Bigg Boss 17th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rubina becomes an eye-opener for Nikki

Bigg Boss 17th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Day 15
8 AM
Sid is awake while all others are sleeping. The song tatad starts playing. The inmates wake up and start dancing. Pavitra dances with Gauhar.

11:30 AM
Gauhar says I personally feel that the cooking department should chop also. Rahul is chopping and says they don’t listen. Sid says there are two people in the cooking department so they can chop also. Gauhar says Abhi and Rubina don’t chop, Rahul has to take it up. Eijaz asks Abhi to come and talk. Abhi says I have already talked about this. They both come inside. Gauhar says to Abhi that cooking is not just cooking. Rahul can’t chop all the veggies. Abhi says he can chop slowly. Gauhar says he is already cleaning the washroom. Abhi says I already did chopping in the morning. Rubina says I will chop today and someone else will cook. Sid says if you know cooking then you won’t do anything else? Rubina says all should equally work here. Abhi says I spend 4 hours daily in the kitchen so no one can chop other than me? Rahul says I am cleaning the washroom and also chopping. Sid says chopping is not a duty. Pavitra tells Abhi that you cook food and I cook today. If chopping is not a duty then I ask other people to help me in chopping, you can go and ask someone else to help you in chopping. Abhi says Rahul now said that chopping is his duty. Sid says he is only helping you in chopping. Gauhar asks Abhi that if one person’s duty can be chopping only? Sid says Gauhar has the right to change the duties so she can give chopping to the person cooking. They don’t listen to you with respect. Rubina says we didn’t disrespect you. Sid says don’t show girl power. Rubina says why are you bringing feminism here? You are being unreasonable. Sid says I am very happy about being unreasonable. Rubina says you should have a stature. Rubina says we have leftovers from lunch. Pavitra says no. Rubina says we are not talking to you Pavitra so don’t talk. Pavitra says I cook daily, I go and ask people to help me in chopping. Rubina says you said that you won’t cook if chopping is not done and now you are changing your statement? Pavitra says I solved it myself and cooked. Gauhar tells Abhi that we gave the duty to Rahul to chop, is it possible for him to chop everything alone? Rubina says we helped him yesterday only. Gauhar says you were not helping him yesterday till very late, you both saw that it’s too late and then you helped him. Abhi says so we helped him. Pavitra says they can go to anyone and ask for help in chopping but they don’t ask for help.
Sid talks to Gauhar that you gave Rahul to them to help with chopping but they are making Rahul chop everything. You tell them that it’s their job and they will chop too.

11:45 AM
Rubina says today is our last day. The duties will change from tomorrow. Abhi says I will chop today. Eijaz says you will cook and chop today? Abhi says yes I agreed. Eijaz says not everyone can cook. Abhi says I respected Sid and Gauhar’s words that chopping is part of the cooking so we will chop and cook. Rubina says nobody will get help now. Anyone who is cooking will do chopping also. It’s a rule now.

12 PM
Nikki asks Jaan to wash the dishes. Jaan says you gave that duty to Rubina.

Hina tells Gauhar that the confusion happened because Nikki gave up her duties so Rubina-Abhi are not wrong by taking a stand.

Nikki tells Jaan that Abhi is crazy. They have no fights and screentime. She comes near Rubina and says I won’t spit at them.

12:30 PM
Abhi and Rubina are chopping. Jasmin is helping them. Abhi says this is very boring.

Sid tells Hina that everyone is helping them now, all are sensible here but they didn’t help before? They are now helping.

Jasmin tells Abhi that they don’t want to find solutions. Rahul is helping in chopping also.

Pavitra tells Sid that there is no point in talking to idiots. You can go and ask around for help. If you have to cook then you can chop also. Sid says if we are getting food then everything is fine.

4:30 PM
Jasmin tells Shahzad that I have started hating Nikki. Shahzad says maintain that. Jasmin says she is very filthy, she is arrogant that she is above us. She could have played with respect yesterday, I was playing. Shahzad says she lost the task and will come down. Jasmin says no she will go crazy. Shahzad says she will do a mistake as she is going crazy. Jasmin says I am waiting for my time.

7 PM
Pavitra tells everyone that if anyone makes food then please clean the stove. If you are making extra stuff then clean your dishes. Rahul jokes with Jaan that you have to clean the stoves. Jaan says whoever is cooking will clean the stove? Pavitra asks Jaan to not argue with her. Rahul says he says anything he wants. Pavitra says let me talk. I am just saying that if you are making tea or an omelet then I am requesting to clean the stove as then there are arguments on duties.

7:15 PM
Jaan hugs Pavitra. Pavitra says he is such an idiot person. Rahul is very illiterate. When I was talking then why was he interrupting me? He doesn’t stop his commentary. I kept saying to let me talk. Rahul comes there and says what happened? Pavitra says I was talking to Jaan but you kept interrupting me. Rahul says I can talk to anyone I want. Pavitra says this is not your father’s house. Rahul says you are not this house’s boss. Pavitra says I am. Rahul says if you cook here then that doesn’t mean you own this place. Pavitra says if I am talking to someone then you don’t have to interrupt us. Rahul says you are a villain. If you want to tell something then say it on my face. Pavitra says you have this habit. Rahul says I can talk when I want, you are no one to stop me. Pavitra says I will stop anytime I want you to stop. Pavitra is washing the dishes and some water droplets go in the tea. Rahul says you will serve this tea to everyone now? Pavitra says don’t interrupt me. Rahul says you think you are Priyanka Chopra, who the hell are you? Pavitra says I am Pavitra Poonia.. This is who the F*** I am. Rahul says talk to me with respect, don’t talk rubbish with me. Jaan asks Rahul to calm down. Rahul asks Pavitra if she is done? Nishant tells Rahul to stop it, you will say something wrong now. Rahul says she brought my father in this, I didn’t go on her parents but I didn’t. Pavitra says then go on my parents. Rahul says you don’t tell me what to do. Who the f*** is she? Pavitra says this is not your house, talk to me with respect, don’t show your standard here. You know me very well. Nishant asks Rahul to control his tongue, calm down now.

7:30 PM
Jaan says we will call Jasmin turf. Rahul says we will call Pavitra Om. Nishant says we will take their code names only. Rahul says Pavitra is a very dangerous player. She pretends to be very sweet to everyone. Jaan says we have to bring some people closer but we have to be smart about choosing when new people come into the house.

Nikki tells Eijaz that I sit with people whose minds are below me. Eijaz says you have made them your servants. Nikki laughs.

Jaan tells Nishant that Nikki doesn’t care about anyone. Nishant says she was favoring us in the garden task. In the process, she was clearly favoring us, she wanted to get votes from our team. She sacrificed you for votes. You are like crazy friends with her. Jaan says I am crazy for her but my eyes opened that day. Rahul says but I don’t see it, in the yesterday task also you were going crazy over Nikki. Nishant says you wanted your Nikki to win in the styling task. Jaan says I am being clever, I will be a friend but I don’t have any expectations from her.

8:30 PM
Pavitra reads the instructions about the luxury budget. There will be a task to win it. The two singers will try to woo the inmates. Rahul and Jaan will busk. They will entertain the inmates by singing and playing. They will do a live performance to get support from freshers and seniors. The one who has more supporters will get a hamper. The winner can share the hamper with 4 other inmates. Rahul will perform in the bedroom. Jaan will perform near the SPA area. They will try to keep their supporters in their areas. If an inmate is changing their support, they will tell the reason for the singer and then change their support. All inmates will choose their support on their own.

8:15 PM
Jaan gets his guitar. He and Nikki are excited.

8:30 PM
Jaan says I love this song list. He says to the camera that out of 25 songs, 23 songs are of my father. Thank you for giving me this legacy.

Nishant tells Rahul that people might support Jaan more but don’t get demotivated. Rahul says I have to do what I do, I don’t have to worry. I am happy to get my guitar.

8:45 PM
The buzzer plays. Rahul sits in the bedroom. Nishant and Hina sit with him.
Jaan starts singing. Shahzad, Nikki and Gauhar are in his area. Eijaz comes there too. They dance while he sings. Sid comes there and dances too.

Rahul is singing to his audience. Sid comes there. Nikki, Rubina, Nishant and Jasmin are enjoying his soothing songs.

Jaan sings baazigar while Shahzad and Gauhar dance for him.

Nishant tells Rahul that I want to hear Jaan’s voice also. Hina says you sang very well but I want to check Jaan also.

Jaan says poetry for Gauhar. Hina, Nishant come there too. Gauhar hugs Jaan. He sings Ai Kash..

Rahul sings for Jasmin and Pavitra.

Jaan says I want to sing for Eijaz-Gauhar, Sid-Hina. Hina says ewww. Eijaz and Gauhar start waltzing around as Jaan sings Naagme pyar ke. All clap for Jaan. Gauhar says I want to check the other concert also, I love you Jaan.

Rahul sings Tera Hona Laga Hoon. Gauhar comes there and dances around.

Jaan says I want to sing for Sid. All cheer as Jaan sings Tu Hai Meri Prem Ki Bhasha. He then sings Tum Mile Dil Khile.

Rahul sings and dances with Jasmin and Gauhar.

Jaan says my father dedicated 5 songs in total to my mother. One of the songs is this one. I want to dedicate this to Nikki. He sings Tujhe Dekha toh Ye Jana Sanam.. All cheer as Jaan sings to Nikki. Nikki caresses Jaan’s face and he smiles. She hugs Jaan. All cheer kiss.. she kisses his cheek. She thanks Jaan.

9:45 PM
Rahul sings mei rang sharbaton ka.. Nishant and Jasmin are listening to him.
All others are sitting with Jaan as he sings. The buzzer plays as the task ends. Jaan sings mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai. Gauhar hugs Hina and dance. Pavitra is not sitting in any area. Gauhar and Hina sing against Sid. Abhi and Rubina are sitting with Jaan too. Sid hugs Jaan as he wins the task.
Bigg Boss says the task has ended. Rahul says I had two supporters in the end, I want to thank everyone who listened to me. Jaan tells Bigg Boss that I have 9 supporters with me. Bigg Boss says Jaan won the luxury budget hamper. Nikki screams. Eijaz hugs Jaan. Nishant hugs him too. Sid hugs Rahul and says you sang really well. Jaan hugs Rahul. Bigg Boss says you tell us the name of 4 freshers that you want to share the hamper with. Jaan says Nikki, Nishant, Eijaz and Shahzad are the people that I want to share the hamper with. They all run to get the items. Hina takes the basket. Nishant gets the coffee. Nikki gets one too and screams. Sid gets some items also. Jaan laughs.

10 PM
Rubina tells Jasmin that I knew Rahul wouldn’t get many supporters. Jasmin says I knew that that’s why I was sitting with him. Abhi says Jaan has versatility. Jasmin says he has a blessing in his voice.

Jaan makes Eijaz eat the item first and says he helped me so much in the task. Eijaz says you deserve it. Sid says so we have no respect. Nishant comes to Rahul that you are going well.

11:30 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that you are entering the last leg of ‘to be confirmed’ phase. Nikki is already confirmed. We are giving a chance to other inmates to decide if Nikki should remain ‘confirmed’ or move back ‘to be confirmed’ phase? Only freshers will decide that. It won’t be a majority decision, you all have to mutually decide. Nikki can convince the inmates that she should remain ‘confirmed’. Nikki says to the inmates I want to talk to every inmate individually. Rubina says you should have talked to me individually when you blamed me wrongly. Abhi says we should talk in front of everyone. Nikki asks Rahul if he thinks she should remain ‘confirmed’? Rahul says I want you to be in the ‘confirmed’ phase only as you are my friend. Jaan says I am two-minded, I don’t forget about my roots in any phase of my life but Nikki has lost it, she lost her friends and values. I don’t like it when there is an argument you start bragging about being confirmed every time. Nikki says you want me to change my personality? You are not like this, you keep taunting others that you are a confirmed inmate and you are being arrogant. But you worked hard for this so you should remain ‘confirmed’. Nishant says I agree with Jaan that you shouldn’t put others down but in the spirit of this game, Nikki has won this immunity by fighting so she deserves this confirmed tag. Nikki says if we are friends then you people could have talked to me about this. Nishant says after listening to Jaan I think you should change your attitude a little. Nikki asks Rubina. Rubina says what do you think yourself? Nikki says I might have done mistakes and said bad things but I deserve this tag. Rubina says if you have humanity then it shows everywhere but if you show humanity only when you are losing an opportunity then you are being an opportunist. I am proud of Jaan for identifying it. Nikki should not get this tag so she will understand the importance of this tag. Abhi tells Nikki that she had everything in the task with Jasmin. You could have given the clothes to Jasmin and be a bigger person. You don’t deserve this tag. Nikki says why should I show to be a bigger person? I am hungry for the things, I want what I want. You might think I am selfish but I can’t change my personality. Jasmin says Nikki herself says that she is using her friends. You change your personality every day to get attention. You could have shown your beautiful side when you become a confirmed inmate but you still showed your real colors and they are filthy, your tongue is filthy, your personality is just about using others. You don’t prove your point, you end the conversation with filthy words. Nikki says to Jasmin that you are very foolish. Jasmin says your attitude is changed now that you are in a tough spot. You pull cheap stunts to get attention. Nikki says you people have bowed to me. Shahzad says you are an opportunist, you are sorry now that our votes matter. You are just saying sorry for the sake of it. Nikki says I didn’t say sorry to Jasmin. Shahzad says you are not ‘confirmed’ for me. Pavitra says I think Nikki has done mistakes and if she promises that she will mold herself a little, be the way you are but think about others’ emotions then I will want you to ‘confirmed’. Nikki says I will try. Pavitra says you deserve this tag. Eijaz says I don’t like some things about her but she is true to herself. It’s about showing your personality and she deserves to remain confirmed.

12:30 AM
Pavitra tells Abhi that we should give Nikki a chance, she is at least showing fear. Rubina says we are taking off her tag of being ‘confirmed’. She is not getting eliminated tomorrow. She has time to prove herself, if she has guts then she should step back and try again. Be honest, you all are double-faced saying that she did mistakes but we still want her to be ‘confirmed’. I believe that it’s not a crown, she can remain queen by proving herself again. Nishant says she has proved herself already by winning the task two times. Rubina says the seniors chose her. Nishant says Bigg Boss didn’t stop anything happening against her. People threw spices in her eyes but she still won the task. Rubina says no BB started a game and we all took our decisions. Rubina leaves. Abhi tells Eijaz that let’s be real. What is this? That is played a good game so there is no need to be a good person here? Eijaz says there is no humanity here. Abhi says so we are setting a precedent that anyone can stab anyone but if they win the game then they should remain winners? She should have basic humanity, Eijaz says it’s not a basic criterion to win this game. Eijaz says then that’s your problem. Rubina says she can beg for votes? She can dance. She says Eijaz has a degenerated way of asking for votes. Eijaz asks her to go away, we shouldn’t talk.

12:45 AM
Rubina tells Jaan that if you are so true to yourself and your friends then you should have talked to Nikki alone, she was right to point out. You were waiting to get a chance to show how true you are to yourself. Nishant says we can realize reality anytime. Rubina says you all are double-personalities. You can’t cry and laugh together. This is all drama. Gauhar tells Hina that I see a winner in Rubina. Sid says I don’t think so.
Nikki comes to Rubina and says I saw your point, you made me listen like a sister, my friends didn’t tell me these things. I am sorry for hurting you both. I want to request you to give me this tag and I will try to be better. Abhi says 12 hours ago you were making fun of our relationship, we used to joke about marriages in college days, grow up. We are not changing our answer. Rubina says I will come inside when heat goes down. Nikki leaves. Abhi says what? Rubina says she is smart. Abhi says this was the best performance ever.

1 AM
Bigg Boss asks the freshers about their decision. Were they able to mutually decide to take the ‘confirmed’ tag from her? Eijaz says we haven’t come to a mutual decision till now. Bigg Boss says as you people couldn’t come to a conclusion so Nikki remains a ‘confirmed’ inmates. Nikki thanks Bigg Boss.

1:30 AM
Hina hugs Rubina and says keep fighting like this. The way you put your point makes others listen.

Nikki shouts at Nishant that I felt Rubina was right, I lost my humanity. Nishant says I was fighting for you so don’t scream at me. He leaves. Nikki says if we are real friends then you should have told me where I was wrong. He thinks he is right but he was a rejected inmate at the start.

Hina tells Abhi that Nikki has become arrogant after becoming ‘confirmed’. Gauhar says no, it was her only. She is like that only. Rubina says I am very disappointed by many people. Jasmin says they flipped so suddenly, they are scared. Gauhar says do the math, it’s not about fear, it’s a thank you to Nikki. She favored some people this week and they thanked her today.

Eijaz tells Jaan that he is being influenced. Jaan tells Eijaz that you people say Nikki is controlling me. Eijaz says I didn’t use that word. Nishant says who is influencing Jaan? Eijaz says I am not talking to you Nishant. Jaan tells Eijaz that when did I ask you tips to move forward in the game? Eijaz says I just said that you are being influenced. Jaan says how did you know that when you have no proof? Eijaz says people are watching that you get influenced by others. I think that. Nishant says but you have no proof. Eijaz says I am just giving advice.

Rubina tells Gauhar that Nikki has made an academy with 4 inmates on her side. Pavitra says she is the sweetest person. Rubina makes a face. Pavitra says don’t make a face. Rubina says I am talking to my husband. Pavitra says he is also a contestant. Abhi asks Pavitra to remain silent, I will listen to you later on. Pavitra leaves. Abhi says Nikki is a nice girl? Gauhar says she has nice shades in her personality but she is playing a game. Abhi says so she changed her personality for the game.

1:30 AM
Nikki tells Jaan that you people always appreciated me when I showed arrogance, my friends never gave me good advice. If I am your friends then point at me when I am being arrogant. I asked Nishant also but he ran away. Nishant says we pointed at your arrogance but you didn’t listen.
Shahzad tells Rahul that doesn’t talk about me when they are talking about the herd. Rahul says okay.
Jaan tells Nikki that people call me **** for taking this behavior of yours. You are precious to me so I stopped giving you advice. Nikki says I will not say anything from now on. Jaan says I try to make you feel special and I expect some reciprocations.

2 AM
Pavitra talks to Rahul and says I was irritated when they didn’t clean the stove after cooking. I am no don here, I have no group here. Rahul says I don’t like useless fights. Pavitra says I will try from my side. Rahul says I have no problem with you talking to anyone. Don’t think I want to interrupt you anytime.

2:30 AM
Jaan tells Nikki that I listen to many things behind your back. Nikki says I don’t care about that, I just ask what bad did I do with you? Jaan says you asked me to cut fruits for you and if I don’t on time then you call me lazy. When I ask you to heat up water for me then you call me lazy. You still think that I am double-faced. Nikki says yes, I still think so, let’s not be friends if this affects you. I am known for being upfront with people. I didn’t come here to become friends. Jaan says I listen to you every time and ignore things because of humanity. Nikki says I have no humanity. Jaan says then you are a double-faced person if you call me your friend. Nikki says I just said you are not my friend. Jaan says fine.

Episode Ends.
PRECAP – Pavitra reads the task in which inmates have to decide if Rubina or Nikki has more garbage in their minds. Rubina says this is derogatory for me, people will tell me my mind has garbage? I won’t do this task.
Salman tells Rubina that you were wrong by denying the task. Rubina says it was disrespectful for me. Salman says you are saying you won’t do tasks in the show you signed up for? Rubina says it’s not acceptable to me. Salman says so we ask for your permission before giving a task? He says I am not raising my voice so keep your voice down. I am being respectful to you till now.
Jasmin alleges that Eijaz comes very close to the face in the tasks to intimidate others. Eijaz says it’s my tactic and there is nothing wrong.
Salman says one person will go home today and you all will decide that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Gauhar is a deserving BB winner. The calmness and the poise with which she carries herself is commendable especially in a house full of morons. She is intelligent as well. What she said about the “some members” supporting Nikki as a way of gratitude in return for how she supported them in the task was apt. She was also right in telling that Nikki is purposely being negative for being in limelight.
    Finally, Hina has realised that it is not always right to blindly follow Sid. She has started voicing her opinions and she clearly dislikes Nikki.
    I like how Rubina is a really daring person, not afraid of putting her opinions across and this is what exactly Sid hates about her. But Rubina does go overboard sometimes in the flow I feel. Like this whole chopping drama was uncalled for when she has Jasmin by her side to lend her a hand. But I guess she brought all this up as she found it unfair in how Nikki gave up her duties.
    Sid said chopping should not be considered a duty. Well that means Nikki has literally not done any duty and neither has he, because in the entire 13th season, all he did was chopping!!
    Why does Pavitra always bring up unnecessary fights with Rahul? She’s making me feel irritated with her antiques. She’s strong but losing the track.
    Eijaz saying that there’s no need for “humanity” in this game, when he himself had been screaming “humanity” a week earlier sounds so damn hypocritical. Dude, I know you’re indebted towards Nikki for supporting you, but don’t make such irresponsible statements.
    If a contestant is not comfortable with a task, I think its fine if he doesn’t do it. I feel Rubina is right in this situation, its her choice. Why is Salman getting so hyper over this?
    How much ever we dislike this Nikki, the fact is that in every episode she is the topic of discussion. She never likes to hear any criticism and she herself was shouting at her so-called friends for not pointing out her mistakes.

    1. They are literally targeting rubina

    2. I reli agree with all ur point….whatever u said was all πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

    3. Exactly what I was about to say. I like these women besides that Gauhar and Hina bowed to SS in one episode. Gauhar has aged gracefully with her brain.
      Liked the way Nikki used whole thing to portray herself as niave girl trying to learn.

    4. Lol Sid is just too busy sniffing up Nikki
      Can someone say obsessed?

  2. Amal

    Rubina get them πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Salman stay out of it , you’re only a presenter of the show and can’t stop Rubina from expressing herself wehther you like it or not πŸ™„Go Rubina 😘😘

  3. Rubina you go girl, puts her point of view across well . She is good observer Siddarth is irked by her because she challenges him like Rashmi in BB13

  4. One of the participants had to say to Nikki, “I approve of you staying in this position so that your ugly face will be more visible to the people.”
    Nikki was only one step higher than the other participants, and with this short distance, she proved that she does not have superior capacity and capacity.
    If they are several times higher one day, they will be like the dictator of my country

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