Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishi gets upset with Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Viraj that Malishka is not in the frame of mind to marry anyone now. Viraj asks do you know her so well. Rishi says yes. Kiran asks about Malishka. Viraj tells her and asks Rishi to help him, as he is going to talk to his Dada ji. Malishka says let Dadu think whatever is he thinking and says he doesn’t know the truth, but you know the truth. Abhay says truth is changed with time and tries to convince her to marry Viraj. He says Viraj will keep you happy and doesn’t know about your past. He says viraj’s dada ji loves you so much and will keep you as his daughter, and says it is a blessing for me to see my daughter in this family. Malishka says I just love Rishi and will make him as my life partner. Abhay says Rishi is your past now and tells that marriage is not for a year, but for lifetime. Malishka asks why your marriage broke off? Abhay says my marriage didn’t work as your Mom wanted a Servant and not a life partner. He says Marriage is the understanding between the two and not the rule. He says I have seen understanding, support in Lakshmi. He asks her to look at herself and asks her to think why Rishi needs Lakshmi’s kundali, why? To save his life. He says until Rishi will goodness, and says I am calling her sweet in just one meeting. Malishka says Dad. Abhay asks her not to lie to herself and says Rishi is a good guy and will not leave Lakshmi without any reason. He says I told you the difference between the truth and illusion, whatever you decide I have to agree.

Dadu asks Lakshmi, if he told right by announcing the marriage. Lakshmi says do I need to tell you, I know that you are everything for Viraj and you love him a lot. Dadu asks how do you know? Lakshmi says she was from village and all the village was a one big family. She says I know that you love your grand son more than your son and says you didn’t do wrong by making this announcement. She says Viraj will keep her happy and says he might love her so much. Dadu says I thought there is something between them. Rishi and Viraj hear her. Lakshmi says you have taken right decision and says both Viraj and Malishka suit each other. Dadu says Lakshmi said that I did right. He is about to hug Viraj. Rishi says Viraj doesn’t want to marry Malishka and says he is not of the marriageable age. Dadu is surprised. Lakshmi asks why are you saying? Rishi says Viraj shall speak to Dadu. Viraj takes Dadu to talk to him. Rishi gets upset with Lakshmi and goes. Lakshmi goes behind her. Rishi asks her to behave and asks what you was telling Viraj’s Dada ji that they suit each other. Lakshmi says it is truth. Rishi says you don’t know anything about Malishka and asks if you will decide about Viraj. Lakshmi asks what happened, why are you behaving this way. Rishi says I am angry as Malishka’s marriage is fixed. Lakshmi asks why are you angry? Rishi says I am angry, as nobody asked Malishka. He says Malishka was acting with Viraj to show someone. Lakshmi asks why? She asks him to say. Rishi says who are you to interfere and says Malishka can take her own decisions. Lakshmi says I didn’t tell anything about Malishka, but told about Viraj. Rishi says you know him more than required, it was my mistake. He gets upset and goes. Lakshmi says why Rishi is tensed, and behaving indifferently. Lakshmi thinks why we are fighting and thinks what is our connection with Viraj and Malishka’s marriage.

Shalu asks Ayush, why is he so happy as Malishka is getting married. Ayush says you will not understand and acts as SRK. An old lady sees them together and thinks they are also a couple, thinks to tell Lakshmi. Ayush congrats Rishi. Rishi goes upset. Ayush says he didn’t get the deal which he wanted. Shalu asks what is it?

Dadu tells Viraj that Malishka and him suit well. Viraj says there is nothing like that. dadu asks him to agree and says it will be good for you. He says Malishka is my friend’s daughter and if she does anything then I will pull her ear. Viraj says I don’t want to marry her. dadu asks her to rethink about what he told. He says if he don’t agree then I will cancel your marriage with her. Viraj says fine and goes. Dadu thinks you both will suit well, but Viraj is not agreeing. He thinks to talk to Lakshmi. Rishi searches for Malishka and thinks where is she? Kiran says I talked to her. She said that she will marry Viraj. Rishi asks what? He asks if Malishka told this. Kiran says yes, she told me. She says I thought she will be upset, but she agreed and says I think her Dad has convinced her. Rishi says she might have agreed as she is angry with me. He asks where is she? She says right side corner. Rishi searches for Malishka and thinks where is she? He comes to Malishka.

Lakshmi searches for Rishi and thinks if he thinks that Malishka can get more good guy than Viraj. She says Viraj is a good guy. Rishi asks what is going on in her mind. Malishka says don’t talk to me in this tone. She goes. Lakshmi comes there, but her phone falls down. She bends down to pick the phone, when Rishi goes behind Malishka. Dadu calls Lakshmi and says I was searching you and needs your help. Lakshmi asks him to say. He says I told that I want Punjabi theme party, but don’t know what he told to People, that they came wearing bollywood films clothes. He says but you brought sweets for me. Lakshmi says I thought. Dadu says I can’t leave Punjab, and that’s why my son is abroad. Lakshmi is sad. Dadu asks her to say. Lakshmi says it is a matter between husband and wife. Dadu says you are very understanding. Lakshmi asks what help you need? Dadu says there will be your benefit too, with my benefit. He says if Viraj and Malishka get married, then it will be helpful to you too. Malishka goes to a room. The old lady tells her that she had told Viraj’s Dadu about them. She then praises Lakshmi infront of Rishi and goes. Malishka gets upset. Rishi asks Malishka if there was something between Viraj and you, that the old lady saw something between you both. He says everyone is talking how he saved you on Diwali night. Malishka says even you have saved Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is my wife and says you do this act to make me jealous. Malishka shouts at him and then slaps him. Rishi is shocked and says have a great life Malishka. He says congratulations, you will be happy with Viraj. Malishka threatens to jump off. Rishi goes out of the room. Malishka closes the door. Rishi comes back and sees her in the window about to jump. He holds her and hugs her. Malishka asks him to leave her.

Precap: Malishka asks Rishi to break his marriage with Lakshmi and then she will call off her wedding with Viraj. Viraj tells Lakshmi that Malishka agreed for marriage, but she don’t want to marry. Dadu tells that she is different, everything is good until she loves and when she hates someone then the limit of her hatredness can’t be good for the other person. Rishi agrees to marry Malishka. Malishka hugs him. Lakshmi comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This Lakshmi is dumb I will become dumb becos of her now they portraying Viraj also dumb stop portraying the leads as dumb humans🙄🙏

    1. Matter of. Fact they portray even Malishka and Rishi dumb and obseesed luvers the only 2 not dumvb humans r Ayush n Shalu 😑😑also not to forget Virendra Ahana Devika and bani rest all r dumb especially Lakshmi like seriously gimme a brk 😑😑😑

  2. Lakshmi dekhegi .. fir galatfehmi paalegi… hame kya hi naya milega

  3. Waste serial

  4. Yes, lakshmi is such a dumbo…she cannot put 2 n 2 tog?? How many more hints does she need…stupid girl. How many time will maliska gng to attempt suicide??? Rishi should jump off with hwr!! I love Shayush…wish they were the leads in the show!

  5. This Malishka is a drama queen, small time she is threatening to commit suicide, and Rishi too so stupid, he allows this girl to emotionally manipulate him. Their love is so disgusting. This is not love, it’s obsession.

  6. Je recommencerai à voir cette quand sa aura un sens et de l’action parce que la franchement c’est un non-lieu tellement bête

  7. Why is this Lakshmi so dumb she should be more sumajdar however she believes rishi and also is this malishka mad 💢 & rishi also sin Lakshmi however I’m watching it because I’m 🆓

  8. Hooo same precap😔😥☹️ it’s toooo boring serial

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