Bigg Boss 13 15th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhau is eliminated

Bigg Boss 13 15th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says that nominated inmates Sana, Madhu and Bhau. We told Madhu that she has been eliminated but she has to stay till today. Let’s see what happened after yesterday’s episode.

In the house:
Shefali Zari asks Vishal to give Madhu a hug. Vishal hugs Madhu and says we fight because of this. This was not a hug from you. It’s okay. Be happy in your life, be good. This show can’t show someone’s real personality. Madhu says I don’t want to listen to the speech. Shefali says listen to him. Madhu says he keeps repeating the same mistakes. Vishal says if you love someone then show it.

Arhaan tells Rashami that he is completely numb after all that. Rashami says I am numb too, I don’t like complications in my life. Arhaan says how did all the come up all of a sudden. Rashami says you have complicated all this yourself.

On stage:
Salman says the inmates think we don’t note everything but the audience is noting everything. He connects the call to the house. Salman says to the inmates that it’s time to play the balloon task. Vikas says we baked a cake, we want you to eat it. Salman says to send it. Vikas puts it in the storeroom. Paras brings the balloons. He says you have to burst balloons of misunderstanding. Vikas says Asim has a misunderstanding that emotions are not important here. Asim bursts Mahira’s balloon and says she breaks my heart too. Salman says you broke her heart by becoming her brother. Salman jokes with Sana about the number of balloons. Madhu bursts Vishal’s balloon as he thinks all are wrong and he is right. Arhaan bursts Bhau’s balloon as he thinks he doesn’t sleep in the house. Rashami bursts Vishal’s balloon as he thinks he is not targeting her but he is. Bhau bursts Arhaan’s balloon as he is wrong about him. Shefali bursts Vikas’s balloon and says no one will wash the dishes here. Arti bursts Vishal’s balloon and says you are confused. Vishal bursts Rashami’s balloon as she says I twist the words but I have talked straight to her. Bagga bursts Bhau’s balloon as he sleeps in the house but denies it. Sana bursts Bhau’s balloon as he was lying about sleeping. Paras bursts Mahira’s balloon as she thinks I shouldn’t be jealous of the acts she did when I was not here. Salman says why jealousy? Paras says I don’t know but it was wrong, she shouldn’t trust and hug fake people. She is wrong to think that Vishal is a good friend. Mahira says it is my misunderstanding. Mahira bursts Asim’s balloon as he thinks he will put m on priority but he will never do it. Salman ends the call.

Salman says Guthi came here yesterday and she went into the house. Let’s see what she did.

In the house:
The inmates are sitting in the garden with blindfolds on. Kala Chashma plays. Guthi enters the house and dances. Sana says it’s Siddharth Malhotra. Kamli plays. Sana shouts it’s Katrina Kaif. Guthi dances on chikni chameli. They all dance with blindfolds on. Vikas says it’s Bharti. Sana says it’s Katrina only. Asim says it’s Guthi. Guthi says take off your blindfolds. They take off the blindfolds and are happy to see her. Guthi says hello. I am Katrina Kaif in my neighborhood. Guthi thanks Bigg Boss for calling her. She says Arhaan-Rashami awww… Rashami sends her flying kiss. She says I have some news from outside.
Guthi says the first news is about Shefali Zari, her neighbor is asking to eliminate her as she hasn’t paid her rent. All laugh. He jokes about Vikas. Guthi says let’s dance. She dances with Sana. Guthi says when Vishal and Madhu’s hair is open then nobody can recognize them. Guthi jokes more with them.
Guthi says Bigg Boss wants Rashami and Arhaan to dance romantically. Song Humtum plays, Arhaan romantically dances with Arhaan but Rashami is tensed. She says Arhaan you don’t know. He lifts her in his arms. All sing for them. Guthi says Vishal and Paras will have a dance face-off. They both energetically dance. Vishal wins the face-off. Mahira says I liked Paras’ steps. Guthi says I have to leave now. She sings with them and leaves.

On stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says Guthi romanced with me. All laugh. Sana says make us meet Katrina Kaif. Salman says I am trying too. All laugh. Salman says let’s play the slap task. We will ask questions and if the majority does not agree then he or she will be slapped. The first is Arhaan.
Arhaan: Salman asks who is trying to make the place in the house but can’t? He says Vishal. Only 3 agree so he gets slapped. Salman asks who makes others work for her? He says Madhu but no one agrees. Arhaan is slapped. Salman says these are Rashami’s slaps. Salman asks who has a problem with Vishal and Mahira’s friendship? He says Paras. Five of the inmates agree. Salman asks who is trying to be the leader of the house? He says Vishal. Only Rashami agrees. Salman asks who doesn’t deserve to be in the house? He says Vishal. No one agrees.
Sana: Salman asks who has a fake relationship in the house? She says Arhaan and Rashami. Arhaan seems to be faking it. Salman asks who did you miss most from Sid and Paras? She says Sid is not here so.. but I missed Sid most. Salman asks who should be slapped in the house? She says Vishal, no one agrees so she is slapped. Salman asks who gets manipulated by others? Sana says me. Paras agrees with her. Salman asks who knows the game in the house? Sana says Paras. All agree.
Vishal: Salman asks who fights without any reason? Vishal says it’s Arti. No one agrees. Salman asks who is touchy in the house. Vishal says Paras. He has slapped again. Salman asks who is failed in the house? He says Arhaan. Madhu agrees and says he has come here for Rashami. Salman asks who enters other’s fight? He says Arti. Salman asks who is a follower in the house? Vishal says Arhaan, he doesn’t have his stance. Salman ends the call.

On stage:
Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan enter the stage. Hina says we are here to promote our song. Hina sings it. Salman wishes them luck. Hina says this season is going good. Salman says all are noticed in this season. Priyank says Asim is playing well. Salman dances with Hina. They go into the house.

In the house:
Hina and Priyank enter the house. Hina hugs Rashami and says you are strong so stay that way. Hina says we are here to promote our song. Hina says we became friends here. We will play a game with you. You have to rate inmates as friends, danger and zero.
Arhaan: He says Asim is a danger. Rashami is a friend. We are good friends. Hina asks if there is love too? Rashami says yes. Arhaan says Madhu is zero.
Shefali Zari: She says Vikas is a friend. The danger is Asim because of misunderstandings. Madhu is a zero.
Bhau: Bhau says Shefali is my friend. Sana is a danger for me. Paras is zero for me.
Paras: He says Mahira is a friend. Sana is a danger as she might surpass me. Asim is zero to me.
Bagga: She says Sana is a friend. Vikas is a danger to me. Madhu is zero.
Arti: Rashami is a friend. I am always there for her. Bagga is a danger. Arhaan is zero to me.
Vikas: Asim is a friend. Paras is a danger. Madhu is zero.
Mahira: Paras is a friend. Paras is a danger too as I won’t be able to handle myself if we are not friends anymore. Madhu is zero to me.
Vishal: Arhaan is zero. Sana is a danger. Shefali Zari is a friend to me.
Madhu: Vikas is a friend. Sana is a danger. Arhaan is zero to me. He is playing for Rashami only. He doesn’t talk about anything else.
Asim: He says Rashami is a good friend. Sana can be a potential danger. Paras is zero to me. His thinking is very small.
Sana: Sana says Vishal is a friend. He listens to me and entertains me. Paras is a danger, he is my competition. Arhaan is zero to me, he has no game, he is taking care of Rashami but she doesn’t need it.
Rashami: She says Asim is a good friend. He is real. Sana is a danger, she is a kid but she is strong. Vishal is zero to me.

Hina says Rashami wins a friend tag. Sana wins the danger tag and Madhu wins the zero tag. They greet them and leave.

On stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says Sana is a good competition. Salman says Sid is safe. Madhu has to leave now. It’s not a double eviction. Madhu is safe, she is not going. Let me tell you who is going today. Sana I am sorry, you played well but you have got the least votes. Sana says I don’t agree but I didn’t entertain for 4 days. Salman says you got the least votes so you have to go. Sana cries and says this is not okay. Salman ends the call. Vikas hugs Sana. Sana says I have to go. Rashami says wait. Salman reconnects the call. Sana cries and says don’t let me go. I fell ill for 4 days and they are doing this? Let’s see the gate. Salman says Sana you are out so why crying and all that? You should leave now. Sana says they called me a danger. Salman says but you didn’t get the votes. Sana says please tell me, I already have acidity problem. All laugh. Salman says you didn’t entertain so you have to leave now, your fans didn’t vote for you. Come out. Sana says I have to go because I didn’t entertain for 4 days. She goes to check the door. Paras says are you mad? Mahira hugs her and says you are not going anywhere. The door opens. Sana says I don’t want to go. She hugs Bagga but the door closes again. Salman asks Sana what she is doing? This is not a joke. I have come back for the third time, you are out. Salman ends the call. All are tensed. Paras says she is not going. Rashami talks to Sana. Asim says Salman has said it 3 times. Paras says why are you so confident that she is leaving? Asim says Salman has said it. Sana says I am going. She hugs everyone and laughs. Salman comes back. Salman says BHAU HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Salman asks Sana to see how they leave the house. Sana says I feel like there are more weak people left. All laugh. Salman ends the call. Bhau hugs everyone. Arhaan says Bhau is not leaving. Shefali Zari hugs him. Bhau says I will miss everyone. He leaves the house. Shefali cries and hugs Vishal. Salman ends the episode.

PRECAP- Rashami tells Arhaan that their relationship is starting and you have said all that, you have said that you have made me, it was wrongly projected. Arhaan says I am a respectable person too, my family is not on road. Rashami tells Vikas that you know I don’t have anyone to love me, I don’t want to lose Arhaan.
Bigg Boss calls Sana in the confession. She goes there to see Sid. She hugs him. Bigg Boss says you were missing Sid so take him inside. Sid enters the house again. He hugs everyone. Sana says Asim was missing you. Sid says wow. Asim hugs Sid. Rashami is not happy to see him.
In the nominations, Vishal nominates Bagga. Arhaan nominates Paras. Sana nominates Madhu. Sid says I am not gonna play safe so..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. When Hina danced with Asim and praised him infront of Paras(edited) , took his name for winning ?????????????

  2. I don’t understand why Rashmi was obsessed with Arhaan fake love, why she don’t want to understand the thing when everyone saman ,gaurav n even Asim tried to realise her to change her decision by exposing Arhaan in front of her in every way they tried to but she still say that she doesn’t want lose Arhaan because of love he never got in her life. Why she don’t that Maybe she get better life partner than Arhaan.

  3. I think rashmi is doing everything for show now. So many people warned her. She is probably doing it for the show.
    Did anyone notice how happy paras n mahira were when shehnaazs fake eviction was happening? They completely ditched her! But shehnaaz still wont realize

    1. Do you know how old she is? Did you know she was married and had a miscarriage and her marriage broke because she went into depression. She couldn’t cope. She tried to move on but every people she came across betrayed her or never were genuine. However that guy Arhaan is, he did probably helped her pick up her broken pieces and mend her heart. He probably felt the need to clarify his name after he was dragged down for not telling Rashmi about a kid by telling Bagga, he helped her, he was there for her when no one was. It was wrong for him to make that move but he felt the need to let everyone know, he loved her and he did so much for her. Rashmi Can’t let him go because despite of what, we we audience are see ing, we don’t know the reality and depth of their relationship. If I put myself in her place, I would be mad at Arhaan but if what he did for her was true and what he means to her is true, why would I let someone go who has cared for me so much. Let’s not judge people based on what you see here. He may be stupid and and idiot for making shitty moves but Rashmi is grateful to him and that is why she can’t let him go.

  4. God, Rashami is Soo Desperate for love!!!
    and plz tell her to change her facial expression??always gloomy

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