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Itti Si Khushi 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku asks Aman where his happiness lies. He says his happiness lies in everyone’s happiness. She reasons that marriage is very different. It is about spending your entire life with someone. There is no scope for any error in it. tell me would you have still married me if you would have gotten to know about this before our wedding. Aman doesn’t want her to repeat the same question all over again. She has seen him happy when her Didi is around, even a while back you were laughing like anything. I have always seen you in a shell. Since Neha Didi is back and whenever you meet her you come out of your shell. You become carefree and you return in your shell as soon as she is gone. Will you be as carefree and happy with me? He is all speechless. He turns to look at Neha. His lips yet again curve into a smile as he finds her fighting animatedly with Suraj. Akku too follows his gaze. Neha straightens up and looks the other way when she notices him looking at her. she finally heads inside along with Suraj. Akku looks at Aman. You look good when you smile. Will I be able to bring it on your face? Please think through. Hope you don’t come to a decision under any pressure for which you will regret all your life. We both may remain unhappy if your happiness would be in some other place (person). He repeats that he will stick to his decision. She yet again suggests him to think through and then come to any conclusion. She goes inside while Aman thinks over her words. He too leaves for his home.

Jayanti, Dadi and Gayatri are packing gifts for the Agarwal family. Dadi finds it too be not so costly. It is the first wedding of the house. You should make it look grand. You could have asked me to accompany you. Jayanti supports her and praises her. Dadi is sure now her name will go waste. Gayatri has brought a suit for Neha. Dadi calls it a waste of money. You were cribbing over money now so why to give this to that girl. we wont give it. Gayatri reasons that she has brought everything for everyone (including Suraj) then why not to give anything to Aman’s one and only sister-in-law. Dadi is irked with Neha’s name only. If I had known she will come back from hospital then we wouldn’t have fixed Aman’s wedding in that house. She will keep coming here often now. Aman enters just then and overhears them talking. Jayanti tells her not to think over it. Akku will marry Aman and we will get rid of her by getting her married to some mad guy. He tries to dismiss the topic but Dadi asks him from where he is coming at this hour. he lies that he had gone out just like that and goes inside. Jayanti pin points at the same.

Dida is teaching Neha how to play Rummy. Sunita offers to teach her. No one could win from me ever. Neha hugs her happily. Sunita tells Neha to learn some cooking. She tries to talk about Neha’s wedding. She has even brought pictures of a few guys along with her and shows them to Neha. Dida is tensed. Neha asks her mom who are these uncles. Dida smiles. Neha refuses to get married. Saying so, she walks out of the room. Dida remarks to Sunita that she shouldn’t have spoken on this matter. She might think that we are forcing her for something.

Aman notices the box kept in his cupboard. He smiles again as he thinks about Neha. He takes out a pic from the box. His mind replays the memory. Neha was cheering for him when he was batting. He had to score 6 runs in 2 balls. He missed one ball. Neha tells him to hit a six now. He had angrily told her to be quiet. He had finally hit 6 and Neha was super happy. The ball had hit his room’s window only. Aman was really worried as she came out to scold all of them. Neha stood in front of Aman and took the bat out of his hand from behind. She had taken the blame on herself. Gayatri dragged Aman back home. Neha was still smiling and waving at him all along. Flashback ends. Aman smiles again.

Shagun plans to meet her friend (Anupama) tomorrow. She wants Sandeep to come along. He agrees. She gives Anupama’s and her husband’s background. They were settles in US but have returned to India (Mumbai) a while ago. They are coming over to Agra for a holiday. Her husband is at a very good post in a big MNC. She starts wondering what to wear. He has brought a gift (new saree, her Diwali gift) for her. She gets happy. They share a hug.

Neeta comes to Aman’s room. She finds him smiling as he looks at the photo in his hand. She closes the door again. She calls out for him before going inside this time. He quickly keeps the box back in his cupboard. She says she has come to talk to him about some personal matter. Akku is my best friend. I really like her. I am happy that you both are getting married. You look like a perfect couple and she will keep you happy too. But will you be happy with Akku? His smile disappears. She talks about the photo. You were smiling as you looked at it. He reasons that Neha is his childhood friend. She nods. This is why you are very comfortable with her. you don’t talk to Akku much otherwise. It is said that your wife should be your best friend. Do you feel Akku can be your best friend ever or will Neha Didi occupy that place for forever? He talks about his engagement which is due in 2 days. Why are you talking about all this stuff? You guys imagine a lot. It isn’t like that. Gayatri is heading towards Aman’s room. Neeta tells Aman to think once more. you have always agreed with what mom has said but this time do what you want. He talks about how everyone is different (by nature). I am like this only. I am happy. she once again confirms if he doesn’t like Neha Didi. He repeats that he has said yes to Akku for marriage. You both should stop asking these useless questions now. Gayatri asks him about it. Aman begins to say it but Neeta diverts it to gifts. I want two separate gifts for Diwali and engagement. She goes to her room finally. Gayatri gives the glass of milk to Aman.

Neha is getting bored as Dida is busy watching tv. Suraj comes to tell Super Dadi that he is going out to play cricket. Neha too gets excited. I will come with you. He asks her if she knows how to play cricket. He laughs at her when she nods. He asks his Super Dadi if girls play cricket as well. Dida affirms. She used to play cricket like crazy. Suraj is impressed. Neha wonders if no one plays cricket now. Dida explains that everyone has grown up now. They have to go to office so no one has time to play cricket. Neha reasons that they can play on Sunday as its a holiday. She cannot imagine that Motu bhaiya and Aman don’t play cricket anymore. You remember how AMan used to come to our house. Hitler Dadi used to scold him and he played at our house with us for the whole day. It was so much fun. Suraj’s friends call out for Suraj. He runs out with Neha following him.

Neha takes the crease. She hits the ball really well and shouts for a six but Aman catches it. The kids are really happy though. They all want her in their team. Neha tells them that he (Aman) is not in team. The kids run to him calling him Aman Sir. She looks at him in confusion.

Aman tells the kids that he has to go somewhere so he cannot play. Neha asks Suraj why the kids are addressing Aman as Sir. She gets to know that he is their sports teacher. Neha goes to talk to Aman. You became a teacher? He nods. She remembers it well that he had wanted to become a cricketer. He agrees but adds that he couldn’t. She wonders if he dint get selected in the Indian team. He says he never went for it. she is all the more confused. You should have gone for the selection process. You play so well. He explains that it is something else to be a champion of their area but it doesn’t mean he is a national level cricketer. I have a job like everyone else. She still cannot get it. you should become a cricketer. He talks about money. She has heard from her dad that cricketers earn a lot (IPL, etc). You only had one dream – to play for Indian Cricket Team. He replies that he was a kid back then. I have stopped seeing dreams. I have grown up. Life has changed. Dreams never come true. She talks about Sachin Tendulkar but he retorts that he isn’t Saching Tendulkar. Not everyone can become like him. his situation was different than mine. There are so many well deserving candidates in today’s date who are not playing cricket. They are doing something else. This is life. Epi ends on Neha’s shocked face.

Precap: Neha shows him the ball that she had kept with herself safely till date. I had thought that I will take your autograph on it when you will play for Indian Cricket Team. She gives it to him. keep it with you. Throw it in the dustbin wherein you have thrown your dreams already.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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