Bigg Boss 12 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shilpa Vs. Vikas again

Bigg Boss 12 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 44
Inmates wake up to song rangeela re. They all dance and enjoy. Sree dances with Megha.

Sree says to Shiv and Jasleen that Rohit is moving on both sides, today’s task will prove sides, we dont have support Deepika, Sristy and KV. Shiv says we have to throw them then we wil lsee.
Deepika says to KV that I tried to talk to Sree but he didnt listen, I dont think we can play as a team anymore, she says to Sristy thats its you, me, KV and Megha now.
Sree says to Shiv that they are making us enemies, Deepika, KV and Sristy need us but Romil’s team dont. Sree says keep personal grudges aside.

Sree says to Romil that KV tried talk to me but I didnt, I wont back down.
Somi says to Surbhi that Romil will listen to everyone.

Surbhi says till he doesnt say sorry from heart, I wont talk to him, I cant forgive him that easily.

Shiv says to Deepak that KV didnt clean washroom, I cleaned everything when it was my duty. KV says it was his duty before. Deepak says you people divide your duties. Shiv says I will clean in daytime.
Sree says I am asking to give me KV in sultani ring, I will show whole world where he from where. Romil laughs. Shiv comes there and talks about his issue with washroom, Rohit says I can clean washroom. Deepak comes there. Rohit says I will work in washroom with Sristy, Shiv can clean my dishes.
Deepak brins Rohit and says he is your new partner to clean washroom.

Deepak asks Somi why she does so much makeup? you are so beautiful without makeup. Somi says I am going. He asks her to sit. She sits in well with him. Deepak says your eyes and hair are good, your nature is solid and caring, you are straightforward which I like a lot, your eyes are most beautiful in this house. She coughs. Urvashi comes there. Somi says I will request for Salman to go on date with me. Deepak says you cant change candidate?

Surbhi says to Romil that you are wasting time with Sree. Deepak comes there and says you didnt work. Romil says I dont trust Sree, Surbhi says please. Romil says I am just playing game. Surbhi says you play game whole time. Romil says its you who think its always game. Surbhi says dont play words like lawyers with me.

Alarm plays. Rohit brings hampers from store room. Sristy jumps up and doen, all are excited and takes things from it.

Deepak takes biscuit from Sree. Sree says dont give it to KV. Deepak goes and gives it to Somi. Somi says I dont want it, Jasleen says take it, she says dont irritate me. Deepak gives cookies back to him. Sree laughs on him.
Rohit goes and makes Somi eat biscuit, she easily eats from him. Rohit laughs at Deepak and goes. Deepak says you didnt accept it from me.

Deepak says to Deepika that Megha wanted biscuits, I will hide her packet. He hides it in fizz fridge.

Deepak asks Somi if she wants anything from fridge? She says I am on diet.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that people celebrate diwali with each other, you people have made relations in this house, we saw many relations in previous seasons, he says one relation was Vikas and Shilpa’s animosity, they are coming back to live that relationship. Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde comes in house, all greet them. Vikas hugs Rohit. Vikas says to Sree that I am with you, you forget respect. Vikas says to Surbhi that you are praised in house. Shilpa says to Sree that I like to meet you, you are sweet, your language is good.

Shilpa says to Jasleen that Anup is fighting with your family. Jasleen says what?
Vikas says Somi and Deepak are talked a lot, they have a name for them.

Vikas reads task. The luxury budget task will also have a bearing on next week’s captaincy. The two teams will be Shinde Parivar and Gupta Parivar.
Gupta Parivar has Karanvir, Srishty, Dipika, Shivashish, Megha and Jasleen while Shinde Parivar has Romil, Somi, Surbhi, Deepak, Urvashi and Sreesanth.
The two teams have to draw rangolis when they hear a firecracker sound in front of their houses and spoil the other team’s rangoli. Shilpa and Vikas will also be the coordinators of the task.

Vikas says to his team that we have to protect our rangoli.
Shilpa says to Romil that some of our team members will protect rangoli.
Vikas says to his team that we can aggressive within limits.

Vikas says to Rohit that if you want to take stand then do but dont use bad words. Vikas says to Sristy that you both are looking good together.
Sristy says to KV that what he meant that our friendship looks good outside? KV says you dont go in that zone.
Rohit says to Surbhi that he said our friendship looks good outside, Sristy ignores it.

Vikas says to Surbhi that I like you. Vikas says to Somi that people talk about Deepak liking you, they call you Bihar’s bhabhi.

Firecracker burns. KV and Rohit takes things from store. KV gives it Megha. Shiv protects it. Rohit gives it to Urvashi. Vikas makes Shiv wear a jacket. Surbhi asks Urvashi to win for Shilpa. Romil tries to attack Megha’s rangoli but Shiv stops him. Urvashi destroys Megha’s rangoli. Deepak throws Megha’s colors. Somi says Deepak didnt do anything. Vikas says are you crazy?

Vikas says to Shilpa that Megha made good design. Shilpa says its complete. Vikas says Urvashi’s doesnt have colors, Megha is simple. Shilpa says fine. Vikas says we won this round. Deepak says Vikas played, Surbhi says we dont accept it.

Jasleen talks to Sreesanth and Shivashish about Vikas telling him that Anup Jalota has spoken outside the house claiming that their relationship only pertains to music, this is wrong. Shiv says it might be her strategy, Jasleen says why would she do that?

Alarm plays, KV and Rohit goes to take things. KV takes most of the things. Rohit says other gate didnt open. Shilpa lies on rangoli place of Vikas. Surbhi starts making her rangoi. Shiv attacks her rangoli. Vikas says to KV that you play on backfoot, you dont react on time. Megha is making her rangoli. Buzzer plays. Shilpa says you didnt make rangoli. Vikas says we made a small one. Vikas says you didnt let us on platform, you were lying on it. Bigg Boss says you people are not reaching a decision so this round is cancelled.

Romil says to Somi that you are conscious. Somi says I dont like that I am linked to him, I am not comfortable with it, you people just run your plans, you dont take my talks into account, you are not giving me response.

Sree is in tears looking at his family photos. Surbhi says this is cute. Surbhi apologises to Sreesanth for probably having said more than what was appropriate to him when she was angry, she says I said stuff but I felt bad, you spoiled things too. Sree says Rohit said so much to me. Surbhi says why you gave so stupid statements? Surbhi says you should consider what you are saying.

Vikas says to Deepika that you are not taking stand, Sree might be right but you have other responsibilities too. Deepika says I was lost, Sree said that game is important, all are his sister outside of game.
Shilpa also gives some feedback to Sreesanth. She tells him to be himself, they are trying to keep you separate from Romil.
Vikas says to Deepika that you keep calling yourself as his sister but he doesnt respect that, take stand when he is wrong, dont be on sideline.
Shilpa says to Sree that I get irritated when Vikas tries to be nice with me.
Vikas asks Rohit to be with Deepika.

Megha says to Romil that I feel I wont get importance in your group, I want trust. Romil says it was not valid when you said that deal. Megha says I just wanted to know if guys will be loyal.

Deepak says to Jasleen that she gets frustrated. Jasleen says when it was about me and Anup, I thought I will see later what happens outside. Deepak says I like her, she is like my dream girl, Vikas said that people are calling her bhabhi, all laugh.

Sristy, Rohit and Shiv are trying to break fizz fridge lock break up. Sristy opens the lock. Shic pulls on door while they steal drinks. They jump around in happiness.

PRECAP- Vikas says to inmates that playing is important, not winning.
Shilpa says to Romil that your enemies make you win this show.
Vikas says to Sree that dont misbehave. Sree says loser and goes to attack him. Sree asks him to talk now, what can you do? Romil says in camera that Vikas was wrong in task, he doesnt like to lose.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kv is only one who supported sree in sultani he is demanding Kv in the sultani ring as a opponents..disgusting sree

    1. @hadi…
      This time sree is wrog.. Kv didn’t provoe him.. Or said anything to him.. Still this kind of behaviour
      Un logo se ja k kv k aganst baat karna jo log apko do din pehle bhar bhar k sua rahe they and aap bhi reactions m unhe suna rahe they
      Is pathetic…

      I think sree really need some alone time so that he can thik about the game..
      Cz i dont think so aise koi bhi true sree supporter usey iski is mistake pe support karega..

    2. Sree always say that he knows everything about kv , before he said same thing for neha nd now he is saying for VG … Don’t know what he knows , i think he intentionally passes these comments .. i m not liking him at all , if i have to choose between kv nd sree , than i m going to support kv for sure , at least he is not like sree …
      Sree to smj m bhi ata kab kiss k side ho jaye pata nhi .. jaaslene or shiv se itna achaa bond ban gaya ab usse baaki sab fake lag rhe ..
      From now onwards …sree???
      Unnecessary bolna or bina sir pair ki baat krne k alava kuch nhi aata
      Nd this shilpa ? vikas k bina inka kuch na hoga … Yaha bhi aate hi b*t*hing start kr di ?
      Isse pehle wale season m bhi agr koi sabse jada fake thi to vo shilpa hi thi ,.. ?
      Yaha gyaan de rhi h or..inka kuch nhi ho skta
      Ye sirf ek loti contestants jisne bahar aake har interview m vikaas n hina k liye kuch na kuch ulta hi bola h .. becz kahi se to importance mili chahiye na inko?
      Deepak n somi ka alag sceen chl rha…?
      Nd this rohit shristi k saamne alag behave krta h uske peeche alag ?…
      May be ab deepika ko akal aa gyi … Hope kv Deepika shristi nd megha will play together now ?

      1. @Xyz..

        Totally agreed to ur each n every word..


      2. To comment on someone’s personal matter id totally wrong..
        I am glad.. Neha kv n bikas m se abhi tak kisi ne usko reaction m ye nhi bola that not only me whole india knows about u then? ..
        He should choose his words wisely.. If u eill say stuff like this then after a certain exten no one can resist their anger

      3. xyz, shree is ghar me sbse ghtiya insan h or ye baat ab mujhe sach me lgne lagi h ya to wo bin painde ka laita h ya dimagi roop se bimar. he urgently needs a doctor.

        or rhi baat vikas n shilpa k kuch bolne ki yo ye sab script bb ne inhe di h bolne k loye to creat a fuss among contestants.

  2. Whenever i doubted on vikas.. This person made me wrong every time..
    This time he again proved he is the nicest person of bb ever…

    For the first time i was happy to see shilpa and unhappy to vikas… But to again b*t*hing about someone and to talk about rona dhona of last last season really do not show winner quality…
    I will really appreciate shilpa if she did not talk about vikas again.. And to make sree understand where he is wrong.. But she was actually talikng like sree is 100% perfect..

    A true well wisher is a person who talk about ur mistakes too..

    I was like slapping sree.. Surbhi deepak romil somi rohit behaved disguting with him.. Still he dont have any problem woth them..
    I dont know what problem he have with kv..

    I really dislike somi and surbhi’s behaviour… U r in a competition so u can abuse hit and do whatever u want want to do with each other..
    But to insult a guest is pathetic… Jis level pe vikas h aap log wahan kabhi nhi pohinch sakte..
    U always won eveey task by cheating or to hurt someone..but Vikas never ever behaved like u he was very stromg n his words.. Jisko bhi wrds detatha backstab nhi karta tha aur na hi task m animal ban jata tha like the happy club..
    Somi cant take pagal word from a celebrity wjich earned name n fame.. But u can say idiot to a big cebrity like kv..
    Wow what a hypocrisy…

    Megha was the winner of marathi bb.. But sry o say.. But yahan wo bikhariyo ki tarah grp m jane k liye sabse baat kr rahi h. She is a strong wome and she proved it in a task.. Then y she is talking todeepika and romil again n again.

    Sristy shiv and vg was looking too cute today..❤️❤️❤️

    I am gettimg thesame feelung for shiv ash got for vikas
    There are lot of similarities in them.. Like loyality and men of their words..
    But tere is only difference.. Vikas is mastermind and sree is mini micro mind. ?

    Surbhi was good tday except tgat comment on vg.. Aise hi shaant ho k rahe toh acchi lagegi.

    And precap was looking very shocking.. A person like romil and sree who no where stand n game in front of vg was humiliatng vg. ???????

    1. @ XYZ u are on point .shilpa isn’t acting or behaving like a winner .haven’t u noticed since d end of last season ,any opportunity she gets she targets n bad mouth hina but hina doesn’t do that ,she accepted all what happened in d game n moved on n thats why shes better to me .but shilpa looks so unhappy to me as keeping a grudge to d extent that u keep saying bad about people is so not right to me.She needs to grow n act civilized that’s why I respect hina n vikas to a gr8 extent .And instead of her advising shree accordingly ,she’s sure gonna lead him astray n her biggest prob is that she thinks everybody is fake n she’s real.I wasn’t a gr8 fan of vikas but I have respect for him .See how he advised dipika like how any sensible person wld do but her case is diff.she’s proven that somr people just do not change .KV shld just forget shree .he’s kind nature isn’t for guys like shree.He isn’t loyal n can’t be to anybody .He’s got shiv now so is against his old friends.

    2. Exactly xyz. I feel exactly the same.
      I stopped watching as soon as tney started getting nasty with vg.
      Animalistic nature: shri. Romil. Surbhi. Somi. Hate these four
      Ab se shri k sath jo hoga sahi hoga. I will never have any sympathy with him again.
      Somi hai kya cheez jo itna ucchal rhi hai.
      Shilpa cheap thi. Cheap hai aur cheap rahegi

      1. @Arohi..

        i am glad.. for the first time we have same thinking.. 🙂

    3. I agree . I agree. And I agree. ❤
      Shilpa didn’t deserve to win last year – considering participation in tasks or being the woman to lead. She was all alone and had no friends in the last weeks until Vikas was there to stand by her.
      Genuinely , Vikas Gupta won hearts. There was, is and will be no one like him ever on this show. Vikas was one gem of one season and Manveer was another gem of another season .
      Shilpa came yesterday to fuel the igniting fire inside Sree ! Who is Sree? He may not be a “line producer” but someone who fixes matches… Someone who fixes Jasleen in team saving Deepika… Someone who doesn’t respect someone’s profession ! My god. I was so so so much irritated to see him disrespect Vikas,Vikas being such a gentleman – this is just the worst thing ever !
      And Shilpa ? Why the f**k is she doing that as if Sree is the saint in this house of Satans ?
      “Everyone is acting”- as said by Shilpa, who is acting ? Surbhi ? Srishti ? KV ? Oh I forgot…Shree has a major problem with Karanveer so he can’t even share a biscuit !
      Does he know exactly his sheeplike so-called “wolf pack” would have died sinking unless someone called Karanveer Bohra wouldn’t have supported his stupid logic !
      I was tolerating him even after he misbehaved with Karanveer (Deepika toh Shree ko kuch bolti nahi hain as if Shree is a 5 year old kid who fixes the matches, so leave her) but now – how dare he insulted Vikas ?

      1. @Aarohi I have always been saying that about Sree. Sree doesn’t know how to behave. People started realizing that when their favorite Vikas got insulted. Otherwise I saw people saying his contribution to cricket can’t be matched, he never does it intentionally. Point is no achievement, if any can justify rude behaviour. I liked Shilpa last season, but again game kly aag lagao Jo karna hai karo. But she is a lying to Sree that he is doing so good:( and Shilpa is so negative.

      2. Exactly arohi. Shree is worst. Surbhi. Somi. Close follow up.
        Shilpa andar se hi gandi hai. Uska dil bura hai
        Vikas kinkya barabari karenge ye log.
        Shree kehta hain use clean chit mili hai. Den y is he banned frm matches even now? Acha hi kiya tha harbhajan ne ise slap karke.

  3. I hate sree now.I’m tired of giving him benefit of doubt.he’s so mean n rude arrogant .He can’t be trusted .makes friends as per convenience n his temper is his greatest enemy.I just hate how he thinks he’s better than everybody.He says things that kids wldnt do or say.its disgusting .I guess he thinks this is how he will be in d limelight for all d wrong reasons .its sad.He demeans people n its so unacceptable .He’s not gud at tasks nor friendship nor courtesy. I salute his wife coz he’s a serious case .He’s impossible .I really liked him but not anymore.I just hope kV n dipika realise that he’s not worthy of their friendship .

    1. u spoke my mind.. Always felt bad for him no matter what.
      He is being rude and bossy..surbhi is right in his case. He really need a doctor.
      Feeling bad for kv. Salman has been taunting kv since the beginning. Wish kv stay strong till the end

  4. I’m liking kv now..since surbhi isnt targeting sree now he is after kv for another controversy..I like how kv is staying calm and not giving sree any importance now…how come surbhi sree are mending their relation now..I mean seriously sree..I wonder how his wife puts up with his irritating mood swings…
    I hoped shilpavikas will help to bring together wolf pack so they can fight against happy club..but bb is going on a completely different track and looks fake from all angles
    And I feel like slapping Deepak.. how can he even think somi will fall for him..I think since the moment rohit entered somi likes him but rohit is after could have found a potential romantic chemistry between rohit somi and it would have appeared a little more genuine provided somis blushing expressions upon rohits pls stop creating a story between somideepak..I feel like puking even thinking about it…snd which planet did vikas come from..seriously ‘bihar ki bhabhi’ and all that bullshit..I loved when somi refused biscuit and later appy treats offered by Deepak.. man you need to stay loyal to the girl you came with…

  5. Worst player of this season….. Sreesanth…
    He has split personality wid no brain nd no manners…..

    1. Splitpersonality ??…

  6. this season has most spineless people compared to whole bb series kya hai yaar ye?sree starts taking sides of whoever flatters him the most and speak sweetly to him, If this all his “gameplan” or whatever he needs to drop it cause as kv said it’s making him look childish and immature and this deepak kya banda hai ye bootlicking the same person who he was just accusing of disrespecting him and making somi even more uncomfortable jab usne ek dafa mana kardiya then why he keep pushing the bill, loser and surbhi ka to kya hi bolon how can she try to patch up with someone who she insulted so much kis moh se and how is sree entertaining her attempts to do that?& how come she’s getting a following with this kind of behaviour?…besides I find it funny how shilpa instigated sree against deepika bb is still trying to stick with their planning i see even though both deepika and sree are boring regardless of their “enemy” “bhai behen” angle in simple words both are boring when they’re together or against each other sree gang vs romil gang is a little interesting and producers need to stick with it

  7. why was shilpa telling stuff about vikas to sree like you’re here as a guest not in a game so what will you get by manipulating him?lol sree is taking her side but if he was in last year season and had spend more time with her and vikas and other contestants he would’ve flipped on her later or she would have played deepikas role

  8. I wish they had sent hina with these two as well she has balanced it all well last year too she was the one providing a new lookout other than shilpa vs vikas too and what sree did to vikas is totally down to shilpa she actually influenced him and him being a bail budhhi he acted on it.. sree really has been a big disappointment smh i wish he has never come

  9. Is baar sree wrong h sree ko kv k sath baat krna chahiye yaar.. Last season vikas mera favorite contestant tha but is baar vikas ko as a guest bheja hai ghar me boss bana k nhi bheja h.. Somj ko pagal bol raha r aage phir sree se fight hogi uski.. Actually shilpa jo real me h wahi wo bigg boss me bhi thi bilkul waise hi sree jaisa h day one se waisa hi hai.. Hum ko sree k sabhi sides dekhne mile, gussa dosti,dushmani,etc.. In short is season ki jaan sirf sree hi hai tabhi to vikas or shilpa k aane k baad bhi sab sree sree hi kr rahe hai.. Sreesanth jaisa bhi real hai natanki nhi krta hai..

  10. If sree in coming days says that his attitude towards kV was his gameplan to infiltrate romil’s gang I seriously will lose it like honestly it’ll be the final nail in my fanhood coffin lol romil has nothing to do with kV he was targeting you idiot cause you were his competitor and you going against kV even to win his trust will only go against you and won’t have an affect on romil besides you gain nothing with being in his good books you already in a strong position in fact so much so that you can help weak players of your group to last a little longer, I don’t understand why deepika & him seems to have this strategy of clearing out people that they could ally with and move ahead in season gracefully with?This season is really getting on my last nerve moreover why was shilpa b*t*hing about vikas really?did she forgot she is just a guest or something? Instead of telling him his weak and strong points like she promised she started inciting him against vikas she’s gonna have sree sit on that khalnayak chair again this weekend

  11. I seriously dont understand one thing..why are they all dying to join happy club…they all have other options..put your spineless/brainless asses together and f**king destroy the happy club which only has 4 ppl..all of them are fake now…except kv and shiv but both are brainless..I hope bb put sree and kv in akhara ring as sree is dying for it..then kv will kill him there as kv looks stronger than sree mentally emotionally and physically

    1. I agree with u @sandeep virk…

    2. Yes @sandeep virk mai v chahti hu ke kv aur sree is week sultani akhara mei aaye aur kv jeet jaye…

    3. except they can’t do that since bb whole team is behind that clique, whether it’s nominations or appreciation on wkw they’re getting support in every way possible and by now HMs must be aware of it and highly discouraged to go against them in any way so they all(especially sree) are seeking to be part of it

  12. Koi mujhe ek baat bata do..
    Romil ko master mind tag q mil raha h.. Aisa kya kiya h usne ab tak?
    Decency k sath toh game play kiya nhi.. Bina wild hue and cheating kare koi task win kiya nhi..
    And everyone is comparing him with vikas…
    This is the insult of vikas and that mastermind tag..
    Romil dikhta bhi kam hi h entertainment m 0 h..
    Vikas was entertaining.. Calm.. Men of his words.. True.. Loyal
    And on the ither hand romil dont have these qualities..
    And why the hell thses ppl targetting vikas..
    Sab bhool gaye h kya that he is a guest not their competitor..

    Romil toh kyabkoi bhi stand nhi karta infront of vikas..

    1. Exactly! How can romil be a mastermind when there aren’t even other capable players there he just keep winning against people who make no effort neither mentally nor physically while vikas was running whole house with exceptional players and outwitting them many times, from producers to contestants everyone is trying hard to rinse and repeat last season every memorable thing, plus they all targeting vikas cause shilpa crossed the line of respect and guest-host decorum as soon as the moment she dragged last season drama into this season the way she was telling stuff to sree was looking so damn manipulating i’ve no doubt she certainly telling stuff to others as well

  13. Vikas is actually too much into nepotism. Makes no sense to try to group people on basis of their profession e.g Dipika and Rohit. Dipika and Rohit are not friends. Had he suggested Rohit and Shrishty I would buy that. Vikas can convince people he works with or should say provides bread and butter but otherwise??? eg Sree, Romil and Somi…. Actually didn’t like Vikas saying somi pagal. It is not big thing in day to day life when we refer to a friend but otherwise???? Even guests too need to be cautious and he being in industry should know it. Liked Surbhi and I like her anyways because she has good analytical power, understanding and is clear about her stands. I know many won’t agree but I feel so. Yes disgracing guest is wrong. But according to me Romil is playing good. Deepak was trying too hard to show that love angle but that was irritating as was fake. He is smart so can play on his own, no need of fake love angle.

  14. Happy clup team always insulted shree n abused him badly that time kv n deepika support him now he is with happy club n against kv n deepika it’s prove that wrong person only can gang up with wrong one…….he never appreciate the efforts of ince person wt tgey did n doing to him.. worst n boring season….

  15. Shree my god wht does he thinks of himself..??..y is he behaving like this wd kv…those people (kv ,deepika nd shristy)..who were babysitting him caring him frm first week became his enemy nd he dont even to play wd them as team nd those people whom till last epi he was calling servants nd was fighting wd them like anything …became his seriously..???..height of diplomacy…i wonder this same person was calling deepika fake ,emotionless,disgusting when she did not support shristy nd now suddenly he is all against shrishty..
    Frm the day he came back he is behaving like yeh kar dunga woh kardunga nd wht actually he is doing is NOTHING RATHER THAN FIGHTING ND b*t*hING…first he made deepika cry..then shristy nd now kv…the main prblem is HE KNW THE FACT THAT THE WAY BADLY HE WILL BEHAVE OR FIGHT WITh KV , SHRISHTY OR DEEPIKA THEY WILL NEVER LOOSE THEIR DIGNITY ND FALL TO SURBHI OR DEEPAK OR SO CALLED HAPPY CLUBS LEVEL IN ABUSING..nd they will forgive him if he says sorry nd thats y taking them for granted…the day srishty kv nd deepika will stop ignoring his abuses nd will give back to him dat day he will realise he lost 3 beautifull frndzz…
    Stay strong kv❤sristy❤deepika❤u guys dont need him..u urself are equivalent to an army..❤❤❤
    Coming to jasleen omg such an overacting when she got to knw that anup jii revealed her plan..omg dat look???..just dont like her…
    Deepak:- yaar manna padega iss bandeko..koi itna kaise logo ko paka sakta hai…??..bechari somi..cant he understamt NO MEANS NO..faltu footage k chakkar main baaki log bhi usko badhawa dere h….
    Nd love circle of this season is like
    Urvashi deepak k peeche…deepak somi k peeche..soomi rohit k peche… aur rohit shrishty k peeche..too much fun????

    Supporting shristy nd kv this tym❤..loving their bond❤❤

  16. This new season sucks and stinks. Shut it down and spare us viewers the torture of enduring this crap day after day. Gautam Gulati was and is the best winner ever.

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