Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi asks Ranbir to stay in other guest room

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The Episode starts with Prachi telling Rhea that she didn’t come to play ghar ghar game, she came to punish her and Ranbir. Rhea takes her clothes and says for the remaining stuff, I will send Niti. Prachi says send Niti later, first send my husband to my room. Rhea says I am not your Servant. Prachi says get habitual to it and remember that I saved you from going to jail. Rhea says I did a mistake and says I should have told infront of Police, why you chose this day, to return after a month. Prachi says I was waiting for the right time to hurt you. She asks her to send a glass of water for her and says my throat is paining after talking to you. Rhea says shall I press it? Prachi says I will make you massage my feet and asks her to send water for now. She says don’t forget to send my Ranbir to my room. Rhea goes out and falls. Ranbir helps her and holds her. Prachi looks at them. Ranbir says you would have asked Niti to bring it. Rhea asks when you are coming to sleep. He asks what do you mean? Rhea says we are married now and husband and wife sleep together.

Prachi calls Rhea and comes to them. She handovers her jewellery box to her and says you have 1000 flaws, but you have one quality still and obeys elders. She says I asked her to send my husband to my room. Ranbir says she didn’t tell me. Rhea says I wanted him to. Prachi says Ranbir didn’t get any message, but I shall tell. She says Rhea is my illegal sautan. Rhea asks her to stop it. Prachi says you have gone behind Ranbir. Ranbir says you are getting confused Prachi. Prachi says I want to show what is Rhea’s status in this house. She asks her to be in the limits, else I will call NGO and complain against you. She asks her to stop acting and stop testing her patience. She says you have no right on Ranbir. Ranbir says I have right on myself and will decide. Prachi holds his hand and says I left from your house, but not from your life that you got ready to marry Rhea. She says that marriage was illegal and says I can tell him with my right that you can’t sleep in my sautan’s room. Rhea asks how dare you to say this. Prachi asks shall I get tattoo on my hand, that my husband is mine. Ranbir says I will not sleep in your room, Prachi. Prachi asks did I ask you, and says until I am here, you will sleep in other guest room, and will not sleep with legal or illegal wife. She says dispute is going on, until it settles down, you will sleep there. Rhea says you can’t say this after the divorce. Prachi says husband and wife are talking. Ranbir says I will be in guest room. Prachi says that’s like good husband, who obeys his wife. She tells Rhea that no jewellery is important than the husband, but you shall sleep with this jewellery to get peaceful sleep. She says good night Ranbir and goes to her room.

Rhea says Prachi can’t do this. Ranbir says she can do this, as we have given her this right. Rhea asks you are taking her side even now. Ranbir says I am on truth side and she is also on truth side. He goes to sleep in other guest room. Rhea says what the hell, Ranbir and Prachi can’t talk to me like this. She says Prachi got her grah pravesh on my marriage day.

Pallavi recalls Prachi’s words that Ranbir is married to her, and she will rule in the house. Vikram comes to Pallavi and asks her not to think much. Pallavi says past has returned, she is back. She says she had snatched Ranbir three years back, but when Ranbir came to us finally and Rhea became our bahu, she came to snatch our happiness. She says she has insulted us infront of everyone and she told that Rhea married Ranbir by cheat and had forged her signs. She says she has made sure that Ranbir don’t like Rhea and get angry on her. Vikram says it was our mistake, to get the marriage done without divorce with Prachi. Pallavi says divorce is done. Vikram asks her not to act infront of him and says if divorce had happened, then Prachi would have been in jail and then Rhea would be rightful wife of Ranbir. He says if I was on your place, then would have taken Ranbir’s sign and then Prachi would have signed.

Saina asks Rhea why she is not staying with Ranbir. Rhea says Prachi asked Ranbir not to stay with me. Saina asks why didn’t you fight with her. Rhea says so that NGO people comes here. She tells that she will snatch Prachi’s happiness and says all Kohli family is with me, and says how can her govt will be made. Saina says she will claim her rights. Rhea says he married me and accepted me as his wife.

Prachi looks at his pic and tells that she don’t want to look at him. She asks how can he marry Rhea? He thinks if Mummy and Rhea are right that Prachi came to take revenge. He thinks she has chosen this day to take revenge. Prachi says your smile, close it, I am getting very angry on you and asks him to move from her sight. He hears sound from Prachi’s room and thinks she wants to trouble me. He stops himself from knocking on her room. Prachi is hitting hammer on the wall. Ranbir thinks she didn’t get successful, as I haven’t gone there. He again hears the sound and goes to her room through the window. He asks what are you doing? Prachi asks what are you doing in my room. Ranbir says I am trying to sleep and you are disturbing me. Prachi says your photo is disturbing me. She says she has problem with his smile in the pic and says you are laughing at me. He smiles and says you had brought this frame and told me that your day passes seeing it, and says it is tragedy that you are moving it. Prachi says you have kicked me out from your heart and life. She asks did you celebrate? He asks her not to keep his stuff here and there, and says I will get it when you leave.

Precap: Ranbir asks Prachi to give her hand to him and applies ointment on it. Pallavi looks at them. Prachi gives three days time to Rhea, and says you will be thrown out from here in 3 days. Ranbir says I will see if you can cross your limits, or I make new limit infront of you. Prachi says this competition is interesting. Ranbir says it will be fun.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Their cute little college fights have started again missed it a lot 😭😍

  2. Will Rhea be exposed in these three days then? Remember Pooja has to leave soon for her maternity leave so Prachi may succeed. I think that not all Prachi’s plans will be successful but in the end she will win and Rhea will be exposed and that’s her exit. And then Prachi will leave the mansion and the new story of Ranbir’s forgiveness and redemption will start.

    1. They can easily stretch 3 days to 2 months in ekta land lol. Remember how preeta-karan’s wedding day was stretched to over 2 months and finally ended in karan dumping her on road? Or was it 3 months lol?

  3. looking at this episode now I’m even more certain Prachi won’t leave that circus even after Rhea is kicked out…. I hope I’m wrong but she’s gonna get provoked by the Kohli’s just watch but I hope I am wrong tho

    1. 3 days prachi leave. How she forgive ranbir for marrying rhea. She returned to prove her innocence.

    2. I want her 2 leave that house and wait Prachi is leaving after 3 days?

  4. Prachi bye to ranbir was so flirtatious 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. I hate kumkum bhagya

    1. Aliya, Pallavi and Rhea are plotting something against the Prachi. Then what kind expose of Rhea are we talking about. It seems that Ranbir no longer recognizes the marriage with Prachi just admits that he is still not divorced from her. But on the other hand, he recognizes the marriage with Rhea, and if there was no Prachi, most likely, all this he would have already lives with Rhea in the same room. Then he will say Rhea as soon as Prachi leaves, you and I will live happily ever after. Already now he is showing increased attention to Rhea, even that she thinks about Prachi and does not doubt her, unlike Prachi. It seems that in 3 days it is Prachi who will leaves the house because of another conspiracy, and not Rhea. And after Prachi leaves the house, the truth will slowly be revealed.

    2. how do u know prachi will leave the house after 3 days tho?

    3. mahabubul alam

      prachi will not loose this time.i think so…but i am wondering when will that scene of abhigya returning from coma will be aired on screen..i think pragya will expose rhea after waking up and rhea will harm herself or go to jail thus she will be able to take a long break of 1 or 2 months since she will ot be replaced

  6. Have you ever lit a fire cracker that starts with all kind of sparks and crackles and then it just fizzles out without a bang? That’s going to be Prachi’s revenge plan. It starts out all sparks and crackles now, like she has the upper hand, but will soon fizzle out to nothing. As long as Rhea and Alyia are still around, Prachi’s revenge will amount to nothing in the end. Like a wet fire cracker all spark and no BOOM!!

    1. Exactly. that’s why I have written previously that Prachi and Pragya’s ‘wins’ last about ten minutes. As soon as KKB insisted that Aliyah and the tuna-fish received the screen-time, pricey costumes and endless personal cosmetic adventures (sometimes the fat lips became ridiculous) , the good heroines become a mole in the game of “Whack-a-Mole”. They show up and are pounded down… whacked into the ground… pretty immediately. That’s when, years ago, viewers began to call the program Aliyah Bhagya, Evil bhagya etc. That’s why imagining where the script might go in regards to the lead couples almost feels pointless. The male turns into a first class idiot and the female becomes like a garbage bin that EVERYONE throws their refuse into immediately. I admire the many viewers who are able to still hope for love and romance. Perhaps that strength will serve them in real life. This program illustrates an abuse relationship. The program is the abuser. The viewers are being abused. Each time the viewer gets punched, they let off ‘energy’… fiscal in this case. So of course the abuser will do it again. But just like, a victim eventually escapes/dies, there are always new victims to lure in. Now, that story remains an interesting education.

    2. Worse, viewers were protesting loudly when it was Aliyah and the tuna-fish bhagya. Nothing’s changed. They used the magical chemistry of abhigiya (bigger budget, bigger production, dances etc) to reel people in. Because of internal politics (friendship of the producer and Abhi’s real wife) abhigya was broken. So…riding on the coat tails of abhigya they are reducing a new set of actors into talking dolls. Smaller budget, limited direction and actors not given the opportunity to actually act. Mind you, that’s a good thing for some of the characters. I lit a sparkler. One long ten inch sparkler. As it burned down three inches it began to fizzle and then it died at the four inch mark. It did not break off as you would expect. It drooped over. Something that was long sparkly full of life and it just drooped. lol. Sleepy, I’m wondering if it became splashed by your wet fire cracker!

    3. @Akituster….lol. maybe the water did hit it…..

  7. wait y r u guys saying prachi will leave the house wat was the point of all that drama if she was gonna leave again did u guys hear any news?? so then y would u guys say prachi will leave?

    1. mahabubul alam

      i dont think she will leave the house by any conspiracy of rhea or pallavi or alia.rhea will lose this time

    2. Don’t worry she won’t leave. The ratings have increased from her re-entry in kohli house so this track will be stretched.

  8. The new bts of the three chudails (Pallavi, Alia and Rhea) in the bedroom means they are plotting and planning against Prachi. I guess they will do something. Gosh I hope nothing happens which results in Prachi getting kicked out. I think the trio will succeed at first and then in the end Prachi will do something and turn the tables around. This usually happens.

  9. I wish Rhea is kicked out of the house.Now after Ranbir learns the truth about Rhea and tries seeking forgivness from prachi. Will prachi ever forgive him . it will be fun to see Ranbir shedding tears haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. I do not know, it’s just my personal assumption that Prachi will leave the house. Judging by Pooja’s last interview, where she said that pregnant women have the right to decide for themselves when they want to go on maternity leave, and they should also have the right to return as soon as they want. It can be concluded that it is Pooja who will decide when to leave or she will continue her role to the last, besides, if they do not want to replace her, and Rhea’s character is one of the main ones, she cannot be absent for a long time, without any reason. Most likely, the exposure of Rhea will not be soon, and it is Prachi in this situation that will be extreme. If there is a party track, then anything can happen on it. If Pallavi, Alia and Rhea are conspiring to harm Prachi, then can assume what this could result in. Aliya and Rhea will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, they have already crossed all imaginable and inconceivable boundaries, but now Pallavi is one step away from it. If Pallavi used to just yell or humiliate Prachi, now if they are planning something bad, then Pallavi will simply cross the line, because Prachi is also someone’s daughter, she is her son’s wife, and if something happens to Prachi, Pallavi can be considered a criminal who will also have to go to prison, she is unlikely to be punished for forging a signature, but this will be a serious crime. And this dance of Ranbir and Prachi, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also planned by Ranbir to omit Prachi once again, because he believes that Prachi came to their house with the aim of revenge. Pracha has a lot of energy and enthusiasm to take revenge, but she will succeed in doing it or once again she will fail. Now she has only herself and Shahana, I don’t know what role she will play here, as another shoulder of support when the plan to execute Prachi’s revenge fails, or as a person who can help Prachi win this battle. In addition, Abhigya has not yet started filming, and we saw a clip before the leap where Prachi is sitting by Pragya’s bed, this has also not been shown yet, it is likely that Abhigya will not wake up soon. I’m not sure we’ll even see this track from the party before the end of this year, since it’s still being filmed. There will also be a new male character, some Rahul, well, I do not know which character he will play positive or negative, and for whom he was brought.

    1. mahabubul alam

      if prachi fails her then her coming back to kohli mansion does not make any sense

  11. mahabubul alam

    prachi will be given poison ..just hear the news from rahul of kumkum bhagya but i think prachi will be saved

    1. if that is true.Prachi is getting the reward of saving Rhea from prison and keeping her in the house,not just rhea but ranbir and the entire jungle family .Prachi will not given the opportunity to defeat rhea n her clans again.
      Ranbir is just a total failure and no balls man for prachi.better he live with mama and psycho.
      Prachi seriously need a new male partner.There is no hope from ranbir side.Idiot is too good an Adjective to describe him.He is just pure vomit now.

    2. mahabubul alam

      areh dont worry nothing will happen wrong to prachi and this time high chance rhea will be exposed in jan or feb.i just cant wait when abhigya will wake up from coma

    3. Ranbir will protect Rhea from Prachi, what a good Ranbir. Well, in that case, why should he return to Prachi, since he has already chosen the side of Rhea, let him stay there. I wouldn’t be surprised if this trio Aliya, Pallavi and Rhea decide to kill Prachi, but in the end they kill her child, and Prachi will miraculously be able to survive. Then Prachi will have nothing to do with the Kohli family and she will be able to take revenge on all her abusers in full, without looking back at the past relationships that bound them. I can’t wait for Abhigya to come out of the coma. Although Abhi hates Prachi, he is unlikely to be happy with this arrangement. I don’t think he will just sit and watch his child being tried to kill. Moreover, Rhea will be involved there. Besides, how will the issue of Ranbir’s bigamy be resolved if he has already abandoned Prachi and switched to Rhea’s side, and Rhea will never leave Ranbir of her own free will. In this case, Prachi and Ranbir will have to officially divorce and Prachi will be able to move on, and let Ranbir stay with Rhea.

    4. mahabubul alam

      stop watching news from serial gossip….lolz. they are master of fake [email protected] maam will leave in a few months so nothing more bad will happen with prachi and i am seriously waiting for abhigya to return

  12. It is good if all the news that comes out is nothing more than an assumption, but then why release them misleading. If Pooja is not going to leaves until January or February, what are they going to show, obviously another drama. I am not sure that until that time they allow Prachi to expose and punish Rhea, rather it will be the opposite. And during these 1-2 months they can come up with a bunch of dofferent nonsense, and I don’t think it will be a simple expose of Rhea. Most likely, it will be an attempt of Pravhi’s revenge on the Kohli family, Ranbir and Rhea, but no more than that. The hope that Rhea will be exposed and punished is mrlting every day

    1. mahabubul alam

      you can follow serial reviews and songs in utube,maam is authentic

  13. I guess Pragya & Abhi won’t be back. The producers the most disgusting story has trp ranks higher than expected. But the producer will continue to cheat the audiences over Abhigya as it is done since the beginning.
    What will Sriti and Shabir do I don’t know but If these duo stops promoting ZEE’s promotion I’ll be pleased

  14. I guess Pragya & Abhi won’t be back. The producer’s the most disgusting story has trp ranks higher than expected. The coma case was a test. The producer will continue to cheat the audiences over Abhigya as it is done since the beginning.
    What will Sriti and Shabir do I don’t know but If these duo stops promoting ZEE’s promotion I’ll be pleased

  15. I read that 2.1% of trp was for the period from November 27 to December 3, it was before the wedding of Ranbir and Rhea. Maybe the trp will still grow because of the show of a strong Pracha because of her showdown with the Kohli family, or maybe it will fall on the contrary, but I don’t think that the trp will increase if, say, one of the leading couples leaves the show, Abhigya fans won’t let that happen. Besides, it’s the end of the year now and many shows are going off the air altogether, so now there are no competitors as such, and new shows will come in their place next year, possibly more successful, KKB and I wouldn’t look at these TRP at all, at least for me a trp of 2% is very little for a show that is so publicized and so praised during these 7 years, although I haven’t watched all the episodes.

  16. It’s very sad that they degraded Pallavi to such a level because, she was NOT originally like this. Even in Diwali drama with Sanju, she took Prachi’s side. Only after Alia framed Prachi in Maya’s case, did Pallavi change

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