Bigg Boss 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: It’s Jasmin vs. Rubina

Bigg Boss 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 54
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tera ghar mera ghar.

Rubina tells Aly that I am not doing any duty. Kavita comes there and asks if she doing any work? Rubina says no. Kavita says why? Rubina says I don’t like you as a captain, you were not good. Kavita says you are saying all this randomly, you can do whatever you want to. She tells Aly that I am asking you nicely. Kavita says you all are showing your true colors. Rubina says you broke the biggest rule by throwing away the mic. Kavita says you were supporting violence and now talking? Rubina says you were doing favoritism to Nikki. You were taking out personal vengeance against Aly. Jasmin says she made herself a joke. Kavita says Rubina is a weak person but she did a Shakti show? Rubina says you are a dictator. Kavita says you don’t know anything, you are a weak woman. Rubina says you look weak when you act crazy. Kavita shouts at her to stop. Rubina says you have stooped very low. Kavita says I am liking this. I am not worried about the duties, you people have nothing to do so you just create the issues. You are just disturbing women. Rubina says and you are not disturbing?

Kavita says these people think I am a villain so I will show it now.

10 AM
Kavita asks Rubina to not enter the kitchen if you are not doing your duty. Rubina says don’t be a dictator, I will not follow your orders. You should be a leader. Kavita says you just keep breaking the rules.

10:30 AM
Kavita comes to Abhi’s bed and claps in front of him. Abhi says be loud, this won’t do. Kavita says you think you like nice? Abhi says you actually look like a mad woman. Kavita says what do you look like? Abhi says I can be personal and curse you if you want to? Kavita says I never cursed you. Abhi says you call people snakes, from small-town and everything cheap you can tell. You should listen to others. Kavita says I am talking nicely to Nikki, Eijaz and Pavitra. Abhi says Eijaz? Kavita says you are just looking like a fool.

Aly asks Jasmin to not act like a woman, you are trying to spy on Kavita like a curious woman.

Bigg Boss asks Abhi to wear his mic. Abhi tells Kavita why she didn’t leave yesterday? Kavita asks him to wear the mic, you have to listen to Bigg Boss. Abhi says be a captain first, you took off your mic too. Bigg Boss asks Abhi to wear the mic. Abhi says you have broken the rules Kavita. He wears the mic. Kavita says he is a nalla (useless), Rahul was right. Abhi goes back to sleep.

2:45 PM
Rubina reads the instructions about an entertainment app room that’s opening for them. They can use it. They all come to the room. Rahul and Pavita sit there. Rahul says it’s a good cozy room.

4 PM
Kavita reads the task ‘division’. Some inmates will move towards to become the captain, Kavita can take part in the task but she can’t become the captain. There is a family who is fighting over a property. There are two sisters which include Jasmin, Aly, and Nikki. Rubina will have Abhi, Eijaz and Pavitra. Rubina’s family has a kitchen. Jasmin’s family has a bathroom. If they want to use those parts of the house, they will have to ask the family. They will get a chance to win the other parts of the house. Kavita will be the judge of that. There will be a court hearing/village-conference where the families will give their points and blame the other family about why they shouldn’t get that part of the house. Jasmin and Rubina will be the lawyers of the family. The family who has more of the house at the end of the task will win the task and become contenders for the captaincy.

4:30 PM
Jasmin asks Kavita if she will be fair? Kavita doesn’t answer her. Jasmin says Kavita will not be fair. Aly asks Jasmin to not ask her, there is Nikki also in your team. Jasmin asks Aly to talk to her nicely. Aly says you don’t have to ask her. Jasmin says it’s my personal fight with her so I will ask her what I want to. Aly says then I will be personal with others and you won’t enter that.

Eijaz tells Rubina that we will bring up the points like Aly was angry and he broke the property. Abhi says we won’t say personal things. Eijaz says we know that. Abhi says we have to bring up the issues related to the areas. Eijaz says let me handle this.

Aly tells Jasmin that we will not bring up the old matters.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Jasmin’s family holds the bathroom area. Rubina’s family will hold the kitchen area. They should all move to their areas. The first court will set up for kitchen possession.

Aly tells Jasmin that don’t argue with Kavita, I am telling you to not fight otherwise I will leave the task.

Abhi tells Rubina that you have to give counter-arguments. Talk to me and prepare for it. Rubina says I have to go to the washroom.

Nikki tells Kavita that you can encourage us. Kavita says Rubina and Abhi kept everyone hungry today so bring that up.

Abhi tries to talk to Rubina but she asks him to talk in the mic. Abhi says leave it, it’s just so difficult to talk to you. Rubina says stop annoying, I don’t want them to know. Abhi says you all are bad listeners. Rubina says you have no patience. Abhi says I keep asking you to listen to me. Rubina says I am not feeling well. Abhi says you can be a good listener. Rubina says I don’t want them to hear my case. Abhi says upto you, don’t argue with me now. Keep it very articulate, make sure that she hears you. Rubina leaves from there.

5:15 PM
The buzzer plays and the first case starts. Kavita asks both the families why they should get the kitchen area. Jasmin says I should get the kitchen because it’s an important place and there shouldn’t be any fight there. My sister Rubina wants to create issues there, her husband was angry at the captain and my sister kept everyone hungry for the whole day. She didn’t make breakfast. She could have given the food to the ill people at least but she just thought about herself. Kavita says this is a good point. Rubina says she talked about the health of the people, I slept early last night and I have a flue. Kavita says I asked you in the morning what was the issue but you didn’t tell me that you were not feeling well. Rubina says I have the doctor’s prescription with me. Kavita says this is an important point so we will discuss on that. She could have remained angry with me, she made food for herself but she kept other people hungry who are also ill. She could have stopped giving the food to Kavita only. Abhi didn’t lose his items because of me so it was useless. We will talk about why Rubina didn’t do her duty today. She asks Jasmin to talk. Jasmin says Rubina said that she won’t make the food because she doesn’t like the captain. She always uses the kitchen to make issues, I still worry about the kitchen. It’s my duty to make the lunch, I have issues with Kavita but I didn’t stop my duty, I made the lunch for everyone. I always respect the food. Rubina says Jasmin was the one saying that she won’t do her duties last night. Aly said that he will make Kavita’s life hell. Aly says Abhi told me last night that we won’t do any work. I said that I won’t keep anyone hungry, I told him that we are not against the inmates so we will make the food for them. Abhi tells Kavita that when Abhi was breaking things last night, I tried to calm him down. Kavita says but then you went and turned the trashcan upside down and sat on it. You broke the rule but you said that you lost the items because of me? Rubina says we didn’t say that. This is a new task, don’t deviate from the task. We are talking about the kitchen. Jasmin says Aly never said that he will not make food. Jasmin says Pavitra tells people that she will tear them but it’s in anger only. The buzzer plays and the case ends. Kavita asks them to calm down. Kavita says what happened yesterday was wrong and we all got punished for that. But today Rubina and Abhi didn’t make food. Rubina says because I am ill. Kavita says but you were making food, you might have germs. Rubina says I sanitized everything. I can’t remain hungry for the whole day. Kavita says I have taken the decision. The worst thing is that you deny food to people. Rubina says I won’t play this game if she is playing against us. This will keep happening today, this court has been bribed. Kavita says you can say anything to me but I am fair only. Justice is about the actions today so Jasmin and her family get the kitchen area. Jasmin and Aly thank her. Kavita signs the kitchen to them.

6 PM
Aly says now we will fight for the washroom.
Rubina says Kavita was bribed. Pavitra says she wants Nikki to win. Eijaz says she will make Aly the captain. Pavitra says she wants to make Aly the captain.

Kavita tells Nikki that they are calling Aly a goon, I am not his friend but they are.

6:15 PM
Eijaz comes to the kitchen to Rahul asks him to leave. Nikki says this is our area. Eijaz says I want water. Jasmin says it’s his habit. Aly asks him to take the water. Eijaz asks if they are making tea? Nikki says get lost from here. Eijaz comes to Nikki and says I want water. Nikki says give me a cup. Jasmin asks Eijaz to not touch things. Eijaz says Nikki asked me to give her a cup. Nikki gives him the water and asks him to get lost. Eijaz says what did you say? I am not leaving now. You can try. He comes closer to Nikki. Pavitra asks Eijaz to not talk to her, she is illiterate. Eijaz says I am not leaving now. Jasmin says he can’t control his anger. Nikki says Eijaz doesn’t have anything to do. Pavitra says Nikki doesn’t have any other dialogue to say. Pavitra asks Aly to give her tea. Eijaz tells them that she will misbehave with others too. Pavitra says this is her manners. Eijaz comes to Nikki and says your game is bad too. Pavitra says she doesn’t have manners. Nikki says you just go and talk to the ghosts. Pavitra says you are just childish. You can’t do much. Nikki says she doesn’t have people to talk to so she talking to the ghosts now.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there will be a court hearing for the bedroom now.

6:45 PM
Jasmin gives food to Rubina. Rubina thanks her. Rahul says give her more things, we will not brag about helping her. Rubina says I have the patience to hear you. Rahul says you are just breaking. Rubina says I am ignoring you but you keep trying to talk to me. Rahul says you don’t have any patience, you look like a fool. Rubina asks him to keep his energy to himself. Rubina says you want to make this an issue? Rahul says you have flu so take care, you are making this an issue, you are just a negative person. Rubina says you are a useless person Rahul.

7 PM
Kavita starts the bedroom hearing. They all greet her. Jasmin says Rubina can start this time. Rubina says so much love, we could have divided the house easily. She says Aly tried to break the bedroom door, that’s my main issue. Jasmin says there has to be peace where we sleep. We can’t compromise on sleep. Abhi did the duty of the bedroom but he was not cleaning it. Aly as a captain found spider webs there. Pavitra says I am seeing the spider webs from day one. Jasmin says Rubina used to point out things, she wouldn’t clean the bedroom if we don’t take out the shoes but Nikki doesn’t make an issue. Kavita says the captain’s room can be anywhere in the house so Aly breaking the door doesn’t come under the bedroom section. Rubina and her team laugh. Kavita says don’t react just now. She says there should be peace in the bedroom and it should be clean. Kavita says we will discuss cleanliness in the bedroom, she asks Rubina to fight on that. Rubina says they don’t clean the bedroom as I do, I use a brush. Jasmin says Nikki cleans the bedroom very nicely, she creates issues in the house but she cleans everything in the bedroom. Nikki never creates trouble there but Abhi ignored the spider webs. Rubina doesn’t take shoes from there. Pavitra says Rubina didn’t touch anyone’s shoes without asking them, she just said if they can remove their shoes. Rubina says I want to ask Nikki if I can touch her personal things without her permission? I didn’t want to touch anyone’s shoes so I just asked the person if they can take their issues. Nikki says she is foolish. Abhi asks Nikki to talk if she can’t stop. Nikki says he is just a nalla. I don’t teach cycling to others 8 years back. Kavita asks Nikki to not bring outside things here. She asks them to calm down. The buzzer plays. Kavita says both families put their points and some got angry. I will give a decision which will show that I am not biased. I have only a friend Nikki and I want to ask her if she cleaned the bedroom? She said yes. Kavita says but you didn’t clean the captain’s room? Nikki says I forgot it and I got tired. Kavita says it’s not about me, it’s about not cleaning so I give the bedroom area to Rubina’s team. Eijaz thanks her. Kavita says I have to go now. Eijaz asks Rahul to keep talking now. Rahul says we are not a crybaby like you.

8 PM
Rahul taunts Eijaz that he is a village Rambo. Rahul asks him to move forward.
Nikki says I cleaned the bedroom even when I am ill, Kavita just wants to prove that she is fair. Bigg Boss says the task still going on but the cases will be picked up tomorrow. The families will stay in their own divisions. if they want to use the other side, they will have to ask the family members of that family. Eijaz says I will have to sleep in the bedroom today. Aly says it’s your punishment.
Eijaz tells Rubina that no one will stop us from eating.
Aly tells Nikki that you can send anyone in the washroom. Abhi tells Aly that Kavita was wrong, she didn’t give a good reason. She didn’t have to bring up Nikki’s duties. Nikki says she just wanted to act fair, she said some foolish things. Nikki tells Aly that if they don’t give me the bedroom then I won’t allow them to use the washroom.

Abhi tells Rubina that they will give us but we will bargain about the other things. We won’t allow them here openly. Eijaz says don’t behave badly with them right now. Let’s have food.

Kavita tells Nikki that don’t be upset. Nikki says you just wanted to look unbiased and pointed it at me? Kavita says don’t be so angry.

Jasmin tells Eijaz that they haven’t given the decision on the bathroom so it’s still with us. Eijaz says it’s not like that. Jasmin says don’t waste my time, I will talk to Rubina. Eijaz says to do it. Aly tells Eijaz that we got the kitchen and you got the bedroom after the cases. The washroom is with us right now. Rahul says he doesn’t listen to anyone. Eijaz says get lost. Rahul asks him to keep barking, Eijaz says I can’t go to your level. You are cheap, get lost. Rahul says don’t push me, I can push on your shoulder. Aly tells Eijaz that in the initial task, they gave us the washroom and the case hasn’t been done so it’s with us. Jasmin says he doesn’t have a mind. She comes closer to Eijaz so Eijaz tells her to stay away. He moves away from her hand. Jasmin says don’t push me.

Eijaz tells Jasmin to not come closer to him as anyone can get hurt.

Pavitra tells Rubina that doesn’t even give them a mattress to them.
Rahul tells Nikki that she wanted to give the bedroom to them. Rahul says she will favor you, she is your friend. Jasmin says we still have to do the task so don’t say anything about Kavita right now.

8:30 PM
Nikki asks Rubina if she can get her night-suit? Can you iron it? We will give you food. Pavitra says don’t bribe us. Nikki says can I come here to sleep? Eijaz says we can use the kitchen after 12 am? Pavitra says you can only get a quilt and a mattress. Eijaz says we have humanity so we will be fair, don’t worry.

Nikki tells Aly that they said they will give us a quilt as I am ill. Aly says so we won’t even get a quilt? Eijaz comes there and says we will give you items, I told her to calm down, we will give everything when the time comes to sleep. He asks Nikki to not twist his words. Pavitra says we will give her a quilt as she is ill. Aly says so we won’t get anything right? Eijaz says it’s Nikki’s way of saying everything. Nikki tells Jasmin that we are giving food to them but they are not even giving iron to us so I will break the rules.
Jasmin asks Abhi to give the iron to them. Abhi says we can’t even get the clothes from the luggage room. Jasmin says we will give it. She leaves. Pavitra says let us look bad, tell them no. They want to look nice by giving us food. Abhi tells Jasmin that she can wear a suit without ironing. Jasmin says I understood. Aly says then you will have to ask Nikki for anything you want to get from the bathroom. You can ask Rahul for the food. Jasmin says I will give the basic food items.
Abhi tells Rubina that Nikki will trade things to give us the items from the bathroom or luggage room.
Nikki tells Jasmin that if they don’t let me sleep in the bedroom then I will throw their food on the floor. Jasmin says play like a good player.

9 PM
Abhi asks Jasmin if she can give her an onion? Jasmin says it’s not essential, you didn’t even give an iron. Abhi says it’s not essential but an onion is essential. Please give it. Nikki says give me the iron and take an onion. Abhi says you people are not giving food? Aly says we will give you an essential item.
Abhi comes to Rubina and says they are not giving onion. Rubina says you didn’t have to ask.
Jasmin warms the pan and irons Nikki’s nightsuit. Nikki says I will do it.

9:30 PM
Jasmin asks Nikki if she has her makeup out of the bedroom area? Nikki says yes. Jasmin says can you share? Nikki says yes, I will steal the brushes somehow from the bedroom. I won’t let them in the washroom tomorrow morning.

PRECAP – Abhi shouts at Nikki that you can’t take things from the bedroom. Abhi sits on the bedroom door to stop Nikki, Nikki says he is just copying Aly. She tries to break the door. Jasmin asks Rubina to not do this with Nikki. Rubina tells Jasmin that you want to make me to look like a devil. Jasmin says don’t say those words. Rubina says you just sugar coat words. I didn’t expect this immaturity from you. Jasmin says you started it, I didn’t. Rubina tells Jasmin to not talk behind her back. Jasmin says you play a sly game, I know that.
Abhi asks Rubina why she had to speak? Don’t say anything now. Rubina says you are not listening to me but to Jasmin? Don’t talk to me now. You don’t trust me. Abhi says I am not listening to anyone, I am going to shut them up now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Love you Kavita for standing alone. Sometimes you have to support whats right even though it means that you have to stand alone. Hats off to you. When Sid was doing all the trash talking people went crazy but when a girl does the same thing under her limits than she’s a trash. What a double standard iron

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