Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi misunderstands Vedika

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we are going out, we will come back soon. Manish and Samarth tease Kartik about Naira. They go. Kartik thinks what shall I surprise for Naira now. He gets ready. He waits for Naira. He says when will you come Naira, when I grow old…. He thinks Naira has come and hides. He drops the rose petals. He does shayari. He says I love you Naira, I love you more than anything. He removes the gifts and sees her face. Vedika says sorry, I came in between by mistake, Naira is talking to someone. Naira comes. Vedika says sorry to spoil your surprise. She goes. Kartik says its a mistake. Naira says sorry, I should have informed you that Vedika is coming. He says I will not stop now and will say how much I love you. They smile. Vedika looks on and cries.

Kartik and Naira make guest list. Vedika sits sad. They ask Vedika about the menu. Dadi and everyone come home. Dadi gives them mauli thread. Dadi asks them to touch the things in the plate and send it to temple. Kartik and Naira say we don’t know what to plan now. Naksh says we will plan it now. Samarth says we will think better. Naira joins her family. Kartik says you didn’t know Goenkas’ swag. Naira says you didn’t see Singhanias’ swag. Naksh says all Singhanias will be with us. Gayu joins to them. They laugh. Vedika gets a call.

She says its not of him, its from Akshara dance academy. Dadi asks why. Naira says Vedika is finding a job, we are finding a creative manager, I proposed it. Kartik says you did good. Everyone rehearses dance. Naira laughs. Kartik goes to her. He drinks water. He looks around and kisses her. Naira goes to him and kisses. Suwarna gets the bridal dress. Naira says it has mumma’s memories. Dadi asks her to keep it in puja, she will give it to her later. They ask Naira to teach them dance. Surekha says you will decide our clothes. Naira asks Vedika to come.

Vedika thinks everyone loves Naira, but what about me. Kairav wears skates. Vansh says we will ask them to keep snow world theme. Dadi shouts Vedika, what did you do. Vedika tries to blow off the fire. Naira sees her lahenga burning. Kartik and Naira run and save the lahenga. Naira cries and hugs lahenga. Dadi says Vedika, its Naira’s mum’s last sign, her bridal lahenga, how could you be careless while walking and drop the diya, its a bad omen. Suwarna and Naira say why will Vedika do it. Vansh says maybe the diya fell by our mistake, Vedika was standing aside. Vansh and Kairav say very sorry Dadi. Akhilesh asks them to go. They say sorry to Vedika and Naira.

Kartik says it happened bad, but its not anyone’s mistake, we will make our mood better now. Naira says sorry Vedika. Vedika says its fine, I couldn’t save your lahenga. Dadi apologizes to them. She says we can’t fix this lahenga, but I promise to get the best lahenga for you. Naira hugs her. Kartik pulls Naira to him and asks are you upset.

She says no, I have mum’s blessings with me, I had worn it before. He says I don’t think you will fit in that lahenga now. She says you mean I m fat. He says no, just healthy. He asks her to look at himself. He says we will always be together and overcome problems. He hugs her. Kairav and Vansh dance. Vedika sees Kairav falling down. Kairav falls down and shouts mumma. Everyone runs to Kairav. Vedika asks are you fine Kairav…. Naira says Kartik, he is fine, he is brave boy… Kartik says we will call doctor. Naira says he is fine. Kartik says you aren’t a doctor, I have to take him. Kairav says I m fine, I m afraid and crying. He asks them not to shout, he is fine. He jumps and shows them. Kartik says okay. Kairav says I got the sangeet theme, mumma versus papa. Manish says its permanent theme. Samarth says they always fight. Naira says I accept the theme, frog.

Kartik says wild girl. They argue. Akhilesh asks Kairav in which team will he go. Kartik and Naira pull him and fight. Kairav runs to washroom. Suwarna says don’t underestimate him. Kartik asks Naira to just enjoy the sangeet, get ready and come. Naira gets ready and says frog was challenging me, I will show him. Vedika shouts Naira… Naira gets pricked by the pin. Vedika says sorry, dance academy called on landline and said your phone is not reachable. Naira says I didn’t get any call.

Vedika says a girl’s parents are fighting, tell me details, I will go. Naira says no, I will manage it, there is still time for sangeet. They go. Naira says how did this road get closed. Vedika says don’t know, I had seen in news about underground water pipes repair, go home, I will manage. Naira says no. Vedika asks what shall we do, the other route… Naira says its long. Vedika says isolated also… Naira thinks will I reach Sangeet on time.

Everyone waits for Naira. Vedika gets locked in the academy. Naira tries to help.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Soofia Bhatti

    Hi I’m soofia I really hate this vedika she is coming between naira kartik again she keeps taking naira Away from kartik I really hope that naira doesn’t help vedika at all it serves vedika right for taking naira away from kartik it’s not fair on naira kartik anymore vedika should leave naira kartik alone forever

    1. i know right . a guy does’nt like you get over it. if she kills naira , this it , this show will be crap. she wants to force her self onto kaithk . this just rubbish.

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