Humsafars 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram telling Zaki was bringing Zeenat home, but she gets missing on the way to home. Then she is seen at home, but nobody saw her coming. This is a good story and I can make a film on this story. Kurti Apa says no one is happy that my daughter came back home. The matter is she is back home safely. Vikram asks do anyone have enmity with Zeenat. Kurti Apa says there are so many enemies, but God is there to protect her. Vikram asks her to tell straight. Kurti Apa asks him to enquire himself. She tells about the attack on Zeenat in America. Sahir stops her and questions Sahir. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo and says someone attacked Zeenat on the say of Sahir-Arzoo’s wedding. Vikram gets thinking. Kurti Apa asks him to think and goes to Zeenat’s room. Vikram turns and sees Arzoo. He says Zeenat was attacked when you got married to Sahir, but how and why? He says this is really confusing. Alvira hears them. Arzoo says she is tensed. Vikram says he will make everything fine and leaves. An old servant of the house comes to Arzoo and asks her not to trust anyone especially Kurti Apa. He says his heart says that she is planning this attacks. She asks her not to leave her rights of a bahu. He asks her to go to her room and be with Sahir. Arzoo gets tensed.

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Sahir comes to Dr. Khurana and says we have observed Zeenat. I want a doctor to keep an eye on Zeenat 24/7. Arzoo says Zeenat is in coma since 7 years. She hold my hand and no one is believing me. She thinks Sahir hid the truth from her. She thinks he might have hide so many wounds from her. She says I want to know and I will surely. She comes to Sahir and is about to keep her hand on his shoulder, but Sahir didn’t see her and leaves. A sad music plays…………

Arzoo comes to her room and looks at Zeenat. Zeenat opens her eyes and smiles. Arzoo gets shocked and runs out of her room. She collides with Sahir and hugs him. She tells him about Zeenat opening her eyes and smiling. She takes Sahir inside the room. Sahir comes inside and sees Zeenat still in coma. Sahir says she can move her eyes, but she can’t hold anyone’s hand. Arzoo says you told that you believe me. Sahir says I believe you, but it can’t be medically proven. He asks her to stop childish talk and asks her to accept Zeenat as she is his life’s truth. Arzoo looks at him.

Sahir and Arzoo look at Zeenat. Arzoo says she is telling truth. Kurti Apa comes and scolds Arzoo. She asks Arzoo to go from the room. Sahir gets angry. Arzoo takes out her clothes from the ward robe. Sahir asks what are you doing? Arzoo says she will shift to another room. Kurti Apa asks her to shift in guest room as Sahir’s room is of Zeenat. She asks her to go. Sahir takes clothes from Arzoo’s hand and says you will stay here. Kurti Apa says what are you saying. Sahir says she has the right to stay here. Kurti Apa asks where will Zeenat stay then? Sahir says she will stay in guest room as she needs special medical attention. Kurti Apa says I will take care of my Zeenat. You both can stay in your taj mahal together. Arzoo says you said that you don’t believe me. Sahir says I don’t, but I stopped you as this is our room. He says we both are stubborn and may fight, but that doesn’t mean that we shall stay in separate rooms. Arzoo thinks why did you stand for me. I feel good whenever you show your right on me. She thinks I want your trust and I will make you believe me. She promises to expose Zeenat infront of Sahir.

Sahir comes to Nausheen. She says she is going early in the morning. She don’t want to go, but have to leave as she can’t stay anymore. She says Arzoo have to fight alone now. Sahir asks her not to worry about Arzoo. He says Arzoo is his wife and promises to protect Arzoo. He says he will try to keep her happy and wipes Nausheen’s tears. He gives her house papers and says he is giving it with a son’s right. Nausheen calls him son. Sahir calls her Ammi and apologizes for hurting her. Nausheen forgives him and smiles. Sahir asks her to think that she got a son closer to her. Nausheen keeps the house papers. Sahir asks her to remember that this house is her daughter’s home too. She smiles.

Sahir writes poetry with his blood. He thinks Zeenat is back and he still couldn’t fulfill the promise made to her. He thinks Arzoo is trapped in my life’s conspiracies. Whatever happening with Arzoo is because of me. He cut his finger with the pen. Arzoo wakes up and stops him. She says I won’t give you permission to punish you. Sahir looks on.

Arzoo tells Zaki that she is saying right. Zeenat hold her hand and smiles. She can’t forget her smile. Kurti Apa tells Zeenat that she will take care of her.

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  1. Nice episode, thanks for update H Hasan.

  2. Thanks hassan for perfect update as always. …enjoyed the episode throughly. ….

  3. Can’t wait for zeenath to be exposed. …& love sahir & arzoo are getting closer to each other. ..its about time sahir stands up for arzoo & their love story needs to move forward. …love this serial. ..

  4. I too love this serial……. According to the spoiler Sahir will be attacked by zeenat and his health would be too critical.But Arzoo will save him with her prayers and duas. Now zeeenat will be soon exposed and Saaz love story would begin once again.
    Anyway thanks for the update H Hasan

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