Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti in trouble as Jhonny Joker

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gupta asks boys and Tiwari to hit Vibhu ti get rid of the ghost and leaves, Tiwari says to boys let’s try.
Vibhu sees Angoori upset and asks whats wrong, Angoori says Tiwari made me upset, Angoori asks Vibhu to ask Jhonny to not come here as these people are not liking his jokes and have decided to hit him. Vibhu says okay i will inform him. Angoori gets happy.

Hapu sees his colleague on call, Hapu asks has Reshmpal come, Reshampal walks in says i am here, Hapu greets him, Reshmpal says lets get to work, get ready for mission. Hapu says i am all clear we have to become Joker then go circus and keep an eye, Reshampal says good i have information that there will be criminal activities so keep an eye as i want information before attack and you always ruin case so i will accompany you as lady loker.

Hapu and commissioner dressed as jokers. Vibhu and Saxena see them, Commissioner and Hapu discussing their strategy, Tiwari and boys disguised sees Jokers thinking them as Saxena and Vibhu attack them. Vibhu and Saxena watching them. Boys and Tiwari see Reshampal and Hapu, Hapu scolds them and both faint.

Commissioner puts them behind the bars, Angoori says they didnt know it was you, they are innocent, Hapu says look at us they have hit us so bad, Angoori says leave them i beg of you, Malkan says slap us but leave us. Angoori tells about Vibhu and Jhonny Joker, Commissioner says i am leaving them because of you.

Angoori singing, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori asks Vibhu to leave, Vibhu asks why, Angoori says you and Jhonny Joker Tiwari a lot, Vibhu says but you loved him, Angoori says yes i am his fan but that doesn’t mean he troubles my husband, i dont like a joker who troubles people i like entertainer and leaves.

Vibhu gets dressed as Jhonny Joker and his reflection speaks to him, and says i want Revenge, Vibhu says no i can’t do it anymore i cant upset bhabhiji anymore, Joker says what will happen to revenge, Vibhu says i can answer it, i am going to see Angoori and apologize to her.

Boys and Tiwari hold Vibhu and faint him and later tie him up. Vibhu keeps begging to leave him, Tiwari says you are Jhonny Joker, Vibhu says no it’s me Vibhu, and begs to leave him, Tiwari says its time Jhonny Joker leaves, Tilu says give him scorpio poison, Angoori says stop,Vibhu says i swear you on me, Tiwari says i break it, Security guard rushes in and scolds Tiwari says he isnt Jhonny Joker, he is Vibhu, Tiwari says Ramgulam how can you be so sure, Ramgulam says because it was my idea to become Jhonny Joker.
( Vibhu tells Saxena the truth, Saxena says i knew it, but why did you do it, Vibhu says revenge, they insulted humiliated me a lot, and im just giving it back, Saxena says they have done same with me, i am with you and trouble them)

Tiwari says okay so this is the truth, Angoori says even you 4 have troubled them so now release him, its all equal, Teeka and Malkan release Vibhu, Vibhu thanks Angoori, Ramgulam flirts with Vibhu, Saxena walks in as lady joker and flirts with Jhonny Joker.

Pre cap:David says to Vibhu that if today a girl and boy see sweet moon together they will be inseparable.
Vibhu asks Angoori will she see moon with him, Angoori says okay.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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