Bigg Boss 8 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 114 (continued)
Upen talks to karishma in gujrati, he says to ask me how much I like you, Karishma ask how much you like me, Upen points to sky, she ask how much you missed me? he points to sea, she laughs, she says thank you, she says I got it.

Dimpy says to Rahul that there will be big issue on Saturday, Pritham said to me that he will talk to me about yesterday issue, many talks have happened about my life, I will give my point on Saturday, they make cancer of issue be it personal thing of a person, Rahul says if its like this then I will show them what I am, just cause I am down to earth, Rahul says I am not stupid, Dimpy says can you listen to me? he says speak, Dimpy says its Ali who is not letting matter go, Rahul says I will talk to him.
Rahul comes to Ali in lounge, he says look don’t talk about personal things, Ali says what? Rahul says understand if I listen anything about me then I wont leave, if I get any complain against you then I wont be good, Ali says ask Pritham that I didn’t say anything, Rahul says I don’t wanna discuss, Rahul says to Ali that if you dont maintain distance from me ali then you are gone, i am threatening you, Ali ask what will you do, Rahul says shut up, he is about leave, Ali ask why running away, Rahul comesback and says if I get any complain then I wont leave you, he leaves, Ali says talk with me, why threatening, what this Dimpy want.
Rahul comes in bedroom. Pritham ask ali to not involve in this, ali says I have to talk to him, Pritham says it will stretch more, don’t take him seriously, ali goes to Upen and says Rahul came to me and said that if you talk about me and Dimpy then he wont leave me, Pritham says I am saying to Ali to not take it seriously, Upen ask what happened? Pritham says Rahul came to us and said that Pritham and Ali you should not discuss about us anymore else I will make this show end right now.

Upen says to Karishma that we have no problem of money or not any other big problem, so we will solve our small problems, Karishma says our journey in house was long, Upen says don’t know about house but our journey outside house will be way longer, Karishma ask how are you in real life? Upen says I like to travel to places, we will go to paris, newyork, London etc, we will discover different places everyday Karishma kisses on his lips.

Day 115
song chor bazari plays, Rahul comes to Dimpy to dance with her. he then goes to Ali to hug him. all inmates dance.

Rahul says to end this matter, Dimpy says I was about to say this.

Sambhavna call Mahek in call center. she attends the call, Sambhavna says to Mahek that tell me in short, you said infront of all to me that you nominated me because I will not get evicted then you said to me in person that you nominated me as I didn’t choose you for captaincy, you manipulated things, Mahek says its nothing like this, if you wanna say slangs then go on I am listening, jee ma’am, yes ma’am, Sambhavna keeps saying that you said to me other thing and said other thing to others, mahek says hello hello hello, your voice is sexy, Sambhavna says I fought with Ali for you then after 5mins you were dancing with him, he was the one who said slangs to you, Mahek says next time I will ask you ebfore forgiving anyone, Sambhavna says you are playing a dirty game, Mahek says yes yes you are right you are right, call ends. Upen says mahek was answering her back, they have to listen to us as they are employs.
mahek says to Pritham that Sambhavna is jealous of her. Gautam says to Sambhavna that she gave reaction to things which is not work of employ and didn’t even answer.
Mahek says to Ali that who is Sambhavna that I have to ask her for everything, like I have to ask her before forgiving anyone too, thanmk God that I am away from these people now, God showed me way and I am out of their team thank god, Sambhavna comes there, Mahek says that wow what way to do task, you threatened me to hit me, hit me once then I will show you who is Mahek chahel, I will not leave you come hit me once, Sambhavna says oh God I am frightened, Sana comes to Sambhavna and ask her to not say anything.
mahek says she is giving slangs and threatening me to hit, hit me once then I will show who is Mahek, I will show her place in task now. Sana ask Sambhavna to not show any reaction.

Sambhavna sys to Sana I was drinking tea and Mahek came to me and started fighting that hit me then I will tell, gautam says it was her intention to fight with you. Mahek says to Ali that if she is women then I am women too, I am different then her but you cant corner me, I am not like her, I will sow my level if she fight with me.
Sambhavna says to Gautam that now Maheks reality is coming out in task. Mahek says to Ali that they have said many things to me that I am fed up, they are making me strong, I want next call for me too.
Upen says to Sambhavna that Mahek is in anger so we should target her.
Dimpy says to Mahek that I didn’t listen thee comment of Sambhavna that she will hit you, Mahek says she said many things, Ali says I was there, Sambhavna threatened that she will hit Mahek, Mahek says there is level of everything, she cant just say anything.

Upen says to karishma you are looking 10 on 10, she says you are looking 15 out of 10, he says you are infinity, she says you are looking priceless, he says you are looking as beautiful as Karishma, he says speak now, Karishma says you are mad, he says yes about you, she laughs and leaves.

Gautam ask Sambhavna are you doing work alone? he says to Karishma that she is doing work alone, Sambhavna says Sana will come herself, Gautam ask to do volunteering, Pritham will you do work? Upen says I am vice captain, Gautam ask karishma to give work to other challengers too, one person cant do all work, I am talking on basis of humanity, Karishma says I asked her if she want volunteer or not, she said no, why you are negative about everyone, Gautam says you can ask champions to do volunteering, Karishma says when challengers will tell me that they need more people for work then I will ask for volunteering, Gautam says when I was champion I used to help them, Karishma says it was your decision, Pritham says Gautam it will be with coordination, Pritham goes to help Sambhavna, he says to Gautam that we will help, Gautam says then whats the need of captain? she is not giving duty as volunteers, okay now I will be self appointed captain, she is not doing any work then call me negative.

now challengers with employ of call center, Upen will call the call center from champion’s side. Upen ask Rahul to do deal with Ali and Pritham that he will end call then Ali will do his massage for 1 hour, Rahul do the deal with Ali.
Dimpy says to Ali that try everything but he will not end call. you go below the belt but he will not end call.

Mahek comes to Sambhavna, she ask what? Mahek says nothing, Sambhavna says I had nothing against you, Gautam says then hug each other, Mahek and Sambhavna hug each other, Mahek says I had no fights with her but she said things.

Ali calls Gautam, Gautam says hello, Ali says to Gautam that sy hello with respect, who you think you are? hero or what? Gautam says I am self appointed captain of house, Ali says why you have so much ego, so much anger, negativity, you are not giving any content, you are not seen on Tv, people wanna know who are you? where are you? what you think that black spot on your lips make you hot, Ali says you didn’t take stand for Mahek and Dimpy against Sambhavne, you are nothing, and what you talk about mouth to mouth, you made joke of it, you have no standard, Gautam ask are you asking question or scolding me? Ali says you fight with karishma without any reason, why you are behind her? you try to be goody goody on face, see your face, you are chimpanzee, your face is like socks, Gautam laughs, Ali says you betrayed Praneet, Puneet, Diandra and now Sambhavna, what kind of person you are, Gautam says you seem frustrated. call ends, Rahul says he was doing comedy only.
Upen ask Ali to not only do comedy, Ali says but I have to entertain audience.
Mahek comes to Gautam and ask about spot on his lips, Gautam says not even a gilr noticed it but ali have noticed, his intentions are not fine, Sambhavna says he is going to kiss you soon, gautam says I will be school kid and will not leave him then, I am naughty in this matter.

ali says to Gautam that I am going to kiss you in 24 hours, all laughs, Gautam says nnot even a single girl noticed spot on my lips then how did you? Ali says because I like this balc spot, gautam laughs, Ali says physical is not allowed but smooch is allowed so I am going to kiss you, Gautam laughs, Ali says he talk so much about mouth to mouth then see what mouth to mouth is, mahek laughs, Gautam says like girls defend themselves, I will hit Ali too, Ali says hit me but I will smooch you, Gautam is all embarrassed.

Upen says to Ali that you made Gautam speechless, Pritham says Ali seriously love, ali will go to any extent for his love for Gautam.

Karishma calls Rahul, Dimpy says let me talk, Karishma says I have to clarify things, I want to talk, Dimpy says then why clarify on phone do it on face. Karishma calls Rahul, she ask what was yor strategy before coming in house, you came with angle, Rahul says I am like this, I am masti boy, Karishma says I said to you that I am committed, I used to smile on your flirt because of my friend dimpy as she used to see your flirt and I didn’t want to hurt her by insulting her husband, Rahul says we are not together, she says that you said that you are behind KArishma tanna from 6 years then why you married Dimpy? you have made fun of me on Tv, you tried to allege my character, youa re son of politician what example you are setting? you try to show off your money thinking that you will buy me but let me tell it wont work on me. Dimpy listens all the harsh words, Rahul says it was my mistake, I am sorry to you, Dimpy and all housemates, Karishma says you used to say to me that you will vote for me, you wanna show off your money? Rahul says it was all joke, Karishma sys when I didn’t give you signal outside then how you thought you will get chance in house, you knew before that me and Dimpy have become friends but you created problems, you want to show me as negative person that I am liking your your flirt,

Rahul says I said things in fun, Karishma says you said to Pritham that respect his bhabhi dimpy, first tell is dimpy really his bhabhi (wife of Rahul) or not, first clarify this, Dimpy’s face become pale, you didn’t respect me or your technical wife, Rahul says you arew right, karishma says then end call Rahul says I am sorry to all audience, Karishma says you told me that if I win show then you will take me to paris, you wanna show off your money, I can turn tables too, I can take things in my hands too, says that you wont flirt with me from now on, Rahul says I promise I wont do it, I was doing fun, I am saying sorry again, I am saying sorry to you, to Dimoy and to audience, Karishma sys I don’t need your sorry, you tried to create angle, don’t you have capability to win show without making angle with me, you played a very very dirty game, call ends, Karishma says I feel so nice. Upen hugs her, Pritham says you did right, he hugs karishma too saying I wanted to say things to Rahul too, you did great job. Dimpy comes to Rahul, hugs him and cries, he ask why you are crying?

PRECAP- Karishma says I am thankful to bigg boss that he gave chance to show Rahul’s real face. Dimpy cries hugging Rahul, she sys I am sorry, Karishma sys to Upen that Dimpy should support me as friend but she is playing sympathy card that she is suffering wife so give her votes. dimpy says to Mahek that Rahul can be anything but he was always a faithful husband, Upen do flirting all the time in house, karishma have boyfriend outside still she is with Upen. later Dimpy says to Rahul that Karishma is selfish and this is real karishma you have seen now. Gautam says to Rahul that we all said things in task but Karishma went over broad with it. later bigg boss says time for second exchange. he ask Karishma as captain that who was worst teammate in task so he will be switched with challenger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. seriously ee is awesome…love ullu

  2. vote for gautam..he is jst awesome….

  3. Dese pathetic show has amade fun of relations.,,,,, n itony is dat people njoy it..,gals kissing boys on national tv….husband wife relations made a joke….porn stars being givn d celebrity status…….people getting intimate for trp…..n den splitting apart saying we r frns…… can someone fall love so easily….s diis love ???????? Plz dnt make fun of dis pious word…….

  4. all i know abt bigg boss house is that GG is entertaining us widout playing dirty.

  5. rahul is really confused wether dimpy is his wife or not….sometyms he says they r not togethr..sometimes he thinks hez her husband…well karishma is a big tym cheat…firstly she said shez committed then being in a relation,shez kissing upen dat too widout breaking up with her bf?….in this way shez showing her true colors

  6. this karishma can do anything for the game

  7. gullu is owsm….

  8. I fink sam nd dimpz r gna swap teams

  9. OMG i am sure karishma has a bf called choksi yeh so why did she kiss upen and was flieting with him the daft bitch she showed her true colours and she expected dimpy to support her even after she spoke sooo bad about her husband well outgoing husband and rahul and karishma are defintley in the wrong and she is showing a bad image on ntv because since u pain has cum bk she has become tht snappy old bitch!

  10. karishma showd hr true clrs.. y din she tell to rahul in this manner bfr.. dat too bfr d entry of upen..
    bloody bitch.. havn a bf n still romancing wid upen.. n shouting at rahul.. seriously she’s d one who is negative.. nt gullu..
    use ur brain karishma tanna..

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