Bigg Boss 15 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Non-VIP members retaliate against VIP members

Bigg Boss 15 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
3 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that let’s go and have tea in the VIP room. Umar tells Rakhi that I won’t wash your personal dishes from now on, you people blatantly cheated today. Rakhi says don’t threaten us. Nishant says let’s have tea in the VIP room. Umar, Karan and Nishant go and sit in the VIP room. Umar tells Ritesh that we won’t do your personal work from now on. Rakhi says you are breaking rules. Umar says we are deserving to win the trophy. Rakhi says they even stole your food, what kind of VIPs are we? Shamita comes there and sits with Karan. Devo angrily leaves from there. Nishant says we are the real inmates who deserve to win. Ritesh tells Rakhi to let them do it, they will get punished. Karan brings VIPs food and shares it with his team members. He gives them pastries. Pratik comes there and says eats too. Rakhi says I want to eat too. Ritesh says don’t do it Rakhi. He asks Umar to go away from her. Umar says she wants to eat it. Rakhi says I won’t.

3:45 PM
Tejasswi sits in the VIP room with her inmates. Karan tells Tejasswi that you can follow the rules, I will do what I have to do here. Tejasswi says I can’t stop making food. I can’t deny them food. Nishant says I will take their orders now.

Umar throws clothes on VIPs beds. Devo comes there and throws everything on the floor, she says don’t mess with me guys. Pratik says don’t do all this. Devo says Umar had messed our beds so I did the same. Abhijeet says I will start cursing now. Ritesh asks who did it? Rashami comes to the VIP room and tells everyone that you can’t go on that level. Umar says I did it but I just threw the bedsheet. Abhijeet says you threw away my personal stuff also. Pratik says you all are stooping too low. Umar brings Abhijeet to his bed and says I didn’t touch your bedsheet. Umar tells Rakhi that we will retaliate if you keep cheating.

Karan, Umar and Nishant start cleaning Pratik’s bed. Nishant taunts that we will show humanity now. Pratik says stop taunting me.

4 PM
Nishant tells Shamita they want us to work in the house, if we stop working in the house then it’s wrong for us also. Rakhi asks Nishant to clean the dustbin, Pratik is asking. Nishant says I don’t have to take orders from him.

5 PM
Tejasswi asks Karan if I am making food for someone then how am I playing a game? I am just making the basic food, Pratik is doing extra for them but I am not. Karan says Pratik has totally changed, I don’t know this Pratik but you are following him also, why do you want to cook for them? Tejasswi says I just make a one-time meal, I can’t deny food to someone. You people can remove me from the kitchen duty so I don’t have that guilt of keeping someone hungry.

5:45 PM
Umar tells Pratik that you wanted to wash your personal dishes when you were VIPs but you are working for them and cleaning their dishes? Why did you change your stance? Pratik says because we played wrongly as VIPs. Umar says so you want them to remain VIPs till the end? Pratik says no but I won’t do anything unfairly. Umar says I want to become a VIP but what are you doing to become a VIP? Rakhi says Pratik is a lion. Pratik says if you misbehave then I will fight also. Tejasswi says you fought with us when you were a VIP but now you are taking their side? Bigg Boss asks them to gather in the living room. Pratik says I just made a tea but that’s a big deal? Have some humanity. Tejasswi says your humanity just woke up.

Bigg Boss says we want to talk to non-VIP members. He says you all had the chance to become VIPs but you broke the rules as per your habit and lost your chance. These new VIPs are following the rules but non-VIP members keep breaking the rules, you keep stealing from the VIP room. This show needs your intelligence, not your retialiation. You can’t win the trophy or change your status with this attitude. You can change your status only if you get money from a VIP briefcase. The BB vault is open but you people are worried about stealing food items also. We have closed the BB vault and you can earn the money from tasks only. The only way to up your status by earning more money from tasks. Pratik says you people keep breaking the rules. Tejasswi says I am making food for them, we are doing everything we can but you are being a hypocrite.

6:15 PM
Shamita tells Karan that I am shocked by Bigg Boss’s words. He wants us to play the tasks but they are not fair. It’s almost like they want us to earn the money. We will play the tasks and show them we can be fair. Umar says no, we will get the tasks rejected.

6:30 PM
Tejasswi reads a task for Rashami and Rakhi. They will do their facials. They will make a music video with Ritesh and Abhijeet. Nishant will direct the video.

7 PM
Rashami and Rakhi do their facials. Rakhi says I hope my husband would cuddle me now. Ritesh laughs.

7:30 PM
Rashami-Abhijeet, RakhiRitesh shoot a video with Nishant. The four of them dance together.

10:45 PM
Nishant tells Rajiv that I feel like slapping Pratik, he is not well. Rajiv says if you miss him then talk to him. Nishant offers food to Shamita, he says it’s tasty. Rajiv asks Shamita if Nishant and Pratik should talk? Shamita says not right now, I don’t think Pratik is correct.

11:15 PM
Abhijeet tells Devo that I won’t cheat you in the game, we will be together till the end. Devo says sure.

12:45 AM
Pratik is sitting on the sofa. Shamita asks him to take her bed if he wants. Rakhi says Abhijeet keeps looking towards Shamita’s bed while sleeping. Abhijeet says don’t joke about that.

1:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that you don’t spend time with me, I feel like you do everything you want to the whole day but then you want to talk at the night. Karan says you keep spending time with Nishant the whole day. Tejasswi says you don’t make me part of the conversation, you have changed completely. You discuss everything with Umar and Shamita. You ignore me completely. Since they have called you romantic, you have changed completely and it’s affecting me. You can see it. Shamita always asks for you for everything. I am getting too deep into this, go to sleep. She leaves the bed.
Umar does Rashami’s massage. Rajiv asks if they are best friends? Rashami says I am the wife. Umar says I know her for 2 years. Rashami says Umar is closest to Rajiv also.

8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song uncha lamba kad. They all dance.

9 AM
Abhijeet says I have written a song for Devo. Rakhi says you look handsome today. Abhijeet says if I reduce my tummy weight then I will become a handsome hunk.

9:45 AM
Rashami comes to the kitchen and says I am not able to find my cup, tell me if you find it. She takes Umar’s cup and leaves. Pratik says you stole their cups so they will take ours now. Umar asks where is my cup? He goes to Rashami and says give my cup back. Umar says Devo is using someone else’s cup also. Devo says I am using Karan’s cup as you people are not washing my cup, it’s your duty to wash our cups. Umar says this is the last warning, don’t drink in others’ cups. Tejasswi says Rashami has taken your cup also, you have to show the same attitude to everyone. Umar says you are not a part of it, you are making food and showing humanity to them. Pratik says he is allowing Rashami to use his cup but Devo can’t. Tejasswi says he is biased towards with Rashami. Umar tells her that if you have an issue with Rashami then talk to her face. Tejasswi says you are showing favoritism. Shamita asks them to stop fighting. Umar says Tejasswi is jealous, let me do what I am doing. You just want to look nice to everyone. You and Pratik just want to show humanity but I don’t care. Tejasswi says don’t start my track with Rashami, you think I am jealous of Rashami? You have a weak thought process. Umar tells Rashami that I don’t favor you in the game but this Tejasswi is blaming me. Tejasswi says you think I am jealous of Rashami? Umar says she can’t do anything but she wants to change her side now. They have made new friends. Pratik and Tejasswi are playing together now? Umar tells VIP members that Tejasswi made less food yesterday and that’s the truth. He says she acts goody goody but she is not. Rakhi rolls on the floor and says I was hungry yesterday because of Tejasswi.

10:30 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I just asked Umar to not do favoritism, if he is against one VIP then be against all VIPs. Karan says don’t interfere in his matters, you are doing what you want to do so you have no right to taunt him. At least he is doing something to pressurize VIPs, just don’t question him. Tejasswi says he kept taunting me, saying I am jealous of Rashami, I make less food and whatnot. Karan says you taunted him, you could have answered him back. Tejasswi says I thought Umar was my friend. Karan says why are you questioning him? You taunted him so he taunted you back.

10:45 AM
The inmates come to the garden and see coffins there. There is a big spider prop in the garden.

11 AM
Pratik tells Nishant that you people keep saying that I have changed. Nishant says if I am irritated then it’s because of your doubt on my intentions. Pratik says you keep taunting me, I feel hurt also. Nishant says I was taunting you, Tejasswi and Rajiv for cooking for them. Pratik says I never taunt you. Nishant says don’t say that you don’t have a friend. You don’t listen to me ever. Pratik says it’s not like that. Nishant says don’t irritate me, I don’t care about other things but don’t say you don’t have a friend. He hits him. Pratik laughs.

11:45 AM
Rajiv tells Umar that I don’t trust Tejasswi. Umar says she is questioning me but she calls herself a friend? I don’t need friends like her.

12 PM
Nishant tells Abhijeet that you keep saying weird things. You said that you are a full man. Abhijeet says I meant that I have more female fans. Rajiv says what do you mean that you are a full man? Abhijeet says I am a handsome hunk so what’s wrong with that? Rajiv says what did you mean by your words? Tejasswi says you commented when you had to sing with Rajiv. Abhijeet says it’s not like that, you people are making an issue. Nishant says you taunted me yesterday also. Abhijeet says I was joking. Nishant says but don’t hurt someone’s sentiments. Be careful about your statements. Rajiv tells Ritesh that his statements are wrong, we are all humans. Pratik says he was not taunting you Rajiv. Karan says she passes homophobic jokes which are totally wrong. Tejasswi says he is misogynistic. Karan says he is a chauvinist.

1:45 PM
Karan reads the task in which non-VIP members have a chance to get saved from the nominations. The spider is the VIPs’ friend and each leg of it has a winning prize in it. The non-VIP members have to use clay to make their knives and then break the spider’s leg. There will be 3 rounds, in each round, VIPs will give clay to non-VIP members. Then non-VIP members will make their knives and protect them also. The one who makes the full knife will earn immunity and then cut a spider’s leg and earn the prize money. But that non-VIP member will have to do 2 sacrifices from the VIPs before cutting the leg. If he or she can’t fulfill the sacrifices then they will earn immunity but not the prize amount.

Abhijeet tells Devo that we will not accept their knives. Rashami says he is a cutie. Abhijeet says I am. Rashami says let us decide.

Karan tells Rakhi that you have to decide who will get the immunity. Rakhi says you have to make your knives, you have to stop Pratik and Umar.

Nishant tells Shamita that no one will play fairly. Let’s play for ourselves.

2:45 PM
Devo, Ritesh and Rashami give clay to Umar, Tejasswi and others. Devo gives clay to Shamita also. They are all making knives. Devo asks Nishant if you want immunity or money? Nishant says I want to earn the winning amount. Devo asks Rajiv. He says both are important. Devo asks Shamita. Shamita says the prize money is important as it’s for the team. Devo tells Rashami that they planned to earn the prize money, they don’t care about the immunity. They just want immunity. Rashami says then they all will make the knives, we can say that no one made the perfect knife. Devo says we can find faults in all the knives.

The first round ends, Devo says I am rejecting Rajiv’s knife as its shape is wrong. She rejects Karan’s knife as it has weight. Devo rejects Tejasswi’s knife also. Devo says Umar’s knife is very thin. Umar says Ritesh and Rashami are referees also. Devo says Pratik’s knife is also not smooth. Devo tells Nishant that you have made a thick knife. Devo tells Shamita that her knife is not smooth.

Ritesh tells the non-VIP members that we have decided all of you had faults in the knives so we can’t decide a winner. Shamita says you all are shit referees. Devo says it was your duty to make a perfect knife. Tejasswi says just select the least faulty one. Karan says it’s about someone’s immunity. Devo says let us think.

Rashami tells her VIP members that we can save money but it’s about their immunity also. Devo says but they don’t have a passion to win the immunity. They are not fighting each other for the immunity.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that they couldn’t do their tasks in their season but now judging us.

Rashami tells her team that we can say that everyone has a faulty knife. We can reject them all.

Ritesh tells the non-VIP members that we are rejecting everyone’s knives as these are not perfectly made. Pratik says take a decision. Rashami says you all made the knives yourself so don’t pressurize us to choose a winner. Ritesh says we are not selecting anyone’s knife right now. Shamita says I am not playing anymore, they are useless referees.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What nonsense. I hate these VIPs

  2. Varshni

    Wow shamita on fire ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  3. What the hell is wrong with devil devo?

  4. Too much power given to the VIP’s. The non VIP’s can do their best but will not go past them. This is not fair. Some of the VIP’s are totally useless.

    1. Why do you say some 😂 all are useless

  5. Am i the only one that finds devoleena annoying?

    1. Fahreen Ahmed

      She is annoying

    2. She is annoying in all her seasons

    3. Each one of us thinks the same , she is irritating ,. She have not let them complete a single task , VIPs rejected all the tasks give , every single one

    4. Colors r twisting the events and showing us as they want to , they r portraying karan wrongly , completely favouring teja and pratik . This whole week karan showed an unmatchable leadership and mastermind strategy, he was outstanding , but all colors showed was aloo , tamatar nad sabudana khichdi . Pratik came to fight with karan and the both bumped , but pratik started playing sympathy card ( as he always do) and colors r showing in promo like kk hit him, that’s so unfair with a winning personality like kk . Kk was never given correct screen space , always just shown with teja doing romence but the truth is never shown that he play so well , he made everyone understand what the game is , but never got credits . Colors r clearly in favour of teja , as she is colors face. If colors don’t want kk to win then why did they bring him in the show at first place

  6. Just happy the house is lively now and finally they are opening up and showing their true potential

  7. Fahreen Ahmed

    Debo is in big boss 3 time but only annoying all the vip are supposed to entertain but instead they are over bullys the non vip with so much power but they dont even earn the power and rakhi husband is jealous of karan kunda same goes for debo is same with shamita

    1. Duper bore season. Not watching just reading here as I m a bb fan but this 15 bb issuper Duper bore

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  9. I heard in mid jan bigg boss will end
    well its good, the boringest season ever

    1. Yeah..true. i liked bigg boss 14 and 13 but this season is very boring. Jasly and sidnaaz moments were nice but this tejran moments are so irritating and boring..😐. If it ends this month also i would be happy.. and this VIP members are very Cruel especially devo..

  10. I dont understand i been watching big boss for last few years never have they showed a promo saying coming up and not show it on the day.. but this devo shamita fight they being showing promo since wednesday and now its friday so like how many days are we behind the actual live feed? And whats the point of showing promo for two days so on saturday how we gonnna know what happened thursday n friday unless u do live feed… and the show is like 1 hour 30 mins goes everyday on kitchen like seriously i think if this kitchen business happens next week aswell then i rather watch a cookery show and not watch big boss again they dont show the fun bits just kitchen its not even entertaining so much fun. Clips is on net but they rather air whi is eating what seriously is there a way to send this message to bug boss forum

    1. Omg Romeo you’re right I’ve been seeing the same promo this week and was expecting it to be seen on tv. Nothing i really hope they will show the fight of devo and shamita this friday. Or else there was no point on showing the promo this whole week and not showing us.

    2. Yea even I thought am I not watching the full episode or what is happening

  11. Devo is violent n vicious. She does not let non vips win any tasks. Big boss too knows very well but yet the useless vips r in the house doing nothing but bullying them. It’s time this season finishes soon with big boss favourite winner as public votes r useless.

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