come in graden, fireworks starts, they cheers, they find drinks there and raise toast, Gautam says cheers to bigg boss, the sit on sofa. bigg boss says we congratulate the finalists, you five entertained people for 132 days, you all are winners, soon you will get to know who will be winner of this season, but first we want to make you meet your old moments, clips starts playing. first Pritham’s young age pictures are shown, all laughs, then his mother’s message plays that i call Pritham winkle, he is mischievous from childhood, he is sincere friend. kal ho na ho music plays, then Gautam’s pics are shown, Mohit his brother says that he is very naughty, we all love you, always we use to say that you will be actor, then Karishma’s pics with her dad is shown, Karishma gets emotional, her mother says Karishma is focused person, she always wanted to be first. then Ali’s pics are shown, his brother says that Ali is naughty, energetic person from childhood. then Dimpy’s pic plays, her sister says Dimpy was always obedient child, she would always follow her parent. then Karishma’s mother says that Karishma is not selfish, bigg boss is just a game, then Pritham’w wife says we are friends, he plays with his child, then Gautam’s mother says that i am proud that Gautam is my son, then Ali’s brother says that Ali came in industry against family’s will, Dimpy’s sis says that Dimapy always do things from heart, she never quits, Dimpy’s mother gives message in bagali, she wishes that you win bigg boss, Gautam’s mother says i am missing you alot, Gautam gets in tears, Karishma’s mother says i count seconds that when my daughter will return, Karishma cries, then Pritham’s son gives flying kiss to Pritham, video ends, all are in tears, Ali is crying too, he says i am with you Dimpy in tears today, Dimpy says we all were together in everything, Farah khan connects to them with video call, she says to inmates that you made me emotional, she ask Gullu you are crying, i know how you feeling, first time people are crying more than Dimpy, all laughs, she says you all are looking very nice, Ali you look good from far only, all laughs, she says this is final, one will get trophy and 50 lacs, she says remember that briefcase? she says i will tell in last who will get that, she says people are voting for you, some have come here to meet you, your old friends, ex-inmates are shown to them, inmates waves to them, Diandra is wearing black long wig so all are surprised to see her looking stunning, Farah says i am seeing Daindra in long clothes for first time, Upen is finding janarathan baba, all laughs, Farah says Gautam are you nervous, whats your guess, Gautam says i got support, i feel i will win, but the one who deserve should win, Farah ask fi you dont win then who should win? Gautam says Pritham, Farah ask who two contestants should be finalists? Pritham says Puneet and Praneet and Ali should be sent out fro sometime, and his best friend Dimpy, Farah says people called you 0 what will you say to them today? Ali says 0 has alot value, Farah ask how much 0 in 50 lacs? Ali says i dont know, i dont even know how 0 in 10rs now, Farah ask Rahul how is Dimpy looking? he says fine, Farah says she is 10 years less, Farah ask Upen how Karishma is looking? he says very nice, farah ask to say peotry, Puneet tells him.
fool le kar phool aaya
bhool ker maine kaha ke phol toh tum app ho

Farahs says now we will tell first knockout, mahek says i think Dimpy, Upen, Sana, Sambhavna says Dimpy, Sonali says chameleon, i mean bald Ali, Rahul says i also think Ali, many people are waiting for you outside, you have fan following, Farah says one guest is going in house.
some dancers come in house, Sonakshi Sinah comes and dance on mash up of songs, after dancw, she says now i will make you meet yourself through public, she first calls Karishma, she says to her public never forgets past, you created most controversy, lets see your journey plays, her funny clip plays, that Karishma thought how to make my name famous, then i got healing cream love, Upen and her love scenes are shown, voiceover says love made my lif easy, earlier i used to fight alot, but love changed, then when i used to fight with Gautam, the love would make peace, then with Dimpy’s i got headache but love healed that too, all laughs seeing funny journey, clip ends. Sonakshi ask which thing you are disappointed with Upen, she says nothing, Sonakshi why you took 3 months to realize your love? Karishma says i was not sure first, initially Upen was also reluctant but in end he gained momentum, Upen talks through video call, he says to Karishma that we realized feeling in course of time, Sonakwshi ask did you see episode of janrathan, Upen ask who is he? Sonakshi ask did you break things at home? Upen says i called KArishma’s mother, told her that i will get engaged first then break it, then will become businessman to marry Karishma, all laughs, Sonakshi ask Karishma’s plans, she says i will go on holiday with mama and Upen will join later, Sonakshi gifts her mirror as she is all about herself, then Sonakshi calls Dimpy, she says Dimpy is mischievous, lets see her journey, funny clips plays that Dimpy keep thiking whose mind to eat, i tell everything to Ali so that he can broadcast, Gautam has given me tough fight in crying scenes, my tears are my kerosene, all laughs, clip ends. Sonakshi ask whats with Ali? is it love with him? Dimpy says Ali is not good for my image, he is brother, ali says she is my brother, Rahul says i was doubtful too that dimpy and Ali have something, but when i entered house i came to know Ali cant get a girl other than his gf, Sonakshi ask Dimpy cry for sympathy? Rahul says she has leakage problem, all laughs, Sonakshi gives Dimpy spice box, then she calls Pritham, clip plays, Pritham used to listen to girls, then his flirting with girls is shown, his P3G friendship, fights, his hugging everyone is shown, clip ends. Pritham says i didnt know about this side of mine, he says i wanna hug you too, he hugs sonakshi, she says take kiss too, she kisses on his cheek, she says you are married so like my brother, Pritham sulks, all laughs, Sonakshi ask what janarathan said, Pritham says not take him serious, Sonakshi ask did you give heart to anyone in house? he says liked Karishma tanna, Karishma laughs, Sonakshi what after Upen’s entry, Pritham says not hoped for Karishma, it was nothing, was flirting onlyl Sonakshi says you are blushing, Upen is seeing all this, Pritham says i wish my brother Upen he remain happy and i will talk to bhabhi(karishma) on phone, all laughs, Sonakshi gives him wine bottle as he will go in depression, Sonakshi i have come to take one from you out, she says DIMPY YOU ARE KNOCKED-OUT, all hugs her, dimpy says Sunno.. ali laughs, Sonakshi and Dimpy leaves house.
Dimpy and Sonakshi come on stage, Farah welcomes them, Farah says wel handled Sonakshi, Sonakshi i enjoyed in house, Farah ask who is your favorite, Sonakshi whom i kissed(Pritham), sonakshi leaves, Farah ask Dimpy did you think what you will knockout first, Dimpy says i didnt expect to be finlist, i was hoping for best and expecting worst too, Farah says to Rahul that Dimpy is coming, Dimpy comes and meets ex-contestants. Farah promotes ashoka new show coming on colors, ashoka comes in house, ashoka says to inamtes that now i will rule, he says to Gautam you used others for your benefits, he says to Karishma that you are clever, he says to Pritham that people made you famous, he says to Dimpy that you cry in happiness and sadness both, he says you all have to leave house as now i will rule on colors, all laughs, Karishma hugs ashoka kid, all laughs.
Farah says now four finalist remaining. call is connected to house, Farah ask missing dimpy? they say yes, Ali says Dimpy used to smile always, and i would do game with her but she would come again and again to do game with her all, laughs, Farah says one more knock out is going to happen, one guest is coming in house, then comes Ajaz Khan, inmates hug him, he hugs Ali too, ajaz says all are looking nice, Ajaz says one will be knocked out and i will take him or her out, Ali says i will go with you, Ajaz and ali sing and do antics, all laughs, Ajaz says ALI YOU ARE KNOCKED OUT, Ali hugs everyone, Ajaz lifts Ali on his shoulders all laughs, Ajaz do rounds with Ali on his shoulders, all laughs, Ajaz takes Ali out of house. all are laughing.
Ajaz and Ali comes on stage, Farah says this eviction was unique, ajaz says bigg boss fulfill my every wish, i wised to bring him out of house and bigg boss made is possible, Ali says i wished same thank you bigg boss that Ajaz brought me out, Ajaz sits with ex-contestants, Farah ask Ali did you think that you will win, Ali says i have won, i have entertained, i will earn 50 lacs doing shows, Ali says to Dimpy Sunnoo.. all laughs, Dimpy calls him, ali meets all ex-contestants.
Farah says inamtes didt 60 tasks, now they will do one more task and the one who will make thme to task is Rohit shetty, Rohit comes there, Farah welcomes him, Farah says Khatron ke khiladi is coming on colors, Farah ask Rohit to go in house and take their class, Rohit leaves. khatron ke khiladi contestants Ashish chowdary, Hussain kahajurwala and Sana Khan comes in stage, they dance ji karda.
Rohit comes in house with Ashish, Hussain and Sana. rohit says i am here to shock you, Karishma says no, rohit says you have to do stunt, you have to break glass piece by riding cycle through it, Karishma are blindfolded, Rohit whisper in Gautam and Pritham’s ear, he brings pineapple there, Pritham and Gautam pretend and starts shouting to make Karishma afraid, Karishma gets afraid and shouts whats happening here, Rohit make her touch hard skin of pineapple, Karishma screams, then they opne her blindfold, she laughs seeing it, all laughs on prank with her. Rohit ask Gautam to first do task, Gautam runs on cycle and breaks glass, then Pritham breaks it, then Karishma breaks glass. rohit leaves.
bigg boss says to inmates that you are last 3 finalist, you have left behind 23 inmates to become finalist, you three fought with each other most, Karishma laughs, Pritham says i agree, bigg boss says one will win, but let us show you some memories, three of them are holding hands. clip plays, first Gautam singing we love we love is shown, Gautam says i didnt know i would get so much love, then Pritham is shown, Pritham says i was not famous but came till end, then Karishma’s journey is shown, she says i was called selfish but i rose above all this, Gautam says my favourite place of is corner area of living house, i would sit there and see that nobody talks to me, its not easy to live in this house when nobody talks to you. then Karishmaand Upen’s journey is shown, she says without Upen this journey would have not completed, Pritham says i miss Praneet alot, Gautma says if Puneet was not in house then i would have not get positivity in house, Pritham says this show gave me platform to showcase myself which i was finding since 14 years, Karishma says if i dont win then i would be sad, Gautam says it would be great if i win show. nadaan parinday plays, their moments are shown, clip ends, bigg boss says to inmates that like whether changes, bigg boss come with each season, we would now close lights of this house till next season, we want you to close light together and coem out of house, three inmates close lights of house, whole house is dark, firework starts, Pritham says will miss this, Gautam likes fireworks, they wave to bigg boss house, they cheers and says we love you bigg boss, they finally leave the house holding hands.
farah welcome 3 finalists, they come on stage, all cheers for them, their families are there too, Farah says you all did 60 tasks, rohit made you do 61th task, now last task for you, Pritham says even now? Farah says yes, she ask them to sit they sit on sofas, Farah says now examiner will come, no one can be saved from him, she welcomes Rajat sharma, Farah welcomes him and ask where is your witness box, devil and fairy brings witness box, Farah sits with finalists, Rasjat says now its time to ask some questions to them, he calls Gautam first, Gautam stand in witness box, Rajat says first allegation is that you present yourself as underdog, you presnt that you are victim, you show that you are alone, Gautam says i felt alone, so much happened in house, Rajat asys when all were against you Pritham supported you, Gautam says Puneet supported me, Rajat says i can show you who supported you. clip plays in which Pritham supported Gautam, how he said that dont corner Gautam. then how ali was provoking Gautam in task and Rahul, Sambhavna came to ask Ali to stop it, how Karishma asked Ali to not pass personal comments on Gautam. clip ends, Rajat says what Gautam you did was that you played vitim card, you made Puneet paap and made yourself pappu, tell me did you play victim card to gain votes? Gautma says my mother, my brother is sitting infront of me, i will not lie, it got in my mind that no one will kill me so i took stand for myself, i do what my heart says, people called me that i listen to Puneet but i denied to Puneet to many times, Rajat says not to worry being alone, Rajat then calls Karishma in witness box, Rajat says you supported Pritham’s flirting but when Salman talked about it so you cried. clip plays, Karishma’s flirting with Pritham is shown, her acting like talking sweetly with Pritham on phone plays, then how Salman joked about Pritham and Karishma is shown, how he teased them, then how Karishma got serious and said its not funny, i dont like this joke, then how Salman got angry on Karishma’s tears. clips ends, Karishma says i had healthy flirting with Pritham, but when Salman said all this, there was so much negativity, i was not in frame of mind but i take jokes in good stride, Rajat says you talked Gautam malliged your dignity by using slang but what you did with Upen on show was dignity? Karishma says it was my personal choice, i am responsible for it, Rajat says your boyfriend is waiting outside and you are involved with Upen, is that right? Gautam nods, Karishma says Gautam nods in everything against me, Gautam says now fight with start, Rajat says you dont let anyone talk about your life but you talked about Dimpy’s personal life alot, Karishma says Dimpy was crying that i dont like Rahul flirting with Karishma so i cleared that they are not together now and Dimpy is faking angle with Rahul, Rajat says you talked with janarathan baba, lets show it, clip plays, Karishma talking about her bf with baba was shown, clip ends, Rajat asys you malligned your bf on tv? Karishma says i talked what was truth, Rajat says its good you didnt hide anything. then Pritham is called, Rajat ask Pritham that you go round about your talk, you are called paltipritham, you change your point of view suddenly. Pritha says these things happen in house, i maybe seen as changing person but i used to support everyone in house, Rajat says lets show you video, clip plays, Pritham says Gautam is ill person, then in conference Pritham denied saying that i didnt call Gautam ill, clip ends, Prithma says Gautam change with time so i changed my statement too, Rajat ask will you remain paltiman? Pritham says why not, all laughs. Rajat says to Farah that they did politics tos accept everything i say. Fara says now finale twist, she ask finalist to go in room, they come in room, Farah connects to them with video call. Farah says now i will open twist of 25 lacs, she says we are giving you chance to accept 25 lacs and leave the race of winning, you have 3 minutes to decide, play buzzer if you want to take 25 lacs, time starts Pritham contemplates to take 25 lacs, his wife doesnt want him to take 25 lacs, Pritham says i leaving this race, i have to decide now, its me who is doing everything in life, i am leaving, Karishma ask sure? he says yes, Pritham hugs them, he says i leave this race now, i am happy, he plays buzzer, his wife is disappointed, Farah calls them on stage. Farah ask Gautam that you decided in seconds to not take money, Gautam says i never run behind money, Farah ask Karishma that you must have thought how much make up you can get with 25 lacs, Karishma says i didnt think about it at all, i may win or lose but i made my family happy, Pritham says i know some are angry with my decision but i was not over confident about winning, its all about being remembered in memories, Farah gives him briefcase, Farah says your wife didnt want you to take it, wife says i wanted you to stay as finalist, i never ask for money and you know that, i am very angry, people voted for you, they didnt want you to take this money, i am really hurt, Pritham says will house matters in house only darling, Farah says dont to go to home now, Pritham says this was my personal decision, i am proud that i left this game on my own, Rajat says what Pritham decided was correct, Pritham points to his wife, Rajat says i want his wife and mother to support him and take him home with smile, Farah thanks Raja for coming here, he leaves, Farah says now time for last announcement, GAUTAM GULATI YOU ARE WINNER, all cheers, Mahek and Diandra claps standing for him, Upen hugs Karishma, Gautam hugs his brother, Gautam says i want my mother to receive trophy first, his mother receives trophy with him, Farah takes selfie with him, Puneet comes and lifts him, all inmates congrats Gautam

Bigg boss season 8 ends with Gautam Gulati winning it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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