Nazar 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh goes against Mohana for Piya

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Nazar 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohana says to Vedsheree that you are separating my son from me. Vedsheree says you are scared that davansh and devik will become one and your plan will not work. Mohan says I am just scared to lose my son, you are a real witch, you know Ansh married Ruby and still sending him to Piya? you are destroying his life. Vedsheree says I am doing what is right, she asks Ansh to leave. Mohana says dont go, there is danger there, Ansh says thats why I am going as Piya is alone there. Mohana says she is devik, she is the one who threatened to kill you. Ansh says I promised Piya, Mohana says what about your wife? you promised her. Ansh says that marriage was a lie. Mohana says marriage did happen. Chitali says it was a fraud. Mohana says Ansh is my son and I did everything for his happiness. Avi says

enough, he asks Ansh to go as Piya might be in trouble. Mohana says nobody is worried about Ruby, if she wants to send her husband or not. Chitali says we dont take her as daughter in law. Mohana says to Ansh that dont listen to them, they are not good, dont go there. Ansh says I will go there.

Piya is walking but suddenly steps in a net and becomes trapped, she is hanged in air and some crows of green color surround her.

Mohana says to Ansh that you cant go there, you have to listen to me, its about blood. Vedsheree says he will go Piya. Mohana says I will see how he can go. Ansh glares at her and says I will see who can stop me. Ansh starts walking away. Mohana says dont force me to do what I dont want to, stop Ansh. Ansh doesnt listen and keeps moving. Mohana grabs him by her hair, all are stunned. Ansh falls down. Mohana says I told you to not force me. Ansh says you cant stop me. Ansh pulls back and starts moving again. Mohana is about to grab him again but he pushes her braid away.

Green birds free Piya from net.
Ansh throws Mohana’s braid away. All are stunned. Mohana says you didnt leave any choice to me, I have to do what I didnt want to. Ansh turns and starts leaving. Mohana takes her tear and thinks that I will use my tears to weaken Ansh and then I would stop him. Mohana throws her tears at Ansh but Vedsheree stands infront of them with mirror, some tears passby her and touches Ansh’s hair. Ansh’s hair turn red. Vedsheree throws remaining tears back at Mohana. Mohana’s hair turn red too. Mohana falls and faints.

Scene 2
Naman says they beat me so much. Masseuse is massaging him but Ruby comes there and sends him away. She says to Naman that if you love Piya then you have to do my work. Naman says I dont want Piya, they have beaten me a lot, please leave me alone. Ruby goes to his washroom.
Ansh sees Mohana heaving and her hair red. He sees web of roots removing from gate. Mohana says how can you leave your mother in this condition, dont leave. Vedsheree says dont think about her, if tears had fallen on you then you would have weaken like her. Mohana says its dangerous there. Ansh says I have already promised. Mohana says dont put his life in danger. Vedsheree says Piya is alone, I will take care of Mohana, you go. Ansh leaves from there without listening to Mohana. Mohana says stop him. She sees Ansh gone and says you didnt do right, Ansh is in danger. Vedsheree says you can only scream, you have nothing now.

Saanvi opens cupboard and finds weapons.
Sushant wakes up and doesnt see Saanvi around. Saanvi says dad is weak so I have to kill the witch, she takes trishul and leaves. Sushant comes out and sees cupboard open, he says Saanvi.

PRECAP- Mohana says to Vedsheree that if anything happens to Ansh then I wont spare anyone. Vedsheree says Ansh will marry Piya only. Mohana says I will never let it happen. Vedsheree says I will see how you can stop fate.
Ansh is searching for Piya in jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally Ansh uses his heart and do what his brought up parents say not what mohona says…?????

    2. Ansh is getting attach to Piya all by itself, I hope Piya to realise all this soon…

    3. Ansh always feel piya problems, but piya only see half truth, I doubt is she is real devik ???? as she always take decision with knowing half truth and without proper information…

    4. Plz unite Ansh and Piya fast, its going tooooooooooo slow….????

    1. Your points are bang on.

      For the same reason stated in point 3; i always have soft spot towards ansh than pia.

      how funny is mohana with that pink wig?

  2. Venicia Gonsalves

    What does aikayan which mohana says mean in English language

    1. A witch who is 200 yrs old i guess?

  3. pia s nt worth to b a devik
    Her sister s more bold nd fearless than her
    Unlike pia she s just dumb nd cant evn use her brain
    I dont knw y ansh s going to pia always who knws only insulting nd misunderstanding him
    She s acting as if she s some highness bcz ansh s always behubd her
    I doubt is she a devik really no brains no thinking capacity
    I used to like her n early days nw i hate her fr always fighting nd misunderstanding ansh
    Ansh should ignore her if she insult him d more
    Let her go to hell
    Stupid devik

  4. 1.Ansh always feels probs of piya. Only when he is in control of mohana he does bad things.
    2. Piya can trust that naman but she cant trust ansh?thats irritating.
    3.Anyways namans part was funny.
    4. I srsly feel saavi is much fearless and better than piya.?

    1. Even I don’t seems to get pia’s actions. She can’t trust ansh on anything but expects him to trust just based on her word.

      At least, he is giving benefit of doubt. She even have slight dementia and selective blindness; can only see ansh hitting anyone not the other way around.

      Can’t protect herself from goons but somehow shows saviour attitude to ansh & family.

      Even being human saavi shows more backbone and courageous than pia.

  5. I really don’t like Piya..for a devik she is supposed to be fearless but she is always crying and standing stunned.
    Saanvi is more worthy of being a Devik.
    I don’t even think Piya acts well.

  6. Pia is just too much

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