Bigg Boss 15 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Salman enters the house for an important task

Bigg Boss 15 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Monday Ka Vaar
Salman tells the camera that I am going into the house to give a tempting offer to the inmates. He enters the house through the glass. All inmates are excited to see him. Salman asks them to sit down and says Rashami will remain in the jail. He says you people lost 15 lacs from prize money but we are giving you a chance to get it back. The non-VIP members will play the task. We will connect the video call to their families and they will be on the stand-by. You will have to pay for the prize money to video call your family. He tells Shamita and Rajiv that their mothers are on the call. Pratik and Umar’s sister is on the call. Nishant and Karan’s family is on the call. Tejasswi’s brother and mother are on the call. Salman says Tejasswi’s call would cost 2 lacs, Karan’s call would cost 2.5 lacs, Nishant would cost 2 lacs, Nishant would cost 2 lacs, Pratik and Umar would cost 2 lacs. Shamita would cost 2.5 lacs. Rajiv’s call would cost 2 lacs. He says if you take the call then you will lose that money, if you reject the call then you will earn that prize money. Shamita says there will be a family week also? Salman says I don’t know about that. Salman says let’s start with Rajiv.
Rajiv: Salman says your mother is waiting on the call. Rajiv starts crying but Salman asks him to stop crying. He plays the video call. Shamita asks Rajiv to take the call. Rajiv says she is far away, I want to talk to her. Salman says it’s your individual decision. Rajiv says I am sorry, I have to take this call. Salman says you will lose 2 lacs. Rajiv connects the call with his mother, she asks how are you? He says I am good. His mother says you are playing well. They both start crying. She says you play well, you keep everyone laughing. She says Umar, Karan and Shamita are your friends. I will wait for you. Rajiv says I just want to make you proud. She says everyone is liking you, just keep entertaining everyone, make everyone laugh and that’s true you. Rajiv introduces Umar and Shamita. Rajiv says all are my friends. She asks how is Nishant? He is your mother-in-law. Nishant says he is my daughter in law, he makes good food. All laugh. Salman talks to Rajiv’s mom and says he lost 2 lacs to talk to you. What’s this game? Rajiv says I couldn’t resist it. Salman ends the call.
Nishant: Salman asks if he will take the call from his parents? Nishant says my parents have made me stronger, I want to be focused and I know they will be proud of my decision. Salman says they might say that you have forgotten them. Salman asks if he wants to see their faces? Pratik asks Nishant to talk to them. Nishant says I won’t, I am fine. Salman ends the call and says Nishant won 2 lacs.
Tejasswi: Salman says her brother and mother are waiting on the call. Tejasswi asks if she can see them for once? I won’t take the call. Salman says you are selfish? Your mother is here, waiting but you are acting like a star. You are just greedy about money. Tejasswi laughs and says they are both my strengths and weakness both. I am sure they would be proud. I don’t want to take someone’s money. She requests to see them once. Salman says I won’t.
Pratik: Salman says his sister is on the call. Pratik takes the call and says I miss you so much, he asks how is she? She says I am fine. He asks about his mom. She says everyone is proud of you, you are doing great. Pratik says I am so happy to talk to you. She says we all love you, we are all fine. Pratik cries and says I would earn 2 lacs so I had to talk to you. Salman talks to his sister and ends the call. Salman says Pratik thought he would win the show so he can earn 2 lacs for himself. Pratik says I just wanted to talk to my family.
Umar: Salman says it’s your sister on the call. Umar says I always do tasks with honesty, I want to take the call for myself today. He connects the call with his sister and cries seeing her. She asks how are you? He cries. She says you are playing well, we are all happy. Umar says how are his parents? He says all are fine. Umar talks to his niece and asks if he is playing well? His sister says you are a winner for us. She says we like your friendship with Karan, Tejasswi and Rajiv. Salman ends the call.
Karan: Salman says your parents are waiting. Karan says I won’t take the call, he gets emotional and says I will become weak if I talk to them. Tejasswi asks him to take the call. Salman says you are denying your parent’s call? Karan says I didn’t even bring my parent’s photo here, I am not strong enough to see their faces. I will see them after winning the show. Tejasswi hugs him. Salman asks if his parents are straightforward? Karan says my father gives it to me clearly. I really value my parents.
Shamita: Salman says her mother is on the video call. Shamita cries and says it’s not my money, I can’t spend it. I am feeling emotionally drained but I won’t take the call. Salman says she is valuing others’ money. Shamita says my mom will understand.

Salman says whoever didn’t take the call doesn’t mean they don’t love their parents or family but they saved money for the winner. Salman says you have earned 9 lacs from the task so the prize money is 44 lacs now. Salman tells Tejasswi that your brother flew from Chicago to talk to you. Tejasswi says please don’t say that. Salman asks them to play well. Salman tells Pratik if he is not emotionally strong? Pratik says I wanted to see my sister. Salman wishes them and leaves the house.

1 AM
Rajiv and Pratik hug Shamita. Umar taunts Tejasswi that she is greedy for money. Tejasswi goes to Rashami and cries. Nishant tells the camera that I will work hard to bring my parents to the finale. Tejasswi hugs Karan and says your parents would be proud of you like I am.

1:15 AM
Ritesh tells Rakhi that they think they will win the house. They want to act grateful but earn money for others. Rakhi says I would give up money anytime for my mother. My mother is ill so I would take her call anytime if I have a chance. Ritesh says it’s not about the money. Rakhi says we can’t give up 2 lacs to talk to our parents?

Nishant tells Tejasswi that I have always supported your relationship with Karan.

3 AM
Devo tells Pratik that I have supported Rashami blindly but I didn’t expect this from her. Rashami is in the jail and sings bewafaa. Devo tells Pratik that Rashami has a pattern to follow someone till they say something wrong to her. Then she will act as a poor girl.

4 AM
Umar tells Rashami that I don’t have a strong friendship with Tejasswi. Rashami says still you should sort things out with her. Umar says I don’t like her attitude, she starts dominating others when she has the power. I like her when she is sweet but then she acts like she owns the place. She has a friendship with Nishant also, she keeps fooling him also.

Day 73
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tumhi bandho. They all dance.

12:15 PM
Umar tells Karan that Tejasswi is never clear with me. Karan says she is very loyal to her friends. Umar says she has never been loyal to me, she has never done anything for me. I made her the VIP but she always supports Nishant against me. She has never taken a stand for me. Karan says when I questioned her then I was called toxic so maybe we are wrong. Umar says when you started stopping her from making friends then you went wrong. Let her do what she wants to.

2 PM
Bigg Boss says Rashami’s time in jail has ended. Rashami cheers up. Rakhi brings her out.

Abhijeet tells Ritesh that they gave the whole episode to Karan when he doesn’t do much in the show. Rakhi says it’s not even 1st love, he thinks he can win hearts by being a lover boy.

Karan tells Rashami that I am not like what Salman said. Rashami says you should clarify it with Tejasswi. You show protectiveness but she is herself capable to take her stand. Karan says I had a good bond with Shamita but Tejasswi had an issue so I backed off. Rashami says I think you need a break.

6:15 PM
Nishant asks Rakhi if I have to make dinner now? Rakhi says you can wait a little bit. Nishat says let’s remove Devo from the kitchen and bring Rajiv back. Rajiv is fast in the kitchen. Rakhi comes to Devo and says they are saying that you are late with cooking so you should give your duty to Rajiv. Devo says I made the lunch after I got veggies. Rajiv wants to be in the kitchen to do drama.

6:30 PM
Devo tells Rakhi that Rajiv is not washing all the dishes, he has some issues. Rajiv says I can see you are manipulating. Devo says you will see the manipulation now.

7:30 PM
Rajiv tells Rashami that I can never be friends with Devo on this show. She is so nagging. Rashami laughs. Karan comes there and says you should make breakfast on time tomorrow before Devo. Rashami says you can do it tomorrow.

9 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Umar said he doesn’t have a connection with you like you have made the relationship with Vishal or Nishant. He doesn’t trust you in the game. Tejasswi says okay. I don’t know how to feel right now. I don’t play the game with Rajiv or Shamita. Karan says Umar said he won’t play the tasks with you. Tejasswi says but he gets offended if I don’t play the task with him, if he doesn’t trust me then why did he get offended? Then he went to make a deal with Rakhi. He is making fun of our friendship. I love Umar as a person.

9:15 PM
Umar tells Tejasswi that I had issues with you. Tejasswi says you want loyalty from me but you don’t trust me? You don’t want to commit but you want commitment from me? I am hurt about what you feel. I don’t care about the tasks. Rashami didn’t save me in the task but I let her off. Rashami says I was clear about my strategy. Tejasswi says you knew Devo would save Pratik right? Rashami says yes. Tejasswi says you didn’t know if Ritesh will save me or not? Rashami says no I didn’t.

10 PM
Karan tells Umar that it’s her right to be hurt as your friend or as my girlfriend. Don’t become Rakhi or Rajiv. Don’t do stupid acts.

Rashami tells Tejasswi that why are you questioning me? I think you had an issue if I saved Karan. Tejasswi says I find that funny.

Nishant tells Rakhi that I feel bad for Karna. Rakhi tells Nishant that they are all animals from inside. Tejasswi comes there and says Rashami said that I had an issue with her saving Karan. Nishant says really? She must be joking. Tejasswi says no, she really thinks I had an issue with her saving Karan. Rashami comes there and hears that.

10:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I was talking to Nishant about Rashami. Karan says why are you talking to him? Tejasswi comes to Rashami and says I was joking about your words with Nishant but don’t take it wrongly if someone brings it up. Rashami says you shouldn’t talk about me with Nishant. I was not even dragging Karan in this matter, I felt that you have an issue with me talking to Karan, I feel you are insecure so I will stay away from Karan. Tejasswi says what? Rashami says I felt like that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Lol Rashmi gives relationship advice

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    Teja does seem insecure first shamita now rashmi

  3. Varshni

    Yes tej is insecure with every female of the house!
    I m so proud of you shamita! U r playing like a boss! Keep it up girl
    I loved Umar ‘s clarity today

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