Sadda Haq 21st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 21st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya says don’t ever show your face again. I will make sure that I will write your names on wall of shame. You have got the chances you could. In 24 hours the ranklings will be released. If you are able to save FITE’s rank I will give you re admission but only one of you will get the chance.

Sanyu is in her room,. she wonders what can she do. Randhir says I am rusticated because of sanyu. I should have teamed with someone else. Vidushi comes to sanyu and says I would have performed better than you. Pack your stuff. Only Randhir can bring the rank back you can only spoil things so you are going to sure. She merges her bed with sanyu. Vidushi says go get married if this time your engagement calls off your family will rusticated you.

Randhir if hitting punching bag. Parth says maya should have done this to you. Randhir says I will do something. I can’t lose because of someone else. Sanyu says to vidushi you couldn’t have done even one task. I don’t steal tuff like you. you can never take my place stop trying to get control of my bed. I will get the rank back to FITE.

Sanyu sees randhir on road and wonders were is he going. Randhir says why is she always where I am. where is she going? Sanyu asks when will the bus come, from the attendant. Sanyu sees a taxi randhir runs after her too. They both sit in the taxi. sanyu says get out. Randhir says you will get out. Driver says this taxi is mine not any of yours. Tell me where to go? Randhir and sanyu say Dehli. Driver says okay I can take you both there. Driver asks where are you from? They both says Dehli. driver asks are you siblings? They both say no. When they reach dehli sanyu runs and says take money from him. Randhir gives the money and says I am not the thief like you. Randhir asks the receptionist can he meet the head of aggradation team? she says he is busy. Randhir says give me next appointment. She says its already given to her. Randhir turns back, its sanyu. He says you. Sanyu says I am always ahead of you. Randhir is going in. sanyu says you can’t go in without permission. You will ruin the name of college. They both go in. The head asks who are you both? They say, I am randhir she says I am sayu. The head says you are the ones who lowered FITE’s ranking. SAnyu says please give me one chance I will prove that FITE still deserves better. Randhir says no don’t give her. Head says leave both of. I will sign the paper right now. He gets an asthma attack meanwhile. Sanyu and randhir asks are you okay? he inhales and feels better. SAnyu says if we make a device that enables an asthma patient live without inhaler. He says I am and engineer and I never thought of that? SAnyu says if we present that innovation will you reconsider the ranking? He says okay you have time till tomorrow. They go out. Randhir says I will do it now. Sanyu says this is my idea don’t you dare. He says the idea doesn’t work solely. You have to work on it. You are useless, I can do it better. They both run and start searching on net to make the device.

Scene 2
Randhir goes to her mom’s office and says I want to meet renuka saniyal. tell her that Its Randhir. The receptionist says wait for 15 minutes she will meet you. Randhir drinks water and waits for renuka.

Sanyu is collecting money from her brother’s room. She sees him sleeping. Her phone rings, she hides in a closet. Ankit wakes up and says who is it? Ankit locks the closet. She wonders what to do. she texts rabdhir I need your help. The receptionist says to Randhir her meeting will take a few more time. Randhir takes the phone and says you don’t have 10 minutes for me? I need some money I will return. she says I know you are doing this to bail your dad. I won’t give you money for that. Randhir steals her colleagues car and runs. sanyu calls randhir and says I am stuck in my closet help me. Randhir says I will make the inhaler and you will be there. sanyu says where will you bring the money from? he says I have stolen a car. cops come there. sanyu says if you don’t want lose you have to come and save me I have money too. You will go to jail otherwise. We juts have time till tomorrow morning, you will be in jail all the time if you don’t abbondon the car.

Randhir saves sanyu. sanyu says thank you. Randhir says I will not let you take the credit. if you try to act smart I will lock you again. he shows her a design and says we will follow this design. sanyu shows him a design and asy we will follow this. He says this is a copy. its same as mine. sanyu says I thought of a watch first. if I had knew that you’d go for the same idea I would have thrown it. Randhir throws her phone out. sanyu says why have you thrown my phone. Stop the car. Randhir goves herphone back. He didn’t throw it.

samir comes to college. He sees vidushi. SAmir asks do you know sanyu? Vidushu says yes I know. He says where can I find her. vidushi says she mist be crying at home college has rusticated her. she has failed and college’s ranking is at stake because of her too. SAmir says what? She says yes she hs left and her.. Samir asks her what? Prath comes there and stops vidushi. she says we are so tried we will talk to you later. he takes vidushi with her.

Parth says what were you doing? You were getting her in trouble. stop ruining her personal life.

SAnyu pretends to the watchman like she is fainting. He goes and calls the doctor. in the mean time sanyu and randhir run in. When the watchman looks back no one is there. They go to the lab. Randhir says lets start the work. They take out the tools. Sanyu says we will make the steamer that will inject the medicine. Randhir says no we will keep it simple. Don’t argue. Work on the clock I will work on medicine compartment. They hear someone coming in there. They hide beneath a dest. its watchman. He turns on a light and looks everywhere. Someone calls him and he leaves. sandhir heave a sigh of relief. Randhir says you didn’t need to stick to me. Sanyu says I just had to save myself. the enlighten a candle. Randhir says it should be able to detect unexpected asthma attacks. sanyu says how will we do that? Bu chip? Randhir nods. Randhir says I want to show him that we can do this. Lets give it finishing touch. Sanyu gets a call from Samir. SAnyu asks what happened? he says your friend told me you are rusticated. You didn’t even tell me. I know you must be upset but what difference does it make? You shouldn’t feel insulted. Sanyu says this isn’t a joke for me. my engineering is very important for me. Samir says our wedding will be the best wedding of mithals. sanyu says I am still student of FITE. This is important for me. we will tal;k later. Samir says listen to me. sanyu disconnects the call. SAmir throws his phone in anger.

Scene 4
Sanyu and Randhir are in deep slumber. sanyu wakes up and says randhir its 9:30 wake up. Randhir gets up. Sanyu takes the device and they leaves. The door is locked from outside. Randhir opens the bolt with a magnet. Randhir asks did you clear everything? sanyu says yes. Sanyu says hurry up. Randhir says we are going from short cut. sanyu says I think we should tell him that we are coming. Sanyu calls kapadi and says sir we are reaching in 10 minutes please don’t sign the papers. he says okay reach by ten or I will sign it. Its almost 10. he is about to sign. Sanyu and randhir come in. he says, oh you have made it. sanyu asks him to wear the watch. Sanyu turns it on. Sanyu says this is our idea that will replace inhalers. Randhir says it has a pre programmed scheduled. he says I don’t think this is fully proofed. you placed it on my vein, by BP can shoot due to tension and stress to. There some other loop holes too. bu for being innovative and seeing engineering in a new light I will consider the ranking you have the potential to be on the top. sanyu says thank you sir. We both did it equally. He says anyway well done. you can tell the good news to dean. Sanyu throws the key of car away she says I won’t go in a stolen car. I don’t wanna go to jail. Randhir says I couldn’t imagine that you would say that for me.

They go to maya. maya mr. Kapadi called me and told me that two students of FITE entered the room without permission and hypered him to attack. He told me that you have impressed him. Sanyu can join the college but not randhir. It was your idea. SAnyu says I couldn’t execute it without him.

Precap- sanyu says how can vardha leave like this? maya says I am not his PA. sanyu says to everyone vardhan has left because of us. Randhir says we broke his trust. Jiggy traces his location.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. atiba thank u very very much for wu

  2. Epi ws very nice,bt m so sad miss ho gya n repeat bhi nhi dekh skti:-(

  3. to hell with this “anupam kher show”

  4. Thnx atiba fr d speedy updt…finaly dis spcl epi mkd things btwn rd nd sanyukta..also aftr so many wks i m a bit hpy with sanyukta as she shows chomu his plc..whtevr it is its a gd epi..much more btr dn earlr spcl epi.

    1. uss chomu ka shakal dekhne layak tha. bt I wonder kya wedding cancel hoga? yeh cvs kuch bhi kar sakte h. if d wedding hppns i’ll quit d shw.

  5. i like maya her attitude…and the actress (i dnt know hr name) who is playing diz role is really nice….i like hr acting

    1. it is swati taldar…

      1. Hi anamika remembered mee…….

      2. S, of course!!! gudmorn’ RANDHIRIANS!!!

    2. not sooooooo special episode after all.. aakhir mera RD ko CVs ne banaa diyaa naa EK PUPPET!!! Maya decides to take back only sanyu…

  6. Nice episode. ….but missed it…


    Amu Shivz > Sandhir – Randhir & Sanuykta : Sadda Haq V

    Ohk nw SHQ hs turned my family into battle ground.
    Pehle nly me n my mom used to watch d show.. N nw my dad too… N trust me more than SHQ both of dem r
    I mean i too like him bt d way they react is epic..
    Today whn sanyu calls RD fr help my mom-“y nw?? Y ds she need him?? She always calls him whn in need n fir usko trick
    karke bhaag jaati he.. She is so cunning” i ws lyk
    N den my daddy dearest “wht ws dat?? D imagination belonged to sanyukta n nt d idea.. It ws RD who formulated n
    exicuted.. Dn y is he rusticated?? Dts nt fair” my mouth still zipped

  8. Vry vryspecial epi. I can stop staring to tv during the show……first time like sanyu when she think abt randhir…kamani maya ne sirf sanyu ko vapas clg liya and dont even think abt randhir……jst like to kill this maya nd also this chomu…..

  9. Haan…..
    U know what guyz,
    I think all this is vdhan ssirs plan to get sandhir back.
    I mean,usne hi maya se kaha hoga sirf snyu ko waapas lene. N den observe her reaction,to test whether there still is sum feelings left. N him leaving fite? Obviously he knows dat both of dem want him back and WILL work together fr dat if necessary…….
    Just a thought..

  10. Guys I also want to join in this group but after 1 week or sometimes in ntwn also because I am having exam s

  11. hy all i read this updates daily bt this is 1st time i m comenting. It will be great if i also can join u all.

  12. why Randhir is the one to be expelled :\ :\
    I agree the idea belonged to Sanyukta but the idea wud hav never been turned into reality if it wasnt for Randhir ideas are easy to come but actually converting it into reality is a different thing….
    and if you observe the accredition task Randhir even thou completed the task due to his overconfidence let fite down but in the final task Sayukta said i wud be leading n instructed Randhir to do as she say and when Randhir told Sanyukta that we shud check the power circuit Sanyukta became overconfident and said just attached a voltage meter and it wud do the trick and the end that became the reason for there loss so they both were equally responsible…
    Randhir should not be expelled
    Randhir ftw.

  13. Good mrng all sandhirians!

  14. Atiba dear plz upload pix also

  15. there’s a news that mr.kapoor will be d new mentor of DT

  16. i watched the rpt telecast,.. as always, sanyu was given more importance.. it was her idea, it was her engagement money…. she does the talking with Mr.Kapadia…

    a/ways, the 2 scenes that i loved the most – VIDU was flying when Parth gave her that small quick kiss… she lost herself.. it was soooooo nice.
    2nd, SanDhir taxi banter scene.. Taxi driver : tum dono bhaayi behen ho? both at the same time : nahi……..
    Samir calling sanyu babes… again talking abt honeymoon…

  17. any idea how the marriage will be cancelled??? RD kaa kyaa hogaa??? who knows Samir even after marriage, may send Sanyu to FITE and she wl attend her 4th year classes as Mrs Sanyukta Samir Mittal..

  18. ftw mhanaje kay?????

  19. for the win…

  20. hated the way she said har cheez mei hi aage rehti hoon…
    if it wasnt for randhir u cud hav never achieved anything cuz randhir did most of the work all the time n u got the credit :\ :\

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