Bigg Boss 8 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 24
Dancers come n house, Ali comes in house and starts dancing and singing, he meets everyone in house, he says to puneet that you are rocking in house, he says sorry I disturbed you at night, bigg boss says that Ali is new house mate, we want to tell you all that Ali is first captain of house, Ali gets some decision making powers in house, like he will not do any work, he will order other inmates to do the work, Ali laughs on it, bigg boss says if you don’t follow captain’s order then captain can punish the inmate, he cant be nominated, he says I feel that you welcome Ali warmly. all claps for him. inmates take Ali in house, Ali says I used to watch bigg boss and I feel you are family, all inmates shows Ali house around, they bring him in bedroom, Ali says ok this bed of captain was not used before? Arya says no, ali says great.

Puneet talks to Pritham, puneet says to pritham that nobody knows till when he will be captain, monopoly must have started against him., pritham says he is singer and actor, puneet says I am worried that why he has come in house.

Gautam talks to Ali and says my heart is off from all inmates, they have sidelined me so I have started my game, I tried to make friends but they sidelined me so I am not afraid of them now, Ali says trick is that the one who hates you, give him her love, he says like you asked forgiveness from karishma, public is liking you and don’t spoil your image.

Day 25
Ali is awake and screams in camera.

All inmates are sleeping, song starts, all wakes up.
Gautam meets Karishma and hugs her, she hugs him back, gautam says let forget what happened in past, karishma says yes what is in task is thing of task, you see I am different in tasks and bahves differently in routine day, gautam agrees.
Ali is bed room, he talks to praneet and says there is mess in bed room, we have to assign duties, diandra sys bed room duty was assigned, Ali says we have to slightly look at things otherwise its managed in house. he goes from there, Sushant comes there, diandra says that Ali said that puneet cleaned the quilts, puneet just took quilts from bed for once and Ali is impressed by him, its like showing that we don’t work at all, he is not hygienic himself and talking about hygiene of house, he should first become hygienic.

Ali calls everyone in lounge, he says I have to assign duties of work and there are some rules that are broken everyday, I will take strict action if I see inmates using English or sleeping in daytime, also don’t get physical in tasks, he says inmates have doubts regarding me, I have not come to create groups, who want to what work, Sushant says I wont clean washroom, Ali says we will make teams for different work, he says for garden area I need two men and one lady, diandra volunteers to do it, Ali chooses Natasa to handle Ration, she will have to single handedly see ration, Ali says puneet and pritham will make food, Minissha and sonali will also work in kitchen, minishha says they cant do work, she says when you will be put in kitchen then you will work, minishha says one team of kitchen cant make food three times so we shift teams, Ali ignores her, Ali says I want all of you to follow my instructions and work properly, I don’t want to listen no from anyone, Ali says for house cleaning, I am assigning duty to upen, soni and Arya, he gives karishma duty of kitchen alongwith Natasa.

Upen talks to Soni, he says we are assigned duty, Karishma says to diandra that I think kitchen team should not have changed, diandra says lets see there will be huge drama regarding kitchen, karishma says he shouldn’t have changed team.

Sonali says to minissha that inmates will scream on bad food, minissha says they will say bad things for your food initially but will accept.

Bigg boss calls Ali in confession room, he says that you will have to give name of one person who you think is not worthy to be in house, he or she will be nominated for next week directly, this week pritham and diadnra are nominated. Ali comes out of confession room and says I have opportunity to nominate one person, puneet says very well.

all are sitting in lounge, bigg boss ask Ali the name of person whom he wants to nominate, he says all are working properly in house but I think that one person whom I want to nominate is Sushant , sushant doesn’t react much.

Arya hugs Ali for his decision, puneet says you chose right person to be nominated, Ali says I saw him, he was sleeping and not listening to me, he is not interested.

Ali comes in lounge and sees upen cleaning floor, he says where is your team, why he is alone working, this was work wont be done.
Ali comes to Sushant and says if you are not doing work so atleast inform me, I am captain, Sushant says if you ask me for something i will work on it, i cant do much more than that, i have cleaned house, Sushant goes in lounge with Ali, Ali says you have cleaned house very well but see that glass window is not cleaned, Sushant starts cleaning the window.

Natasa talks to Sushant, Natasa says its Ali’s strategy to boss around, Sushant says when i can be calm such fighting days then who is this Ali that will make me out of this house.

for luxury budget task, bigg boss have gifted 1400 points, all will be benefitted from it, karishma’s team won se we are giving her team 400 extra points, he says sushant is speaking English so we are cutting 100 points for that, all were careless in task so we are cutting 100 more points, all inmates are to be seen sleeping in daytime, its not acceptable, puneet is sleeping in lounge only. bigg boss ask karishma to choose two people from her team which will go in store room and collect things with points he has given to them in given 2minutes, Karishma chooses herself and diandra, they go in store room and collect things with given points, they couldn’t collect much as things were expansive and points given were less.

praneet says to pritham that its good that captain has come from outside, if it was made from house then there would have been many fights.

Diandra says to karishma that Ali is also a contestant like us, he has also come to win, we don’t have to make him boss.

a new task is being announced, it is ” finish this injustice”, Ali will listen to Gautam and pritham who are working in house, they will give name of other inmate whom they want to work in place of them. Gautam comes and says i want minissha to work instead of me as she work less, it will be work out fro her, minissha comes infront and says to Ali that i work in house, gautam work for 1 or 2 hour not much than that, there are many good cooks in house and they are possessive about kitchen so even if someone else want to work they don’t allow other to come in kitchen but even if gautam want me to sleep on floor then i am ready, i am girl and i will show him sleeping on floor and will work in house. Pritham comes and says i want to give soni’s name in place of me, as she make food for herself, she usually fast then make food not of one person but of two or three people and eat it, even if she is fasting, she should eat food which is of one person only, she wastes food, soni comes infrint and ask praneet to tell about her, praneet says its true she make food for two or three people when she fasts but she doesn’t eat all of the food, she gives food to other inmates also, soni says i don’t make food for myself only to break my fast, i make it more so all can taste it too, she says if he thinks like i eat more then i have no problem in sleeping on floor. Ali says i wanna ask suggestion from Puneet too, puneet says to pritham that you should tell about relations being made here, puneet says that soni goes in corner and make her brother(upen) eat the food which she has prepared, this is wrong, she doesn’t give food to others but her brother only, if she has so much love for brother then show it after show ends, she cant get up in morning as they keep gossiping whole night, Soni says if they want then i will sit down, how can he say that about me, Soni is in tears and says you wanna that i am partial with food? this is ridiculous, puneet says i don’t have proof or reason to replace anyone from my place and where i am, i am happy with it. Ali says this task is done, Arya, minissha and soni will sleep on floor from now on.

Minissha talks to diandra, she says i wish my name was taken in task then i would have told that how much pritham eats, minissha says soni once or twice made more food and they made such a hue and cry about it.

Praneet talks to soni who is sad, he says you are very good girl, you think about all of us, if you please 6 people so other 6 will feel bad.

Pritham says in camera that i told truth which many didn’t like but i had to say.

PRECAP- Ali says to diandra that you don’t work, Diandra says i cant work in kitchen much. Diandra in bedroom says that ali has come as captain but he has no rules with him, he just order anyone and we follow him like idiots. Ali says i wanna give punishment to two inmates. later soni says i am cool since morning but this is too much.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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