Bigg Boss 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: One from Aly and Jasmin has to get eliminated

Bigg Boss 1st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 60
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the race. They all dance. 8:30 AM Eijaz asks Abhi to sit with the finalist. Abhi says yes bless me. Eijaz says you are doing great, don’t be on the back-foot. You both deserve to the finalists. I think Jasmin will be the finalist, I don’t know about Nikki. She is not a movie finisher, I am not sure about Kavita. She has done many mistakes and she is not sorry. Rahul is insecure about his masculinity, he is Aly’s junior, he just copies Aly.

10:15 AM
Kavita tells Eijaz that the real secret was that my mother didn’t trust me when my teacher tried to molest me. I did everything for my mother but I carried that hurt because she didn’t trust me. I explain a lot because I think people wouldn’t believe me. My mother didn’t trust me and I didn’t tell to anyone because I didn’t want anyone to point at my mother. I don’t have my father but she made me feel alone. Eijaz says my dad took some decisions also but they take decisions which are right for us at that point. Kavita says I just wanted to get it out of my chest, she wipes her tears.

Eijaz asks Nikki if she is going to the finale? Nikki tells Eijaz that Shahzad was right when he used to irritate you. Eijaz says he is not in the finale but I am in the finale. Jasmin says why are you taunting Eijaz? Eijaz says I am getting bored. Nikki says don’t taunt Shahzad that he went out early in the show. Eijaz says because he was wasting time on me in the show.

12 PM
Jasmin tells Nikki that Eijaz must have been trying to poke someone today. Nikki says he is showing ego. Jasmin says Eijaz was trying to be sweet with everyone till now but now he knows that he is a finalist so he is showing his reality. He also said that he used to poke Jaan so he would leave Nikki’s side and stay longer in the show.

12:45 PM
Nikki asks Eijaz if you used to poke Jaan so he would leave my side? Eijaz says who told you? Nikki says Jasmin told me. Eijaz says I have said this many times that I poked Jaan many times so he would get screen-time. I wanted him to take a stand against me so he would get involved in the game.

1 PM
Eijaz tells Aly that I didn’t expect this from Jasmin. She is b*t*hing behind my back. It’s good that she is doing it. Aly says I will pump Jasmin to talk to you.
Aly comes to Jasmin and asks if she talked about Eijaz with Nikki? Jasmin says yes, Eijaz was taunting Shahzad so I told Nikki that his personality is fake. He becomes sweet when he is in danger and then acts arrogant when he gets saved. Rahul says she is right. Nikki says he was saying that he poked Jaan to get him on camera. He has so much ego. Rahul says he can joke like this but no one can joke with him. Jasmin says then he will call us disrespectful.

2 PM
Eijaz asks Jasmin if she was talking to Nikki about him? Jasmin says I can talk to anyone if I want to. Eijaz says I don’t talk behind someone’s back. This is your true personality? Jasmin says it’s true that you act sweet when you want to get saved. Nikki comes there so Eijaz asks what Jasmin told her? Nikki says she told me that you used to deliberately poke Jaan so he would fight me. Jasmin says I never said that Eijaz wanted Jaan to fight with Nikki. Eijaz says I used to poke Jaan because you wanted more screen-time with him. Rahul says you were taunting Shahzad also? Eijaz says I just said that Shahzad wasted his time on me so I am the finalist and he went out in the first week. Rahul says this is arrogance. You just became the finalist so you are taunting that poor man who went out of the show first? Eijaz says Shahzad was my brother, I tried to talk to him but he didn’t listen. Rahul says now you are taunting him that he got nothing and you are a finalist? Jasmin says Eijaz can taunt anyone and it’s a joke. Eijaz says shut up, let me talk. Jasmin says I am not your servant so don’t talk like that. Eijaz tells Rahul that I was not arrogant. Rahul says you are being stubborn, you can’t justify this sentence.

3:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we told you the main gate will open many times this week to eliminate people. The door will open today also as the first eviction will happen today. A task will decide who is getting evicted today but you have to make pair first. You have to mutually agree to make a pair. Eijaz is a finalist so he won’t face any consequence in the task but his pair will face it. They make pairs as Jasmin-Aly, Rahul-Eijaz, Nikki-Kavita, Abhi-Rubina. Bigg Boss says we will let you know the details soon.

3:45 PM
Rubina tells Eijaz that this task won’t be simple, I wanted to pair up with you. Eijaz says no, just think about yourself.

The curtain raises and they see a buzzer. Aly tells Jasmin that if it’s between us then I am going. Jasmin says I won’t stay here without you. Aly says I told you that we should think before making a pair.

Abhi tells Rubina that let’s play in the spirit, it’s my turn to take a decision.

4 PM
Rubina reads the task that they have a chance to save themselves. There is a speaker in the garden, this speaker can answer the questions related to your life but the speaker’s battery life is 27 minutes. You people will be the soul of this speaker, you have to answer the questions of the inmates. The speaker will be turned on for 37 minutes, after that you will stop answering the questions and leave the speaker side. The pair who is not able to count closest to 37 minutes will lose the task. All other inmates will distract the couple who is trying to count to 37 minutes, you can ask them questions to distract them from counting. You will press the buzzer when you think 37 minutes are over.

4:15 PM
Kavita tells Nikki that they can shout at us but we have to follow the count. Nikki says if they start questioning me then you count or vice versa.
Aly tells Jasmin that I will keep answering them. He tells her that we will discuss before pressing the answer.
Eijaz tells Rahul that we will keep counting together and keep hinting at each other.
Abhi tells Rubina that I will keep track of 5 minutes set. Rubina says how? Abhi says you keep answering them and I will keep track of the minutes. You just keep distracting them. Rubina says I will answer them, you are an idiot. Abhi says listen to me first, if someone asks you a question then give them a big story. Rubina says we have to distract other pairs also. Abhi says we have to count 37 minutes first. I will keep track of the time.
Nikki asks Kavita if she should question about the divorce? Kavita says yes, ask them why they were acting nicely in the start?
Rubina tells Abhi to listen to her, we have to make a plan. Abhi says you don’t listen to me at all. You just want to fight. Rubina says you just want to keep track of the time, you don’t listen to me at all. Abhi says you are wasting time, can’t I put my point of view? Rubina says calm down, I will let you know. Abhi says I have come here to listen to you only? Rubina says you are being unnecessary, you can’t shut up for 2 minutes. Abhi says talk to me when you want to, he leaves from there.

Aly tells Rahul to do this task, don’t try to be in the good books. I will ask cheap questions.
Rubina tells Abhi that we have to decide which pair to target. I want to target Kavita-Nikki. I don’t think they can keep track of the time. We can mutually decide to attack them. Abhi says I will talk to Aly. Rubina says I will talk to Eijaz.

Rubina asks Aly who should be out in this task? Aly says I want Kavita and Nikki’s team to lose this task.
Kavita tells Nikki that I will target Eijaz and ask him why he has problem with touch and then he is fine. Nikki says I will question Rahul how he can touch girls when he is proposing some other girl. We have to do this, I don’t want to say all this but we have to for the task.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss says the first pair to sit on the speaker is Kavita-Nikki. They both go to the speaker. The buzzer plays and they start counting. Rahul tells Nikki that you wanted to keep Eijaz happy that’s why you gave him the immunity stone. Rahul says Kavita is targeting others. Jasmin comes to them. She asks Kavita why you think I am filthy? Kavita says I just repeated your words. I don’t think you are a filthy girl. Rubina asks Nikki why she trapped Jaan. Nikki says I didn’t. Jasmin asks Kavita if she had to curse Eijaz? Kavita says I curse very less than Aly. Jasmin says you used to curse on sets too? Kavita says I might have, I am the biggest goon. Abhi asks Kavita why she gets personal with others? Kavita says I am an innocent person, I won’t let anyone bring up the personal things. Aly tells Nikki that you never supported me, I will nominate you. Abhi asks Kavita what was friends with benefits? Kavita says some people are more than just friends. Aly asks Nikki why she cried when Jaan left? Nikki says because I was hurt. Eijaz asks Kavita if she apologetic? Kavita says not at all, you all deserved it. They press the buzzer and end their task.

6:15 PM
Rahul asks how much? Abhi says it was 30+ minutes.
Kavita tells Nikki that are you sure it was around 37 minutes? We were counting together but I think we were fast.

6:45 PM
Jasmin and Aly sit on the speaker. Kavita asks Aly why he is obsessed with her? Even Kamya said so. Aly says I am not Kamya’s friends. Kavita says your father does meditation? He says yes. Kavita says so who taught you to misbehave with girls? Nikki asks Jasmin that you didn’t even say sorry to Rubina. Jasmin says I don’t want to talk to her right now, I like her. Nikki says then why you b*t*h about her? Rubina asks Aly why he keeps nominating her? Aly says I nominated you once only. Kavita asks Jasmin why you can curse others but if someone else says something to you then you change your avatar. Which avatar is real Jasmin? Aly tells Rubina that you said I talked behind your back but I didn’t. Kavita asks Jasmin if she will set Aly’s wedding or will she be his bride? Jasmin says we will decide that alone. We are friends. Kavita says so no love? Jasmin says friendship is love. Nikki tells Jasmin that you put me when I cursed you but you are filthy too, you have cursed so many people. Jasmin says you people rubbed off on me. Kavita says you sit with Aly and not us. Nikki tells Aly that you like me but then you attack me. Aly says we don’t have a bond but you are a nice girl. Rubina comes to Jasmin and says what you wanted to say against me in the task? Jasmin says I just wanted to distract you, I didn’t want to put any blame on you. Rubina says there was no distraction needed in that task. Rubina asks her to look in her eyes. Jasmin says that I don’t have to. Rubina says why you called me shrewd? Jasmin says you are clever by your words. You wanted to put me down with the breakfast question. Rubina says so you can shout at me but you won’t talk to me? Jasmin says I will talk to you when I am fine. Abhi asks Jasmin that you always said sorry to the people with who you had a fight with but your nature changed suddenly. Jasmin says I said sorry to people when I thought I was wrong. It’s my perspective and if my perspective changes then I will say sorry easily. Abhi says you are committing that? Kavita tells Aly that you can fight with others but don’t lose respect. Abhi tells Jasmin that be the Jasmin that I liked. Jasmin and Aly press the buzzer and get down. Aly hugs her and says we are very close.

7:45 PM
Jasmin asks Abhi how close was she? Abhi says I think you went over 37 minutes. Jasmin says I don’t think we went over.
Rahul asks Jasmin to give him an idea. Jasmin says just keep counting if you skip some numbers and then move to the next. Rahul says I feel you might have gone over 37 minutes but you were close. Jasmin says I think we went under 37 minutes.
Nikki tells the inmates that I will do my task so don’t feel bad.
Aly asks Jasmin to sit with him, you don’t need to scared of people now. Jasmin says I am not scared of anyone. Aly says I have nothing bad in my mind for you, I have girls for bad intentions. You are my friend. Jasmin sits in his lap and smiles.

8 PM
Rubina and Abhi sit on the speaker. Kavita asks if his judgment is right? He says always. Kavita says so Rubina was right yesterday. Nikki asks why they wanted to divorce? Abhi says because we eat too many apples. Jasmin asks Rubina what problems she had against her co-actors? You posted on social media also. Rubina says I had no problem with anyone, I don’t know. Jasmin says you have insulted your husband on TV but he respects you. Jasmin says you use people by becoming their friends. Rahul says Rubina she can never be wrong. Kavita says when you people entered the house, you both looked cozy but now Rubina is saying you both were getting divorced? Abhi says what you see is the truth. Kavita says why you had to bring up personal issues between you both? Abhi says we wanted to. Kavita tells Rubina that tell us the co-stars’ names. Rubina tries to name her co-stars but forgets one name. Kavita says you can’t even remember their names. Abhi presses the buzzer. Nikki says they are boring.

8:45 PM
Rubina says you people were boring us so much. Abhi asks Eijaz. Eijaz says you were under 5 minutes. Nikki says you people are just boring, you just wanted to win the task so you bring up personal issues. Abhi says this is your reality, you were crying yesterday for us and now bringing it up again to use against us. Nikki says I wanted to so what? Abhi says so don’t say sorry later on, it’s between me and my wife so stop interfering.

Eijaz is practicing counting.

Kavita tells Nikki that Jasmin and Aly were way over 37 minutes. Nikki tells Kavita to target Eijaz.

9 PM
Rahul and Eijaz sit on the speaker. Nikki asks Rahul what he thinks about Rubina? Rahul says she has dirt in her heart. She says what about Abhi? He says he is a nice man but gets nominated. Jasmin asks Eijaz if she ever insulted him? Eijaz says you might have done so. Jasmin says you are not even sure, you are just fake. Abhi asks Eijaz who you didn’t like at all? Eijaz says Shahzad. Aly asks Eijaz if he used Pavitra for the game? He says no. Abhi asks if you have to make someone a winner then who will you choose? He says Rubina, she has been consistent, she didn’t change, she is straight-forward and has grace. So I don’t become a winner then I want her to be the winner. Nikki asks Rahul why you sent me messages? Rahul says I didn’t. Kavita tells Eijaz that I am asking this genuinely, you used to hug people when you came to my party and you hugged me here too. Eijaz says I was uncomfortable there, I don’t even sleep in the bedroom with others. Rahul presses the buzzer.

9:45 PM
Eijaz tells Rahul that you should have waited 5 minutes more but we were better than Kavita and Nikki. Rahul hugs Eijaz and says thank you for being there. Jasmin asks if they didn’t wash lunch dishes? Rahul says we did.
Eijaz tells Rubina that Jasmin’s attitude has been heart-breaking. She has so much hatred.
Eijaz tells Aly that you were closest to the time.
Abhi tells Rubina that we were close to 37 minutes.
Kavita tells Nikki that we played nicely. Nikki says we were very fast in pressing the buzzer.

11 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we gave you a task where you had to count to 37 minutes. The task is finished and it’s time for the results.
Nikki-Kavita: They pressed the buzzer on 31 minutes
Aly-Jasmin: They pressed the buzzer on 57 minutes
Abhi-Rubina: They pressed the buzzer on 41 minutes
Rahul-Eijaz: They pressed the buzzer on 35 minutes so they were the closest

He says Rahul was 2 minutes less than 37 minutes. The pair who lost the task is Aly-Jasmin as their time was 20 minutes more than 37 minutes. He says only one will be eliminated today so they will discuss and decide who between them will leave the house today.

PRECAP – Aly tells Jasmin that I want you to win. Jasmin says I am nothing without you here. She cries. Aly says I want you to win only. Aly says if you leave then I won’t eat here, I came here to make you win. Jasmin cries and says I can’t let you go. Aly hugs her and cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Poor aly

  2. I think Aly will get eliminated…jasly separated in bigg boss

  3. Neha chandra

    Poor Aly ,he tried to stay there in different ways. He does not need to sacrifice for Jasmin Salman reminded him that he came for Jasmin .
    I supported VG during his bb . However I don’t like him at all,he s not a master mind,idk why they keep on calling him mm. He either betray or bossy.not mm.

  4. Ohh yeah am so excited that one of them will leave the show,so that we will see what jasmin can’t do without him.she has no shame,b’cox she can go back to rubina.i think she’s crazy.she don’t deserve to be in the show sincerely speaking.

  5. I am feeling bad for aly

  6. Aly amd jasmin should have counted properly as their time seemed very long. Unfortunately aly may have to leave which is sad bcoz he played good. If only rubina or abhi doesnt win the show…then anyone else wins will be best…but again as i said before the decisions are definitely made by BB team itself and dont think there is any public voting. Ppl will vote but that benefits only the ph co…BB team preparea and decides who goes and who wins the show. And this time i think they want a female winner which will be rubina for sure 🙁

  7. Eijaz was spot on about rahul, he is really insecure

  8. Sad for Aly. Jasmin has split personality. She is not what she says. Rubina is still very bossy towards Abhinav. Rahul wants to interfere. Kavita is very nosy n Nikki is the worst of all. She should have been out of the house as she is a liar n foul mouth.

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