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Bigg Boss 8 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 124
song Laila main Laila starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.

Gautam says to himself that i am alone now, he starts hitting the door, Pritham ask what are you doing? Gautam says nothing, i am liking it, Pritham says bigg boss’s property is destroying, Gautam says when people get hurt in this house then bigg boss doesnt come, human gives pain to human only.
Ali says to Karishma that Gautam started it again about this humanity thing, he is showing his boxing skills to me, Sambhavan says so basically those punches was for me, Ali says he started it so i will finish it, he acts funny, all laughs.

Pritham and Sambhavna jokes with ali that anybody who come to you with problem only goes out of house, Ali says fake energies are running in this house, he taunts Gautam, he says not after my comedy, torture will start, i will torture them, Gautam is there too, Ali says he started it by saying humanity thing so i will go ahead, Gautam says to camera that this is humanity in them that they think its all joke.

Gautam talks to Pritham and says i was making breakfast, you were joking with /Ali there on act which hurt me in task, Gautam says to Pritham that if i abuse your wife then will you liek ti? then why were you silent and thought that Ali was joking with me when he was abusing me? Pritham ask to not bring his family in it, Gautma oh now its hurting you because its about your family now, what about me? Pritham ask to say openly what you want to say, Gautam says i took your wife’s name only, Pritham says why bringing my wife in it? talk to me, Gautam saus to Dimpy see i just took his wife’s name only and see his reaction, Dimpy says i am understanding it, Pritham says you and Ali had fight then from where did my wife came in? what he is trying to say? Dimpy says he is just clearing his point, Gautam says to Rahul that i went personal witj Pritham little bit and he got so much angry that he will hit me atfer five minutes, thats exactly Ali did with me, Pritham ask Gautam to say openly, Gautam says you were making fun of my insult and now on your wife you are burnt, Pritham shouts and says what is this way to clear your point by bringing my wife in it, you have problem then solve it with Ali, , Gautam says why so angry now? Pritham says what he is trying to do taking my wife’s name, i am asking what logic in it, if he calls me anything then i would understand but why my wife? outside Ali says to camera that see Gautam’s acting inside.
Gautam says to Pritham that i was hurt but you were making fun of my feelings with Ali, if do what Ali did with me then you will hit me, Pritham says if i had no friendship, no humanity then i wouldnt have saved you in nominations.
Ali says Gautam lost. Gautam says to Pritham that you siding person like Ali, Pritham says how can i stop him, he cant be controlled, Pritham says to Gautam that ali is always cheap, you discuss with him and you will get dirty only, why saying my wife’s name and all, Pritham leaves from there.
Ali ask Pritham why did you call me dirty person? Pritham says i am holding my hand onfront of you that dont talk to me right now, give me 10mins.
Gautam says to Upen nobody could stand against Ali’s abuse, this is level of humanity in this house. Gautam says to Rahul that am i not hman, i was called ***** ***** but nobody stopped Ali.
Pritham says Sambhavna that Gautam is saying ali used abusive words and we didnt take stand for him, then when Dimoy was saying abusive words for me then why you didnt take stand for me? Karishma says he never take stand for anyone. Pritham says that he is talking about Ali’s matter by giving example of my wife, whats logic in it? its enough, Ali didnt use slang for his family then why brong my family.

Gautam says to Pritham that i didnt mean anything, lets leave it, trust me, dont make fun of anyone’s feelings, you should have said that Ali was wrong, Pritham says i said to Ali that be in limits, what ws that? Gautma says i just wanted to say that dont make joke out of it.

bigg boss says that torture cage task was win by champion’s team, we are giving chance to challengers to claim right over 25 lacs, if they win the task then there will be huge exchange in house, all challengers will become championns and champions will become challengers, both team have to choose one inmate to play from their side.
Karishma discuss with her team, they decide Gautam’s name. Pritham says to camera that this is very wrong bigg boss, you gave right to them for choosing their player and everything, its contradicting earlier statement, i stood in task for more than 30 hours, you gave me immunity then this? this is partiality, you tuahgt us to not be partial but now himself partial, why doing task again, its simple bigg boss want to give money to challengers, if you were so sad that i won the task then i will bag without any task.

bigg boss ask inmates to give names from their teams, Pritham says our team will not play this task, their team wins, i feel like you are partial towards us so i am giving bag to them without any task, Karishma says we choose Gautam from our team, bigg boss ask karishma to choose from champions team too, Karishma says we want to do task with Sambhavna, bigg boss ask karishma to read out the task. Karishma reads the task, there will be task between challengers and champions for 25 lacs, inmates have to pass rod from a track, if rod is touched with track then there will be blast.. Upen will be umpire of task.

bigg boss in confession room ask champions whats the problem? Pritham says i am feeling cheated that i won the task by standing for hours and now another task for it? bigg boss says you didnt read the task carefully, it was written in task that all tasks will depend on this 25 lacs from now on, one task will not decide that who will get this 25 lacs, by doing earlier task, you won immunity, you used to say that we are impartial but now suddenly you think that we are partial? Sambhavna says that when we won the task then we should be given chance to choose inmates who will do this task, bigg boss says its rule that always challengers choose the inmates who will do the task. he ask Pritham what you think now? Pritham says i am confused as if it was written in task rules then we got mistaken, i dont remember that rule, bigg boss says you dont have to trust us, we will show you clipping.

Sambahvan says says to Pritham that i will not do task, if i know that i am going after two days then why should i get electric shocks, Pritham ask her to do task sportingly, Sambhavna says ok i will do task for you only.

bigg boss plays the clip for inmates in which Karishma is shown reading that there will be many tasks for 25 lacs, Prithams ays you are great bigg boss, we are sorry for this mistake, Kairhsma says bigg boss is 10 step ahead of us, Pritham folds his hands in sorry, Bigg boss ask if anybody have any problem now related to 25 lacs? all say no, bigg boss ask Karishma inamte doing task from their side, she says Gautam, he ask whom they choose from other side? they say Sambhavna.

Gautam starts doing the task, Karishma, Upen and dimpy guides him to move electric rod around the track, Gautam does well but hits Rod to track in end, bomb blast happen, Gautam says oh shit. Gautam’s task is finished. Upen marks his line where he touched the track.
Now Sambhavna starts the task, Karishma and Dimpy disturbs her and hoots to touch the track, Pritham says we didnt shout at Gautam, this is wrong, Upen says they can distrub if they want, Karishma and Simpy tease Sambahvna, while Ali and Pritham cheers for her, Sambhavna ask Dimpy to shut up, Upen says Sambhavna you are cheating you are not moving rod around track but outside it, Sambhavna touches track beofre Gautam’s line and bomb blast happens, Karishma runs and hugs Gautam as he wont the task, Sambhavan comes to Dimpy and ask her to speak now, oh Dimpy you are so sweet, Sambhavna says now i really want to hit her, we didnt say a word when Gautam was doing task but she kept barking at me in task, Dimoy says what you are trying to say, what i am? are you using slang against me, Sambhavna slightly touches Dimpy’s face pushing her back, she says this women is so much, Dimpy says i never abused you then why you are doing os, Upen and Rahul tries to hold them back, both say get lost to each other, Dimpy ask her to not do drama, you are nothing, Sambhavna ask her to get lost, who are you, Sambhavna says you are fake, you are taking divorce outside and here doing drama of love, Rahul shouts at Dimpy and says dont do it, why you always shout, why cant you change approach, he shouts at Sambhavna to stop it, it doesnt look good.

Sambhavna hugs Gautam and congrats him, she says if i didnt congratulate you at that time it doesnt mean that i am not happy for you, i was angry at her, she kept poking me, i was making everyone silent when you were doing task, i am always there for you, you are doing weird things so i am disturbed.
Rahul ask Dimpy to be silent, be calm and dont give attention to Sambhavna, she want to fight, dont get into all this now.
Pritham and Ali says to Upen that you were biased, you didnt stop them from hooting, Karishma says you are doign wrong Pritham, they all shout at each other ( and my ears blasted).

Sambhavna says to Upen that Dimpy is such clever girl, i will nto leave her now, i didnt save her yesterday and she shouted me like anything, why should i save her, did i marry her? she saves Rahul, Rahul saves her but i should save her why so? if she say anything to me then i will be evicted for hitting her, she is such a cheap girl. Dimpy comes there and sits infront of her and gives her wikced look, Sambhavna says hello, what you wanna listen? yopu act all suffering wife going from divorce but should i tell people about your boyfriend outside, you are playing here the broken love game but outside enjoying your life. Dimpy says i dont what i am doing, Sambhavna says you must be enjoying, you are doing so much for this, making Rahul’s angle. Dimpy says you know so much about my house? Sambhavna says i have been told about your house and what you do? should i speak about your boyfriend? Dimpy says wow you can predict about my house without meeting me, Dimpy calls Rahul and says that Sambhavna know many things about us, she is saying you told her, Sambhavna says Dimpy you have bf, dimpy says yes i have bfs everywhere in this world, right. Sambhavn ask Rahul to tell truth that isnt Dimpy in relationship with someone else? Sambhavna says i want to show your reality, Dimpy says you think its all fake between me and Rahul you do fake things by being extra sweet with me, Sambhavna says i should have strangle your neck instead of messaging you.

Rahul says to Dimpy that i told many times that dont give her attention, she started it but you gave her attention. Dimpy cries and says to Rahul that why she is spitting so much venom at me, she doenst know how it feels when person go through divorce, if you getting divorced then it doesnt mean that you ahve bf or gf or what not so you are taking divorce from your partner, she cries, Sambhavna says to Upen that Rahul told her that she have bf outside.
Rahul ask Dimpy to not indulge with Sambhavna, i told you many times that dont talk to her but you dont understand it, Dimpy says this is so disrespectful, enough is enough, i can answer this all questions that why i am crying, why this is all happening, Rahul says there are bigger problem with people. people have family but dont have money to feed it, you dont need to have create problems, just be cool and calm down.

Ali says to Gautam that i am personally saying sorry to you, i am sorry that i said many wrong things, he says to Gautam that you are like my brother, Gautam says then how can you say such cheap things for brother? Ali says it was no real Ali. i just created story and i did wrong, Gautam says how can you even create such fake cheap story. Ali i am sorry, he hugs Gautam.

Bigg boss ask Upen to tell who won the task, Sambhavna or Gautam? Upen says Gautma won the task. bigg boss says now 25 lacs are ours, now times for biggest excahnge, all challengers are now champions and champions are challenger. he ask Dimpy to exchange mike with Sambhavna, they change it, Sambhavna says witch, Dimpy laughs. bigg boss ask Ali and Gautam to change mikes too, they does so then Pritham and Karishma exchange mikes, Pritham acts like making Karishma wear garland (mike), all laughs. then Upen takes Rahul mike and change it with other color.

Karishma and Upen talk. Upen says that i am stuck in web of love, Karishma says cant you wait for a while, atleast you should have waited for show to end, was it necessary to come here, Upen says i used to not get sleep without you, you said to Ali that you would come with me on date if you were single. Karishma and Upen do french kiss.

PRECAP- on weekend Ak halla bol, Malika sherawat will come. Farah will take class of students.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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