Bigg Boss 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Arshi walks-away because of Salman’s scolding

Bigg Boss 19th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman welcomes everyone. He says let’s see what’s going inside the house. Arshi says they all boycotted me. Ali and Rahul said it. Kash says I took my stand. I told you all to take a stand against Arshi. Manu says Nikki you tell all that has happened to you. Rakhi says let her talk.

Nikki says when we were playing the task, everyone was laughing at Rakhi’s abuses. Manu asked him to apologize to me. She held my feet. Rahul says wherever there is a contradiction I take a stand. Rakhi says it was my mistake but it was equally Nikki’s mistake. She also told me my dignity is gone and my face is bad. Nikki says those are not my words. Don’t accuse me. That’s your word, not mine. Take a stand for yourself.

Rubina says this week I only took a stand for myself if I said Arshi is making the environment better. It’s ruining the normal vibe. Arshi says shut your mouth. Kash says let her talk. Abhi says everyone is talking. Rubina leaves. Arshi says how dare she call me negative. Rubina sits inside the house. Jasmin says the biggest point was with Vikaas. I took a stand and told everyone to take a stand. Next was the task when Rakhi abused Nikki. Then Rakhi and Nikki said very bad things to each other and I took a stand against both of them. I gave a solution. Manu says when Nikki said she’s abusing I realized it was wrong. I told Rakhi not to do that. Rahul says don’t drag it. Just tell when you took a stand. Manu says Rakhi also felt bad when Nikki talked about dignity. Rakhi says now he will tell what she meant. Rakhi says to Nikki eat a lollipop. Nikki says you do. Manu says she has been annoying Nikki all the time. Passing comments. Kash says I have not seen that. Manu says I am not talking about you.

Ejaz says I am thinking. You speak Shukla. Nikki says we can have tea. Rubina says I was only saying how I take a stand. If she misbehaves I will boycott. I didn’t interrupt. Aly says no one can take her responsibility. Aly says where is Manu? We won’t call people one by one.

Samlan says we will go inside and talk to them. They will be summoned. They are all fighting. Everyone sits on the chair. Salman says what is happening in the house? Aly says Rubina left, then Ejaz said he will speak later so they all left one by one. Rubina says whenever I am speaking Arshi interrupts. All I was saying was I will take a stand. Everyone doesn’t understand that doing one task in one flow is important. If Arshi stops it everyone should take a stand. Rahul says that’s their personal issue. Rubina says this isn’t my personal issue. Rahul says let me speak now. Salman says so you couldn’t do this task? Let’s do it now.

Salman asks Ejaz. HE says Kash. Manu says Nikki. Rubina says I stood for myself. Jasmin says I stood for everyone. Rakhi says Rahul, Arshi, Kash they all stood for me. I stood for myself. Aly says Rahul Vaidya. Rahul says I stood for myself. Abhi says I stood for myself. Rahul says Rahul Vaidya. Nikki and Kash say we stood for ourselves. Arshi says Rahul Vaidya. Salman says if you take a stand for yourself that’s good. But it’s clear that Rahul Vadhya stands for people. And Nikki. The rest of the people took stands for themselves. No one else took their names.

Salman asks can anyone tell me why is there a fence? She says fans are outside. Everyone laughs. Rahul says this is a fence. She says this is a train track. She says sorry sir. This is a border. Salman says they can be arrows and hit you. Salman asks Arshi tells what are fence-sitters? She says I don’t know. He asks Nikki. Nikki says I don’t know. He says you have been speaking English. Nikki says I won’t say sorry. He asks Kash. She says it’s people who have no opinion. They keep sitting on the fence and are neutral. He says now you know Nikki? She says yes. Salman says they don’t take either side and there are no contributions from them. They wake up when it comes to them. By that time it’s too late. Either they want to play safe or they don’t have an opinion and they are weak. They don’t wanna mess with others because if cowardice or any other reason. They don’t wanna be seen. But how would that work here? You have seen Bigg boss. You know fence-sitters don’t make this show. You people took Rahul and Nikki’s name.

Salman says Aly and Rahul were whispering when I was talking. I want to know what you were talking about. Aly says I only told him we were going with our own choice. Salman says then ask me to stop if you have to whisper. It shouldn’t look like you have an affair. It will clear in a high-speed shot. Aly says it isn’t like that. People will say Aly came for Jasmin and now he is in love with Rahul whose GF is outside. Rahul says what you say is taken seriously by the nation. Salman says what’s wrong with your affair? Rahul says but we are not together. Jasmin says yes he speaks to Rahul more than me. Everyone laughs.

Salman says you took the names of Rahul and Nikki. But I will tell you who he was. It was Vikaas. He was the one who took stands. He is not in this house anymore. He told all of you that Arshi is going wrong. And in the end, when Arshi spoke about his mother he got mad. He did what he thought was right. I will ask Rahul, what was happening with Vikaas, you were all enjoying it. What would you do if she spoke about your mom? He says I won’t shove. Aly says my father’s name was taken and I broke things. I would do the same for my mom. Salman says it was the last resort but what happened before it was too much as well. He asks Jasmin. Jasmin says I would also break things. He asks Rakhi. Rakhi says I would throttle her. He asks Ejaz. He says I won’t use my hand. But the first time she annoyed me I would have shown her her place and told her this is my circle don’t enter it. Manu says I would say either she would live here or me. Rubina says I would slap her and leave. Abhi says the way she started, I would do tit for tat but won’t hit. Nikki says I would shove her. Kash says I would give a warning then shove her. Salman says if someone said the same about my mom I would have done the same. Arshi says he also spoke about my dad. Salman says we can all see what you are doing in the house.

Salman says you all said that you take a stand for yourself. Only Rahul and Nikki are named to be taking a stand for others. The rest of you become fence-sitters. Rubina who was wrong? Arshi or Vikas? She says Arshi. Jasmin says Arshi was wrong. I took a stand for Vikaas. Manu told me they have planned it. I told Arshi his health is being affected. Salman says what did you do when you knew he needed help? Jasmin says I said let’s stop her altogether. Salman says what after saying. Shes ays Arshi said it’s not the rule. Salman says to Jasmin that you asked Aly to help Vikas and he rejected it. Jasmin says I did discuss Vikas’s issue but he said that it’s their issue. Aly says I asked Vikas to sort it out with Arshi. Salman tells Jasmin that you started right but you went off, you were sure that Arshi was wrong, you thought that Vikas couldn’t take it anymore. You even asked Vikas if he needed help so you must have seen things that viewers don’t see in a full episode. You knew Arshi was wrong, you went to Aly and then remained silent. Jasmin says Vikas’s issue started before Aly came, I was convinced with Mannu saying that Arshi and Vikas are friends and they planned to do this in the show. So I thought they were acting. Salman says if you had helped Vikas at the right time then people would have appreciated it, it’s not about becoming a hero but you have to follow your feelings. Jasmin says I accept that I was influenced by Mannu. Salman says Arshi is still in the house and she would make another target then we will everyone’s reaction. I would want to see how Abhi reacts when his parents are brought up. Nobody has the right to go to anyone’s parents if you don’t care about your parents but that doesn’t mean others don’t. Arshi says Vikas started bringing up my father, he kept threatening me with my father so I told him that his mother told me that he doesn’t respect her. I never insulted Vikas’s mother, I just said that he doesn’t respect his parents so he has no right to bring up my parents. I never used bad words for his parents. Vikas’s mother needs treatment but she called me and said that he has thrown her out of the show and doesn’t give her money. Salman says I am sorry if I was wrong but Vikas only said that your father is watching the show and he would feel something watching all this. He said it out of concern. He says you told Vikas that you know everything about his mother and would tell everything here. Both statements are different. Rubina says he is right. Arshi says let me talk, don’t talk Rubina. Salman asks Arshi to not misbehave in front of him. Arshi says can’t I clear things? Salman says don’t use this tone with me, be calm and respectful, you can clear all this in a soft voice. Arshi says I was friends with Vikas for the last six months and his mother called me and said he troubles her a lot. When my father called Vikas to make amends with me, Vikas brought up my father and then I started talking. Salman says Vikas was not wrong, he just brought up your father saying he would be embarrassed to see all this, if he is not embarrassed then you can misbehave but don’t do this on our show, you can find another show. Arshi says okay. Salman says don’t destroy the environment, I told you in the earlier season also that you come with a tag so be mindful of that. You didn’t understand that before and you don’t understand now. You have brought up personal issues here, talked about his mother. Arshi says I never used bad words for his words. Salman says you said that you knew everything about his mother, what does that mean? Arshi says he has no right to talk to my parents when he doesn’t respect his mother. Salman says Vikas was talking in your favor but you don’t accept respect from others. You kept threatening him. Arshi says I don’t agree. Salman says the whole of India has seen it. Rubina says I want to say something. Salman asks Arshi to not interrupt her. Rubina says she knew about Vikas’s personal life, she questioned his s*xuality, she kept taunting at him, he was so broken and cried to me. I asked him if he wants help but he asked me to stop him when his family is brought up. Arshi kept bringing his family and his s*xuality. She was totally wrong. Salman says Vikas was getting tortured? Rubina says Vikas was mentally harassed, he has cried so much. Arshi says I didn’t do it. Rubina says let me talk. She says Vikas was crying and said that his confidence was broken, she was pointing at his s*xuality and his weight. I couldn’t help it because of their friendship and I didn’t want to go against Arshi. Vikas kept asking me to not say anything to Arshi as he wanted to save his family’s pride. She keeps saying things to my husband that his ****** stand up for me? She says it in front of me. Arshi says this is all a lie, I am leaving the show. Rakhi asks Arshi to respect Salman. Arshi says I respect him but this is all wrong. Salman tells Rubina that I feel bad for Vikas and I know she is irritating you Arshi. Why didn’t you take a stand against her before when Vikas kept asking? Nobody took a stand before when he was mentally tortured. You didn’t do anything for Vikas Gupta. He would have stood up against Arshi but nobody took a stand for Vikas, he was left alone. I don’t agree with Vikas’s push but it was the heat of the moment. You are choosing this moment which doesn’t matter. You could have stood up for Vikas with Jasmin. Rubina says yes. Salman says after the incident happened, you all remained silent. You people were washing dishes and doing their work. Salman says Abhi was happily washing dishes and what if it was between Arshi and Rubina? You would be washing dishes then also? He tells Rubina that you are clear in your thoughts but what happened at that time? Rubina says when I asked Vikas, he kept telling me that it’s between him and Bigg Boss, I feel bad for him but he tied my hands. Aly says he kept saying that he would handle Arshi himself. Salman says I don’t agree with Rubina, when you see cruelty happening you don’t need permission to help someone. Rubina says you are right.
Salman asks who was wrong between Vikas and Arshi? Mannu says Vikas didn’t say anything to her, I kept telling him to not bear this easily, why he was not answering her back. He kept saying that she helped him and she knew about his family. Then he took the stand for the first time so Arshi made an issue that he pushed her. Mannu says I said sorry to Vikas after he pushed her in the pool as his patience was done. Rahul M says Vikas told me that he needed money that’s why he came to the show. Salman says he told this on stage. He was fed up with life that’s why he came to the show. Salman asks Mannu that one inmate was targeted in your season and you used to stand up for him, protected him but this time you kept away from Vikas-Arshi so one would go out of the show. Mannu says I didn’t know Vikas before but I had met Arshi before, she was nice to talk to but she changed here totally. When I tell her that she is going off-track then she said that he is not a nice person and would do something bad. Rubina says they all called their fights scripted but when I saw him crying, I knew he was tortured. Mannu says he was not talking about his defense but now I know he was scared about his family. I did say sorry to him for listening to Arshi. Salman says we heard you saying to Arshi that she is over-doing it and he would do something that will make him leave the show then you asked her to not stay in the show after he pushed you if they don’t throw him out. Salman says you kept away from Vikas and Arshi because you wanted one of them to leave the show. Mannu says I said after the push, she asked me to talk for her so I told her that if they don’t punish Vikas then she should leave the show. If I wanted people to leave the show like this then I wouldn’t be talking to anyone. Salman says you all are showing passion right now but you all were silent at the time of the incident. Mannu says I have fought with everyone and I am not friends with Arshi anymore. Salman says you are late to say all this. Mannu says you are right. Salman asks Nikki why people are not taking stands in this house? Nikki says all are playing safe here. Mannu is still talking with Arshi, Rakhi and Kash. All want to play it safe. Eijaz says when I get into fights, no one took a stand. When someone doesn’t take a stand for me then I wouldn’t stand up for them. Vikas should have taken a stand for himself. Salman says he must have some helplessness to not take a stand so you won’t take a stand for him? It’s not about Vikas but about you people. You people are taking stands on the wrong things. People try to leave the house but others make them understand but this season no one cares. When Rahul wanted to leave the show nobody talked to him. Vikas kept saying that he was tortured but no one said anything.
Salman says Arshi blamed Vikas for influencing the show but tell me if he doesn’t have funds and needs this show so how can he influence this show? The influence doesn’t happen in Bigg Boss or KKK. I won’t let anyone influence this show.

Salman says there is no respect left in this show so let’s teach you respect. He ends the call.

Aly and Eijaz bring the props from the storeroom.
Arshi says I don’t want to stay here, they have proved Vikas a nice man. Salman is talking against me.

Rubina says I don’t talk to her, Abhi says you did good, nobody is here to stop you.

Arshi says he was bringing my father on the show so I brought up his mother too. Eijaz says you have to sit in front of Salman to talk. Arshi says he wanted to leave the show as he told me that he doesn’t understand the game and was bored. Rubina says she misbehaves with Salman, she left him when he was talking, she doesn’t respect the show. Salman respects her so much but she doesn’t understand. Arshi says you don’t have to tell me. Rubina says it’s my house and my show.
Rahul V asks Mannu if he knew they would fight? Arshi says he knew that.
Rakhi tells Rahul M that she is going off-track. Nikki says it’s wrong, don’t take her side, you all support her. Kash says I tried to make her listen. Kash says don’t talk about everyone. Nikki says I will talk when I want to. Kash says you are always sitting with Mannu so don’t drag me in this.

On the Stage:
Salman says what are they doing in the Bigg Boss house? Salman connects the call again. He says we will talk about respect now. He says you have to tell who needs the respect dose most in this house. Make them drink the liquid who needs it. Arshi says I am not coming.
Eijaz: He says I want to dose Arshi. Arshi takes off her mic and says they are not letting me talk. I don’t want to talk anymore. Eijaz makes her drink the syrup. He says what she did with Vikas was wrong and I was confused about Vikas taking her insults. He says I want to dose Rakhi about respect as she has used words that are not nice. She did say sorry about those.
Mannu: He says I want to dose Rakhi as she keeps commenting on me. He says I want to dose Arshi as she keeps provoking Rakhi against Nikki.
Rakhi: She says I want to dose Eijaz as in the duck task, he fought with Rahul V and abused him so much. Rakhi says Pavitra is a very nice friend so she asked me to protect Eijaz from Arshi and others. Rakhi doses Nikki as she keeps talking about my career. Nikki says I brought it up because she taunted me that I am new in the industry. Rakhi says you keep misbehaving with me and telling me filth.
Rubina: She says Arshi is so disrespectful. Arshi leaves from there. Salman says go behind her. Rubina goes and doses her. Rubina says I want to dose Rakhi for her strong words.
Abhi: He says I want to shot Arshi as she is funny but says words which are not appreciated. He says respect is also about not jumping into conversations. He doses Rahul V.
Aly: He says I want to dose Rakhi as she shouldn’t curse and she won’t anymore. He says I want to dose Nikki as she abuses Rakhi too.
Jasmin: She says most disgusting words were exchanged between Rakhi and Nikki. she doses them and says I told Nikki to not cross the line.
Rahul M: He doses Arshi as she is the worst candidate. He doses Rakhi as she does tragedy during a comedy. Rakhi says what about Nikki? I am an old friend. I won’t take it. You are fighting with me for Nikki? This is wrong. Nikki laughs. Rakhi says you are my enemy now. She takes a shot and it falls from her mouth. All laugh.
Nikki: She doses Kash as she called me a struggler, we are all equal here. Kash takes the dose. Nikki says I want to dose Rakhi as she cursed me so much. Rakhi says I held her feet to say sorry. She made an issue of that. She stole my friend and broke my duck’s neck.
Kash: She says Nikki is very rude. She doses her. She says it’s for Arshi as I have tried to tell her to not say those things to Abhi.
Rahul V: He says I want to dose Nikki as she has misbehaved with me so much, she went personal on me and nobody asked her to stop, she character assassinated me. Nikki says I am sorry. Rahul V says you should have said it before.
Arshi: She says I want to talk to you Salman Sir. He says later. She says I want to dose Nikki as she has said bad words for Rakhi. She doses Rahul M as he curses Colors, Bigg Boss and head of this show. Rakhi thanks her.

Salman asks Rahul M what he is saying about whom? Rahul M says I didn’t say anything like that. Arshi says you have cursed this show, this show’s head. You even said that Salman can’t do much. You have said things like *****, you have always cursed Colors. Rahul M says I didn’t take anyone’s name. Rahul M says she says to get pregnant by Abhi. Salman asks Arshi to not say this as Abhi might be able to do it. All laugh. Rubina glares at Abhi.
Arshi tells Salman that I don’t want this to go on-air. Salman says it will go on-air. Arshi says I was friends with Vikas and he told me that we will fight for 3 weeks in the show as he didn’t want people to think that he has become my friend again. I did fights with him initially just as a joke but then he said that I touched him. So I thought he was alleging for no reason. Then all our fights were real after that, he was talking about my father but I just said that I can bring up his mother too. I would have never brought up his personal life as his mother takes me her daughter. I know what happened to her but I won’t bring up on the show, I just wanted to say that he doesn’t respect his parents so he shouldn’t bring up my parents. Salman says but you have brought up this issue and people will think bad about Vikas and what he would have done with this mother. You said that you know about his mother and what he has done with his mother, you have put a negative thought in people against Vikas and his mother’s character. People can think anything about Vikas’s mother and you have started this chain. Arshi says I just wanted to say that his mother was ill and he was not giving her money and had thrown her out of the house. I am not rich but I respect my parents so I got angry when he brought up my father. Salman says your way of talking was wrong. Arshi says I got angry so I might have done it. Salman says people will decide what was right or wrong now.

Salman says a lot was said in this house this week. Everything filthy was brought up and almost all of you are responsible. The clip shows Rakhi talking bad about Nikki and calling her *****. Arshi misbehaving with Nikki. Rubina calling Arshi a duck. Rakhi calling Nikki a ***** and Aly laughing at it. The clip ends. Salman says you have taunted body weight, s*xuality. Salman says when Nikki cursed Jasmin then Aly got angry on her but when Rakhi was cursing Nikki so all boys were laughing. Nikki says when I cursed Jasmin then Aly wrote a lot about me and he took up that issue inside the house also. I am not his friend but I am a woman so when Rakhi cursed me, Aly was laughing so much. It’s not about friendship but about a woman’s respect. Aly says Nikki is lying, I never talked about Nikki cursing Jasmin. I talked about her PR team maligning my name with Jasmin. At the time of the task, Rakhi started abusing funnily, all were laughing at that point but then I asked Rakhi to not curse. Rakhi said sorry to her. Aly says you kept listening to her curses but you want others to take a stand for you? Nikki says I didn’t curse her back. Aly says don’t lie, why you keep bringing the outside things? Salman says Nikki was standing up for herself. Aly says we smiled on Rakhi but we were standing up for Nikki. Nikki says you didn’t support me against Rakhi, you supported me in the game. You were entertained by Rakhi’s words. Salman says Nikk is correct, Aly sighs.
Salman tells Rakhi that you are very entertaining but you are crossing the limit with your language. We can’t show you with those words so it’s cut. All guys enjoy it and you lose track. Just be in the limit and you will look nice. You know your humor is good so use your experiences. Rakhi says I never fought with Nikki before. In the duck task, Nikki said bad things to Kash. I was doing my task and didn’t push Nikki at all, Nikki abused Kash but then she came and broke my duck’s head. She cries and says I got angry and cursed her. I felt like someone had broken my neck. I never curse but she broke my neck. All laugh at her. Rahul V says she broke the duck’s neck. Rakhi says but I couldn’t sleep whole night because she broke my neck. Salman says you didn’t break her neck? Rakhi says only in dreams. he laughs. Rakhi says I said sorry to her also. I said sorry to God also. Nikki says she cursed again. Rakhi says I am sorry again. Salman says don’t cry. Rakhi says I know I am looking bad. Salman says you are looking like some Hollywood heroine. Rakhi thanks him. Salman says you can cry and scream for that neck-breaking. You should protect your neck. Salman asks Rubina if you are feeling Rakhi’s emotions? Rubina tries to stop her laugh. Salman says you are laughing at her misery? This is not good, she is crying. Rubina tells sorry to Rakhi. Rakhi says I love you.

Salman says the nominated inmates are Arshi, Eijaz, Abhi, Mannu and Kash. He says I will tell you tomorrow about the elimination. He ends the call.

Salman signs off from the episode.

PRECAP – Aly fights with Nikki and says you are a fraud, I was not laughing at you, I will not take a stand for you. Nikki pushes him and says you are a loser.
The caller asks Rubina if she trusts Jasmin? Rubina not much anymore, Jasmin says then there is no point in friendship. Rubina says I agree, you become a villain or a baby as per convenience. Jasmin says you don’t want to listen to anyone. I think you have come this far because of Abhi. Rubina says Jasmin you are fake.
The guys will get waxed by girls. Abhi cries in pain as Rubina laughs. Jasmin waxes Aly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Love the way Rubina shuts up Arshi😍

  2. Well done rubina. Nobody should trust a person like jasmine

    1. Can only trust jasmin in bigg boss 14.. jasmin is clearly understood only by rakhi , Aly and arshi.. Rubina is unpredictable..eijaz is idiot ..arshi is so stupid..she made vikas out by poking and she used the word papa for Abhinav Shukla…I hate her..I hope jasmin wins…

  3. Atleast jasmine and rubina have aly and abhinav for them…
    Nikki..what a point

  4. Fatema Karimjee

    Arshi is the worst candidate ever a liar a total nuisance what she did to Vikas was very very wrong instead of blaming him she should see herself first! Vikas was very nice and humble. And Kash just like Kavita is a big fighter cock very dominating natures! They both Arshi and Kash should be thrown out off the show! Good Kavita left🙄
    Raakhi is a darling but it was shocking to see her badmouth and imitate Nikki so rudely. Aly and Rahul were so nice before but now they’re chameleons who run after Kash and gang. They both don’t have a backbone! Ejas is lost after the new members entering big boss! Nikki has changed for the better no more shouting in the house. Jasmin is a good person but forces herself to fake for the show! Abhinav is a nice guy most respectful mature and sensible. Rubina is the best mature, strong, a good candidate no fake, speaks when needed and like others doesn’t change parties! She was argumentative before but not anymore. Rahul M and Mannu so far so good nice to have them in big boss.

  5. As far jasmin is not fake…

  6. Rahul v is fake. He came back in the show for revenge against Nikki because she had said that he is like a dog running after girls. He tried to befriend Pavitra but failed. He is dangerous n untrustworthy. As for Vikas nobody stood by him when he needed n most of them were happy when he got evicted. He was a gentleman to say sorry to Arshi in spite of being continuously poked. Hope Vikas pulls himself through the current bad phase as his conscious is clear. Some contestants like to sit on the fence forgetting that (her kutaek ke din badalte hai) as everyday is not the same!! Well done Salman.

  7. Arshi khan is a pathetic vile and disgusting person. And my goodness she lies so much never seen a liar like her. Arshi is very negative

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