Bigg Boss 12 9th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree’s wife roasts Surbhi

Bigg Boss 12 9th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says inmates met their family members and got emotional.

KV reads task ‘remote control’. Bigg Boss will pause them and give them tasks to do. Bigg Boss pause and fast forward inmates. Surbhi says its going to be fun.

Bigg Boss inmates. Surbhi’s brother Abhi comes in house. He says hi Subhu, dont cry, he hugs her and says you are doing nice, you became captain again, he says poetry for her. Abhi says you are looking good, if you make medicine sweet then all will be nice. Abhi says to Deepak that keep my sister happy, keep playing nice. Abhi hugs KV and says she is nice but cant control her words. Abhi says to Sree that I am your fan, continue your play, we say things in anger, just control that, whatever happened, forget that. Abhi says to Dipika that Surbhi is nice, she just wants to win, keep up the work.
Abhi comes to Romil and says you are his brother, you can listen to her in anger. Bigg Boss says to Abhi that its time to leave. He hugs Surbhi and starts going. Bigg Boss says Surbhi play, she runs and hugs him. She cries and says I miss you so much. He hugs her and says all are good in home, Surbhi says I am sorry. Bigg Boss pause Surbhi. Abhi says focus and leaves. Bigg Boss asks inmates to play. KV, Deepak, Somi hugs Surbhi.

Deepak is giving massage to Romil. Bigg Boss pause them, Deepak is standing on Romil’s back. Bigg Boss says fast forward, Deepak massages him fast, all laugh.

Bigg Boss pause inmates. Bhuvneshwari enters house, she hugs Sree and cries. He says dont cry. Bhuvneshwari says everyone likes you, dont let them provoke you, dont give them right to hurt you, I know you are emotional, they are your fans for you, dont give up, play well. Bhuvneshwari says to Dipika that you are so pretty in person, she says this year is about you and Sree’s relation, I love you, those who call you fake are fake. Bhuvneshwari says to Deepak that you were entertaining but dont hurt people as there is life after Bigg boss, God bless you. She says to Surbhi that I was disappointed by you, he forgave you but I cant, you called him black crow, Sree says no. Bhuvneshwari says let me talk, she says you said he said bad words but what about you? you dont take others emotions in consideration, you provoked him to say all that, I am sorry on his behalf but if he celebrates his family’s birthday so what? he said about Harbhajan to make you captain, he sacrificed his story for you, people are seeing what words you say, I have never seen my father in law angry but your words made him angry, I cannot forgive you. Sree says enough, hug her. Bhuvneshwari says no, think about your identity first before calling out to others. Sree says to Surbhi. Bhuvneshwari says to KV that Sree was your nice friend, you are nice person, think about your choices. She says to Romil that you are a nice person, she says to Rohit that you dont exist for me. Bigg Boss says Sree play. Sree runs and hugs Surbhi, he asks Bhuvneshwari to hug her, she says no, he says please. He pulls her in a hug, she says I love you, she said your story for her. Bhuvneshwari says to Sree that I love your relation with Dipika, she says you have to play for yourself. Buzzer plays, Dipika says go brother. Sree goes in store room and finds his kids. His daughter says I missed you. His daughter jumps and checks everything in house, he gives them his medals. She says I want to meet Dipika Bua. She comes to Dipika and kisses her cheek. Dipika smiles. Bigg Boss pause Sree. He kisses his kids, Bhuvneshwari hugs him and says love you, Bigg Boss asks them to leave. Bhuvneshwari asks him to not be emotional. Bhuvneshwari leaves with kids. Bigg Boss says play. Dipika and Deepak hugs Sree. Surbhi leaves from there.
Surbhi cries in washroom.
Deepak says to Sree that she said such nice english. Dipika says cute.

Romil says to Sree that Surbhi felt bad. Dipika says she is a wife, I would do same.
KV comes to Surbhi and says she is his wife, she had right to say all that. Surbhi says everyone has a perspective.
Deepak says to Somi that Sree’s wife took Surbhi’s class so well, she was not hugging Surbhi, Sree tried a lot but she pointed out her mistakes.
Sree says to Dipika that we should talk to Surbhi, Dipika says as wife she was right.
Sree and Dipika comes to Surbhi. Surbhi says it was her emotions, she is his wife and felt bad. Sree says she doesnt know about things in house.

Surbhi says to KV that my brother talked about self-realization, he didnt point on others. KV says I feel for you. Surbhi says the way she was talking to me, I felt like a villain but maybe I am for her.

Rohit says to Dipika that I never talked about your identity. Dipika says you keep insulting me and said that you will leave. Rohit says I say things in emotions, I will keep things in mind.

Dipika says to Sree that Rohit said sorry to me, I switch off from some people, he said sorry but I dont form bond with them, I am not like that with Deepak but I dont like Rohit.

Sree says to Dipika that I was angry on Rohit and said to come here, he went behind pillar and said Bigg boss plase, I hope you understand. Dipika says poor him. Sree says KV lost to everyone in sultani ring, he won against Deepak only. Sree and Romil cant stop laughing.

Day 84
Inmates wake up to song koi mil gaya. They all dance and enjoy.

Surbhi is joking with Dipika. Bigg Boss says Surbhi pause. Deepak plays with her hair, Somi does her makeup. Bigg Boss pause Deepak. He is lying on floor, Bigg Boss Surbhi play, Surbhi does funny makeup on Deepak. Then Bigg Boss pause Surbhi and ask Deepak to play. Deepak puts lipstick on her face. Bigg Boss says Surbhi play, Surbhi runs behind him.

Deepak’s father enters house. Bigg Boss everyone. Deepak’s father hugs Sree and Romil. He comes to Deepak and says hug me son, he hugs him and cries. He says you fulfilled our dream, Deepak cries. KV is emotional. His father tries to make him stand, Deepak does and points to Somi. His father comes to Rohit and says you are his younger brother, play nice, he says to Somi that play nice, he cant marry you but he is your good friend. Deapak cries. His father says dont cry. Deepak falls in feet and cries. His father says you fulfilled our dream, dont cry, dont worry. Bigg Boss says Deepak play. Deepak takes him to KV and says he is very nice, he makes him meet Surbhi and says she is my sister. His father says remain Deepak like before, make everyone happy here, we have made you come here from poverty, this is our dream. He says to Sree that he is your elder brother. Deepak says I made song on him. His father says respect him, dont lose your respect, Deepak says I respect him from heart. Deepak makes him meet Romil and says he is my first brother. His father says you are his father, today I first time sat in plane and wore 1000rs shoes, you helped him, Sree is his elder brother too, I will never forget it. Deepak asks mummy didnt come? he says no. Deepak says you came from plane? He says yes. Deepak gives him tea and says I made it. His father drinks it. Deepak makes him meet Somi and says her father will come too. His father says be happy, you have lost weight. Deepak says its time for his father to leave, Deepak takes him to door. Father says dont worry, I pray for you. Deepak says I will win. His father says to Sree that he is your younger brother, bless him. His father says to Deepak that you made our dream come true, he kisses him and says dont fight. Bigg Boss pause Deepak. Deepak cries and touches his feet. His father touches ground and leaves. Bigg Boss says all play. Deepak gets emotional. Sree hugs him and says are you fine? Deepak nods and hugs Romil, Rohit and KV. Somi laughs and says he said marriage cant happen, its so funny. Deepak blushes. Somi says his father rejected me before I could. Deepak says he told shoe price too. Deepak says I am trying and my father said marriage cant happen. He says to Sree that he was your huge fan. KV says I want to request to get him engaged in village.

Romil says to Somi that I have respect, we had many fights here, dont know what they said about me behind my back. Bigg Boss says pause. Bigg Boss says Rohit play. Rohit comes out from bedroom and looks around, Bigg Boss calls him in confession room. He finds his mother there and cries. Bigg Boss says rewind. Rohit goes out of confession room. Bigg Boss says pause. Rohit cries. KV asks what happened? Bigg Boss says to his mother that she can go inside. She comes in house and hugs Rohit. She says dont cry. Bigg Boss says Rohit play. Rohit hugs her and touches her feet. She meets Surbhi and says you take care of him like a sister, she says to KV that you are playing nice. She meets Romil and says take care of everyone, she says to Somi that you are playing nice. Rohit brings her to Dipika and Sree. She says to Dipika that my mother used to watch your serial everyday, Rohit says I respect her most in show. His mother says hi to Sree and says take care of him, Rohit says sorry to Sree and touches his feet. Bigg boss Rohit and asks his mother to leave. His mother leaves. Bigg Boss says play. Rohit thanks Bigg Boss.

Inmates hear Teejay’s voice, she says KV we missed you so much. KV says Tee where are you? He looks around. Bigg Boss pause everyone. Teejay comes in house with her daughters. KV cries seeing them. His daughters wave at everyone. Teejay comes to KV, he cries seeing his daughters. Teejay says dont cry, KV says hi to his daughters. Bigg Boss says KV play. KV hugs his family and cries. Sree and Dipika smiles seeing his daughters. Teejay says I am here, he hugs her and cries. KV says come on, he makes them meet Rohit, his daughter kisses Rohit. Teejay says control your fun. KV makes his daughters meet Dipika and Sree, his daughter kisses Dipika. Teejay says to them that you have took care of KV, thank you for that, she kisses Dipika’s forehead and says I liked when you joke Sree, when you come out, we will solve everything. Teejay says to Surbhi that you talk nicely but you get too out of control. KV takes his daughters to garden. Teejay says to Deepak that you called KV diamond, dont cheat him. KV plays with his daughters. Teejay hugs KV and cries. She sits with him and says you are loved, just remember to not make groups, you are strongest when you are alone. His daughters tell capitals of countries. KV says I am so proud. Bigg Boss says KV pause.

On stage, Salman says all got emotional today. A lot is going to happen this week, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- KV takes his daughters and wife to door, his daughter says I love you, she doesnt want to leave him but door closes and she cries. KV cries too.
Somi’s sister Saba comes in house, Somi cries, Saba says you are playing nicely, people think girl and boy should have a name to their relation, they cant accept friendship.
Romil brings his son and wife to Somi, his wife says she is your younger sister right? Romil says she is my best buddy and nicest person of house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. KV’s daughters and Sree’s daughter….. they are sooooooooo gulumulu *.* in bengali I say “ki mishtiiiiiiiiiiiii” they are sooo sooo sooooo adorable. I wanted to kiss three of them :-* the way Bella or Vienna named Sreeshanth – that was just the moment of the day. Toooo cute. Three dolls 3-) sweetest episode it was..

    Sree’s wife, I don’t know about emotions but she was kinda rude. KV’s openletterwali Teejay arrived *.* and ma’am, this time you just snatched away the respect reserved for other housemates’ families too. >,,,,,,< lol lol lol ! Amazing . I can't wait to see her.
    Saba is showing Somi the mirror .

    1. U r a Bengali too..???nice to know..and I seriously want Somi to b evicted now..makers r trying to create a love angle btwn her and romil… looking disgusting..and wdout any fault,romil and Somi also are drawing negative attention

    2. @Diya,
      Are you a Bengali ? ?
      Yep, sweetheart . ?

    3. @Diya,
      Ehh.. are u a Bengali ? ?
      Sweetest were they. ?

    4. khoob bhallo!!!! sondesh !!!!!!

    5. Rajjo

      Today bella took my heart… ?? The was she said “deepak”‘ “seesant” i was like awwww… N while going she was looking back n seeing that why her dad is not coming with them said i lub u aww so sweet… Why bigg boss whats the need to made them cry… Bechaare bachcho ko rula diya janta apko maaf nhi kregi…

    6. @rajjo,
      ahahahaa jaise hoti hai excitement dekhne ko dusheraa mella ajj bigboss mein aa kar cha gyi kv ki BELLA BELLA BELLA !!!!:P

    7. Before writing “lol lol lol”
      I had written one sentence more which is not showing now. Maybe, some typing error.
      That was —– Romil’s wife is way more sarcastic than Romil is >,,,,< spices in the biryani!

    8. Again deleted!
      Romil’s wife literally trolled Somi when she was called the most beautiful housemate.
      Her lit comment ?
      “Choti behen hain na?”
      She is savage.

    9. Rajjo

      That was savage seriously hahaha… Romil was saying my best buddy most beautiful girl n ol but his wife didnt listen anything…. Lol???

    10. @Aarohi yes the women is witty

    11. @ Aarohi ,
      bella stole the show for me and TJ was superb with kvb # the idol family to many # superhit family

    12. Yes???I m a Bengali as well?? and airplanes, u wl get Ur sondesh if romil wins?

  2. AnuAnu

    Did you guys noticed Sree hugged surbhi first when BB asked him to play instead of hugging his wife.?

    The best moment of today’s episode
    1. When Sree’s daughter said ‘I want to meet Dipika bua’
    2.when KV daughter was leaving him behind she turned back to see if her dad is coming…. I cried watching

    1. Rajjo

      seriously yaar cute moments…
      yes shree hugged surbhi first even he made her wife too to hug her

  3. KV’s family meet was heart touching ♥

    1. yes bella was show’s USP TODAY !!!

  4. what a great episode!!! I like the attitde of sree’s wife.. every one is so good. I am eagerly waiting for family member of dipika. I think her husbend will come for her.. TJ was awesome today. I like the way she talked with dipika. she also advised his hubby for not making any group.. I hope he consider it… now its may be fun to watch the show because at this time we can not assume that who support whom.. I hope romil do not turn negative.. I like to see dipika to do task nicely because she is strong without sree also.. I hope she will patch up with kv soon.. if she try I am sure kv will become at her side.. Huge support for dipi, sree and kvb and romil also… eliminate somi this week..

    1. Rajjo

      3 weeks are still there lot of things can be changed positive can become negative n vice versa..m lets see what happens bit most of the time what as a audience we feel doesn’t happen…

    2. spot on , yesterday i mentioned too will be interesting to see how makers potrays housemates good to bad or bad to good or just as it , nice comments rajjo ji

    3. Rajjo

      Thanks @airplanes appreciation comes from you is the best yipppiiieeee

    absolutely spell bounded # just mesmerising # BELLA and VIENNA LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE #stole the show really #EMOTIONAL ALSO , nothing much to potray , all will say bhuvneshwari did well , deepak’s dad too was very emotional # SREE KIDS AWW TOO CUTE AND BUBBLY # CHEERFUL , rohit’s mother so genuine and surbhi brother # mast maula insaan lol
    WHY DIDN’T THEY LEAVE BELLA WITH KVB IN THE HOUSE , see stole the sow for me #that innocence of kids was inexplicable , better to pin down these cherishable moments FOR ME THE EPISODE WAS BELLALICIOUS !!!!!# BELLA AND SOFT TOY SOO SOO PRETTY AND CUTIEPIE # KYA YAAR BELLA TO SHOW MEIN RAKH DETE KV KE SATH #worth a million episode to watch just for teshu and bella !!!!!
    # view points lets others share im happy to see #BELLA BELLA BELLA !!!!!!
    LOVED YOU BELLA ( no words to describe how much happiness i felt today by seeing BELLA ANTICS for sure i will cherish the moment with BB fans and kV lovers # historic episode absolutely loved it to the core of my heart # bella bella so sweet and lots of love !!!! dear thanks TJ !!!!!

    1. Rajjo

      Bella stole the trp today…
      I guess log kv ko vote de denga bella ki wajah se his lucky mascot…

    2. bella was damm cute , the way she was waving stole the show, sure bella is lucky mascot #BELLA DESERVES ALL VOTES FOR MAKING THE EPISODE MEMORABLE

    3. @Airplanes,
      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee they’re so adorable, gulumulu n fluffy n seeing Bella wave her hand – uiiii uiiiiiiiiiii *.* I want to hug them more seeing your cute comment :-*

    4. @Aarohi ,
      you have said what my heart said by watching the episode # absolute cracker of a episode # emotional ride !!!!

  6. cute little princess #BELLA won the show who cares for the senior contestants # BB MAKERS GIVE TROPHY TO BELLA she is real winner how cute and innocent she is aww just wanted to pull her cheeks once !!!!!!# golu polu so cute

    1. Rajjo

      Awww she was cho cute even i wanted to take her yar… Forget everyone just remember bella our princess bella… Kv you are such a lucky man…

    2. CUTENESS OVERLOADED ,bella won the viewers heart aur itne capitals to hum nhi jante jitni cutipie bella janti hai , KV AND TJ what a great parents # loved the bonding through out the show

  7. Rajjo

    emotional week… rona-dhona of HMs… this is actually how you feel when you meet your loved ones after a long time…
    i found TJ very elegant n a dignified beauty she told everyone about their good deeds n alerted rohit n surbhi about their over-enjoyment… good she told kv to play alone n not be make groups of course he strong when he is alone its not like don’t make friends but do only what you think is good for you don’t get influenced by anyone… she called deepika as deepa maasi to her children so nice of her… so it seems that kv-deepika-shree problems will be solved outside after the show by our tj…
    shree wife was on fire she had problem with rohit-surbhi only but somewhere i found that she was going very much i mean ok i know your worry about shree but to whom you are saying that one also should understand that naaa n god knows how much surbhi understood it or she had taken it in a wrong way time will tell only… i felt if surbhi is wrong definitely she is wrong but on the other hand shree also said something wrong to her and surbhi’s bhai didn’t say much to shree but shree’s wife said so much to surbhi then i donno how “bharat ki janta” will take this… but its good that shree hugged surbhi first after he was play n told his wife too to hug her…
    deepak’s father was the man cemented to his roots… i felt connected to him how he was hugging everyone n praising deepak n alerting him never to forget his ethics asked sorry from deepak’s behalf very beautiful…
    rohit mom was beauty yaar…. she told her son about her wrong doings n praised him too… all n all todays episode was 2nd best episode(1st best was wkw 😛 )
    tomorrow remaining will come n of course our MAHA MILAN SHOIKA will happen even promos are not out yet means what yaar deepika TRP queen h to kya matlab eagerness itni badha doge humaari thats not fair… so many are waiting for them…

  8. Nivika

    What happened to deepika’s leg???

    1. @nivika,
      may be some injury hope DESH KI BAHU SIMAR JI is fine and ready to go :))-

  9. Nivika

    I must say the best epi of BB12…..
    Bache mann ke sache…they stole the show….
    Bella,veinna and sanvika were so cute…
    Sree and kv’s family moment was so hearttouching …there kids were ?????
    Rohit was so cute…first time i loved him…he is mumma’s boy…play well rohit..
    Deepak’s father…he showed the real emotions…
    They way he denied deepak’s and somi’s rishta was so funny????? and deepak making ishara to his dad to meet somi was ???aww…

    Last but not the least surbhi and deepak’s part was so funny..applying lipstick on each other’s face???
    Deepika was praised by all the family members…i loved the way TJ hugged her and gave her kiss

    1. Rajjo

      Maybe the first episode in bb12 history where np fight happen just enjoyment n humor…
      I was also thinking that deepika was praised by everyone again it felt like bb makers told them not to say anything to deepika… Lol

    2. @Nivika,
      Very honest opinion about all of them. Couldn’t agree more to it. I too had all these feelings going on in my creepy mind, the families brought positivity in the house no matter whom we liked or not. It was such a sweet, lovey-dovey episode. ❤

  10. Nivika

    Shree’s wife spoke very well…but sometime i feel that she was going to wrong…and yes she was little rude towards surbhi…
    She should have not scold surbhi this much…
    When bigg boss asked shree to play..he first hugged surbhi….thats the man…love u shre❤❤❤❤
    Nain ji u were right..but this was too much…

    1. Rajjo

      Yuppp shree wife was kindaa rude l also felt she is going over n over but anyway she is a wife she can’t listen against her husband everyone said it was her right good to see everyone take that sportingly…

    2. @nivika
      Hello…I didnt watch the entire show but I loved how mrs sree roasted surbhi…it was much needed…the entire season surbhi was being shelter and pampered for all her wrongdoing but looks like it’s all over now…you shall reap what you sow…and it totally fits on surbhi…Mrs sree didnt say anything unfair to her…it was an answer to all her filth and swears done on sree throughout the season

    3. Yet people are dragging her here and on other social media sites :/ it’s like she scold someone innocent…either people have fickle mindset or they just hate sree so much that everything even justifiable things of his look like negative trait of his to them

    4. It was very inhuman. Rude and Harsh. I like Sree nowadays. But actually, so much hatred I had in store for Sree was just because of Bhubaneswari ma’am and Shipa ma’am on twitter. :3 And their fans. Idk but they have a habit to mock others or be rude to keep others’ opinions . And that’s where Teejay scores. Even on twitter. So much love and positivity and sweetness she brings is just bang on ! Sorted.

    5. Rajjo

      @aarohi tj was definitely looking like wife of kv a graceful person n disciplined mom…she n her babies were star yesterday…

    6. Taunting sree he will not play again is inhuman too telling he’s sadistic is rude too making fun of his emotional side is inhuman too taking advantage of that same emotional side later to become captain is inhuman too always talking crap behind his back is inhuman too provoking him for 3 hours straight is her inhuman too following him around doing flying kisses and calling him chikana then when he called her the girl she was imitating is provocation thus an inhuman act too, analysing from his provoked attitude that he must’ve done done fixing is inhuman too haha :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) his wife should’ve said more to this b*t*h than she did

    7. If TJ can write an open letter to bb abd Salman then scolding housemates is nothing for her…if everyone is praising her for being elegant and all for saying positive stuff unlike Mrs sree…then pls keep in mind…she wants kv to be with sree dpka so she won’t say anything rude to them…at present kv is playing with the filthy group ie surbhi rohit so she will have to keep that in mind when giving her piece of mind…its not that I didnt like her…but she knows her husband is kinda lost and on neither side fully so she balances her approach…on the other hand Mrs sree knew exactly who r rhe culprits or enemy not only verdicts by her but also the audience so she tackled them accordingly…SO STOP COMPARING TJ AND MRS SREE…YHEY BOTH WERE RIGHT AND MOST DIGNIFIED IN THEIR OWN WAY

    8. This sweet little angel was mute infront of Salman cuz she knows he was miffed due to her open letter drama…and being kv wife…she didnt wana annoy anyone in the house as it’s not clear who kv will be allies with from this week…and it is all good and fair…otherwise she doesnt like kv being called chachi or somi taking digs at him…but she cant point out those things cuz kv is in their group now and she doesnt wana spoil his kv or no other person has been mentally emotionally professionally brutalized by surbhi gang to the level sree is…so definitely she will only do lovey dovey talk to all in the house…if kv was tortured like sree by surbhi then I’m sure TJ would have also done what mrs sree did…SO STOP GLORIFYING ONE WIFE AND CRIMINALIZING ANOTHER…BOTH THEIR ANF THEIR HUSBANDS CIRCUMSTANCES ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INSIDE THE HOUSE…

  11. Nivika

    Rohit’s mom was super cool….i loved this mother son duo…they were looking so cool..
    This was so funny when his mom told that not to go jail again????
    I loved rohit in today’s epi❤❤❤


    Waiting for dipika husband this was the most emotional epi I’ve seen honestly it broke my heart broke me into tears I loved kvs daughter when it was about to go she held her dads finger and the moment she let that go she walked away and looked back and said ily and same with the father omg that was so amazing and sree damn his daughter is the most cutest girl I’ve seen when she said to sree I missed you aw that melt my freaking heart and when she kissed dipika bless her heart may God always keep u and ur beautiful family happy always waiting for dipika family but is dipika husband coming he better come she really misses you I hope u come tomorrow inshallah dipika much more important that any other work he better come if not ima feel bad just leave u shoot and com I rly wanna see dipika strong again but ly sree dipi kv x

  13. Like husband like wife, both Sreesanth and Bhuvaneshwaribare pathetic.

    1. LOL , dear try to see beautiful side of the show rather than venting anger on them it was good that you would have posted about BELLA , leave your agony towards sree and adapt happiness # better you would have say u don’t like that reunion !!!!!# KOSHISH KARO KI SMILE KARO AAP :))-

    2. Rajjo

      Such a motivational comment… Thanks yaar for giving it… It was like always see goodness in everything it maybe little bit but it will be there…

    3. AnuAnu

      @Abhishek why pathetic?

  14. I don’t know why people feel that Sree’s wife was rude cause imho she actually was straightforward & to the point not just to her husband but to all of them she gave them advice which audience has but can’t reach it out to them she didn’t insult kV in fact instead tried telling him how he’s ruining his image by being with someone like surbhi & even following her ways as well it just doesn’t suit him he came in the house as this years hiten and he’s ruining everything for himself + She gave good advice to deepak as well romil & deepika she praised, rohit & surbhi are the only one she was angry at but that too wasn’t rude it was a her right to say whatever she said after all she has been seeing them talking shit about her husband not jut in fights but behind him as well so thy deserved what they got and people say she and her husband are image conscious she said true things without even giving a second thought to please the public….kv’s wife was sweet but I wish she was a bit more clear to him cause he really need to distanced himself from the HMS he’s around besides why is he letting those cheapos call him chachi?like he’s proudly accepting it dude that’s super insulting you can’t reclaim it and not have the negative effects on your reputation so take a proper stand for yourself…surbhi’s brother looked really chill person I really liked him…

    1. Thank u Anon…I feel the same here…all the ppl here r spitting venom against surbhi om this platform and when Mrs sree expressed the same points infront of surbhi to show her the mirror then suddenly they have decided to victimize her…seriously ppl nmake up your mind and then post…being his wife..bhuvy has every right to scold the ppl who target her husband unnecessarily for footage and it’s good she didnt act fake in the bb house..mrs sree is a tigress who will pounce at u if u trouble her husband and I’m the same way in my life…some just try to upset my husband and my sons I will bring hell on them…so I just loved her and all these days this is what we have been asking for to happen to churail surbhi…so STOP COMPLAINING AND CRIMINILAZING SREE AND HIS WIFE…

    2. I meant venom against mrs sree

  15. Today’s​ episode was d nicest …such a heart touching one.. sree’s wife was on point WC each f d family members..she was visibly hurt and angry but she went overboard..d kids though, sree’s daughter is a lil beauty queen

    Next up ,tj carried herself really well,and d bohra twins r angels really. D way she was waving at her dad..???

    Deepak’s father is such a simple down to earth person ??
    Loved how he hugged sree and romil
    Bhuvi’s and Deepak’s comments for romil were so nice..and also surbhi’s brother’s comments..
    Ds guy is kinda funny..
    Rohit’s mom.. genuinely concerned abt Rohit..? so politely asked romil and sree ki maarna mat
    All in all,such a tear jerking episode,
    But I can’t wait for tmrw,fr oj d cutest kid???..his hairstyle.. and romil’s wife..??sooo beautiful
    And although he has such a beautiful woman in his life,PPL think dat wo unpe interested h..atleast Jasleen thinks so. She said in an interview ds and also dat she’s lol…i voted fr her and romil equally coz I knew she wud get least votes but she lost al my respect..her relationship ws a “prank” to mk shameful
    And dere she was doing drama despite revelation of truth by anupji
    And now new low..she thinks romil is interested in her..smh
    She is as shameless as Surbhi ..ugh!!
    Sorry for ds rant agnst jas on such a positive episode..lagta hai sree ki wife ka influence ho gya h

    1. BELLA BELLA all the way i wonder if there was bella emojis iwould have posted it like crazy # ahahaha # nice comments diya

    2. Rajjo

      jab bhi main kv ko dekhu mera dil deewana bole BELLA BELLA BELLA….

  16. Tell me what was so wrong in what sree’s wife said to surbhi?just tell me?I don’t like sree but honestly She spoke what I have been thinking I don’t get it how surbhi all of a sudden became a victim to people like really they need to rewind last 2.5 months of bigg boss I’m sure you’ll start hating her and when you’re finally on surbhis hatewagon again please don’t forget to watch her b*t*hing sessions about sree & deepika on voot ?????im sure by then you’ll be off to lonawale with placards saying “hai hai mamma ka sher bchcha hai hai”

    1. Sunali..
      Thnx dear…I feel the same way…and surbhi was only quiet cuz she was a statue and also she knows wat she did and said was totally wrong…only a crazy person will support surbhi here…why would Mrs sree paper surbhi…seriously ppl give me one reason…

    2. @sunali,
      shant gadadhari bheem shant !!!!!ab kya bachi ki jann logi aap # woh jitne wali toh hai nhi samjho woh ek aisi candidate hai jise makers ne negative bana diya hai # BB KI KOMOLIKA HAI WOH , aap bura bhalla na kaho nhi to padosi apko bhi surbhi se inspired samajh lenge # CHADDO GILE SIKWE EPISODE ENJOY KARO # BELLA KO DEKHO AUR THANDA PANI PIYO AAP # MADAMJI !!!!!

  17. Today’s episode was a emotional rollercoaster

    Abhinav Rana whatever you may be, but you love your sister very much ,a pure sibling bond

    Bhubaneshwari jii,with all due respect to the love & concern you have for your husband, you are an ideal wife, but whatever you did today was not needed, I know you must be deeply hurt by the happenings but Surbhi already got bashed badly in wkv by Salman, you also presented your allegations in the debate, today it looked like you have memorized all the points and went ahead like a machine gun
    We get very emotional in the family episodes which are made to boost the positive vibes in the show, if the makers want to show such negativity even in these sensitive episodes, why don’t they just release a special episode ft. ”Family Dangal” where all fms can unleash their fury??

    At last some humorous scenes after a long time, Surbhi was looking good in today’s epi.
    KV was the only one who consoled Surbhi after the Inci, shows his great heart
    Last day there was a hint that whole happy may patch up again, today it deepened,
    Romil statements like ”Surbhi kyu ro rhi th?i” ”Surbhi ne kch reply nhi diya?” ”Main nhi sun pata yaar itna” was showing his concern towards her, he may again get soft with her
    I heard that Romil’s wife will criticise Surbhi for her comments, may she realize her mistake

    Deepak’s father was so humble and down to earth, the way he met other members apologized and thanked them touched hearts, there are rare moments of a reality show,where things are done for camera but coz of purity in heart. His remark to Somi ”a6e mitra bn Kar rhe skte ho, biyah toh nhi krwa skte ” was hilarious!

    Rohit’s mother was so loving and caring like all mothers, she pleaded ”maro mt ise, hurt hota h”overwhelming.

    Finally the star of the show TJ and the kids, I loved all kids but Bella, baby you stole the show, she can give a tough fight to Taimur,soo adorable!!
    TJ is very dignified,she didn’t say bad for anyone even those who makes fun of KV behind him, the way she said to KV when he was hugging Bella ”I’m also here ” was soo cute, family goals
    She indirectly told KV to be away from bad company ,He can now change his stand.

    The house dynamics can be back to square 1 in future where it can be old groups Happy Club Vs Wolf Pack

    1. @Storyreader,
      Much pleasure I received while reading your words. This was toooo good . Just like Bella and Sree’s daughter .
      The negativity u brought across was right, Romil’s concern for Surbhi – I too loved it, and the showstealers were KV’s family of four. ❤ Adorable .

    2. @Storyreader,
      gone through your view points and to be frank its coming TRUE SOUL ROMIL vs celebrities to put him in glorious limelight # waiting to see that lets see how it proceeds !!!!

  18. Watching Happy club+kV doing masti without demeaning others then sree romil cracking jokes and sree laughing so loudly was so weird aadat si nai hai inhe itna kush dekhne ki lol like this must be the 2nd or 3rd time makers have shown HMS being all laid back and just talking and enjoying each others company otherwise it’s always fighting they show anyways I liked the change of episode pattern moreover whatever people say i loved the way sree’s wife carried herself she was blunt and truthful apart from her kv’s wife was also someone who I find so damn graceful and I loved both kV & sree’s kids they all were so freaking cute and balls of happiness…..besides it seems romil is back with his minions someone please tell him he’s a strong player and I don’t think he need to have a group it’s time to play alone

    1. Every contestants has a good n happy go side too…but BB deliberately shows the yelling and angry side of them in episode…I have seen Shree, happy club,Surbhi and Megha Jas chilling, enjoying n cracking jokes in voot shorts…

    2. @jap,
      adorable episode just as a recipe of happiness !!!! nice views keep pointing !!!!!

  19. Like I said yesterday too, KV’s wife and Sree’s wife both conveyed same message to Surbhi and Rohit but they were way different in their approach. Respect to TJ. Sree’s wife when she told to Rohit you don’t exist for me. Agreed Rohit was rude but look at his age, he is immature and let your hubby handle it.
    Sree’s gesture to Surbhi was good when he hugged her. Surbhi’s bro is little irritating but he too knew how to talk to housemates.
    Dipika, girl you are caring but have to learn where to draw a line. Romil was just saying ki Surbhi ko bura laga and Sree too was ok with going and talking to her but madamji started she is wife. Dipika everyone knows it but everyone knows that she was related to just one person in house baki loag obliged nai hai ek haad k baad sunne ko. If I treat my husband as god it is not expected of me to say others to treat him as god. Dipika wants to have last words when it comes to Sree.
    Sree’s daughter playing with her hair took away my heart. KV’s daughter should have stayed long to patch up Sree and KV Jo Dipika hone nai de rahi. Girl who told Urvashi to patch up with Deepak and advised everyone intentionally is not letting Sree and KV patch up. TJ: way lady told Bahar narazi dur karenge, way mature than her husband.
    Saba, promo says she is ideal elder sister. Right suggestions Saba.
    Deepak’s dad no words for him. He rejected Somi before girl could approve or reject Deepak. Typical innocent dad who thinks girls will fall for his son. Baki Deepak ka kuch pata nai but Deepak is a good son for sure.
    Romil, by God this man is scared of his wife coming. Baar baar leg hila Raha tha while talking to Somi about family coming:) Iski to class lagegi. But genuinely that happens when you respect your relationship.

    1. @Hope,
      Whatever u said was totally on point ! Totally.
      If Bhubaneswari ma’am ever stayed in the house for at least one week, she could understand the whole lot of things a person goes through. Surbhi provokes, I know. But when she is at a calm state of mind, and someone from another person’s family comes and (not scolds but) tells her how much disgust and hatred she has in store for her, imagine the pain she went through… Surbhi couldn’t utter a single word in her defence and she bottled up her emotions for so long and cried in the bathroom.
      That same moment when guardian of your friend comes to scold u and u’ve none from your family to defend u.
      That was really terrifying . I felt like crying seeing Surbhi. Her brother didn’t even say anything to Sree who said her things too.
      Then comes Teejay, see the difference with Bhubaneswari. Bhubaneswari ma’am is just like a typical middle-aged woman defending her family everytime by randomly blaming the opponent . That’s where I felt Teejay is educated more than Bhubaneswari who can’t take anything said bad to her husband .

    2. Excuse me…have u forgotten the times surbhi made sree cry in the bathroom..pls stop painting her as a victim…it will never happen…just because she shed few tears doesnt wash away all the bad things she had done sree and others…and can u say one point which mrs sree said wrong or out of context…yaar ek dam se sbhi ke rang he badl gye …..surbhi ko thori se daant he toh pre hai…uska Koe murder yo nhe kar diya aur na koe gaali de hai….sirf uske khud ke character ke schaee ho to btaee hai…so stop targeting sree and his wife in the same way like surbhi does..u r looking like her spokesperson now

    3. And mrs sree didnt blame her …she mentioned all the horrible things surbhi did and said one by one…aapme surbhi ke aatma aa gye lagte hai????

    4. small and simple : RAGGER GOT RAGGED by sweet bhuvneshwari :))-

    5. Surbhi hasn’t been THAT level of shitty person to kV that she has been with sree kV was never targeted same way sree is that’s why their wives approach were different to surbhi other than surbhi & rohit sree wife too was sweetly conveying her message to others..I don’t think let alone wife but any family member or friend can hold themselves back after seeing the amount of mental torture their loved one was going through by same two persons hands that girl has the nerve to taunt him about how he’ll never be able to play cricket something over which he tried committing sucide so to me she was completely justified besides rohit might be younger than sree but he’s still of mature age so why should she forgive him?yes sree has said was completely off things in anger but she in that same rant to surbhi apologized for it as well

  20. I just can’t digest the discrepancies in deepak story I don’t want to be that person but he keep saying there was no electricity in his village there was no tv then he also mention of watching all bb seasons since he was a child? I saw video of him talking about wwe wrestlers & mentioning how he used watch it I’m not questioning him being not rich but what I’m getting to is that he exaggerated his financial conditions

    1. when you have a cactus and roses being offered what will u choose , i hope your answer will be roses coz if not then you must be counting the number of thorns to see which has less NUMBERS to come to a conclusion ,
      mate #AAM KHAO AAP AAJ GUTHLIAA BADD MEIN GIN LENGE as a viewers episode par GST nhi lga # enjoy bella cuteness #INVESTIGATION BADD MEIN KARLENGE KYU !!!!! # RADHE RADHE

    2. Yes I was also confused…or it was bb tactic get sympathy votes for deepak

  21. Many felt sree’s wife being rude, just think of what all might have happened in her house while the telecast of those episodes, they are the ones who knows sree better, can anyone justify surbhi for that two days when she was continuously irritating nd provoking sree by bringing his past issues. Compared to what surbhi has done, sree’s wife can be justified. It was all her anger that came out. We are just audience we forget easily, not his dear ones.

    And #most beautiful moments #family love
    #heart touching #teary eyes
    Kv’s twins ummahhhhh, so cute little angels
    & sree’s daughter…. jumping in excitement… cute molusss…..sree’s son cutie
    Best moments!!! God bless them

    Deepak’s pappa, rohit’ mom and surbhi’s brother ….. felt good seeing their bonding nd love
    Waiting for others family moments

    1. indeed true it was like #AAJ NHI TO KABHI NHI , yes bhuvi bowled some inswingers to surbhi which of time it was unexpected for surbhi to face , surbhi bad words can’t be forgotten but tadka lagane wale bhi chahiye show mein # SIMAR KA SATSANG se trp nhi milegi akele :p

  22. Surbhi ke BHAI ne Jo pakaya hai with his poem by god but he looked like a nice person tho when surbhi speaks like a human being she look nice and educated person too so who knows if her brother also have that kind of personality hidden somewhere

  23. Two people with quite accurate analyses of hms gave same advice to kvb now if he still continue with his current path in game then I’m sure high court will put a stamp on a stupid certificate which he won after coming to bigg boss

    1. dil ko tasalli de rhe hai aap janab e ali ye show ki chahat hi zara khatti hai badnaam to bechare sweet alpenliebe chocolate (kvb) ho rhe hai !!!!!

  24. Jasleen was just pranking?shes not a lota

    So today three family members gave same feedback to deepak if he don’t wanna listed to teejay or bhuvaneshwari then at least he should listen to his father, but to be honest I don’t think even if he change his game style to the way it was it’ll change anything he already has done serious damage to his image….BTW tomorrow romil wife will take surbhi and somi class I hope people have same energy as today to call her out on it as well

      deepak is stephny of the task car if you remove him and task got punctured (almost confirmed) then if deepak was not there to aap kya task mein simar ka halwa dekhte humesha :p
      its so easy to say one is bad or good deepak is hungry to win he sleadges like aussies but never give up in task # what did your SIMAR KA HALWAand flipsanth did till the 10th week lol #0/100 in task or i should say absent hurted lol
      aagar film dekh rhi ho aap to sirf amitji ko nhi amrish puri ko bhi appreciate karo :p

    2. Wat a comment @airplanes…lovely!!!

  25. hello everyone I am new here.i daily read all ur comments n first time I am writing.some r saying saree wife went overboard but my view is if surbhi said sree was rude don’t respect anyone uses bad language n all his wife r anyone from his family wouldn’t have reacted like this but surbhi has repeatedly said about his career n his family whose family wil take all that.if sree wife didn’t point out her mistakes surbhi wil continue doing the same as surbhi don’t know what is happening a way sree wife did something good for surbhi to control her behaviour

    1. right but half right or we can say psychological impact from bhuvi # surbhi- sree fight is already overhyped and to be frank no ones gives a damm on fights , as an audience ppl are waiting up how ‘s the nominations are done and who got nominated its 13th week ab competition hoga # SIMAR KA SATSANG NHI LOL # be competitive not deprective

    2. it is better to b simar than surbhi

  26. Such an emotional episode… Rula Diya BELLA and VIENNA ne… Such cute kids… Bella seems to be more attached to her dad.. they were sooooo happy to see their dad.. got to see such a pure love after so long in BB house… And love u TJ. U r a very dignified person.

  27. Sree and Romil were making fun of KV for winning Sultani Akhada only against Deepak.. Just to remind, KV won against Shivashish also..

    1. @Sangam,
      #true descripted view bella was USP of the show , fun is ok until it hurts other ppl emotions have to be aware when to draw a line :))-

  28. Emotional episode it was….sree’s daughter was so excited and sooo cute….BELLA baby u stole the whole show….. sree’s wife gave a good reply to surbhi,she deserves it…..after watching sree’s wife warning Rohit was scared bechara…. immediately he came to deepika and apologized that was funny…. Deepak’s papa rejected the proposal for family members know that where their children are at fault and they politely apologized for their mistakes… waiting for 2mrw episode….romil’s wife asking him somi ur younger sister right? looks like she is not happy with their bonding….. waiting for deepika husband….

    1. well said get ready for MAHAMILAN LOL # sayri night awaits us!!!!!

  29. AnuAnu

    To all those who compare Bhuwaneshwari ji and TJ.. Here are my thoughts

    1.Nain ji was real bcz she is not coming from a filmy background. She did what a normal Indian wife does. Where as TJ is from a filmy background and she has image and reputation to keep up. She was good and graceful but don’t compare.

    2. I think TJ was a little taken aback bcz of the open letter problem. She was right at the time of open letter later her husband went to wrong company and her letter made her embarrassing. She didn’t say anything to Salman either

    3.KV never heard half of the things Sree heard from surbhi, even KV said a lot of things about Sree still nain ji said KV is a nice man but in wrong group.
    4.Nain ji talked to everyone with a frequency they used while talking to her husband.
    5.Why is all of sudden Surbhi is victim? Nain clearly says bcz the families are watching she knows how it impact their lives… God knows what’s happening in their home. She was frustrated.
    6.She said sorry to surbhi also bcz Sree went overboard with her also. BOTH of Them were guilty where as Rohit fight with Sree was without any provocation hence she said that (exists)

    1. I ain’t married and it will take few more years to think of marriage or maybe, I don’t want to get married if I turn like that anyday! Sweetness and Love come from inside, my love. I always have told that we all are with grey shades. Sree, Dipika, KV, Romil, Surbhi – everyone is a good person with one or two things which get them wrong. All are good from heart and even Bhubaneswari ma’am.
      But u know, emotional outburst comes out of a heat of moment . I understand Bhubaneswariji’s feelings but think of Surbhi too. She was looking orphaned in front of a house where she had none to cry on shoulder.
      That hurt me the most. She was right but have a limit. Because if that’s your husband , she is someone’s sister. Words spoken can’t be taken back. Sree-Surbhi fights were during a task.

    2. @ aarohi
      There is a video in voot, where sree’s wife take her son to say bye to surbhi before leaving
      And surbhi deserved it, she should learn from her mistake. After Wkw also surbhi was not accepting her mistakes, i think sree’s wife explained everything well and showed her anger too.
      I wish surbhi turn into a better person than before

    3. she was looking orphan coz of her actions only

    4. Well Anuanu…. Teejay has already declared that letter thing as past. You can check her interviews. And don’t you think because of their personal bonding with Salman…. She wouldn’t have explained it to him via call or something.

    5. AnuAnu

      @Pari exactly my point. Even though TJ and family had a great bond with Salman khan instead of clearing all confusion she went ahead and wrote an open letter to BB and Salman khan. If she is right in her way of express her anger in public like that how is Nain ji wrong and rude?

      And Nain ji cannot say it’s a past thing bcz Sree’s is been targeted by Surbhi all week long and still…
      I remember an episode where she say ‘abhi ye(Sree) calm ho jayenge toh Mein Phir se shuru karungi’… It’s all clear.. KV was never target by BB team or Salman at least not intentionally….. Think about it!!!

    6. Rajjo

      well said @anuanu …. i also agree with you every wife has a right to argue or fight for their husband… when TJ mam felt that her husband is being degraded she took a way of open letter and when bhuvi mam felt the same she took another way… they are on the same spot just both methods are different…

    7. @pari,
      what happens at a moment is based of the situation there was a time when kv was made funstock and tj responded it with open letter ,,, on wkw episode it was more of to potray sree-surbhi saga and thats why ti and nain ji agreed on surbhi’s part , still they are a part of a team # show to aate jate rahenge :p

    8. Yeah exactly @Anuanu and @Airplanes…. Teejay had noted down that letter under the pressure of KV’s fans. Many people from the TV industry we’re all disappointed by Salman’s continuous fun making…. And as mentioned in the letter, ‘it is clearly based on that episode when Salman even told KV that fizz naahi kbhi milta aur nahi kabhi milega(something of this sort) which is pretty saddening.’ His fans were hurt a lot. She had to take that step even if she would have called Salman and told him… kV k fans ko bhi to pata chalna chahiye ki kuch action liya hai.
      Anyway it’s all done now.
      I still wish to see KV win.
      This is the 1st season I’m following and I’m watching it just for him.
      And rahi baat KV ke current group ki to as KV had said ‘usse Sree ki aur see what support aur acceptance nhi Mila so it is obvious that a person who believes in self respect would move to the people who would always acknowledge him. Though Deepak ne kbhi aise hone nhi diya. He always wanted KV out of every task as if he is his only competition. I want Sree and KV to patch up.
      Anyway muchhhh love to all you guys.

    9. @AnuAnu Sree’s wife is not from filmy background but is a celeb wife and for sure she has heard all that before. In general if she would not be on camera, she would defend her husband but not put someone in all that bad light. Surbhi deserved scolding but there is a theory which is applicable in real world too, hum jo bhi kishi ko dete hai that reflects on our personality. She should have taken care of that. Otherwise she is good.

    10. AnuAnu

      @Hope then how would you scold a person who has been calling all names in the world for someone’s husband? Ki surbhi tumne jo kiya wo heat of the moment thaa and I am sorry for my husband he reacted to your provoking?

      Come on Yaar it’s not half what she has done to Sree

    11. @Anuanu Let two people involved sort it out if they are adult. Has it ever happened that we fight with friends and our parents come to scold our friend. They talk to them normal and at Max react like rohit’s mom. Aur parents se jyada hurt to koi hota nai.

    12. AnuAnu

      @Hope let’s hope for best Yaar. I have nothing against KV or TJ. I used to watch KV’s qabool hai and Naagin. I loved him more in Qubool hai (his hair style was my favorite)
      It’s just that I love Sree and Nain ji more and more ????

    13. @ Anu anu dr
      U explained well (including yesterday’s review abt dipika-somi)
      Happy to see our views match
      Keep writing ur reviews….

    14. AnuAnu

      @Teddy thanks Teddy..

    15. OK FIR registered in FILMCITY SET OF POLICE STATION # judgement soon by comedian bharti and gutthi-palak your all points noted in FIR LOL , time to move ahead leave the past just hope to see sensible game ahead in the show

  30. Nayanji was in no mood to spare Surbhi…I know many of u are saying she is rude…but I believe she was real and whatever she said was straight from her heart…
    After all she is his wife…
    after her bashing, my hubby asked would you do that if we were in that place?
    My answer is yes…I am his wife n I can’t tolerate someone making my hubby go through these…I don’t care how many cameras are around or what people might think about me… my only concern is u hurt my hubby to hell…I was holding my feelings for so long and today I got a chance to vent it out….I will definitely do that… cameras, media n public doesn’t matter to a wife…her only concern is her husband…

    1. @ Jisha dr
      If someone say these types things abt my hubby pappa or brother then also i would reacted in this same way.
      We will not be able to see them in such situations.

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