Bigg Boss 8 21st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 21st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The bigg boss Take off ceremony starts, Salman Khan gives dashing entry and starts dancing on the tunes of jumme ki raat hai from kick movie.. First contest Sonali raut (Kingfisher calendar girl and made her debut in film Xpose) joins him on stage and dances with him, after dance ends, another contest enters, she is Karishma tanna (worked in Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi bahu thi, last seen in grand masti), Sonali says to Salman that she is ready to fly, Salman jokes that she didn’t see the last season and don’t know what happens in bigg boss house. Salman says who will try to play in house, bigg boss will tight him/her. Salman jokes that 9 months are gone and new baby is just arriving, he says without pass-port, we can go to Amsterdam, like Aaam dam etc. Salman ask Karishma is she mentally prepared for going in house, Karisha answers that those who are mentally weak needs to be prepared not me, Salman then ask Sonali what will she do in flight? will she fight with fellow passengers? Sonali says no, I believe in love, Salman jokes that can I also go in house? audience applaud for Salman, Salman ask Karishma and Sonali are they ready to go in flight, they nods in yes, Salman gives then boarding pass and see them off to an aero plane.

Karishma and Sonali goes in aero plane, they are seated in waiting area, they see that they are going to Amsterdam, announcer says be seated till we announce any other thing.

Scene shifts to Salman Khan outside, he welcomes hero of bigg boss 8, Upen Patel (Amrita Arora’s Ex boyfriend). Upen Patel comes on stage and starts Dancing on tunes of Je meinu yaar na mile from kick movie. He danced cozily with air-hostesses, Elli ibrahim(bigg boss 7 contest) dances with him, Salman comes and applauds for him, he ask Upen why is he going in house? upen says he is very big fan of Salman, Salman ask how does it matter? Upen says I will get to see you every Sunday, Salman says you live in London, have you lost your house that you are going in house? upen says I want to experience it, Salman says now bigg boss will give pleasurable experience, Salman ask Elli to judge Upen, Elli says he is nice, Upen jokes that now I think why I didn’t go in house last year, Salman says luggage of Upen and says no over weight is allowed in house, Upen says I saw swimming pool in house so I bought swimming costumes for all contests, he opens his bag and there are only swimming costumes in it, Audience laughs, Salman says now we will if Upen can catch up with the flight, Elli ties blindfold on Upen’s eyes, he hugs Salman and goes in flight.

Salman says, we have to see where Upen has landed. Scene shifts to Upen, who is landing through a parachute, he lands in bigg boss house where bigg boss plane is also placed, Upen is finding gate house, the house has nothing, no kitchen, no rooms, no gates except on plane, its just a boundary around bigg boss plane, Upen is surfing through the place, He opens the door of plane and goes in, he says so this is home sweet home(plane), announcer welcomes him and ask him to be seated as the flight is about to take off.

Scene shifts to Salman, he says this is our first twist, now the bigg boss house is actually an aero plane. The introduction of fourth contest is shown, She is Soni singh (Kalika of Saraswatichandra), her negative acting is shown as she mostly plays antagonist, she is in her house, she gets flight ticket of bigg boss plane and is confused.

Now Soni comes on stage and flirts with Salman, she says Shall we go janu, Salman smiles and says in bigg boss don’t be antagonist, Soni says, say it with love, Salman comes close and says Sooooni Singh, she laughs, She gives evil look and says its my USP to give smirk, Salman says ok I will say a dialogue and you have to give evil expression, Salman says This bigg boss doesn’t know me, wherever I go, I become bigg boss. Soni whistles evilly in answer, Salman says you antagonists can turn anything to evil, Soni says yes, she says think I am air hostess of this plane, now see my evil announcement, Soni announces as air hostess that passengers should hold tightly as this plane can crash and if you dont hold tightly then I will kill you all by strangling you, Salman laughs, he ask Soni to be calm in house and to not play games like vamps of Saas bahu Dramas, he jokes that mercy on other contests as Soni is going in, Soni laughs and takes ticket from Salman.

Soni directly reaches the cock-pit of aero plane, she talks to herself, she comes out of plane and sneaks in plane to see if anybody is there, she finds Upen sleeping outside plane, she greet him and introduces herself as Soni singh, Upen introduces himself, he takes Soni’s bag and goes in plane with her. They sit in plane, Upen ask what you do? she says I do Tv serials, my last serial was SaraswatiChandra and I do negative roles, Upen says oh Vamp.. she laughs.

Scene is shifted to stage where net contest Arya Babbar (Son of actor Raj Babar, Debut movie Ab Ke Baras) enters and starts dancing on tunes of singham song, Armaan Kholi( bigg boss 7 contest) comes on stage, Arya stops him and says I have to check you for safety, Kohli says you will search me, you know who I am? Arya gives him angry look and raises hand on Kohli, Kohli holds his hand and smiles, he says to Arya that you are loin, Arya says not loin but leopard, Salman comes and applauds for them, he hugs kohli, Arya says I know I will have good time in house, Salman jokes that Kohli said same one year back, Arya says I only know one thing to be good with everyone, Salman says he started lying from now only, all laughs. A small video on Arya is shown, His mother says that Arya is a mama’s boy, I don’t know how will he stay there, Arya says I am Punjabi and I live like a loin, He says if there is someone to deserve my romance then only petals will fall in house otherwise no romance, video ends. Salman says I am getting the feel that you will find love inside house only, Arya jokes from lasts seasons only Saas Bahus are coming out of house. Salman says we have four boarding passes and you have to say a line to get one, Salman says some line in hindi and ask Arya to repeat it in his angry punjabi style, Arya says in angry style and then sings the line too, all laughs, Salman gloves and coat to Arya to go in plane, he jokes that you wear your clothes on your own? Arya says yes and wears woolen coat and gloves, Salman says Arya is going to Bigg boss Switzerland.

Arya comes in plane and sees snow fall in plane, he sits and is disturbed, he says its not real Switzerland but its very cold here, Salman sees him on screen and jokes that yes it must be very cold there as he is sitting in refrigerator which has zero degree temperature. He says now its time to announce our sixth contestant who is Gutthi, she comes on stage and blushes seeing Salman, she says all the girls sitting in audience are jealous of me as I am standing with you, Salman says don’t come near me and hold me, Gutthi says I want to go in bigg boss aero plane but I saw you in promo throwing paper on plane, it hits on our heart so I cant come in house. she says yesterday night, Big boss came in my dream, I mean only his voice not his face, he said to me to go to Salman’s show and participate in it, Gutthi says I cant go in house as I have financial problems and cant leave my job, she says I have one mate, those who we say as slipper mate, I mean solemate, I want to show our video to you, Salman says why not, he ask to play video, video plays. Gutthi is seen with Diandra Soares in video, they are shown as best buddies, Diandra is teased by a guy in video, Gutthi slaps the guy for not teasing her, Video ends, Gutthi says before she comes, can I hug you? Salman blushes, Diandra Soares (model and fashion designer) comes on stage and she is the next contestant, she hugs Salman, Gutthi jokes about color of Diandra’s hairs, Gutthi says to Salman that me and diandra used to dance like you with towel, she jokes that she wants to dance with him now with towel, she ask for towel, she says there must be someone taking bath here as exhaust fans ( fans of plane, part of set) on stage are big, Salman laughs, towel comes, Salman and gutthi holds towel, the three dance on Jawani phir naa aye with towel, Gutthi says I have to leave now as Diandra is going in house, she ask Diandra to keep giving water to her hairs (she walked the ramped with bald look), she ask Diandra to not put hand in any camera and do not commit suicide, Diandra laughs, Salman ask Gutthi to go from here, she leaves, Salman says to Diandra that I don’t think you will commit suicide but because of you, others can commit, He says to Diandra that you have to go to waiting area where two contestants are already there, you have to select one of them.

Diandra comes in waiting area and meets Karishma and Sonali there, she hugs them and they meet for the first time, Diandra says I have to select one of you to go with me, she says I am confused, you both are looking good, she selects Karishma to accompany with her and says sorry to Sonali, they go from waiting area, Sonali is bit miffed but waits in waiting area. On stage, Salman says sonali must be bashing Diandra in her heart and must be waiting fro the time when she will amek Diandra a dinosaur. Salman welcomes the next contestant Sushant divgikar (Mr. Gay India 2014), He comes on stage and dances on peppy song, he is wearing a coat and shorts, after dance, lady comes and gives him his boarding paas, Sushant shows attitude and says whatever, he takes boarding pass, Salman comes and says he is our seventh contestant, Sushant says to Salman that I am very good in hindi, he says to Salman that I am Mr. Gay India 2014, his body language is like eunuch, Salman ask what is this? Sushant says you will see my body language more in house, Salman says I think its going to be fun in house and I like you, Sushant says thanks, Sushant says I like your film body guard but heroine (Kareena Kapoor) was a wrong choice, Salman ask are you jealous of Kareena? Sushant sings I love you song from body guard in girl’s voice, Salman makes weird face and is kind of impressed too, he ask Sushant if he wants to say bye to anyone before going in? Sushant says its just a trailer, you will see in inside house, Salman wishes him luck and says whole India is proud of you, Sushant goes in house.

Sushant comes in house and slips just at the entrance, Salman jokes that many will fall in house, Sushant meets other contestants in house.

Salman says that now our eighth contestant, ninth and tenth contestant will come here. Gautam Gulati (Vikram of Diya Aur Baati Hum) comes on stage with Sargun Mehta and dances romantically with her on song Muskurane ki from city lights movie. Sragun disappears from there, Sukirti Kandpal (TV serial actress, did Dil Mill Gaye, Pyaar kii ye Ek Kahaani etc) comes on stage, Gautam starts dancing with her now on song Zahenaseeb song from hanse toh panse, Sragun comes on stage too. Salman comes and greets them, he greets sukirti and can’t take her name rightly, he sings for her and then ask what will be her motto? Sukirti says my motto will be to just be myself, Salman ask what is that, she says she will be selective in house, Salman ask meaning, Sargun says this means whom she wont like, she wont talk to them, Sargun says people will say hi hi and I will say bye bye, Salman says attitude, Salman ask who is single among them, Gautam and sukirti raises their hand, Sargun says I am married, Salman jokes that you left your husband to come in house? Sargun jokes that we are newly married so I can leave him, Salman jokes that why cant I find a girl like her? salman says to Gautam that you have to decide that who will go inside with you, you have to choose one of them, Sargun gets angry on this and ask who is he to decide who will go in house, she says this is not fair, she gets in scuffle with him and ask him to decide fast, Gautam is confused, he gets miffed with Sargun’s rude behavior and selects Sukirti to accompany him in house, Sargun gets angry and ask what was the reason to choose her? why you decided that, Gautam says its my choice, Salman says they have started to fight from now only, he gives ticket to Gautam, Sukriti and then to Sargun also, he says I was joking only, Gautam and Sukirti goes in plane but Sargun stays on stage only, she says to salman that now we should disclose the secret, Salman says yes, Sargun is not a contestant, she never got invitation, sargun says yes, I was just pulling Gautam’s leg, she leaves, the stage.

Salman shows Sonali in waiting room getting frustrated. Next contestant comes one stage, he is Praneet Bhatt (Shakuni in Siddharth tewary’s Mahabharat) and starts dancing on song aata maaji satakli song from singham movie, Salman comes and greets him, he ask Praneet how much confidence he has to go in house, Praneet says nothing and keep laughing, Salman says then you will be fooled in house, Prannet says I am your biggest fan and I cant say anything infront of you, Salman hugs him, Praneet is happy, salman ask what is his motto? praneet says to be true as sooner or later truth come out and you are master in catching the truth, Salman laughs, Salman says some dialogue and ask Praneet to say this dialogue by closing one eye, praneet looks funny, Salman ask where is his wife, Praneet says I was so excited to meet you that I forgot my wife at home only, Salman laughs and gives him ticket to go in.

Praneet comes in bigg boss house area, he comes in plane, all contestants greet him. Prannet reads rules for all contestants, 1st rule is to conserve in hindi language only. On stage Slaman says 10 contestants are already in plane. Suddenly force come on stage and covers the area as they got the news of bomb in plane. A box is placed on stage, box burst and Natasha Stankovic (Serbian Actress and model, did item song in Satyagraha) comes out of it, she is eleventh contestant, she starts dancing on song kamli from dhoom movie. Salman comes on stage and ask her do she speak hindi, she says I know little and I have taken classes too, she sings song teri meri prem kahani, Salman jokes on her hindi accent, Natasha requests to take a selfie with her, Salman takes Selfie with her, he says you are going to Switzerland, he sends to bigg boss plane. Salman says I feel that it will be difficult for her to be in house.

Natasha comes in Switzerland area and meets Arya babbar who is feeling much cold, they finds and comes to the other side of plane which is not cold, they are finding way to come out of plane, finally they come out of plane and meet other contestants.

Salman says our flight is about to take off, we have to see if some passengers are remaining. Another contestant comes on stage, She is Minissha Lamba (Bollywood actress, worked in movie kidnap etc), she starts dancing on pyaar ki yeh kahani suno from movie U Me aur Hum.

Salman comes on stage and says i think flight is taking off and those who are late can’t catch the flight now, Minissha lamba comes on stage and says I am late, I am very sorry, my producer will beat me so send in house, Salman says you are late but we will do something for you, flight is locked so now you have to go by sitting in cargo, we will write fragile on it, Minissha laughs and says I will do that too if you say, he ask what will she do in house, Minissha says I cant cause harm but I can calm down the harm so I will do that only, Salman ask any idea where is she going? minissha says maybe Bangkok, as I love to be trapped there, Salman says ok, go and find yourself, he brings cargo box and ask can he fit in it? Minissha says yes she will, Salman says there are cameras in this box too, Minissha sits in box and is send to bigg boss plane area, all contestants see the box and opens it, Minissha comes out it, all greets her.

Salman says all twelve the passengers are gone to plane but as we promised there will be twist in everything so see this video. video plays, in video first a Rj is shown doing his show in radio station when bigg boss men comes and takes him from there. Second a lady is shown partying with her friends when bigg boss men comes and takes her from there, third man is body building in house when bigg boss men comes and takes him from there. Their faces are not shown. Their identity is hidden.

in bigg boss house, bigg boss talks to three special contestants, he says every year we bring some twist and turns to make our house fun, the last three contestants are shown sitting on bed with their face covered, bigg boss says this year the twist is you three people, you are secret society of bigg boss house, your work is to only govern and control the contestants, you will not be included in house problems, you will not be nominated in eliminations in house, bigg boss is giving opportunity to the government on house because bigg boss can see qualities in you which is required to be in this secret society, bigg boss first one is the lady who is not afraid of anything and she doesn’t run away from problem, the second society member is trained martial arts, his personality can make anyone sweat, he how to take work from everyone, third one is the person who can convey his thoughts to anyone without hurting their sentiments, he can tell bitter things in sweet package and can win anybody’s heart, you three have the responsibility of the contestants, we hope that you make things spicy, its time to convey this all to your puppets(contestants). the three society members go out of room.

Salman on stage says that now you all think what is going to happen in house, when kingships come in societies then there comes corruption, misdeeds and biasedness, we all have come to know about the twist, now see the reaction of contestants when they will know about government on them.

in plane, announcer ask all the contestants to come out of plane, all contestants gather in garden area, a space ship comes there, the three society members starts talking to contestants, 1st member says we hope that you all enjoyed the entry, the 2nd member ask contestant why they are shocked and restless seeing them? you all must have thought to come in bigg boss, enjoy the swimming pool, sleep on bed and then go back to your home after vacations here but to tell you truth, we are the rulers here, we have government here and we the bigg boss warden here, only our government will work here, the fast you accept our rules, the fast you will be accepted by us, now we are going to sleep peacefully while you all go to sleep on seats of plane, the journey has begun.

Salman says the game has begun, now there will be three secret society captains on all contestants who will rule them and then there will bigg boss and the ultimate decider are you people, audience, you will see me on next sunday till then all contestants are free to do what they want, next sunday we will see who is going to play first trick and who is going to be kicked out of house.

PRECAP- Upen is sweetly talking to Sukirti, he ask sukirti to say something, Sukirti says no I wont, you say something, she is shy and smiles to him, they look at each other, humdard song music plays. otherside secret society members has stolen luggage of contestants, all are worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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