Bigg Boss 13 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Arhaan proposes to Rashami. Madhurima and Bagga enter the house

Bigg Boss 13 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 64
3 AM
Asim comes to Bhau and whispers that if they don’t get ration tomorrow then they will steal luxury budget. Vishal says it’s about ego now. Asim says Bhau is ready to steal. Shefali and Rashami agree too.

Day 65
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song ruk baba ruk. They all dance. Paras hugs Mahira.

11:30 AM
Saa asks Vishal what happened? Vishal says she is a kid. Himanshi says that girl only says that others don’t know what they are saying. Sana says Sid is asking me to work. Vishal says ration hasn’t come. This is about ego. I can’t talk to Paras. Asim says nothing will happen by talking.

Vishal asks Paras what about ration? Paras says to use the ration that is left. Sana tells Sid that they are talking about ration. Paras tells Vishal that there is no use to give up luxury budget items now. Sid says rationing is not my duty, we have to wait and watch. We can remain hungry.

12 PM
Sana asks if anyone will help Bhau cleaning the bedroom? Arti says I will help him. Asim says there is no work that Bhau does. Sana asks Bhau to talk back. Mahira says you work so much so answer Bhau back. Asim says nobody helps me so I won’t help anyone, Bhau will handle his work. Sana says I just wanted to see what Bhau does. Asim says you saw that I am not helping so what? Sana says you can’t take a stand for Bhau? Asim says no, I don’t.

Asim is washing the dishes with Himanshi. Sana runs and tells Bhau that he is helping Himanshi but he didn’t help you. Arti is doing your work.

Sid tells Shefali to do her work first before helping Bhau. Shefali says I cleaned the table. Sid says you have to clean it three times. Shefali says I cleaned it but they keep messing it up. Sid says you have to clean it with the tissues. Shefali says show me how you clean it with the tissues. Sana finds a cloth and says I will clean it. She cleans the table.

Bhau is cleaning the bedroom. Arti says let me do it, you are not feeling well. Bhau says it’s okay, he will get a chance to taunt me then. Arti says they will taunt in any case. Sana runs to Bhau and says I will do it, don’t work. I just wanted to show you that. Asim tells Himanshi to let Sana and Arti help Bhau. Sana says but you can’t help Bhau? Asim says I don’t have to ask others about whom to help, I am not shouting that I am helping someone. Himanshi tries to help Bhau but Bhau says tell Asim to not come to me, he could have just said yes. Himanshi says I am asking you to let me help. Bhau says it’s okay.

Sid tells Paras that why are you discussing rationing with Vishal and Rashami? They are on one side.

Rashami tells Bhau that they make some situations up and provoke you. Paras tells Sana that they are buttering Bhau. Sana comes to Bhau that they are trying to butter you up now. I knew Asim would play with him. Bhau tells Asim that you saying no hurt me. Himanshi says to Bhau that they know ration is not coming so they don’t want us to go to the kitchen that is why Asim said no when they wanted him to help you in the bedroom.

4:45 PM
Arhaan, Madhurima and Shefali Bagga (I will write her name as Bagga to avoid confusion) enter the secret room. Bigg Boss welcomes them. Shefali says we missed your voice. Madhurima says I am excited and nervous. Bigg Boss says we will tell you about the task.
Shefali reads the task in the house. The task is ‘ignoring’ where some people will enter the house but the inmates have to ignore them and keep on doing their work. You have to act like that they are not there.
Bigg Boss tells Arhaan, Bagga, and Madhurima to try and make the inmates react to them, if they are successful then they will become safe from the next nominations, if you tell this to any inmate then it would be a punishment for them. A meter will light up the bulbs with the reactions they get from the inmates. This meter will decide if they won or not.

5 PM
Bigg Boss tells Arhaan that he will enter the house with the doorbell and comeback when the doorbell rings again.
Arhaan enters the house. All try to ignore him. Arti tells Rashami that you need someone to love? Rashami says yes. Arhaan tries to talk to Rashami but she ignores him. Arti hugs her. Arhaan asks Rashami if she will not listen to him? Rashami looks away. He says I brought something for you Rash. He tells Arti to look at it. He shows the ring to Rashami. Rashami tries to ignore it. He tells Rashami that I will see you in 4-5 months. Bagga watches it and says I am shocked that Rashami is not reacting. Rashami comes in the garden. Arhaan says I brought something but she is not taking it, we will meet in 2-3 months now. Rashami talks to Arti. Arhaan asks Rashami if the task is so important? Bell rings, Arhaan says I am going, the task is over. Arti tells Rashami that the task is not that important. Rashami says when I came, he said to do it for myself and I got the answer too. Arhaan says what answer? Rashami smiles and says everything is fine now. Arhaan leaves.
Arhaan comes to the secret room. No bulb lights up. In the house, Rashami cries. Arti says congrats, Rashami says I understood his message. Arti says I saw the ring, I am so happy. Bigg Boss tells Arhaan that only one line of the bulb will light up as there were not many reactions.

6 PM
Arti tells Paras to make tea for everyone. Asim says all want to drink? They all say yes. Asim says then don’t say that I wasted it. Mahira says you can leave it for the morning team. Asim says we can leave some grains of tea for you. Mahira says I don’t need it, I have coffee. Asim says I can make the tea, there are two packets of milk left so you people keep one and I will keep one.

6:15 PM
Madhurima enters the house. Everyone tries to ignore her. She says hello. Madhurima asks Rashami to say hi to her. Madhurima tries to talk to Sana and says Mahira I know a secret. She says I am taking some ration from here. Madhurima sees Rashami looking at her. She says I am taking some things from here. Arhaan says she is taking Bigg Boss house items. Sana is leaving with Himanshi. Madhurima says you both have become friends? They enter the bathroom. Madhurima says no one is reacting. She takes some sandals and says I am taking them. Mahira runs behind her. Vishal jokes with Mahira and says I prayed and it was fulfilled today. Madhurima tells Rashami that you ignored the ring but you can’t ignore me. Vishal sings dekho dekho jana. Madhurima tells Rashami to not cry, you can help me. Vishal asks Rashami what happened? She ignores Madhurima. Sana runs away from Madhurima and hugs Vishal. Madhurima says what is happening here? Mahira does yoga with other housemates. Madhurima takes some things and says I am going. Vishal says I have to see this. Madhurima asks Sid to ask them to talk to her. Sana asks Sid to come to her. Arhaan watches it and says to Bagga that you have to make this meter work. Bell rings, Madhurima says bye and starts leaving. Vishal opens the door for her but keeps ignoring her. Madhurima leaves. Vishal laughs. Sana asks if he loves her?
Madhurima comes back. Bigg Boss says you worked hard and you get 2 lines of bulbs.
Sana asks Vishal if he was loving her? Vishal says no. Shefali says we saw you getting affected. Sana says does she love you? He says I don’t know.

6:30 PM
Rashami tells Vishal that it was sweet of you to open the door for her. Madhurima watches it and says this is a drama from him, I know him well. Bagga says it was an innocent gesture. Sana tells Vishal that you love her, it was seen on your face. Rashami says you can be a jerk but you do like her. Bhau says she looked twisted like you. Shefali tells Rashami that I am getting some wild card entry type feeling. Vishal says she won’t come because I am here.

7 PM
Bagga enters the house. She asks Sana if she will not welcome her? All try to ignore her. Bagga gives kisses to Sana and says you won’t hug me? Sana cries. Rashami takes her away. Bagga says you won’t hug me. She stops Rashami and says what you did in the delivery task, do you see it now? Nobody is standing with you, you said that Mahira and Paras would be with you but they are not. Bagga sits with Sana and says you won’t hug me? Sana hugs her. Bagga says I love you. Sana kisses her forehead and says I love you too. Bagga says you are the nicest person here, I am sorry about the comments before. Bagga comes to Arti and says you are strongest here, don’t cry for anyone here. Bagga comes to Paras and says hug me. Paras says wish my mom was here. Bagga says mom is saying that keep playing, avoid saying rubbish things. Paras tries to ignore it. Bagga says now the task is important for you? Paras hugs her tightly and says don’t say childish things. Bagga asks Bhau if he is sweet? He ignores her and says I love you. Bell rings. Arti rushes and hugs her. Sana hugs her too. Paras says she can’t be ignored. Himanshi hugs her too. She tells the others to meet her as bell her already rung. She makes a kissy face to Rashami. Mahira runs and hugs Bagga . Vishal says hi to Bagga. He says the first time I want to smile here. Madhurima laughs seeing it. Bagga says bye to everyone.
She comes to the secret room. Arhaan says very well. Sana tells Bagga that I like her a lot, I had an attachment with her. I supported her. In the secret room, Bigg Boss says to Bagga that you win 5 lines. Bigg boss ask them to watch the inmates, when the doorbell rings, you all three will enter and the task will be resumed.

Paras tells Himanshi that there was a different connection with Bagga, it was good that she was in a sweet mood otherwise it would have been wrong.

7:15 PM
Vishal says it would be good if Madhurima and Bagga enter as the wild card entry. Shefali says you only talk about Madhurima only, you are jumping around. Rashami says girls can’t be wrong for Vishal. Vishal says I love her, I respect her but we have moved on. Shefali says never say never. Vishal says we spent so much time in Nach Baliye but nothing happened.

8 PM
Doorbell rings, some workers bring their bags in the house. Sana says it’s Bagga, Madhurima and Arhaan’s bags. They are wild cards. Paras tries to hold the worker back. Sana hugs Rashami as Arhaan is back. Bigg Boss tells Paras that the task is still going on so he can’t stop the workers. Vishal tells Shefali that let her come.

8:15 PM
Arhaan, Madhurima and Shefali Bagga enter the house. Arhaan asks Asim to meet him now, there is no task. Asim says really? Sana hugs Shefali Bagga and says I love you so much, I am so happy to get another chance. Madhurima hugs Rashami. Rashami runs and jumps on Arhaan. Arhaan says you didn’t react. Rashami says it was my task. Arhaan hugs Paras and Sana. He says I will show the old Arhaan. Mahira hugs him.
Arhaan comes to Sid and says the task has ended. Sid ignores him.
Shefali hugs Madhurima. Madhurima tries to talk to Sid but he ignores her. Bigg Boss says Madhurima, Arhaan, and Bagga won the task so they will be safe from the nominations. Rashami runs around Arhaan. Sid hugs Arhaan and meets Madhurima.

9:00 PM
Bagga tells Paras that you have done some bad things there, you shouldn’t say bad words like that. Paras says I missed you most here. Bagga says don’t talk about Asim’s class and money. Paras says I was right. Bagga says don’t say that.

Madhurima and Vishal ignore each other. Shefali says now you guys will get duties too. Madhurima says I am excited, I didn’t know he would become awkward. Shefali says it is natural.

9:00 PM
Arhaan tells Mahira that when I was leaving, Rashami said she loves me. Rashami blushes. Mahira says to do it while standing up. Rashami says I am shy. Arhaan says I will do it. He goes on his knees and tells Rashami that when I left, you cried in such a way that melted people so I had to melt too. All cheer for them. Sid and Sana look from afar. Arhaan says you said you loved me but I didn’t answer at that time so I have come back to say that, I am going back. I love you the most. Rashami says I love you too. He lifts her. Rashami laughs. All congratulate Rashami. Bhau asks Rashami to wear the ring. She says no, not right now, I am very shy. Himanshi says don’t be so shy. Mahira looks at the ring and says it’s so beautiful. It is Rashami’s size? Arhaan says I designed.

Arhaan tells Paras that how did you separate from Rashami? Paras says it was scripting. I didn’t nominate her, I am fighting with her for a reason, I am with her, there is no betraying. Arhaan says don’t play the game with me. Paras says don’t be docile this time. Arhaan says you shouldn’t have said those words to Asim. Paras says he was flying too high. Arhaan says don’t go on that level.

9:30 PM
Madhurima tells Rashami and Shefali that we were fine when he entered the Bigg Boss house, I even wished him so don’t know why he is reacting like that, I will talk to him. I will resolve things with him. Vishal goes from there. Madhurima says I heard that he was b*t*hing about me so I won’t repeat the same things. Rashami says he was smiling when you came, he doesn’t have grudge against you.
Vishal tells Mahira that she was my first option, I mean priority but I don’t know, she did it for herself, she must have worried about me, she has hurt me as a person. Mahira says you want me to talk to her for you? Vishal says no, we have moved on, it was a long gap, I still love her and respect her. Mahira says but she is a very nice girl. Vishal smiles and says her voice is pinching in my head.

Mahira asks Paras what happened? Paras says they keep talking about Asim. Why should I listen to Bagga and Arhaan? Mahira says don’t go personal. Paras says if he goes personal then I will bury that person alive, they are *******. Mahira laughs. Vishal asks what happened? Paras says they are talking about my and Asim’s fight. Paras says Madhurima’s entry is a plus point for you, they did it for you. Vishal laughs.

10 PM
Sana asks Madhurima you did a show with Vishal? Madhurima says we reached the top 3, he must have told you. Sana says we know about you. Madhurima says we worked together for 3 months and things became messy but we sorted out and moved on. Sana says you loved him? She says yes, Sana says how much? She says I loved him. Sana says he? Madhurima says he said he loved me but I stopped feeling it.

10:15 PM
Arhaan asks Bhau why people are not seeing tempered Bhau? Bhau says I don’t want to curse.
Paras tells Sid that they are giving a speech to Bhau to take stand and all. Rashami is coming in power, you should control and stay away from them.

10:45 PM
Sana asks Vishal why did you leave her? Vishal says she didn’t want to be with me anymore. Sana says why there was something wrong with you? Vishal laughs and says she didn’t like the way I was, sometimes people are not made for a relationship, she had a problem that I was desi. Sana says girls like desi. Vishal says she used to curse at me so I didn’t like that too. It was an abusive relationship. I loved her and was behind her, then we got in a relationship but we started cursing each other and there was no respect so we had to leave each other, I don’t why they called her here. I have to talk to Bigg Boss, call me to the confession room. Sana says why you can’t handle her? This happened to me too. Vishal says I need to talk to the Bigg Boss.

11:15 PM
Madhurima comes to Vishal and says how are you? Vishal says rocking, how are you? Madhurima says you expected this? Vishal says I knew this, Madhurima says then why are you shocked? I have come to play and to tell you that you became hit because we both, I don’t think you are doing much here. Vishal says so you have come to make me something here? Madhurima says you are a star yourself. Vishal says it’s about confidence. Madhurima says it’s not shown. You cried even before entering Bigg Boss, you said I was abusive and it was hurting you and all that. Vishal says I didn’t say anything, I didn’t give any interview. Madhurima says fine but I don’t trust you. Vishal says don’t expect from me. Madhurima says I am not expecting anything from you, I am here for myself. Vishal says we will see. Madhurima says yes. She leaves. Vishal looks on.

12 AM
Arhaan asks Rashami to become the lioness that she is. Rashami says I told him that I don’t have to justify who I am to him. Arhaan says Sid was looking your eyes with love and all that, what was that? Rashami says I was talking to Vishal and he came there. Arhaan says what you were not trying to open up that I know, now open that up. When he pulled you from your hair and you grabbed his jacket… you both decide if you want to be friends or enemies? Rashami says you need to calm down, you came here to say that be friends. Arhaan says you denied it but then why you smile at him? Rashami says I am clear about that. Arhaan says you have filth in your mind? Rashami says don’t talk to me like me. Arhaan says I trust you but don’t do anything that is wrong for you.

12:45 AM
Sid asks Sana what she thinks about the new entry? Sana tells Sid that Arhaan is still a lalla (fool) like before but he has more brains this time. He wants to make a team. Sid says he said that? Sana says I am telling his thoughts. Bagga is going to use her mind and will trap someone to play the game. Madhurima is clever, if she fights, she will curse and abuse full on. Vishal and her either will fall in love again or they will have the worst fights.
PRECAP- Rashami asks how many milk packets are left? Sid says two, use one to make the tea. Rashami says I can’t make 13 cups with one packet. Sid says I am not giving the other one. Rashami says I am not making the tea if this is the attitude. Sid says I will throw away the tea, you are a stealer and then say that. Rashami says you can’t keep talking about stealing. Asim tells Sid that if some people stole then it is your duty to punish those two people but all are suffering now. Rashami says illogical captaincy.
In the nominations task, Sid will nominate people. Sid nominates Rashami and Paras. Sana tells Arti that I didn’t like Sid’s decision, it has hurt me, I am not talking to him. Vishal tells Paras that you are lost, we need that Paras back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rashami you come out after winning the show and then learn about everything what is happening outside about and with Arhaan Khan.
    Then make a desicion, don’t you dare to wear that ring brought by that fraud. Please God ji help Rashami to make right decisions.

  2. i hope so as well that she chooses the wright path other wise Arhan is so manipulative.

  3. Amal

    Rashmi please say no to that Arhaan, don’t wear that ring. I’m not getting good vibe from this Arhaan ????

    1. me too why big boss have to bring this person back and for this Aarhan ,sid nominated rashmi i think even sid has some feelings for her because entry of aarhan makes him jealous ,i love to see sid and rashmi together

    2. Nagurbi Shaik

      same feeling, I hate that Aarhan. Sid and Rash were looking so cute together last week. Sid’s expression when he said he loves her were so deep, it hurt me too.


    I have stopped to watch episodes from yesterday onwards as I don’t want to see Rashmi with Arhaan. I don’t like Arahan as I feel negative vibes from him by watching him. He already started to fill negativity in House. In my point of view, it was Arahan who was the actual responsible person for the fight between Asim & Sid and not Sana. OK, I agreed that Asim was not comfortable with Sana initially but there was no fight happens between Sid & Asim only argument happens between two friends. But, during the Cave task, it was Arhan who filled Asim’s ear against Sid & the rest is all we know what happened. But, I will read the updates in this forum as I am curious to know the outcoming of Madhumita and Vishal, as it will be a new angle on BB right now.

    1. Guys, Do you all think that season broken records?? I can’t feel like that. I feel like Biggboss is running a matrimonial site where girls and boys are making love relationship. There is no entertainment like it was in BB11, BB10. First bb tried so hard to make a love angle btwn Rashmi and siddharth but it went zero. Next Shehnaaz and siddharth which worked. Shehnaaz and paras failed but Shehnaaz priority is always Paras. So it became a triangle love. Mahira and paras worked. Arti and Vishal that didn’t worked out. Now Madhurima and Vishal which will work i think. Arhaan and Rashmi worked but I feel like Arhaan is that type of man who keeps on doubting on his partner for even some talks. Somewhere, Rashmi and siddharth was becoming friends from past two weeks and they teased each other which got spoiled bcz of Arhaan. Asim and Himanshi is working. Bhau is left and senior so they didn’t involved him. Shefali zariwala is married so her angle didn’t work. Shefali bagga is back for what i don’t know. I feel like some am watching some very boring family telly soap which is revolving around love, breakup and love.

      HI PRADEEP, hope u remembered me. @Sweethaa where r u girl? Where did that @Rjr went he isn’t saying good morning sid haters and lovers guy/girl from 2 days. I don’t remember ur name. Sorry for that And my dear friends can anyone suggest me soke awesome american series, japanese or chinese even.I want to watch.


      Yes, I remember you. We have lots of discussions on one serial… I don’t remember whether it names as Kuch Rang Pyar Ke or Yeh Un dino ki Baat hai…. I hope you have a wonderful life. How are you? I am also expecting the comments from @RJR. Regarding BB13, whatever you have mentioned is convinced one for a doubt about the extension of BB13. It’s really ridiculous to extend at this stage where not a single contenders have really understood the game. They are showing as street people in the local area.

    3. hiii…i’m preparing for ibps po mains and exam completed. just reading whats happening now and i really lost the interest in watching after sid roughly pushing asim and no serious action taken. and i am thinking to stop watching and its not even doing that good why makers are extending it..

    4. ALL THE BEST YAAR. Hope you did well. Ping me up when you get cleared in the exam. It was so boring without you.

      Thanq Pradeep, wish you a very happy life too. You remembered me which means alot. And both of you wish me luck coz am going to have exams from January.

  5. Thanks for updating.

  6. I just want that arhan n shefali bagga would be guest there for 2 weeks n after that they leave the hpuse only madhurima tuli should stay as this is her first visit because e evicted people cannot be accepted.

  7. Big boss was a platform where people of different culture, nature are kept together under a roof. And the relations made over the due course of time…whether it is love, hate, affection etc…their struggle, adjustments made to live together…
    But now it has turned out to be u have a controversy, affair, broken relationship…u r in..Ur partner is in…now wash your dirty Lenin…
    Sid – Rashmi, Sid – Shefali, Rashmi- arhaan, Sana – Himanshi, Vishal – Madhurima… It feels like a family drama going on…
    Creatives are searching for Asim ex, bhau affairs, mahira ex or bf (??).
    Sid preferring mahira paras decision of not giving luxury budget over the ration is irking Asim. Asim team planning boycotting him for that..
    Sana literally plays as puppet of paras.. he asked herto pump bhau against Asim..
    Guest task – bagga played emotionally…and nailed it completely .
    I think Rashmi seemed a balloon without air till yesterday.. hope she will be pumped by arhaan entry..I do remember how nasty and over confident she was when arhaan came…hope this time she doesn’t pump up that much…
    Sid performed the task well… Sana, paras gave in when bagga came…it was a stupid move by Asim, arti, mahira n others as they responded to all three (believing them saying task over)..Sid waited till BB voice..
    That’s it about today’s episode..

    Promo seems interesting…
    Sid was given complete nomination..Sid played smartly…he was given a pair and have to nominate one…Sid chose mahira over Asim…and arti over paras..Sana getting miffed shows her loyalty will always remain towards paras no matter however he treats her..some girls like to be treated as doormat…
    Honestly I felt Sid played smartly.. he is putting all the strong ones on nomination..its a great chance to eliminate Ur contender and y not… Sid clearly knows that paras has got the least votes last week… hence his chances are high to go… saving Asim over mahira n showing friendship will be foolishness at
    This point..asim is strong enough to get saved..but BB is definitely gonna play if they don’t get the intended contender in nomination list…BB gave the Same task to SREE and he nominated full happy club..BB played and that week was no elimination…
    I hope BB doesn’t do that this time…

    1. It won’t happen as last week it was no ELIMINATION day
      This time one will be out

    2. Completely agree vth u…

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