Bigg Boss 12 9th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree’s wife roasts Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 9th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says inmates met their family members and got emotional.

KV reads task ‘remote control’. Bigg Boss will pause them and give them tasks to do. Bigg Boss pause and fast forward inmates. Surbhi says its going to be fun.

Bigg Boss inmates. Surbhi’s brother Abhi comes in house. He says hi Subhu, dont cry, he hugs her and says you are doing nice, you became captain again, he says poetry for her. Abhi says you are looking good, if you make medicine sweet then all will be nice. Abhi says to Deepak that keep my sister happy, keep playing nice. Abhi hugs KV and says she is nice but cant control her words. Abhi says to Sree that I am your fan, continue your play, we say things in anger, just control that, whatever happened, forget that. Abhi says to Dipika that Surbhi is nice, she just wants to win, keep up the work.
Abhi comes to Romil and says you are his brother, you can listen to her in anger. Bigg Boss says to Abhi that its time to leave. He hugs Surbhi and starts going. Bigg Boss says Surbhi play, she runs and hugs him. She cries and says I miss you so much. He hugs her and says all are good in home, Surbhi says I am sorry. Bigg Boss pause Surbhi. Abhi says focus and leaves. Bigg Boss asks inmates to play. KV, Deepak, Somi hugs Surbhi.

Deepak is giving massage to Romil. Bigg Boss pause them, Deepak is standing on Romil’s back. Bigg Boss says fast forward, Deepak massages him fast, all laugh.

Bigg Boss pause inmates. Bhuvneshwari enters house, she hugs Sree and cries. He says dont cry. Bhuvneshwari says everyone likes you, dont let them provoke you, dont give them right to hurt you, I know you are emotional, they are your fans for you, dont give up, play well. Bhuvneshwari says to Dipika that you are so pretty in person, she says this year is about you and Sree’s relation, I love you, those who call you fake are fake. Bhuvneshwari says to Deepak that you were entertaining but dont hurt people as there is life after Bigg boss, God bless you. She says to Surbhi that I was disappointed by you, he forgave you but I cant, you called him black crow, Sree says no. Bhuvneshwari says let me talk, she says you said he said bad words but what about you? you dont take others emotions in consideration, you provoked him to say all that, I am sorry on his behalf but if he celebrates his family’s birthday so what? he said about Harbhajan to make you captain, he sacrificed his story for you, people are seeing what words you say, I have never seen my father in law angry but your words made him angry, I cannot forgive you. Sree says enough, hug her. Bhuvneshwari says no, think about your identity first before calling out to others. Sree says to Surbhi. Bhuvneshwari says to KV that Sree was your nice friend, you are nice person, think about your choices. She says to Romil that you are a nice person, she says to Rohit that you dont exist for me. Bigg Boss says Sree play. Sree runs and hugs Surbhi, he asks Bhuvneshwari to hug her, she says no, he says please. He pulls her in a hug, she says I love you, she said your story for her. Bhuvneshwari says to Sree that I love your relation with Dipika, she says you have to play for yourself. Buzzer plays, Dipika says go brother. Sree goes in store room and finds his kids. His daughter says I missed you. His daughter jumps and checks everything in house, he gives them his medals. She says I want to meet Dipika Bua. She comes to Dipika and kisses her cheek. Dipika smiles. Bigg Boss pause Sree. He kisses his kids, Bhuvneshwari hugs him and says love you, Bigg Boss asks them to leave. Bhuvneshwari asks him to not be emotional. Bhuvneshwari leaves with kids. Bigg Boss says play. Dipika and Deepak hugs Sree. Surbhi leaves from there.
Surbhi cries in washroom.
Deepak says to Sree that she said such nice english. Dipika says cute.

Romil says to Sree that Surbhi felt bad. Dipika says she is a wife, I would do same.
KV comes to Surbhi and says she is his wife, she had right to say all that. Surbhi says everyone has a perspective.
Deepak says to Somi that Sree’s wife took Surbhi’s class so well, she was not hugging Surbhi, Sree tried a lot but she pointed out her mistakes.
Sree says to Dipika that we should talk to Surbhi, Dipika says as wife she was right.
Sree and Dipika comes to Surbhi. Surbhi says it was her emotions, she is his wife and felt bad. Sree says she doesnt know about things in house.

Surbhi says to KV that my brother talked about self-realization, he didnt point on others. KV says I feel for you. Surbhi says the way she was talking to me, I felt like a villain but maybe I am for her.

Rohit says to Dipika that I never talked about your identity. Dipika says you keep insulting me and said that you will leave. Rohit says I say things in emotions, I will keep things in mind.

Dipika says to Sree that Rohit said sorry to me, I switch off from some people, he said sorry but I dont form bond with them, I am not like that with Deepak but I dont like Rohit.

Sree says to Dipika that I was angry on Rohit and said to come here, he went behind pillar and said Bigg boss plase, I hope you understand. Dipika says poor him. Sree says KV lost to everyone in sultani ring, he won against Deepak only. Sree and Romil cant stop laughing.

Day 84
Inmates wake up to song koi mil gaya. They all dance and enjoy.

Surbhi is joking with Dipika. Bigg Boss says Surbhi pause. Deepak plays with her hair, Somi does her makeup. Bigg Boss pause Deepak. He is lying on floor, Bigg Boss Surbhi play, Surbhi does funny makeup on Deepak. Then Bigg Boss pause Surbhi and ask Deepak to play. Deepak puts lipstick on her face. Bigg Boss says Surbhi play, Surbhi runs behind him.

Deepak’s father enters house. Bigg Boss everyone. Deepak’s father hugs Sree and Romil. He comes to Deepak and says hug me son, he hugs him and cries. He says you fulfilled our dream, Deepak cries. KV is emotional. His father tries to make him stand, Deepak does and points to Somi. His father comes to Rohit and says you are his younger brother, play nice, he says to Somi that play nice, he cant marry you but he is your good friend. Deapak cries. His father says dont cry. Deepak falls in feet and cries. His father says you fulfilled our dream, dont cry, dont worry. Bigg Boss says Deepak play. Deepak takes him to KV and says he is very nice, he makes him meet Surbhi and says she is my sister. His father says remain Deepak like before, make everyone happy here, we have made you come here from poverty, this is our dream. He says to Sree that he is your elder brother. Deepak says I made song on him. His father says respect him, dont lose your respect, Deepak says I respect him from heart. Deepak makes him meet Romil and says he is my first brother. His father says you are his father, today I first time sat in plane and wore 1000rs shoes, you helped him, Sree is his elder brother too, I will never forget it. Deepak asks mummy didnt come? he says no. Deepak says you came from plane? He says yes. Deepak gives him tea and says I made it. His father drinks it. Deepak makes him meet Somi and says her father will come too. His father says be happy, you have lost weight. Deepak says its time for his father to leave, Deepak takes him to door. Father says dont worry, I pray for you. Deepak says I will win. His father says to Sree that he is your younger brother, bless him. His father says to Deepak that you made our dream come true, he kisses him and says dont fight. Bigg Boss pause Deepak. Deepak cries and touches his feet. His father touches ground and leaves. Bigg Boss says all play. Deepak gets emotional. Sree hugs him and says are you fine? Deepak nods and hugs Romil, Rohit and KV. Somi laughs and says he said marriage cant happen, its so funny. Deepak blushes. Somi says his father rejected me before I could. Deepak says he told shoe price too. Deepak says I am trying and my father said marriage cant happen. He says to Sree that he was your huge fan. KV says I want to request to get him engaged in village.

Romil says to Somi that I have respect, we had many fights here, dont know what they said about me behind my back. Bigg Boss says pause. Bigg Boss says Rohit play. Rohit comes out from bedroom and looks around, Bigg Boss calls him in confession room. He finds his mother there and cries. Bigg Boss says rewind. Rohit goes out of confession room. Bigg Boss says pause. Rohit cries. KV asks what happened? Bigg Boss says to his mother that she can go inside. She comes in house and hugs Rohit. She says dont cry. Bigg Boss says Rohit play. Rohit hugs her and touches her feet. She meets Surbhi and says you take care of him like a sister, she says to KV that you are playing nice. She meets Romil and says take care of everyone, she says to Somi that you are playing nice. Rohit brings her to Dipika and Sree. She says to Dipika that my mother used to watch your serial everyday, Rohit says I respect her most in show. His mother says hi to Sree and says take care of him, Rohit says sorry to Sree and touches his feet. Bigg boss Rohit and asks his mother to leave. His mother leaves. Bigg Boss says play. Rohit thanks Bigg Boss.

Inmates hear Teejay’s voice, she says KV we missed you so much. KV says Tee where are you? He looks around. Bigg Boss pause everyone. Teejay comes in house with her daughters. KV cries seeing them. His daughters wave at everyone. Teejay comes to KV, he cries seeing his daughters. Teejay says dont cry, KV says hi to his daughters. Bigg Boss says KV play. KV hugs his family and cries. Sree and Dipika smiles seeing his daughters. Teejay says I am here, he hugs her and cries. KV says come on, he makes them meet Rohit, his daughter kisses Rohit. Teejay says control your fun. KV makes his daughters meet Dipika and Sree, his daughter kisses Dipika. Teejay says to them that you have took care of KV, thank you for that, she kisses Dipika’s forehead and says I liked when you joke Sree, when you come out, we will solve everything. Teejay says to Surbhi that you talk nicely but you get too out of control. KV takes his daughters to garden. Teejay says to Deepak that you called KV diamond, dont cheat him. KV plays with his daughters. Teejay hugs KV and cries. She sits with him and says you are loved, just remember to not make groups, you are strongest when you are alone. His daughters tell capitals of countries. KV says I am so proud. Bigg Boss says KV pause.

On stage, Salman says all got emotional today. A lot is going to happen this week, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- KV takes his daughters and wife to door, his daughter says I love you, she doesnt want to leave him but door closes and she cries. KV cries too.
Somi’s sister Saba comes in house, Somi cries, Saba says you are playing nicely, people think girl and boy should have a name to their relation, they cant accept friendship.
Romil brings his son and wife to Somi, his wife says she is your younger sister right? Romil says she is my best buddy and nicest person of house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think sree’s wife did a lot today instead of cheering up highlighting others mistakes only as if Sree has not done anything.. Mistakes from Sree n others are warned by Salman no need to say on others faces rest of d family members r so decent n tj n kids u stole the show..

    1. She apologized to Surbhi on behalf of Shree…she warned him too to control his anger,words and being emotional..
      None of the other contestants was humiliated as much as Shree…
      Plus she is not a celebrity and was not bothered about her image or people judging her on basis of this…

    2. @xyz, it was justified but not dignified way to potray but anyways wife is wife for her husband he is best and for any brother its her sis who is best # nainji errupted the same way surbhi had errupted # its tit for tat # only way it was possible to pause surbhi lol #LEGEND BIGG BOSS

    3. Rajjo

      everyone knows its only bigg boss who can stop surbhi… lol…

  2. An emotional roller coaster…
    Bella and Shree’s sanu stole the show….
    All the kids were so cute n adorable….
    Best moments…
    1) Bella holding to dad when BB asked them to leave….so cute…
    2) Sanu hopping around expressing her happiness of meeting dad…
    3) Shree ran n hugged Surbhi before he hug his wife…
    Abhinav – I won’t judge him…after all he is a brother and he is meeting after long….cute sibling bond….
    Nayanji – was bang on…she explained Shree how well he is playing and where he is lagging behind… motivated Deepika…
    Taught Surbhi a lesson…I won’t say she was rude…she is a wife n u can’t tolerate ur husband getting hurt…i will say she was genuine and real… didn’t care about the cameras…and vented out whatever she felt…
    Nayanji to Rohit- that’s the best one…
    Shree’s kids…?? Sanu calling Deepikabua…
    I will salute Shree for his heart…he ran and hugged Surbhi first…he literally has a heart of gold…he knew he will have few minutes left to meet n talk…yet he chose to go to Surbhi first n made sure his wife hug Surbhi….he was stopping his wife when he was on pause…
    Deepak Papa – such a pure and innocent soul….I wish Deepak could get back that innocence… whatever he said was literally from heart to everyone….
    TJ – advised KV to not play in groups…I hope he gets it …and the kids were ??
    I felt his pain when his kids refused to leave him… poor babies… they just want their dad…
    I will appreciate Surbhi for understanding Nayanji’s emotions…
    Loved BB editors today for the fact that they showed few funny moments (BB playing with Deepak-surbhi , Deepak-romil moments…)
    And lastly to everyone who compares TJ and Nayanji( as both are wife’s of the BB contestants…)
    1)Nayanji is not an actress or from TV background…she is just a wife…any house wife would have done the same… Was not bothered ABT her image or cameras…
    TJ is a celebrity…TJ is used to cameras and media and how to keep ur image and celebrity status…besides that,I felt she held her back coz of that open letter issue too ..
    2) Shree had to go through a lot compared to KV…his career, family, injury, slap gate,skin colour and character(‘casanova’) was questioned in this show…KV was kinda ignored or leg pulled by Salman and BB makers…TJ couldn’t tolerate that and wrote an open letter…
    I am sure if KV had to go through Shree’s journey,TJ would have done the same what nayanji had done….
    * I will stand by Nayanji for bashing Surbhi and by TJ for writing an open letter… because u r a wife and can’t tolerate ur hubby getting hurt…

    1. @ loved ur comment jisha

    2. Well said, Jisha! As a wife, I would do the same. And Surbhi deserved every bit of it…relieved that there’s a clamp on her gutter mouth these days. I would hate to be around a person like Surbhi even for a minute, but Sree has to handle and tolerate her presence for 3 more weeks! Glad that she was told by Salman exactly where does she stand!

    3. SEEMS like some MAHILA MUKTI MORCHA ngos will make you their leader lol
      nain ji was like – BHARTIYE NARI SABPE BHARI 😛
      its now even-odds time to move on with this pakau fight lol its really headache to talk upon :p

    4. Rajjo

      well done… well said…
      actually people are taking nayanjee as rude just becoz surbhi was paused there and she was not allowed to utter a word which is going in favor of her otherwise people wouldn’t have taken surbhi’s side… and shree also says sometimes that goes wrong n against him…

  3. Bella Bella Bella….. who cares about the rest

    1. @Asha Sparks ,
      perfect comment of the day !!!! it was all bellalicious bravo !!!!!!

  4. Well Anuanu…. Teejay has already declared that letter thing as past. You can check her interviews. And don’t you think because of their personal bonding with Salman…. She wouldn’t have explained it to him via call or something.

  5. AnuAnu

    @Arohi then Sree’s career and family is out of tasks too. Who the hell is she to call South people ‘Kahala kawwa’. She got what she deserved. Chalo tikka hai Sree’s career became like this bcz of his attitude in some people’s opinion so she commented on that.
    You can’t comment on someone color it’s not decided by you..

    She started it all. So where was everybody when Salman bashed Sree only in WKW.
    BTW I am not married too..

    1. @Anu Anu ,
      its diversification in thoughts pro some northies comments on language dresses colour etc etc on south , some southies comments on illiteracy,modernisation, english , foods etc etc on north
      but i think no one is born perfect here inspite of how difficult to understand two belts scenarios one has to adopt each other pros and cons ( in a good way), its bad to see people commenting like that but in friends leg pulling is the flavour but in boundaries of each other’s comfort , if we share our thoughts and beliefs politely with each other and give time it will groom into a beautifull friendship for ever irrespective of the belts we come #
      just wanted to say enjoy all the flavours of united india forgetting all the shyness and reluctance #give it a try i know it will bring absolute kinderjoy :))-
      nice comments from u # cheers

    2. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes sorry but I would have to disagree. We people from south respect and look up to you.
      I mean I watch Hindi channels.. Even there is malayalam BB but I watch hindi too..
      Let me ask you a question when was the last time you watched a South movie or googled any South actors??
      It’s nothing personal but I can’t stand discrimination.

    3. well your point is correct on your behalf and i will stand on my way all the way coz i don’t want you to accept rather i will be glad if u cherish as you are doing it now
      by the way brahmanandam and jnr ntr rocks and answering your south movie question u have had wrong notion regarding me on that i cherish south actors and south movies always but its ok we will evolve the misunderstandings and better try it out to understand the matter well
      discrimination is just the worst thing ever in the society , i feel welcoming ppl by heart will do good rather than holding one’s hands # for me , i never judge a book by its cover # take your time # and arrive at some conclusions and believe that im not a belt scenario person
      if googling south actors and south movies is the perception to be non discriminative then fanl-ly i belongs to india :p# no offence : don’t take anything personal coz unfolded matters will unfold with the scissorical time :p# cheers and keep smiling coz seriousness bring dark circles lol

    4. Sweetheart, when did u watch a punjabi film last time or googled any Punjabi actor ?
      Bollywood or Hindi channels are for whole of India. And u should feel proud South Indian Cinema is a big and popular one!
      Every state in India has regional movies, serials, but we don’t judge on that basis. Right ? We don’t judge who is who. Bollywood is the most popular and so, we watch it. Everyone of us.
      We watch Netflix , we watch English movies too. Does that mean we aren’t Indians ? South Indian Movies are great and very popular . Airplanes has nothing to do with that.

    5. Lokesh

      Yes , we r Indian that’s the only thing, I m from Bihar and I love south movies ( dubbed), and I follow lots of actors there, Nithin Reddy, naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Nayantara and India’s favourite the Baahubali team . And above one wrote ,each state have its own regional cinema, and no one can watch everything, we watch the famous ones, I watched some Punjabi too, and bollywood is not about you north India only it’s for whole India, I m Bihari, and I haven’t watched any Bhojpuri Film yet, but I watched south ones alot, so u South PPL should be proud that u guys are famous all over India.

    6. @AnuAnu
      Then KV’s father’s aukat, Dipika’s fakeness, Deepak’s ‘do kauri ka aukat’ everything was out of task too.
      He didn’t get what he deserved.
      Because I believe he has a very pure soul and a beautiful heart which portrays the goodness in him inspite of all the worst things he told in the heat of the moment to everyone ! He is forgiven because it came as an outburst .
      If all counted that as past, his wife should do that too.

    7. AnuAnu

      @Arohi who counted all that as a past? Sree is been gone to jail every other week and bashed by Salman and ever others. When was the last time Surbhi or Deepak went to jail or bashed by Salman????

      He is a pure hearted soul so is his wife..
      If you check voot videos Sree can be seen joking around and showing off his dancing and drawing talents he is not like that everyone. I mean i am not one of them who stand like statue if someone comments on my family and culture sorry.?

    8. Are you sure that he didn’t get what he deserve? Cause as far as I remember he has been reprimanded on every wkw sent to jail every week while how many times did surbhi or rohit scolded?how many times did they went to jail?

    9. @arohi nice comments proud to be a bengali aswell ?

    10. Completely agree with you I don’t understand why people are feeling so bad for surbhi rana who kept pinning someone on most tragic part of their life a part which they already said that they were so upset about that they tried commuting suicide for it?, it’s ridiculous that she’s getting sympathy over a completely justified reaction ugh and honestly tj didn’t handle people same way as sree wife cause kV has never been cornered like sree infact instead helped people in cornering sree so idk where the comparison came from…I honestly can’t wait for today’s episode where apparently romil’s wife too will put surbhi in her place for just one comment then I’ll see how many people praise her or stay quite about it…

    11. @ anon2
      Well said

    12. AnuAnu

      @Anon 2 well said ????

    13. And the way she kept harassing him in tasks taking advantage of her gender that how she’ll entangle him in molestation charges if he touched her during task or how she clapped in his face continuously in that one particular task just because he couldn’t react back and if he did she’ll cry about him molesting a woman it’s not a small thing to sideline these issues it wasn’t just a madwoman ranting NO she has been gross with him and was showing some serious internalized bigotry and people are favoring her over a victim’s wife HOW & WHY?

    14. AnuAnu

      @Mannu well said ?????

  6. AnuAnu

    For all KV and Sree fans please do watch the video

    1. Wow and producers and salman cry over these contestants not giving content ? omg I just feel this show has been so much better in fact even better than last season if only editors haven’t messed everything up ?????????kut*te k*m*ee*n*e saaley haay lagegi meri inko jitna inhone show ko barbaad kiya hai I was so excited when I came to know that sree will be part of the show as well then producers didn’t even show his full personality sigh

  7. @telly updates ,can anyone tell me how to post emojis here is it available in laptop or in mobile only and if through mobile then also tell me the procedure

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg bella vienna, sanvika n teshu stole the show today ??????. They r so adorable. Bella n sanvika were the happiest when they came. The way bella called everyone’s name like deepak, seesant, deepa maasi aww ????, and also sanvika calling dipika bua ?
    So so adorable
    The most heart warming episode of this season ❤️❤️❤️
    Deepak’s father n Rohit’s mom r really sweet
    Kv’s wife is very sensible too

    1. Nivika

      Hello jo….snehal here….how r u?????

  9. Watch Voot short from today’s episode.
    Dipika shoaib !!!!! I cried
    Romil baby cutie !! Wife no less than hus … funny..
    Saba gave nice advice

  10. AnuAnu

    @Arohi sweet hear the last Punjabi film was Qismat and I know heroine was Sargun mehta and Amy Virk as male lead bcz i found the songs in the movie very interesting…. I even youtube that movie but no luck.BTW we have a lot of Malayalam movies based on punjab Punjabi House, Mallu Singh, Godha… We respect everyone’s culture..

    I am very proud of South movie dr who told you I am not? I am very much proud to one.

    Now, when was the last time you watched or Google South movies

    1. AnuAnu

      And I didn’t say anything to @Airplanes we were just discussing… Our views i have nothing against @Airplanes lots of love to you too have fun ?

    2. Lokesh

      That comment of Surbhi about Kala kawa was really wrong, even in North Kala ppl are here, even I m also , but everyone is not the same , gud PPL always respect each other, and exchange culture and thoughts, I don’t know whether u know or not but after free internet in India , most of the college going students watches a South movie Daily, some of my frnds are like they have watched all the dubbed ones , not a single one is left which are present on you tube and i also watched qismat, because of the songs. Kya gaane hai yAar, sargun nailed there. Gud to read south PPL also watch Bhojpuri, because Maine Abhi tak ek bhi nahi dekhi

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