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The Episode starts with Rina asking her assistant to find about sarpech and give all info to her soon, no one else. She tells Sid that Ramesh has something in his mind. Ramesh says Akash Joshi, and thinks about him. Vidhaan meets Maithili and tells about everyone understanding his decision, Jagat was angry but he was fine when he come to talk to my dad. She worries and asks what did he do. He says he did what he felt is right. She asks why did he think he can’t be happy with Anjali, and praises Anjali a lot. She says what else someone wants in life partner, she would have kept you happy. He asks what does she want, he should marry Anjali, fine I will tell them I changed my decision.

She says I just want you not to decide anything wrong that you regret later. He says Anjali is a nice girl, I know this, but what I feel with you, I swear I did not feel with any other girl. She asks how many girls you have. He laughs and says you know what I m saying. He says if you don’t feel like me, tell me now itself, I will leave from your life forever. She says if I did not feel, why would I be here idiot. He holds her hand and they smile. She says Anjali is very close to me, and even her family, I don’t want anyone to think you broke marriage because of me. He says no one will feel this, and Anjali will know this, she will understand, leave the rest.

She says you know how people think here. She gets a call from Anjali’s home. Jagat talks ti her, and she gets worried. Vidhaan says talk to him. She says yes uncle ji, how are you and Sarita aunty. He says we are fine, can you come home, I need to talk. She asks now? He says yes now, else I can come to your home. She says no, I will come, is everything fine. He says come here, we will talk. Vidhaan asks what happened. She says he came to know. He says no way. She worries.

Anjali gets tired. Akash asks is she fine. She nods yes and the proceed climbing holding the rope. Anjali slides down. Abhiyankar shouts Anjali, ice axe. She uses the ice axe and holds herself up. The team goes back to help her. Arjun says give me your hand. Anjali holds his hand. Arjun pulls her up. Abhiyankar laughs and says move ahead. Vidhaan brings Maithili to Jagat’s home. She asks if uncle knows about us. He says impossible. She says he will think I have cheated my best friend. He says no, its not true, no one can get friend like you, Anjali is very lucky. She says I m scared. He says I will come. She says no way Vidhaan. He says I will tell uncle that its my decision to break marriage, he understood me and Anjali are not made for each other, I will say I love you. She looks at him.

He says I mean, did I say anything wrong. She says you said it, and can’t take it back. He says you say now. She asks what. He says your feelings. She jokes. He says he will help and teaches her to say I love …. She says I will be back. He says that’s not fair. She says she won’t get in his trap so easily, he has to work hard to make her say it. She goes inside and greets Sarita. Sarita asks you at this time, is everything fine. Jagat says I called her. Sarita asks why. Jagat says I need to talk to her.

He asks her to sit. Sarita says she will make cold coffee for her and goes. Jagat says sorry to call you like this. Maithili says its ok. He says I have some dilemma and I felt you can help me. He says I don’t know how my daughter, whom I felt I know, how did she go Everest. She says she was going to marry, and she went for Everest mission, how. He says I can’t believe it, when did this happen. He asks did Anjali always wanted to climb Everest, you are her best friend, she would have told you. Maithili smiles and says its strange, I m telling you about your daughter.

She says its not like it was her childhood dream, she got this when she realized she is getting married and her world will change, she felt its her last chance to do something for you, she always knew its your dream to climb Everest, she did this to fulfill your biggest wish. She says you know Anjali is so mad, when anyone says she can’t do this, she gets more determined to prove everyone wrong. Jagat looks at her. She says its not like she did not know what she is doing, she might be thinking about you at every step, she can’t hurt you. Jagat asks did Anjali tell you about Vidhaan.

Maithili says uncle ji, I need to talk to you. He says yes, say. She says the truth is Anjali did not tell me about her marriage, she knew you and aunty like Vidhaan and had trust on your choice, he will be right for her, she always knew you want good for her. Jagat asks did she not have any complain. She says sorry, I can’t say, but Anjali can’t say anyone bad, you both are my life, she can do anything for you. Sarita comes and brings cold coffee. Jagat thanks Maithili and leaves. Sarita smiles and Maithili says I m getting calls from everyone to ask about Anjali.

She says uncle was looking worried, is this because of her marriage. Sarita says no one knows this, not even Anjali, this marriage is not happening, there were many issues and we took this decision. She says don’t know whose bad sight caught our home.

Sarita cries and says we don’t know we proved to be good parents, but Anjali proved she is a good daughter. Maithili says when she comes here, she will make everything fine. Sarita says Anjali is lucky to have a friend like you. Maithili says I will always be with her. Sarita kisses her forehead and asks her to reach home and call. Maithili leaves. Sarita goes to shut window and is shocked seeing Maithili and Vidhaan together in the car and leaving. The team reaches camp 3. Abhiyankar tries contacting Nasir.

Vidhaan says he is afraid for Anjali. Anjali contacts Nasir and makes him busy in talk.

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