Bigg Boss 15 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Rakhi riles Rajiv up and starts new fights

Bigg Boss 15 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 58
11:45 AM
Devo tells Ritesh that Tejasswi wouldn’t fake a relationship for a show. Ritesh says I feel bad for Tejasswi, she is young and fell for Karan but I know Karan from outside. I know he had many girlfriends but I didn’t personally attack Karan. I don’t have to show off my love as they do.

12:45 PM
Rakhi tells Ritesh that you dance so well, people will follow your dance steps. Ritesh starts dancing with Nishant.

1 PM
Rakhi tells Rashami and Devo that we have to do something in the show. Rashami says let’s divide duties. Rakhi says we will make everyone work. Pratik comes there and says I do chopping well, Nishant-Tejasswi cook well so think about this before deciding duties. Ritesh asks if he is flexible in changing the duties. Pratik says yes.

1:30 PM
Ritesh tells the inmates that we will give duties. Shamita says I have back pain so I can do the kitchen duty only. Umar says it doesn’t work like that. Devo says Umar will wash dinner dishes along with the bedroom cleaning. Pratik says I will do the chopping for lunch only. Rashami says why? You have to do the chopping for both lunch and dinner. Pratik says I won’t do that. Tejasswi says Rajiv can help him with dinner chopping. Rashami asks Devo why are you discussing with them? Devo says they are all shouting. Rashami says Pratik started shouting. Pratik says I am giving my point of view. Rashami says you have a useless point of view, you asked for chopping so why are you changing your stance now? Pratik shouts at her and says I am not backing off. Rashami asks him to get lost. Devo takes her from there.

3 PM
Rajiv tells Rashami that Rakhi says some weird things. Rashami says just tell her to stop.

3:30 PM
Rashami tells Devo that Pratik takes a stand for useless things. If he can’t do chopping then what can he do?

Karan tells Ritesh that you started attacking me for no reason. Ritesh says I said what I thought so. Karan says I am a very honest person in life. Ritesh says I was talking about what I saw in the house only. Karan says Rakhi told me to not break Tejasswi’s heart but I took it in a positive way. My relationship with Tejasswi is personal so let’s separate the game from that. Ritesh says we are all in the game.

Devo talks to Umar, Rashami is sitting with them. Umar says I like Rashami, she is a good friend. Devo asks Rashami. Rashami says I like him too.

7 PM
Pratik is irritating Rajiv but he says I am hurt so don’t mess with me. Rakhi prays for Rajiv and says the pain will go away. Rajiv thanks her.

8:30 PM
Tejasswi says everyone is eating what they want, there is no rationing. Pratik says someone hid butter. Umar says I didn’t hide it. Rakhi says they will die fighting each other. Rajiv tells Pratik that you don’t make a scene. Rajiv says Pratik is hiding food items, he is stooping low. Pratik says he is fighting for food also. Umar says we are not hiding things like you. Rashami asks Pratik if he hid the butter box? Pratik asks her to go away. Rashami says Pratik is bullying Rajiv. Rajiv says he keeps bothering me. Pratik and Rajiv shout at each other. Pratik says it’s like spitting in the food. Rashami says Pratik is so stupid.

9:15 PM
Umar says Rakhi doesn’t like paratha. Rakhi says I am eating it.

9:30 PM
Umar tells Rashami that let the kitchen team decide about rationing. Nishant, Rajiv and Tejasswi can take decisions for food. Rajiv says they keep taunting me, I won’t be part of rationing if Pratik is in the kitchen.

day 59
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tune maari entry. They all dance. Rakhi dances with Shamita.

9:15 AM
Devo asks Ritesh who do you like the most till now? Ritesh says I like Pratik and I don’t like Karan. Rakhi says I don’t like Tejasswi. Rajiv comes there to ask about the food menu. Rashami says we have leftovers from yesterday so use that also. Don’t make extra rotis. Rajiv says people get hungry even after the lunch. Rakhi says you don’t have to make extra rotis, they can eat bread. Nishant says we have a lot of rice left from yesterday. Rashami says then use that. Rakhi asks Nishant to warm their food as we can’t work. Rashami says I am just asking you warm it. Nishant leaves.

Nishant tells Karan and Umar that Rakhi is doing too much. She is even asking me to warm rice for them. Karan says we will do as we did before.

10 AM
Karan tells Rajiv that they can’t work in the house, if they make us angry then we will stop working. We have to break their attitude. He tells Rajiv to not be too sweet with them. They will be VIPs if we work for them.

11:30 AM
Rakhi tells Ritesh that I told you to not tell Rashami-Devo about your enemy (Karan). Ritesh says be silent, I know what to do. Don’t worry, I know what I am doing. I wanted to know their reaction.

11:45 AM
Shamita tells Rashami that Devo has been judgemental towards me. I can’t change myself for her. Devo has just come in and she has been targeting me. She should know who she is dealing with. Rashami says I really like you, I like the way you are conducting yourself. Shamita says thank you, I don’t have to be friends with Devo if she has that opinion about me. Rashami says I hope you both crack the gap and communicate with each other. Shamita says there has to be no judgment and acceptance for the gap to crack.

12 PM
Ritesh asks Nishant to put things in the kitchen. Nishant says I will do it, I don’t know whose duty it is. Rakhi says you are not here to work for others, call them and make them work. Nishant laughs and asks Tejasswi to come and help him. Rakhi says Tejasswi is not a princess so call her. Nishant calls Rajiv and Tejasswi. Rakhi says we are not here to romance only. Tejasswi has to do household work also. Rakhi says Nishant won’t put the things away alone. Rajiv tells Rakhi that we do this every day. Rakhi says I want you all to do it together. Rajiv says I was in the washroom, you are a VIP but don’t order me around. Rakhi says I will order you. Rajiv says then I won’t do it, I am not your slave. We are doing the work. Pratik asks Rajiv to stop arguing. It’s fine. Tejasswi says I will do it.

12:15 PM
Devo asks Rashami if Shamita was taunting me? Rashami says I was talking to her and she said that you are opinionated about her. I agreed with her and said that you both have to communicate to lessen the gap between each other.

Karan asks Rakhi which season will you win? Rakhi says we come to make others win. Karan laughs.

12:45 PM
Tejasswi silently goes to the VIP and steals some chocolates. She shows it to Karan and Umar.

1:30 PM
Vishwa Sundari calls Rakhi and talks to her. Rakhi is excited. Sundari asks how is she? Rakhi says I am fine. Sundari says I have been sleeping for some time but we have new faces in the house which woke up the house. Rakhi says I am so happy to be here with Ritesh. I didn’t have anyone to touch in the house but I have Ritesh now. Sundari asks how is she liking the house? Rakhi says they all look tired, they are not using their minds. Sundari wishes her to do her best in the show and ends the discussion.

1:45 PM
Rakhi tells Shamita that they are not keeping the kitchen clean, you don’t have to clean all this. You are such a pretty girl and you have to clean all these dishes? Shamita laughs. She asks Rajiv why did you leave veggies in the sink? Rajiv says you can assign the duties but don’t tell us how to work. Rakhi says did Bigg Boss ask me to not interfere? I have a right as a VIP to give you instructions. Rajiv says then I won’t do any work. Rakhi says if you think we won’t survive if you don’t work then you are wrong. You want to cook but I won’t let you cook anymore. I am changing your duty, you will clean the washrooms now. You said that if you don’t cook then I won’t have anything to eat? Rajiv says you are changing my duty without even asking Rashami-Devo? I will ask them. Rajiv goes to Rashami and says Rakhi is saying she will change my duty, she wants me to clean the washroom and others should cook. Karan jokes that he can start cooking. Rashami laughs. Tejasswi hugs Karan and laughs. Rakhi asks Rashami what did you tell Rajiv? Devo says Karan cleans the washroom well and Rajiv makes good food so let him do the kitchen duty only. Rakhi says I am doing something for a reason, he said that we are surviving on his food. Pratik said he spits in the food, I won’t eat his food. Rajiv tells Rakhi that she is stupid. Rakhi says Karan will cook from now on and Rajiv will clean the washroom. I am a VIP too. Rajiv says I don’t a give damn if you are a VIP. Rakhi charges at him and says you spit in the food. Rajiv says you are saying cheap things, I will slap you. Rajiv says slap me if you want. They both shout at each other. Rakhi asks him to get lost. Tejasswi takes Rajiv from there.
Umar tells Ritesh that I have been working in the house, the audience has kept me here, I know you will leave before me.
Karan tells Rajiv that it’s our game that you will cook and I will clean the washroom. We will stick to that. Don’t agree to the duty change.

2 PM
Rajiv tells Rakhi that I will keep cooking and you can’t stop me. You are insecure about me. Rakhi says I won’t eat if you cook the food. Rajiv says I am happy to see that you are so insecure of me. Rakhi says you are my target, there was a saandani (Arshi) in the last season and now there is a saand (bull) in this season which is Rajiv. Rajiv says my horns on my back. Rakhi laughs.

Rashami tells Devo that they are attacking VIPs in a group.

Rakhi tells Ritesh that I don’t want Rajiv to work in the kitchen, you have to take my side. Ritesh says we have to be together with Rashami-Devo. Rakhi says you are with me right? Ritesh says I can’t take your side when I think you are right. I think Rajiv does well in the kitchen. Rajiv-Umar sit outside the VIP room and listen to them.

Rashami tells Rakhi that we should keep this up, she tells Rakhi to keep saying that Rajiv won’t work in the kitchen. Then he will stop cooking so we will show them VIPs are not flopping.

Shamita tells Nishant that Rakhi is ordering us around. Nishant says she wants us to retaliate. Rajiv is enjoying that Rakhi Sawant is targeting him. He is happy about that. Shamita laughs.

3 PM
Devo tells Karan that if we keep shouting about the food then we won’t like to eat. She shouts at Umar and says you all have made this an issue for no reason. Rajiv shouts that Rakhi started it. Rakhi says they have lost their mind. Rajiv asks her to go away, you are fighting over food also. Rajiv shouts at Devo that Rakhi is fighting over food also so stop her now. Devo shouts at him to not scream at her. Pratik tries to calm them down.

4:15 PM
The house door opens and Abhijeet enters the house. All inmates cheer for him. Pratik hugs him. Abhijeet is excited to see Rakhi. Nishant says I am a big fan of yours. Umar hugs him. He greets Shamita. Bigg Boss welcomes Abhijeet. He says I am back in action. Rashami hugs him. Abhijeet gives the VIP stars to VIPs. Abhijeet says Rakhi and Nishant know me. Rashami says I know you also. Pratik says tell us about yourself. Rashami says he came from Bigg Boss Marathi, he was a big star there. His dream is to become Prime Minister of India. Rakhi says I will help him. Abhijeet says I brought some treats for you all. Abhijeet says I am vegetarian so keep my dishes separate from others. Abjijeet says if you mess with me then I won’t be soft-spoken. Abhijeet says I remember Shamita’s song which I will dedicate to my love. I am dedicating Shamita’s song to my lover which is BB trophy. He sings agar tum mil jao for BB trophy. He sings a song for Salman also.

4:30 PM
Abhijeet is choosing his bed and says I want a single bed. Nishant says it’s Umar’s bed already. Rakhi says he is a VIP so he can choose any bed. Umar says I won’t give up my bed. Abhijeet says why? You can’t make your own rules. Rakhi says we are VIPs. Umar says to hell with it. Rakhi says don’t say that. Abhijeet asks Umar to hear him out. Umar says I have worked hard in the show, it’s my bed so I won’t give it up. Rakhi says we are VIPs. Abhijeet says let me talk, he tells Umar that I am not talking to you as a VIP but as a human. It’s a corner bed so give it to me. Umar says I can’t give it. Pratik says you can take my bed. Abhijeet says then give me some other bed. Rakhi says we are VIPs and they are normal people. Umar says I will throw away your starts as VIPs. Ritesh says I will break your face, you have the guts to throw away our stars? Umar says I have guts. Ritesh asks him to shut up, if you have guts then throw it away. Umar asks him to shut up, I will throw you out also. Ritesh says try me, if you have guts then try to touch my star. Umar tells Rakhi that you can’t speak for yourself, this Ritesh is your follower.
Abhijeet tells Pratik that I was asking him nicely but he doesn’t want to listen then it’s fine, I will play my game then. Abhijeet tells Pratik that he got beaten in the show so I said I would take the revenge.

4:45 PM
Abhijeet comes into the kitchen and looks for veggies. He says I will do my work. Rakhi says you can’t work, we are VIPs. Abhijeet says I am a good king. Rashami says you can’t do any household work as VIPs, it’s Bigg Boss rules that we have to follow. Rakhi says we will lose the stars. Abhijeet asks Shamita to cut veggies for him. Shamita says Tejasswi does this duty. Abhijeet says I am requesting you as a guest. Shamita says but we have divided duties. She asks Tejasswi to cut it for him. Tejasswi says sure. Abhijeet asks her to wash her hands first. Tejasswi says okay and washes it. Abhijeet sees toilet paper in the kitchen and says they should send some tissues. Abhijeet says I felt sad when Shamita left the show. Shamita says I had to come back, I don’t enter useless fights. Abhijeet says the same with me. Rakhi comes there and tries to talk to him. He says you can call me AB. He says I will become a Prime Minister. Tejasswi cuts and gives veggies to Abhijeet.

5 PM
Karan tells Rajiv that Pratik will entertain Rakhi, you are good at entertaining. You stayed in the show when so many people left because you are a natural entertainer. He says Rakhi sees you as a threat. Rajiv says Pratik has been going behind Rakhi. He says I was a fan of Rakhi but not anymore. Karan says Nishant told me Abhijeet is short-tempered. Umar says he wants to become a Prime Minister but playing Bigg Boss? He will go crazy hearing useless fights here. Karan laughs.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Curious to see how the new guy abhijeet plays his game

  2. Umar and Rashmi seem to be having hidden feelings for each other

  3. Right now it’s about VIP’s and i even thought that Whack Abhijeet won’t come but here he is. He looks lyk a Spoilsport already. Now we won’t have to see the fake couple: TejRan thanks to the new Wildcards but i hope Pratik still has more footage.

  4. Malayalam Babe

    I still say Shamita will be made the winner. By this I mean it is fixed already. I used to like Prateik until I heard that he saved Neha and not Simba. I did not watch the episode and read about it. The Teja and Karan romance is all they focused on and it has become boring. Let’s see how this new guy Abhijeet handles things. He is supposed to be a tough guy. Do you think this man Riteish is really Rakhi’s husband? I think he’s put there on purpose as her husband and not really married to her just for publicity. I always say that Shamita is bossy and like things done her way. Teja will drop Karan when she feels that he’s the cause for her being less popular in the show. It will serve Karan right. So who do I really want to win? I will go for Nishant or Prateik or Umar. In that order. Rajiv is going to be the next one out. I do miss Simba but I wish him well and hope he gets many good offers and good roles now. I’m glad that Neha is no longer there. Let’s see if the prime minister wannabe shakes things up. Rashmi used to have more spunk but Devoleena is shouting louder than her.

    1. Varshni

      I really don’t know what makes u feel shamita is fixed winner but I can’t control my laughter! It’s colors way of portraying things like they support shamita but in real they support kk and tej the most! And yes shamita deserves to be the winner so if she wins we are happy

    2. There is no need for someone to make Shamita winner, she is really a deserved winner. Not sure what makes you thinks like that someone trying to make her win. Being in Bollywood she might know all stars and has a privilege to call Salman with his name (as a costar). She is a strong minded women and that’s her nature. She can’t act for all who feels her dominant nature.

  5. Dharmin acharya

    Teju wil lever leave karan they both are real ho sakta hai kuch points par dono ke opnion alag ho par i Don’t think she will ever stop sup porting karan they will be same outside also teju will have karan’s back 100%

  6. Varshni

    Now BB is better to some extent! Bring back trophy home shamita ❤️❤️❤️ Your raq is waiting for u

  7. Wht’s with tht ritesh nd rakhi???they have only one target nd tht is karan tejaswi exactly like neha had…ritesh said tht he knows karan from outside nd he knows tht kk is playing game with tejaswi…so mr. Ritesh kaha the aap itne salo tk???aaj tk aap kk se kbi mile b ho??utna hi pta h apko jitna news me aaya tha aur jitna bakiyon ko pta h but bat ayse kr rhe ho jyse kai salon se dono best frnds rhe ho….nd Rakhi iske khud k bf husband partner ka koi thikana to hota hi nhiii h,bs dusro ka relationship dekhkr jalti h nd break krne ki koshish krti h,Siddhartha k bre me b isne yhi kaha tha jyse andr ki sari bate sirf isko hi pta hoti h,pr hua kya siddharth ne apna love prove kr diya na.
    Rashmi nd devo ko show me lane ki kya zrurt thi???in dono k aane se toxicity level itna bdh gya h show ka ki m to aaj written updates b completely read ni kr payi iska….rashmi is trash wrapped in shining nd beautiful wrapping paper,nd devoleena is actually pottyleena,jb b munh kholti h potty hi niklti h iske munh se

  8. We Miss You Simba😔❤️

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