Shastri Sisters 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani talking to Peeya. Anu sees a necklace and smiles. Shastri ji brings the box and says your inlaws has given this to wear today for Lohri function. He gets sad that its her bidaai today, and asks her not to worry about them, as her home is inlaws now. She hugs him and cries. He asks her to try. She says I have a condition, you also stop worrying for me. He hugs her. Neil talks to his friends and they tease him about Devyaani. He says I m sure she will wear the blue dress. Rajat, Sareen and Minty come there. The Lohri celebrations start. Neil and Rajat dance happily. Rohan’s family enjoys and smiles. Minty asks Vrinda to come. Dolly asks them to come. Astha says I can’t dance, my life is getting happy days, I m getting lucky, I m pregnant. Minty smiles and asks really? Astha asks what, yes, why are you shocked like this?

Minty says I hear bad news daily, I m shocked to hear some good news. Astha says the bad news will come, when Anu comes in your house. Anu comes. Rajat smiles seeing her. Saajna………………plays……………Neil smiles seeing Devyaani wear a blue mix and match dress. The dhol beats and the men sing Punjabi. Rohan and Sareen dance. Neil asks Devyaani is she wearing this suit. She says you said by love, so I wore this, tell me how I m looking. He says punjabi. Shastri ji and Minty dance next, and everyone smile. Neil dances with Devyaani.

Minty worries seeing them. Dolly asks Minty to accept the situation as she has no option. Rajat and Amnu are called to dance. Saajna…………….plays…………… Rajat and Anu dance. Minty gets annoyed and scolds Dolly. Neil’s friend says he has believed now that Devyaani loves him. Neil smiles seeing her. Devyaani falls and gets hurt. Neil holds her and supports to bring her home. She says its aching. He takes care of her feet. She says you missed all the fun because of me. He says no, when I m with you, I don’t care about anything. He kisses her feet. She is shocked and asks Neil what are you doing.

He says I love you Devyaani She is shocked. He asks did he say anything wrong. She says if its joke, tell me, you told me we are good friends, then suddenly this. Neil laughs and says I m joking. He shiws her face in mirror. She asks was he joking. He says yes, I heard a person should be given shock to get relieve of pain. He says after bearing insult, did you feel I will love you again. She says I did not insult you, and love happens without any logic. He says yes, it happens if it has to, and does not if it not happens. Minty thinks Anu will come in my home, after Lohri, what will I do then. Sareen asks Minty to get puja plate, we will do. She says let it be, whats the hurry. Sareen says Anu will come our home if puja is done before.

Devyaani beats Neil and says sorry. She takes care of him. She says its good feeling that we care for each other, and interesting thing is I like this friendship, and can’t risk it. I depend on it more than my sisters, don’t joke again. Neil says I won’t. Minty sees them together and is shocked. She says they are always after me to give me heart attack. She says Neil got heart break earlier and again loving her, don’t know when will he get sense. She brings the puja plate. She asks Neil’s friends to call him. Sareen says I wanted Anu as my bahu, and praises her. Neil tells his friends. They ask why did he say he is joking, and make fun of him. They ask why is he shocked, as we know this will happen. They make Neil angry and ask him to see the truth, as Devyaani won’t love him, and laugh on him. Neil gets teary eyed.

Rajat makes Anu wear mangalsutra. Saajna……….plays………. Minty taunts Shastri ji a lot. He looks at Rajat and Anu. He shouts enough and they all shockingly look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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