Bigg Boss 8 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 128
4 Days to go for Finale
song yar bina chain kahan re plays, inmates wake up and dance. Gautam takes off his shirt and dance. Gautam says bigg boss your playist is very bad, what is this pyar bina chain kahan re, there is no love here, one love birds was here but you made him, what you want? what you? even then we love you.
Sambhavna says to Karishma that Upen would hug in morning first, Karishma says Uppi i miss you.
Ali says to Dimpy that Upen was telling me yesterday that i do 10 good things and 20 bad things, i want to know from him what he did? you faked 12 weeks to be good gentleman then in last week he showed his real side and go eliminated, i am saying if you are pointing finger at me then first see yourself.

Sambhavna says to Karishma that i used to like Pritham, his personality was god but his mentality is not right, he says that i am here to not to win but to have fun, i used to respect him but he is double faced, he says Gautam is bad behind back and now he is so friendly with Gautam, Gautam is not playing game in this, Karishma agrees that Gautam is not playing game, Sambhavna says he was so angry on Gautam that he used his wife’s name and now he is sleeping, eating, taking bath with Gautam, what type of game is this.

Gautam acts as announcer and says this bald head (Ali) will put fire in dimpy’s and Sambhavna’s war, and Sambhavna will end this war with her shoes, Sambhavna laughs. Ali says to dimpy that Gautam is taunting me, Gautam comes there and sings tum yahan ho and changes lyrics that bald head is here and he will make people ffight, he then sings on Dimpy, taunting them both.

Karishma reads the task, Karishma reads the task that this is last chance to win 25lacs bag, task name is “last ladder”. there is green and red ladder steps for both the teams, inmates have to steal ladder steps from other team to make ladder fully, the team who wins this task will get this bad on finale day, they can get the bag which is risen in air, they have to reach the bag by placing ladder under it, they have to first create the ladder by putting steps but champions team have challngers’ ladder steps or vice versa, they have to steal the steps from other, they have to put 5 steps to make complete ladder, when buzzer will play then team have to put one step on ladder, with each buzzer they have to put one step then have to climb the ladder to take the bag, the team who makes ladder first and take the bag will win this task and bag too.

Dimpy is eating lunch, she says to Gautam that guard steps of ladder so she can put plate in kitchen, Ali is there too guarding steps too, Gautam starts whispering in Dimpy’s ear to tell her some strategy, Ali comes from back and steals a step for his team, Gautam corners him to take back the step, Ali says i have already taken it, its mine now, Pritham comes and says superb Ali, Sambhavna says very good, Dimpy and Gautam says very good, you didnt take it by wrong way, Sambhavna says Ali you cmae out as clever.
Pritham is roaming to take steps, Karishma says you cant roam around like this, she says you were warning me that now you will play dirty politics, Pritham says what you are saying selfish person, Karishma says you use slangs in tasks, Pritham says it didnt happen with you? right, the one who i gave slang have no problem but you are taunting me, because f you, all bedroom gang is gone but you slefish is still here, Karishma says P3G is gone too, Pritham says two persons are still here, we are still good friends, you use to applly shoes, chillies on inmates faces and now good things coming out of your mouth doesnt suite you, Karishma says atleast i am open that i am selfish, i am here to play game not make friends but why dony you accept you play game, Pritham says i dont play game, Karishma says this is real Pritham that he will play dirty politics now. Pritham says oh selfish girl in class speaking about dirty poilitics, Karishma says yopu dont talk about it, you say to us that you dont wish to Gautam’s friend and he use your wife’s naem and all then i washroom you speak against Ali infront of Gautam, this is your dirty politics, Gautam silently listens all this, Pritham ask Karishma to not go personal else it will be bad for her then, Dimpy says to Ali that i will support Karishma in this, they dont have to go personal, Pritham says to Karisham that dont get personal with all this, Karishma says you are dual face person, say one thing to Gautam and other to Ali. Ali comes to Dimpy, Dimpy says they have started personal fight, this is not right, ali takes step from her dodging her, Pritham says very well, Karishma says not real Pritham is coming out, Gautam comes to Dimpy and ask who did he take step from you? did he snatched from you? Dimpy says yes. Pritham comes to Karishma and says now i am sitting infront you you, tell me what you wanna say, Karshma says you play dirty politics with Gautam and Ali, Pritham says to Gautam that nobody can come inbetween us, we are friends and she cant create misunderstanding, Gautam ask Karishma to end it, Dimpy says the first person who went personal in this house is Sambhavna Sambhavna is stunned and says its between Karishma and Pritham, why you are taking my name, be in your limits, Dimpy points finger at her and says i will hit you, Sambhavna ask her dare you touch me, they both come close to each other to fight, Karishma holds back Sambhavna, Dimpy says its Sambhavna who had put in Ali’s mind about boyfriend of Karishma, she is targeting Karishmam Sambhavna says she is my friend too, why you are putting me in all this, she pushes Dimpy away, Dimpy says i slap you, Sambhavna says i will hang you upside down, Pritham takes Dimpy away, Sambhavna ask her to get lost, Dimpy says you get lost, i will kick you, Sambhavn says i break your leg,Dimpy says you must be royal queen in your house, you have problem with my voice then i will speak and you are dirty pig, i have problem with you ******, Dimpy uses extensive slangs, she says you have problem with me voice, you are whole problem, if you touch me then i will screw her happiness.

Karishma says to Sambhavna that Pritham was saying that i made whole bedroom gang go out to stay in house, how much cheap thinking he has, Sambhavna ask her to relax.
Ali says to Pritham that Karishma is provoking me and Gautam against you, Pritham says Karishma doesnt have mind of her own, she doenst know meaning of dirty politics, i dont want to cross the limit, i know what dirty politics is but i dont want fight,

Sambhavna comes to Gautam, she comes there to steal steps, Gautam says in this task thing, nothing will come in hand now but good that you are focusing task, he leaves, Dimpy says to Sambhavna that this is not season 2 that you will say anything and will passby, you have to face me, Sambhavna says your reality is shown now, Gautma comes and ask Dimpy to do whatever you want but guard steps, he leaves, Sambhavna says i was called in house for you, Dimpy says i dont care, if i can take things then i can give it back too, Sambhavna asys i can give it back too, Dimpy says you only know how to give it back, Sambhavna says i tried to be your friend too, Dimpy says ohh ohh friendship and you? Sambhavna leaves.

buzzer plays, Ali puts 1st step on his ladder. Sambhavn says to Pritham that when i was fighting with Dimpy, we could have got all steps, Pritham says i was stopping her then.

Sambhavna says to Karishma that Dimpy is very cheap girl, she was using words which have double meanings, she called me that i give it, i dont take it, it has very cheap meaning, Karishma asys how can she go so cheap, Sambhavna says i just ignored it then.

Sambhavna ask bigg boss to call me in confession room, Gautam ask what happened? she says Dimpy said that i give things dont take it, if this gets aired then i swear.. Dimpy says to Ali that i didnt use it, it must be recorded, i cant use that word, i have never used these kind of words. Gautam comes there and says to Dimpy that if you want to give steps to Ali in friendship then give it, i dont care about money, i do task with full concentration, Dimpy smiles, he ask her to not smile and says that if you want to give steps to Ali then give it, finish it.
Ali says to Sambhavna that i was asking Dimpy, she said she didnt use this word, i cant use these kind of words, Samabhavna says i will show you, what you said Dimpy, she says to Karishma that she used that word for you too, Karishma says i didnt know its meaning that Dimpy said i give my things to others, Dimpy says Sambhavna you are making issue of it, i didnt say it in double meaning, you have take it in wrong way, Sambhavna says let come out this word, you will know what you said and waht not.

Gautam ask Sambhavna to not use bad words, just do task.
Dimpy says to Karishma that this is all very ugly from both sides, Dimpy says Sambhavna started it, Karishma says to Dimpy that dont use bad words, if girl use these kind of words for other girl then this is not right, Dimpy says i didnt use it till now but she was abusing me all this while and now when i said some words then she si running to bigg boss, when she knows how to give it then take it also. buzzer plays, Ali put another step on ladder.
Sambhavna says to Gautam that if my fuse get off then i will use such bad slangs for Dimpy that she will remember it. Dimpy says to Karishma that we had spats too but i didnt use such words for you, Karishma asys but you have always threatened me, i never threatened you, Dimpy says you said things on my face, Karishma says whats wrong in that, you were said to be crying because of me so i had to clear it, Dimpy says you should have first clear to me, Dimpy says only you are responsible for how you are looking on Tv, Kaqrishma says but if my fried ins crying because of me then i have to clear it, i dont want to discuss it with you because you are wrong, Dimpy says we all got to know who was wrong, Karishma says i have no regrets as all the allegations i have put on Rahul is right, he cant say that he was right, Dimpy says allegation is never truth, Karishma says allegation have truth in it, Karishma says i dont want to stoop to your level., i cant threaten you.
Gautam says to Pritham that Dimpy uses very bad words sometime, Rahul also tried to make her understand, he also said to me that one word can destroy your whole image, Pritham says that she was made to come till end by Karishma only, this is wrong that girls are using these kind of words for each other, Gautam says they are from one team so Karishma should hold back Dimpy. Pritham says Karishma is also looking bad in all athis as she is accelerating all this.
Sambhavna asys to Karishma that i dont want to get evicted by hitting Dimpy, she has not career but i work in industry, if i tell you what words did she use for you then you will be shaken, i cant tell on Tv, i will tell you after show, Sambhavna says i want apology from her for using such words, if parents see all this, my marriage will break.

Dimpy is giving jacket to Ali, Karishma and Gautam discuss that what Dimpy is doing Gautam ask Dimpy are you sure that you are interested in task? Dimpy says you also help friends in task, you cant demoralize it, we helped you in tasks too, Gautam says i dont know what angle you have with Ali, Dimpy says you think i am not fair with task, Gautam says thing is that when you start talking with Ali then you hand moves alot and he can take steps, Dimpy says what you are saying i am not loyal, Gautam ask her to understand. we have to win task else it will happen that nobody will win the task.
Pritham says to Ali that we have to win the task, we have almost won it, if we have teamwork task then Gautam will not participate that much, if it becomes individual task then he is more dangerous, he is not a teamplayer. we have to win now at any cost.

Ali says to Dimpy that lets have deal, i will give you 4 steps, you give me 3 steps, Dimpy says then you will win, Ali says we will win at any cost as we already have 2 steps, but the thing is that your team will be ashamed that you have taken 4 steps from us and they coudnt even get 1 step, this will be slap on their face, we will win anyway as we are ahead of you, Dimpy contemplates and ask is it right, Ali says if you want then i will give you whole 5, Pritham comes there, Ali tells him plan that before Gautam come, i am dealing with Dimpy that i will give her 5 steps, and will take 2 steps, you hide here only, when she start picking steps then you come and stop her, i will take all steps in while, you go ang hide here only, Pritham leaves, Dimpy ask Ali to exchange places, so that they can get steps, Dimpy and Ali change the steps and start collecting steps but Pritham comes to Dimpy and saves steps from her but Ali takes all steps from her side, Pritham ask Dimpy and Ali what was all that? Ali says we had a deal but you came inbetween, Dimpy gets only 1 step, Pritham saves 4 other steps, while Ali takes whole steps for his team, Dimpy says i think we should not do this, we should put back steps on orginal place, Ali dont do this with me, Gautam will be angry, Pritham ask to put back steps on its places, they place back steps to respective sides.

Sambhavna comes in garden with her luggage, Sambhavna ask bigg boss to open gates of house as she want to leave, she bangs the door to open it else dimpy will be beaten by me, Dimpy says ayi, Sambhavna ask her dare you say anything to me, Karishma ask Sambhavna to not get angry, Sambhavna asys some things are above game, yo dont understand it, Dimpy says you wanna go, then go i am here, Sambhavna say you play your cheap game, Pritham ask Dimpy why did you use cheap words, Dimpy says i said that you only know how to take things and how to give it back to others, she took it in other context then that is not my problem. Sambhavna says to Karishma that if bigg boss dont call me in confession room then i want to leave the house, Karishma says you will be called. Dimpy says to Pritham that if she was so angry then why didnt she speak when i used this word, why making fuss now, she threw shoe at me, did she say sorry to me?

PRECAP- Pritham ask Dimpy to leave steps, Gautam says why you are doing politics Pritham, Pritham says did you learn this new word politics? someone feeding you (taunting Tanna), Gautam says talk with respect. Gautam ask Pritham that why you are shouting at me, am i your servant? Pritham says you do your task, Pritham ask so i am your servant? Gautam says now i am seeing your venom now, Pritham says i am playng my game, you play your game, Gautam says hell with your game, Ali says to Prtham that i told you many times he is fake guy see now, you call him your younger brother and see how he is talking with you, Gautam ask Ali to not come inbetween, Ali says why, Gautam and Ali comes closer to fight, Gautam pushes Ali back, Ali ask him to hit him then see, Sambhavna tries to control them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this is pritham double dholki pyaare.. n ali fattu mirza

  2. Grand finale date plzzzzzzzzzzz…………………….?????

  3. Gautam s d best nd ali cheap fake person get lost frm d show

  4. Sala kutta ali ko bahar nikalo, iska pattern sahi hai, mon, tue ko fight, thu tak khichega, fri ko sorry, or sat ko comedy. That is the game plan

  5. Calm down guys.. Donot tear your nip*les off!! Its just a show.

  6. karishma tanna love u

    Karishma is right Pritham is playing dirty politics…. Karishma should win

  7. He guysss… gautam is really best person to win.. ali shoud get punishment

  8. Dimpy is cheap and has a potty mouth. She along with the 2 faced Ali should be kicked out. What has happened to Pritam – he was such a sweet, simple & nice guy?

  9. Pritam is probably still mad that he didn’t win 25 lacs greedy dog

  10. Dimpy has got a lot of attitude feel like giving er a slap stuck up cow

  11. Gautam plzzzzzz don’t get with diandra u don’t look good together she’s a weird bald chick and u deserve better tell her to get lost

  12. hey guyz tel me is voting lines r open today… plzzzzzzzzzzz let me know

  13. ali dimpy should b kickedofff …real pritam is coming out

  14. pritham dimpy and ali are very much wrong.. they rnt ready to accept their mistakes!!

  15. Pritham askd to put bk d steps and ali put it- wow nw dat was somethng. It ws already stolen and they cud easily use d steps to win bt they didnt! Thumbs up for this gesture though i dnt realy lyk any of these two. But that was praiseworthy.

  16. And sambhavna- what a pig! Nah pigs r cuter than her. Is it that difficult to undrstand ” if u knw hw to gv it to othrs, learn hw to tk it too”-means abuse and violence! Kya meaning nikala, maybe she has dat complex dat ppl think lyk dat abt her as shez a item grl! Unnecessary drama by her!

  17. Ali tu kitna fake rey

  18. Ali tu kitna fake rey .. U know right u dont get votes to win finale so provoking gautam to hit u lol . Anyways ua so cheap ali u dont get votes anywaay

  19. Can anyone pls explain me wt double meaning word did dipmy used

  20. Pritam wen supporting gautam in bathroom was just because he was over reacting to ali’s talk rather he was strested by the task…. n taking his wife name was completely wrong…. karishma is fake she changed her luv like anything to get TRP and get focused. .. dimply is fake full of bad bad quality. .. n talks only shit…. guatam n dippy just try to gain simpathy votes n yes by showing up girl his body…. He thinks he will be winning the show….

  21. GG is the best and by far a real contestant….he deserves to win by a landslide of votes!! Anyday….!! All those who think Gauti is fake can eat shit and die!!

  22. U think u r only right janvi……..GG IS BEST

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