Bigg Boss 8 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 87
Song Aa dekhen Zara hum kis mein kitna hai Dam starts playing. inmates wake up and shake legs on song.

Dimpy ask Upen to help Puneet in cooking food, Upen sys I am washing utensils, it is hard work, I am washing utensils of lunch and dinner, you are now picking at me, I am doing my work, Dimpy says all are doing 3 works, Upen says I will not do it, Dimpy leaves. Upen says to camera that I have to wash utensils fo 10 inmates but she is picking at me, she is awful. Dimpy says to Pritham is utensil hard to wash? Pritham says never.

Dimpy says to Karishma that I am not understanding Upen, he used to be calm, Karishma sys he always said that he want to have friendly relation with all in house but now he is losing it, this house can change anyone, Dimpy says he is not like this, he try to fight on every single, it seems like he is acting, I cant believe that he gets angry on everyone.

Dimpy ask Sonali to clean, Sonali says I am not in mood to clean, I will clean tomorrow, today is task, Dimpy ask her to clean kitchen, Sonali saus I will do tomorrow, Dimpy says I want you to clean today only, Sonali ask her to behave like child, if you want to fight with me? I am not interested in argument, Upen is there too, he ask what happened, Dimpy says I am just asking to her, am I wrong? Upen says no but she is saying that she cleaned yesterday, Dimpy says she didn’t mop yesterday, Dimpy says ok Sonali I will ask Ali to clean bu remember this she leaves, Sonali says I cleaned yesterday but not nicely, why she is giving orders.
Dimpy ask Ali to clean, Ali says ok I will clean it, Dimpy says Sonali is saying rubbish, Ali says not to worry, I will do.

now time for second step of task, PRitham, Ali, Dimpy, Karishma and Gautam are part of task, they have to do the tasks which they already no, first task is Heros vs villain, PRitham, Ali, Dimpy, Karishma and Gautam are heros, Praneet, Puneet, Upen and Sonali are villains. heros have to try that one villain put sticker of their name on their shirt and come to their side, in end the hero which doesn’t have any villain wearing his name in end will be out of race of immunity.

Upen says to Ali that Dimpy is your friend so ask her to wear your name. Upen says nobody is my friend now. Praneet says to Puneet that I will wear Pritham’s name and you wear Gautam’s name, Puneet nods. Upen says to Ali that dimpy is just asking me to work, Ali says I told her that there are other inmates too, don’t just nag Upen.
Upen says to Karishma that you are friend just for game, friendship with me is big thing but your friendship is just for game, Karishma says don’t wear my name, I am not asking you but your problem is you don’t listen, Ali brings Dimpy, Dimpy says Ali said to me that don’t fight with Upen, he is on different tangent, Upen says Ali you said different thing to me, you agreed with me that Dimpy is picking on me, Dimpy says what? Ali said I am picking on you? Upen says yes, Ali says I just said that Dimpy is poking you for every work, Upen says to Ali that you are saying different things, Ali says I don’t want immunity from you, I am just saying that you are in different mood these days.

Pritham says to Upen that you are in different mood these days, you have felt this too, so we are feeling this too, you are playing calmly but you have build up in your heart so now you are reacting on things, you are strong person you don’t have to react like this, Upen says when there is action then there will be reaction, you said to Dimpy that utensils is easy task, Pritham says Dimpy came to us and said in such a manner that we said its easy compared to other thing, this is DImpy’s gameplan, Upen says I understand that.

Sonali ask Upen to wear a name, Sonali says I am villain but I am not villain in real, I am heroine, Ali ask Upen to wear one name, time is going up, Upen leaves from there. Upen says to camera that Karishma is my friend and I have always followed it and will follow it but for her its all game, she just play her game. Sonali wear Dimpy’s name on her shirt.

Ali ask Upen to wear one name as its a task, Upen says I am true man, Ali says only you are true person, Pritham says don’t force him, Ali says I am just making him understand.
Sonali says to Dimpy that as a girl I like Karishma but I know what she is and I also know how you are.
Upen says I always supported Karishma but did she ever supported me? I made her captain, I saved Karishma but she saved Diandra not me, so I will think which kind of friend she is. buzzer plays, Upen wear his shirt, he ask Karishma to give her name tag, Karishma says if you think I am selfish then leave it, Upen says I will follow my friendship, Karishma gives her name tag to Upen, Upen wears her name on his shirt, he says this is last time I am fulfilling my friendship, Upen says now friendship is enough, i have done a lot for Karishma, i have done friendship with you and i will follow it, Karishma says i follow my friendship too, i don’t need your help, i don’t want immunity because i know i am right., Karishma says what you are understanding, Upen says in whole season you never supported me, Karishma says how? yesterday you shouted on me but I didn’t say a word to you, Karishma says I don’t want immunity, wear Ali’s name.

bigg boss says that heros vs Villains task is finished and Ali’s name wasn’t wear by anyone so ALI IS OUT so now DImpy Pritham, Gautam and Karishma will go to next level, Ali makes funny faces and says how this happened, now I will break my bangles.

now next level of task, house will be changed into hotel. guests will Praneet, Sonali, Ali and Puneet and Upen, butlers will be Pritham, Gautam, Dimpy and Karishma. guests can ask any work from butlers, and guests will give tips too, in end who will have more money will win this task, the winner will have authority to eliminate one inmate who is contender for immunity.

Upen says now I will make task interesting. Karishma is butler so Upen ask her to clean pool, Upen puts heavy stones in pool, Karishma go in pool and takes them out,. Ali says Upen is deliberately trying to entertain. Karishma cleans pool, Upen ask her to smile, don’t show attitude. Sonali says to Dimpy that how they call themselves friends, they have so many issues.

Ali gives his whole money to Pritham. Dimpy talks to Gautam and says that if KArishma wins then we will be eliminated by her, Gautam says I am not worried to win for myself but I don’t want Karishma to win. Ali says to Pritham that Puneet, Gautam and Dimpy got depressed that I gave my money to you but I will take my decisions, Pritham thanks him.

Upen says to DImpy that washroom is very dirty, it has to be cleaned, Upen messes up washroom and ask Dimpy to clean it,. the shampoos and tissues are all around in washroom, Dimpy says did you got unconscious in washroom, Upen says don’t know, Dimpy kisses UPen’s cheek, Upen says it happens, Dimpy says yes it happens, UPen has written love Dimpy in washroom with shampoo, Pritham says very creative. Dimpy cleans the washroom, Upen says when you clean you look nice but when you order you doesn’t look nice, Dimpy says even I don’t like myself when I order. Dimpy cleans the washroom, Upen says I just wanted to take revenge from you and Karishma and I did. love you.

Pritham says to Karishma that if dimpy get whole money then she will eliminate us, Karishma says then give your money to me and I will eliminate DImpy, Pritham says you can give your money to me, Karishma says okay, Pritham says I will not eliminate you and you will not eliminate, he says I have money of Praneet and Ali and Karishma have money of Upen so I will take her money and will eliminate Dimpy, Karishma says okay.

bigg boss ask inmates who have got most money? Puneet ask butlers to count, they count. Dimpy has earned 1055000rs, pritham have got 1181000rs so Pritham is winner of task. bigg boss ask name of one person who he want to eliminate from race. Pritham takes Dimpys’s name and sys I want to eliminate her because yesterday she played very well and she is strong contender, Dimpy says you are afrirad that you will lose to me, Pritham says ofcourse I don’t take girls lightly, other reason is you talk a lot, Pritham says its win for you that you are strong. bigg boss says now Karishma, Pritham and Gautam will go to next level.

Karishma says to Pritham that how dimpy was talking, Pritham says she is very over smart. Dimpy says Karishma got advantage in task because of Diandra, my point is game should be fair but she was one step ahead from us. Dimpy says Prithma did this to make up with Karishma for nominating her, Puneet says yes they are friends again.

Karishma ask Upen whats her fault? why you are doubting on my friendship, you were shouting infront of whole house, if you have problem with me then talk to me, you don’t have to sing to whole world, Upen says you are sitting with your new friends, Karishma says there is no friend of mine here, Upen says yeah right, Karishma says you except you nobody is my friend, if you don’t wanna talk then I am leaving, Upen says whats the problem if said infront of others, Karishma says I am private person I don’t like, there was Sonali and Pritham there, if we have problem we can solve it, I will not say about my problems to others.
Upen locks Karishma’s make up in locker, he find 1 lac from her things, ALi says Pritham Karishma stole 1 lac rupees. Upen says KArishma will not get make up now.

now time for last task. task name is hijack. the one who keep sitting on chair till end will win the task, Pritham, Gautam and Karishma will sit on chairs and other inmates will support them, to support them, other inmates can do things to make others leave their chairs so that their favorite win the task. Puneet says this task is about patience that till when they can sit on chairs so we don’t have to throw chilies and all. Puneet ask them to go to washrooms.
Gautam sit on chair and says there are many memories related to it. Puneet says best of luck, they sit on chairs.

Upen says to ALi that this chance is given by god, there is only one girl in task and I will make her win. Gautam is gone now, Upen applies marks on his face and says we are Rambo team, Ali and Praneet applies too.

PRECAP- Dimpy says to Pritham that’s why you eliminated me, Pritham ask her to not touch him. Ali stops Dimpy from going to Pritham, Upen drags Ali from there, Upen and Ali enter in scuffle, they charge at each other, Karishma shouts Upen to stop, Ali says Upen have gone mad, he is psycho. later Pritham says this all started because of Dimpy, Dimpy comes there and says you coward, saying it all started because of me? you become a man first, Pritham says you lost the task so saying all this, Dimpy says you ****, Pritham gets up from seat and says dare you say slang for me, Upen says Pritham she is girl, Pritham says so she can say any slang, he gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why is GAUTI silent?? what is going on in his mind?? when everyone in house are entering scuffles he sat calmly!! well lets wait and watch whats going to happen tomorrow it will be quite interesting..

  2. Wots wrong wid Upen. …..not sure if he needs sum sort ov medication or he’s acting 4 da camera’s 2 so he’s shown on screen alot mre. Pritam is bcumin lyk karishma.
    Ali is as entertaining as usual. Hpe Ali or Gautam 2 win.

  3. I hope gouti win tmrs task..I dnt wnt karishma to get immunity..upen is actng wierd,n its obvious its for de camera so he gets more vote n hell b savd frm eviction..

  4. What d f is wrong with u-pain! So damn irritating! And Pritham- what’s wrong with him. Hez saying 2 things to 2 different ppl. He was nyc but if that’s his reality, he surely cant win like this! Idiot! Ali and dimpy are as usual v.entertaining.

  5. wilma macrooy

    why everybody judges Karsihma? She has weaknesses, just as all of the contstants has, but as soon as Karsihma did something , they lit the fire of hate, or jealousy,or anger, or disrespect. Thats not fair, She is strong .They try to confuse her, so she can make one ,mistake after the other. wrong, wrong !!!!!

  6. Karishma is superbbbbbb :*

  7. oh god!!! i hope upen gets evicted this week. he is so mean nd wierd..nd being a girl doesnt mean that she can use any slangs to others dimpy betr keep ur mouth shut!!

  8. Wt d heck has happened to dimpy.?y every1 is hating her
    Don’t worry dimpy u r superb,I will definitely support u.

  9. We love we love guti

  10. I think Upen is behaving wierd this week coz he is nominated this week. He always behaves wierd if he is nominated. Dimpy is over smart. zyaada hi chaalak hai…She manipulates very well. No wonder she was the winner of Rahul Dulhaniya something show…Gauti is very silent post Diandra’s eviction. Probably he is taking time to think of another strategy to to get attention. He used Diandra bad and then commented that she is 10 years older to him. Cheapooo!! I loved Gauti but when he insulted Diandra i hate him….Whatever if it was acting or real,should have kept it that way and not b*t*hed behind her back…He is a puppet in Punnet’s hands….

  11. I hate you upen why are you doing all this you have gone mad and gauti you rock as always

  12. Rachna well said about dimpy

  13. Chu-pain should evicted. And pritam is loosing respect in the influence of karishma… I use to vote for him but not now.

  14. oh god what iz happening why these people think that we like fights. We just want entertainment not heache.arey koe to seana bunay

  15. oh god what iz happening why these people think that we like fights. We just want entertainment not heache.arey koe to seana bunay
    upain just feel pitty for must need rest or psychologis

  16. Dimpy suddenly came to my notice after she had that whole bowl of chili soup…omg! Then i realized dimpy was not only entertaining all this while but for manipulation too one needs to hv some serious brains. Along with that the fighting spirit which makes her do every task so well, she surely is on her way to becoming a v.strong (lethal) contendor! I somehow have a new respect for her, its not easy whatever shez doing! Evry1 is manipulative but shez subtle in it and entertaining too! Superb!

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