Sinhasan Battisi 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, in palace the relatives of all the ladies are seen asking maharani vallari tat they are sorry for wat they did and they will take all their ladies back with respect while maharaja bhoj says tat they have taken a good decision and is happy to see the respect given to women and their comes rushi purshotam and says to raja bhoj tat he has successfully changed the thoughts of the entire human kind for the ladies in this society and also says tat he has also accepted the change and is here to take gautami back home he then tells gautami tat he still loves her as he did previously and wants to take her back to ashram with all respect but then raja bhoj stops rushi purhotam from taking her and asks him to give agnipariksha while rushi purshotam agrees to it and gives the agnipariksha and then he successfully completes it and after completeing rushi purshotam says tat after giving agnipariksha he understood the pain wat woman goes through
Raja bhoj then says tat no normal person could do this for his wife he is great and thanx him and asks him to do the rajsuya yagya which was planned earlier then raja bhoj,maharani and rushi purhotam and all others are seen doing the raj suy yagya and rushi purshotam asks the souls of the ancestors and god to help protect the kingdom and raja bhoj then thanx rushi purshotam and he tells maharani tat he has completed the task given by mahamay and now he has to go back to achieve the singhasan while maharani vallari looks a bit worried as raja bhoj leaves
Raja bhoj is then seen in the old fort where he calls mahamaya and she appears and she congratulates raja bhoj for completing his task while raja bhoj says tat all he need is her wishes and blessings to achieve singhasan but mahamaya says tat he does not requires her blessings but should have Kartavya sahas and lagan to achieve singhasan and then she tells raja bhoj tat he can now go ahead with next step raja bhoj then climbs the step one by one and the names are called out Parakrami,paropkari,pursharthi and then he sees tat their arrives a godess she introduces herself as godess of Vivekshilta and her name is vishakha and she then narrates the story of vikramadityas vivekshilta and then tells tat samrat once went with maharani to maharanis fathers place to visit
Varhamirji then sees tat samrat has arrived and asks where is maharani while samrat tells tat he droped her at her fathers place as they requested her to stay then varhamirji asks about the marriage he visited but samrat says tat he has just arrived and he didn’t visit any marriage but varhamirji says tat the soldiers told him tat u visited the marriage and not only made the people complete the marriage wen they were refusing due to the dark color of the girl and dod kanyadan too. While samrat gets shocked and says tat he was not there he must have heard something wrong or may be he is not well and leaves while varhamirji thinks tat something is fishy
Next day samrat is seen entering the village while villagers look at him stunned and samrat stops and asks one villager as y is every one looking at him so surprised he then tells tat just some time befor all of them saw u at the temple and suddenly u r coming here but samrat says tat he came just now another villager stops by samrat and thanx him tat he gave him the shall yesterday if he did not had this he would have died but samrat says tat he didn’t gave any shall to u samrat is confused and he decides to go ahead another villagers comes up with sweets towards him and thanx him for his help last night during her daughters marriage samrat is now worried as he tells the man tat he did not do anything and decides to go to palace and find out wat exactly is the matter
In palace samrat has villager for justice he ask wats the problem a old man tells tat this is his daughter and he has fixed her marriage with this man standing besides me and sccording to him he is the best man for his daughter he has chosen while his daughter Devika says tat she doesnot wants to marry this man as she doesnot like him and she must have the right to choose the man whom she wantsto marry and samrat was about to speak something and he hears his voice from the entrance everyone is shocked and stunned to see two samrats standing in the hall.

Both the samrat are claiming tat they are real and to prove themselves they were about to start to fight but varhamirji stops them and says tat the committee will take the decision of who the real one is and till then there will be no samrat for this kingdom.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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