Bigg Boss 12 30th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dipika Kakkar Wins Bigg Boss Season 12

Bigg Boss 12 30th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

BB Voiceover
India have chosen 5 finalists and today we will see who is the winner.

In house, Salman dances and says this house is a circus, let me make you meet entertainers of here. Salman dances and welcomes Sree. Sree hugs him. They dance to le le maza le re, Salman says he is a storm Sree. Sreesanth dances with him to main karun toh sala character dheela hai. Then Dipika joins and they dance to oh partner.
Salman dances with Deepak to Pandey de sitty.
Salman comes to Romil and wakes up Romil, Romil dances with him. Next Salman dances with KV and makes a joke on his clothing, they dance to Jumme ki Raat.
All contestants join Salman and dances with him.

On stage, Salman welcomes everyone to show. All ex-inmates are there. Salman says finally the time has come, Salman says we have got more than 1 crore votes and we will know soon who is going to get the trophy. Salman says we have a twist that we will reveal later. Salman welcomes all ex inmates. He asks Somi who will win? She says Deepak. Megha says I think Sree will win. Salman asks Urvashi if she thinks Deepak will win? She says he deserves it but chances are less. Salman says to Neha that whom you think will win? She says Deepak or Sree. Salman says lets see what is happening in house.

In house, BB says to inmates that you guys are the finalists, many inmates came and left but this is your night and last night here so lets have a toast. All five inmates pour champagne and drink it. BB congratulate them. BB says lets see what your family is feeling. Clip shows Deepak’s parents recall how he got selected and they couldnt believe it. Romil’s father says that I have only one son and I miss her. Shoaib’s mother says we were happy for her, we miss her so much, Dipika is only one for us in world, she loves us so much, she is more than Shoaib for me. KV’s father that I asked him to not leave his upbringing behind. Sree’s wife that Sree has come out as a champion. Romil’s father says that he said to not stop him, he is a challenger, I didnt know about this confidence before. Shoaib’s wife that she is not fake, we know that, she is very nice. Deepak’s father that our house broke in flood, we didnt get support but now ministers are calling me and supporting Deepak, it all happened because of Deepak. Bhuvneshwari says that Sree that dont feel bad about parents, they are proud of you. They all wish luck to their family members. All inmates are emotional seeing that. Romil says my dad spoke for first time.
Salman connects call to house. Salman says to Romil that father always praise you behind back, it happened with me too. Romil says to his father that seeing you here was my dream. His father says that you showed our upbringing him, you are a diamond. Romil cries. Sree talks to his wife, he says you are looking beautiful. Sree sees his daughter, Sree says my love. KV sees Teejay and says I love you. She says you are doing great, people are praising you. KV cries looking at his mom. Deepak sees his parents, his mother says I am so happy, I wish you luck to win the trophy. Salman says to Dipika that no one came for you, Shoaib is busy in shoot, he is Bangkok. All laugh. Salman asks Sree that we kept a man in house who counted who many times you wanted to leave house? you know you said it 299 times, Sree says no, I will take trophy now. Salman says to Dipika that when you cried first time? She says I was talking to Neha. Salman says you cried on 4th day of season, all laugh. Salman asks Deepak when he started liking Somi? He says parents are here, all laugh. Somi says he didnt get chance. Deepak says she is a good friend. Salman shows them trophy. Salman says to Deepak that he has many fans, he shows Urvashi and Megha. Megha says I am waiting for you to come out. She wishes them luck. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says Romil have been confident since start, he says his home town has celebrations there. Clip shows his family saying that he made them proud, all Haryana people are excited for him. His fans say we are voting for him. All people chant for Romil. Salman connects call to Karnal, they all are excited for Romil. His friend says that he is getting many votes, we are all waiting for him to win. Salman connects call to house and says to Romil that is happening in your home town? Salman connects his call to his home town. Romil thanks them for making him reach there. His friend says we missed him but wish that he wins the show.

Salman says to inmates that soon one will be out of race, he ends call.

Salman says that we had many fights in house, we will see that today in musical way.

In performance. Sreesanth, KV and Romil wear lion masks and say lines that they are ready for battle. They start dancing with energy. Sree does robotic dance on khali bali. KV and Romil dances too. All clap for them.

On stage, Salman says she never leaves us, she is here today and that is Bharti Singh.

Bharti enters house. KV says come here baby. Bharti dances to ankh maare, inmates dance with her. Bharti says enough enough. She says you all are looking good. Bharti congratulate them for being top five. Bharti says to KV that you look like heroine with old movie’s villain, all laugh. She jokes that Deepak looks like mithai. Bharti says lets see what fans want you to do after show. Sree’s fan says that they want him to do a show. Bharti says this is like daily show here. Dipika’s fan says that she would become chef for Sree if not an actor. Dipika says I have a dream to open a restaurant. KV’s fan says that he should be an actor after show. Bharti says dont show the truth, he is a big actor, he is in top five. One fan says that he should become a plumber. Bharti says its for Deepak, his face is like a tap. Deepak frowns. KV’s fan says that KV can be a fashion designer because of his weird clothes. Bharti says you should become designer as your designer is not nice. All laugh. Deepak’s fan says he should be an actor. Bharti jokes with them. Bharti says if Deepak does a movie with a heroine, she would not take money, would just take shower. Romil’s fan says he should become a gyani baba. Bharti jokes about Sree’s body that he made in anger. She makes fun of Dipika crying. Bharti wishes them luck and leaves.

On stage, Salman says its good she left house otherwise inmates would have sold her. Salman says soon one would be eliminated. Salman says twist is that there is an offer of prize money but they have to leave trophy for that.

Salman connects call to house. Kv gives him a flying kiss, Salman looks away, KV says its brother’s love. Salman says one is eliminating now. Salman says Deepak come out, Deepak hugs everyone and takes Sree’s bracelet. Salman asks Deepak to bring Romil to gate, Deepak does. Salman asks them to go to KV and bring him to gate. Salman says KV is Eliminated. KV hugs Sree. KV says love you, he leaves show.

KV comes on stage and wave to everyone. Salman says I look under dressed infront of him. KV says I was shocked but I think that my fans thought I should leave at this stage. Salman asks whom you think can win? KV says its Deepak.

Salman says we went to Bihar, see what is happening there. They are all excited for him. His family is emotional for him to make them proud. His relative says that he have struggled so much and we are happy that he is here. Salman connects call to Bihar, they are excited to talk to him. Deepak connects call with them, he sees fireworks, his sister asks him to sing. He sings ek hazaron mein hamari behna hai.

Salman says now is the time for Deepak’s love. Performance shows Deepak singing with Somi. He sings oh re Piya re. He romantically dances with her.. but it shows that its all Deepak’s dream. They funnily dance together then, all clap.

On stage, Bharti comes there and hugs Salman. She jokes about her husband. She says we can have a baby together, you said to Simba team that you are marrying, marry me. Salman dances wit Bharti, she tries to copy him but he is shocked to see her dance funnily.

On stage, Bharti says my husband is nice but he is scared of anything, my team members in Khatron ke Khiladi are nice, Rohit is a coward. Salman says he is here. Bharti runs away.

In house, Rohit brings inmates to activity area. Rohit Shetty says to inmates that one will be eliminated from you four and I am here to do that, I will do it in my style. He ties them with bob wire and says I will cut wire of two inmates, those will remain in race. He cuts Sree’s wire so he is safe. Deepak says I want to go ahead. Dipika says I want it to be me. Rohit cuts Dipika’s wire, she is safe. Rohit says Deepak and Romil are in danger. Rohit gives them cutters and says there will be a blast on one chair and that will be out of race. They cut wires and Romil’s chair have a blast. ROMIL is ELIMINATED. Romil wishes them luck and leaves with Rohit.

Romil comes on stage. Romil says my dad is your fan, can you gift the bracelet you sent us give to my father? Salman makes his father wear it. Salman asks whom he think we will win? Romil says I want Deepak to win but I think Sree will win.

Salman says now is the time for performance of Khatron Ke Khiladi hosts. Aditya, Riddhima, Jasmin dances with inmates on halla dhuwai hai.

On stage, Rohit makes Riddhima sit on danger chair. They talk about stunts in show. Bharti says Jasmin was excited to see lizard. Salman gives her shock, she screams. Then Aditya sits on chair. Bharti says I listen to his music on mute, all laugh. Salman gives him shock. Bharti asks him to sing, he sings Ram ji chal dekho. Salman keeps giving him shock, all laugh. Bharti says when he saw snake, he started singing jaye jaye jawani phir na aai. They promote their show. Salman says its time for Bharti to sit on chair, they all cheer. Bharti sits, Salman gives her shocks, she screams and says dont do it. Rohit says you have to laugh without us telling any joke. Bharti laughs and cries at same time. Jasmin hugs her. They leave.

On stage, Salman promotes another show. Its actors perform a dance number. Salman promotes their show.

On stage, Salman says we have top three in house. Salman connects call to Debang who is in Delhi. Debang says all are excited here. Most are Sreesanth supporter. One fan says he is genuine, he made relations and followed the, he always with Dipika. Another fan says his attitude is not nice, his aggression was seen. Sree’s fan says he made relations with people and followed it, he didnt change teams for gain. Another fan says that he made India win world cup. Deepak’s fan says he gives 100%. Debang says Sree did leave tasks. Salman says it was his strategy even when he said he wants to leave. One fan says that Deepak showed his bihari attitude, he can win the show. Fans argue over who showed nicer attitude. Debang says all are excited about winner, all watch BB. Shoaib has joined show too. Salman says all are confused that who will win BB. Salman asks who is for Sree’s win? Fans cheer. Debang says Salman have been a great anchor this season too, we are waiting when you announce winner. We are watching live here, he ends call.

Salman says its time for last Sultani fight.

Salman comes to sultani rin, he promotes Color’s show.

Salman says now is the time to find out who is top 2, we will reveal twist to top 3. Salman connects call to activity area. He welcomes top 3 finalists. Salman says you three are closer to winning show. Salman says one will win and get 50 lacs rupees but only one will be winner and other two will leave empty handed. Salman says you have a chance to win some amount. Salman says there is an amount in briefcase, on my count, whoever wins buzzer first will get that case and will also be out of race, so it means whoever chooses money will lose trophy, this briefcase has amount more than any exit money offered before on show. Salman says amount is 20 lacs, you have to think practically if you want to get this money or want to remain in race. After your decision, I will tell who is out of this race. Salman says get ready.. you have to decide when I count to 3.. he says 1..2..3. All look on, Deepak presses buzzer, All clap. Sree hugs him. Deepak touches his feet and cries. Dipika consoles him. Salman says DEEPAK IS LEAVING. Deepak touches Dipika’s feet, she stops him. Dipika and Sree wishes him good luck for life. He leaves.

Deepak comes on stage, he goes to his family, his father says I am proud to be your father. Salman says you got 40% of prize money. Deepak says I didnt want to take the money but I have to do sister’s marriage so this money will help, I had confidence to win but I didnt want to take risk, my family needs this money. His father says I dont know about decision but you are standing with him so this is the biggest win. Deepak says I am your huge fan. Five ex-inmates say that he did right. Urvashi says if he didnt take money then he might have won the game. Deepak says I just thought my house problems. Salman says genuinely telling you that you got less votes than Dipika and Sree so your decision was right and took 40% from Sree or Dipika’s amount. Salman wishes him luck for future.

Salman says now brother and sister are competing each other. Dipika and Sree’s performance start. Dipika enacts how she used to console Sree in washroom and he used to get angry. They dance on Yeh larki hai dewani. They dance around each other like siblings. Then they dance on tu jo mila. They perform energetically.

Salman says now they are going to leave the house which they have been in for 3 months.

In house, Dipika and Sree hold hands. BB says we have two finalists who made a pair in house, many pairs came in house but nobody could stay but the pair which was made in this house is here in last, you had to take a lot of tests but you both stood by each other and see that in the last moment of this show, you both are standing with each other. Bigg Boss says Sree you asked us a lot to open the doors but it didnt happen because your journey was not complete, you will leave with head held high today, today we are telling that this door is open so come out and see people are waiting to welcome you. BB says we will know soon who is the winner but as you wanted, trophy will go in family. Sree thanks everyone. Bigg Boss says for one last time Bigg Boss wants you both to close the lights of house and come out. Sree and Dipika hold hands and close house doors. Fireworks start, Sree says love you. Dipika says we love you, they both chat Sreepika.. They leave dark house behind and go out.

On stage, Salman says its time that one will be winner and one will lose. Salman welcomes top 2 finalists of BB 12 on stage. Dipika and Sree enters hand in hand. Salman says Shoaib just came here, Shoaib and Bhuvneshwari are sitting together. Salman asks whom do you want to win? Sree says Dipika, Dipika says myself. Bhuvneshwari says Sree, Shoaib says I wanted to see her in finals and it got fulfilled, now decision is on God. Sree asks Romil to have a look at trophy, Dipika laughs. Romil says you are lucky. Salman says Deepak took 40% of prize money, Deepak says they know about my situation. Dipika and Sree say love to him. Salman says now is the time to announce winner. He holds their hands and joke with them by raising hands. All laugh. Salman says winner of Bigg Boss season 12 is Dipika Kakkar, Dipika cant believe it. She thanks everyone. Dipika gives her trophy and takes selfie with them. Sree hugs her, she falls down and cant believe it. She raises trophy and says its a beautiful experience, she thanks Salman. All inmates come to congratulate her. Urvashi and Megha hugs her. Shoaib claps for her. Salman signs off from show.

Dipika Kakkar Wins Bigg Boss Season 12

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Winner koi bhi bane..Romil Bhaiya won the hearts.. aise bhiaya sabko milni chahiye.unke father bhi praise Kiya ki woh gharme bhi samskaromko nai bhule .woh scene and romilke aankhome aansu dekhker muje bhi Rona aagaya…Romil evict hone ke Baad Mai TV band kerdi..2 undeserved logomse koi bhi win hojay kuch farak nai padta…kV ke scenes Bhut hasi aayi ..itni achi, innocent,jovial person Abhi tak bbme nai aaye

    1. @Tripura,
      My baby… ❤
      Watch the whole episode tomorrow on Voot.
      U will love Deepak’s part, I promise you.
      Yessss, Romil will always be loved by all of us. And so will be KV. Take a chill pill because we finally had thought Sree would win.
      But Dipika’s win is so undeserving that now even I m not feeling sad. -_-
      Just enjoy the beautiful moments of the episode .

  2. Thank you atiba for fast update, will meet next season.
    Hello xyz, nandini,rajo, airplane, Sandeep,aarohi ,hope ,logesh,anuanu and all others I was happy to read your comments.will miss you till next so happy that Deepak got money and Sree and Deepika reach top 2.whoever wins I’m happy.
    @airplane thoda halwa khawooo saroor.i mean please have some halwa????

    1. Hii neha…
      Even we have the same feeling to read ur comments….?????

    2. Lokesh

      Thanks and will miss u too , will meet on next season and it’s Lokesh I know it’s typo

    3. @Neha ji,
      Your name has that bliss one of the most positive housemates of Bigg Boss Season 12 is carrying with grace. #Nehha_Pendse.
      Much love to you. ❤

    4. Halwa khilana parega hame ????

    5. Thank you all for beautiful reply,I will do lokesh when ever v meet again.

    6. @Neha liked to read your comments always. Love you and hope to see you next year and I hope that next year BB gets better as this one was boring

    7. @Hope, v hope for the best next year,it should be good like previous season

  3. Pathetic season. Whole thing was rigged. Only good part is that Deepak won an amount as well, and I’m sure KV was at least 3rd place in terms of votes but he won’t mind that Deepak went ahead because everyone thought Deepak was most deserving to win and needed this more. Shame on you Bigg Boss, never watching again.

    1. Deepak he was so good. It was true ki dipika aur sree ke fans ko beat krna bohot mushkil tha

    2. @Shivi,
      True enough! But Dipika won without doing anything.

    3. @Aarohi,
      I know. But what can be done now. No point in blaming her so I don’t want to discuss her at all. While I didn’t want her to win, I just want to point out that the much supported winner of BB11 Shilpa Shinde is saying crap on twitter about Dipika, so tbh being a winner doesn’t even matter, making it to the finale is a good enough victory. Cheers everyone.

  4. ????????????????????? love you biggboss deepika winner ???????????? party time

  5. I wanted deepak to win but I’m happy for him as he took a practical decision. Congo Dipika? I’m sad sad happy?

    1. Lokesh

      ?? best comment sad sad hAppy

  6. @Airplanes,
    Romil’s father compared his son to Kohinoor diamond! O:-)
    Aaj aap pe gehri shaak hain humein! *_*

    1. @airplanes nd aarohi hmebhiii shkk h abto?arey guys milngg nxt yr nd airplanes halwa khaaaooooiii 1 saaltk hope nxt yr koi halwa na bnaye bb m??

    2. @Aarohi hahaha. Good one liner.

  7. AnuAnu

    Dear everyone,
    It was nice writing to you guys. Didn’t know that 2 months have gone. This is the first time I have commented anywhere also I am not a social media person. But I now know its fun.
    In fact it was literally a BB journey outside ColorsTV bcz when  I am finished watching the episode the only thing I want to do is comment here.. Then yahan bhi POVs clash hote dhe aur world War 3 shooro hote dhe. ?????
    @Arohi thank you for your support, that nok – jhok type sa jagda since you hate Sree and I love him.
    @Airplanes thank you for not calling Sree Flipsanth. I am sorry I have something to confess I never understood your shayari ha normal Hindi I understood that’s why I never appreciated your shayari.
    @XYZ Monica ji than you for encouragements not only for me but all the ones here.
    @Nivika be sure to comeback next year and don’t go mid season
    @Rajjo come back next year with your POVs
    @Lokesh come back next year with updates from Bihar
    @Ada and @Nandini you two comments are some what alike bcz you guys tend to write short form of Hindi
    @Indian come back next year let’s see if our favorite match next year. ???
    @Hope the person whom I have replied the most, thank you for taking it sportingly.
    @Gayatri next time come back a little early.
    @Sandeep thank you for supporting my POVs. Will you back in India for next season.

    Dipika won, still I think meri dil itni bhi badi nahin hai ki khush ho jau. I wanted Sree to Win so badly that I am not happy for some one else.

    If I missed anyone sorry but yeah comeback soon… After 9 months ?????lots of love from me Anu (yeah it’s my actual name)

    1. @AnuAnu,
      My love ❤❤❤❤❤❤
      I will miss you toooooo. :-*
      All these khatti meethi fights, I will miss everything of all you guys. A new bunch of friends I had received. Thank you so so much for being taking everything so sportingly. See you next year. On the same platform .

    2. @anu anu miss u 2? so graceful u r❣️nxt yr zrur milnggg lkin usse phle prso new yr wish krengg isi pgpr?

    3. @AnuAnu..
      You know what.. I feel like awwwwww after reading ur comments…u r the perfect combination of heart and brain..
      I really like ur way of writing evrything in points..
      You know what i was thinking to write theae things about u.. But couldn’t make it bcz of lack of time..
      And it is the perfect time to write for u..

      So keep it up.. And come again in next season too.. ???

    4. Lokesh

      Lots of love to u too sis, will surely come wide some gud information of Bihar , kyunki news me to humesa Bihar Ko kharab hi dikhate h bcoz of silly politicians . Gud bye will see u next season

    5. Are u on instagram ? @AnuAnu

    6. AnuAnu

      No dear but I will create one soon and get in touch with you. Wait for me ?

    7. Hiii @anuanu… Wish you a very Happy New Year….
      Yes i will try to come next year… 9 mahine ki hi to baat h??
      Will miss you… Till then

    8. @anuanu. Awwwww. I miss u guys so much that I visit the site everyday. ? and I read it today. Thank you. Dnt knw if u will read this.

  8. Omg i can’t belive fianllllyyyyyyyyy ????????? deepika is the best my last comment on BB12 love this TU BB family love you guys specially @Arohi @airplan

    1. @Shabnam,
      Thank you so much, girl!
      But no, more than me, @Airplanes should be loved. He deserves all the credit to keep this forum full of life and good spirits all these days.
      Without him, it was nothing .

  9. Soooooo happy………congrats dipika fans especially @[email protected]?…….when dipika was standing with the trophy I think romil n surbhi were the saddest…..I didn’t like it……koi nhi abhi acha acha likhte h????sree dipika’s dance was just so good…….n I m so happy for deepak……u deserved this amount?

    1. @nandini yes m bht khush hu?
      1.dpk ko vo amount mila
      2.dpka jeet gyi
      Nd surbhi to kuch bht hi zaada sad dikhi aaj prkoini keave it time will lag everything for her

  10. KV’s EXIT —

    I will definitely miss you, KV.
    That goodness. That innocence. That charm. :’)
    Everything will be remembered. Forever. ♡_♡
    I can proudly say, Karanveer Bohra has been my favourite in Bigg Boss Season 11 :”)
    As Neha said, “Acchai zyada dur nahi jaati…”
    Lekin, acchai aur sacchai hamesha dil jeet leti hain. :))

    ROMIL’s EXIT —
    I had fallen for him from the middle of the show. Tall, handsome and intellectual.
    He had lost his mother and his father has brought him up.
    When I got to know this today, I realized why he never cried. :”) That touched the soul. Life has made him so strong, he has learnt to hide his tears. Those moist eyes of Romil in front of his father explained everything !
    WELL PLAYED, my boy. 3:-)

    Christ. :”-)
    I almost cried when he said the line “behen ki shaadi mein zaroor ana” to Dipika and Sreeshanth.
    He touched their feet. He cried. Everyone of us did cry for him from inside.
    His family came first for him and his love for his sister was so beautiful.
    He looked great too.

    And Romil’s “dil kehta ki Deepak”
    Romil didn’t even raise his hand thinking Deepak took the wrong decision taking the price money, Urvashi’s hidden tears for Deepak, Romil-Deepak’s dance after Deepak came out —– everything was touching . 🙂

    SREE’s EXIT —

    Zindagi mein pehli baar inke liye aasu aye. When he told “dusre ki” on being asked “kiske jeet mein khusi zyada hogi ?” :’)

    1. Lokesh

      Yaara will miss u alot kitna accha likha aaj ke episode ke sare best part likh Dia Apne, ab bas airplane ka intezar hai, yup romil ke liye respect or bhi bash gyi.
      And kvb and Neha best log the as celebs aise log Kam hi milte h,
      Maine Shiv Ko bhi miss Kia

    2. @Lokesh,
      Thankewwwww so much for showering affection whenever I came here. I missed Shiv too. And can you make a fan page on insta or something to keep all of these people here stay connected ?

    3. Hiii @aaro….
      Saal khatm… Bigg boss khtm… Naya saal 9 months ka wait…. Lets see now who comes….
      Shree was damn cute when he said “dusra” n just he said “nayanjii”…
      As he knew she won’t agree…
      Anyways… Happy New Year dear….

  11. @airplanes bhaiya..aap jaise Insaan Ko Maine aaj tak nai dekhi..aap comments me itna hasaya tho aapke aas paas ke logomko kitna hasate honge ..aapke najdik ke log Bhut lucky hai .Bhagwan ne muje unlucky banaya jo aapke najdik nai hu?… .aapke chehre Ko nai jaanti but imagination me aapko bhi Romil samji,Aisa lag Raha tha ki Romil hi aakher comments likh Rahe hai. …..aapko and romilko life bhar nai bhulungi….it’s a promise …aap yaad aane per,Rona aane per bhi nai roungi. ..but hasungi..aap jaise ache Insaan ka sandesh Wahi hai na haste rahna..?…itna bada likh diya aap bore honge maaf kerna. ..lastly Happy new year bhaiya ..Bhagwan aapko hamesha khush rakhe ..bus is bahan Ko kabhi kabhi yaad kerlena pls bhaiya
    …..agar hosake tho aap kis statese ho batalijiye na pls

    1. @Tripura,
      This was pure love. ❤❤❤❤❤
      @Airplanes, now please come here. She wrote such a touching poem for you. :’)

  12. Riana

    Personally i m very happy that deepika won and i was actually supporting her from the first day. And eventually time elapsed i got more attached to her… So personally i am very happy to deepika won it… Hello people i was commenting as VINDY and really had a fun time in commentimg here and reading all of yours comments especially golden heart romil lover airplane, xyz n many of you… Lots of love to you all… Hopefully will meet on next season. Bye 🙂

    1. @riana(vindy)

      Thanks to mention our name.. Even i have remember that i used to. Like ur comments amd even conuter back ur comments many time.. But u stopped commenting here.
      So first of all congratulations to u as ur fav. One won.
      And second thing.. Come again in next season too till then bbyee and tc.. ???

  13. Didn’t watch the episode but got to know that deepak took 20 lakh and left the show.
    20 lakh is a very big amount and i am very happy that deepak took a very wise decision…. He really needs of money plus he make it to top 3…
    This is the best thing of this season if some one really needy got the amount…

    I wants sree to win.. But its ok.. He hot what he want and i am really very happy for deepika and deepak… I still remember when these 2 came in premiere of the show and deepika was crying and said she really needs of money otherwise she will never leave her husband just after the 5 momths of her marriage

    Deepak even said the same thing.. He needs of money plus fame so that he can get some work

    Like last season.. I am not at all disappointed infact i am very happy for these 3… These 3 really deserves to be on top 3… Though deepak and sree didn’t win the trophy but one got money plus name fame and sree got public’s love…

    A thanks to ATIBA for ur quick and clear updates… ???

    I saw all of ur comments of yesterday.. Where U guys (sandeep, ada, aarohi, gayatri, AnuAnu) mentioned almost everyone..
    But i wants to add some more ppl which we guys forget to mention..
    And these ppl are jisha, sana, jagganath, pari, ghosha, teddy, chachi420..

    A very happy new year to all of u.. Stay happy, healthy and blessed…
    Sare gile shikwe yahin khatam kar k next yr milte h with the same energy… And with the same arguments n counter back thing… ??
    Good byee to everyone… We will meet soon..

    1. A very happy new year to you too xyz

    2. Rajjo

      Mujhe bhul gyi??
      But its ok …
      Happy New Year dear….

    3. @Rajjo..

      Nah dear.. How can i forget u..
      I have only mentioned those names which were not mentioned by aarohi and others.. So i was just adding these mames in their list.. ????

  14. @Aarohi didi aapko Bhut bhut miss karungi..mere views Ko kaise kahu muje samajme nai aati thi..mere tarafse aap mere viewsko achi tarah explain kerte the ..aapke words formation,cute sentences excellent hai…Happy New Year didi…god aapke saare wishes puri kerdey,and aapko hamesha khush rakhde.. best wishes from your little sis muje yaad rakhiyena didi pls ..aapko Mai jindagi bhar nai bhulungi …be happy always?

    1. @Tripura,
      Meri bacchaaa :’) I won’t ever forget you.
      I love you sooo sooo sooo much for this innocence. ❤ Bahaut bahaut sara pyaar ek Khusi ki dibba mein..
      Our views always matched. And so it was easy to explain. Best of luck for your boards and stay happy, healthy and blessed. ❤ I love you a lot.

  15. It’s been a very beautiful journey with beautiful people…….I m going to miss everybody here……@XYZ,Ada,Sandeep Virk,Neha,Jagannath,Anu Anu,Me,Rajjo,Airplanes,Lokesh,Aarohi,Hope,Gayatri,Charisma,Aishwarya,Shabnam,Anon,Anon2,Diya,Deepika,Cutipie…….(extremely sorry if i have missed your name)
    @Miss Aarohi……..guess I have had a fight with just you so now no grudges left……
    @XYZ,Ada,Sandeep Virk,Neha,Gayatri,Me……Will miss u the most……for your wonderful comments…….
    @Anu Anu…….the one with most unbiased views……
    Do come back the next season…….n I hope there will be much better housemates in season 13…….
    A very happy new year guys…….hope this year proves the best one for you…….??…….

    1. @Nandini,
      Haha ? Yes, we fought. But it’s over now. No grudges. See you next year.
      And a very happy new year. ❤

    2. @nandiniHappy new year to you too, will meet next season

    3. Aww will miss you too, will meet next season?

    4. Lokesh

      Happy new year to u too Nandini.gud bye

    5. Rajjo

      Happy New Year Dear….
      Will miss you just wait for 9 months

    6. AnuAnu

      @Nandini a very very happy new year to you ????

    7. @Nandini..
      Thank you so much for being so humble to me.. And for all of the support…
      Luv u… And tc. ????

  16. @hope didi happy new year ..may God bless you with all the pleasures of the world…I will miss you a lot?

    1. @Nandini and Tripura thanks buddy. Now that BB (both inside and outside home) is over, I will be missing BB outside BB house more. Hope that next year is a blessing to all.

  17. Lokesh

    Finally halwa ban gayi Desh ki pasand , accha Kia Maine vote hi nhi Kia kyunki mujhe pata tha Aisa kuch hi karenge, arey agar romil Deepak Surbhi nhi to Sreesanth bhai Ko winner banate , ye halwa g Ko kyun y soo biased always last year bhi Shilpa g Ko banaya tha, MATLAB jo task na kare wo hi winner hota hai yaha.deepika ke face start se Bata rhe the that she is winner her expressions were fake for being evicted.
    Aaj to kvb sach me ladki lag rhe the.
    Best part was Deepak Romil hug when Deepak came out. Bb ne shivashish ko nhi bulaya , bekar log.shiv Ko bulana tha.
    Gud to see all of them.
    But there was no space for house mates , whole episode was for promotion gathbandhan, Kesari Nandan, khatron ke Khiladi ooo god .atleast last portion ka hi kuch accha view dikhate after winner announcement, Dipika g ne sree Ko trophy nahi Dia , selfish behen.
    Will miss everybody here sabke comments as always lajawab.
    Airplane bhaiya aap romil ke papa ho kya, aaj his father said wo Heera nhi, Kohinoor Heera hai, Aisa to aap hi Bolte the.
    Waha Delhi me Dipika ke fans ??? unke tarah hi chup the.atleast Shilpa ke fans aise to nhi the. Airplane bhai jaldi se batado aap kaun ho.
    Deepak ne sahi Kia paise lekar, waise bhi international cricket er and Colors face ke samne wo Kam hi pad ta , Apne Dil jeeta yahi badi baat hai. Athar Gao ,ooi ho kitna famous ho gya Naam.

    1. @Lokesh,
      Absolutely spot on!! Bang on!! Rock on!!
      Comparing Dipika and Sree, I wouldn’t be happy for anyone of them.
      I loved KV since the beginning,
      But saw Romil as the winner material.
      Agar Romil nahi hota, toh Deepak.
      Deepak was a total sweetheart today. ❤
      Between Dipika and Sree,
      Sree shouldn’t have won because he abused a lot. And Dipika shouldn’t have won because she didn’t do anything special.
      If Sree was in (-)
      Dipika was in 0
      Toh 0 > (-)
      Toh Dipika wins !
      So, it’s cool.

    2. Lokesh

      Arrest waah , yup 0> -1, sahi kaha Apne.

  18. @AnuAnu,@Gayatri Happy New Year in advance…may God bless you?

    1. Gayatri

      Happy new year dear…

  19. @Atiba…….this season wouldn’t have been so popular in this forum if u weren’t there…….love u n wish u a very happy new year…….??……

  20. I am happy for Deepak that he took money. Deepak ne sach mein 3 mahino mein logon ko pura Bihar dikha Diya. Romil showed emotions at right place, for his dad. I like him anytime more than anyone. Dipika was most correct that she wants herself to win. Congrats Dipika.
    Thanks all and Happy New Year.

    1. Happy New Year. @Hope
      Yeah, it’s all over now. Romil and Deepak – those moments with their families were seriously very touching .

    2. @Aarohi Are you on FB.

    3. @Hope,
      Not on Fb because I’ve deactivated it and I will open it few months later.
      But yes I m on instagram.
      Are u there?
      If yes, then I will write my Instagram name here, u can send a follow request.

    4. Oh yes I am on insta

    5. @, Aarohi I am on Instagram

    6. Lokesh

      Happy new year and yup loved Deepak and romil, Deepak Bhut accha khele, shown a common man.?

  21. Arey waah!!dipika kakkar#bb12 winner meri first choice aur second romil tha lekin wo jaldi eliminate ho gaya.congrats dipika,sree,deepak fans.
    Mujhe sabse zyaada nandini airplanes xyz and ada ke comments achhe lagte the.main bb nahi dekhti thi but comments padhna bahut achha lagta tha aapke.

  22. @Hope, @Airplanes, @Lokesh…
    Gonna come or not ?

    1. Lokesh

      Present mam ?

  23. a gud end…im happy for deepika..would have been even more happier if sree won..but itss ok… i felt kv deserved at least 3rd spot..but its ok he got so many ppl’s heart..overall its a gud season…

  24. @AnuAnu
    This is for u.. I read one of ur comment where u wrote we ahould give title to the commenters.. So i dont have titles.. But i devided ppl basis on theor comment style…

    Most matured comments- sandeep, jisha, jagganath, jap, Nivika

    Most logical comments-nandini, indian, AnuAnu, gayatri, neha

    Most entertaining comments-ada and airplanes

    Most straightforward comments – aarohi, hope, ghosha, abhishek, yankee, lokesh, RV

    Dil se comment – sana, pari, teddy, rajjo, vindy

    Most sweetest comment – me, ada, naina(for airplanes and coffee thing?), tripura(to say like dii), naman(to support me when i needed)

    And forgive me ??if i forget to mention some the names here… U guys can add some of the names if u wants to add…

    1. Gayatri

      Thanku monica ji ..

    2. @XYZ how r u champ ?nd tq for #sweet nd entertainment nd love u bht shaara koi bt buri lggaiho to dil s ?krr sorry aap 1 champ 1 spark h jo chahe to sbko hila d nd sb odd k against akele hi oppose krne ka courage jutaye nd will miss u bht shaaraaa????nd yes meet me on 1 jan. At sm pg I’ll wish u new year?nd aaapbe mrelye 1 br wish kithi or bolatha ki aap bht km logo k lye wish krte h mujhe asi h precious wish aapse new year pr b chye tki god will add it 2 my destiny book?nd. Monika ji u r a supebb mind blowing shaandar mazedaar nd dildaar kind of person?own passion keep it up?will miss u

    3. @ada…
      Love u so much chota baccha.. ?
      Read the commets just now… So i will definitely come again tomorrow for u.. ???

    4. @XYZ Thanks buddy for mentioning and yes if at any time point you felt bad about any comment, I would just say, that was just to put up my POV. And with new year I hope you carry on best of last year and begin new year on happy note.

    5. @hope,Aarohi
      I wrote raat gayi baat gayi in my last comment…
      And even erased everything negative from my memory on the day of xmas… ?
      So lets by gones be bygones…
      And we will definitely meet in mext season
      Till than bbyee and haply new year.. ?

    6. Thanks monica! love you for appreciating my comments so many times…

    7. Yankee

      @xyz Thanks all I can say that we all were trying to find some logic in a shiw where logic is not there.Its all about entertainment and thats what we got. If not in episode than here in the great debates. wheather we like it ir not we all guessed each eviction final line up the winner almost we all did Deeoak would take bag. This is because the creative team set narative for us.Any way happy for winner she had to face whole bunch of house mate and tantrums of Shree. In end Romil got his share of fame. KV B got what ha had wanted to be frank. Yes voting definitly must have been different than results.

      Hapoy New Year 2019 to you and all writters.

    8. @XYZ
      Ohh… thanks dear… happy new year…
      Hope to meet you in next season….

    9. Lokesh

      Alley waah mera name bhi hai, thanku and yup u categoriesed it ryt I m straight forward.

    10. Lokesh

      Mam ne almost sabka name likha hai, so to all above a very happy new year ahead.

    11. @XYZ,
      Start afresh and thanks a ton for taking my name for the straightforward comments. ❤
      I’ve already forgotten whatever had happened, and so grudges to hold on. A very happy new year to you. Hope you receive all the good things God has in store for you.
      You had told u would not like to meet me next year, but I would love to meet u again next year. Fights do make bonds stronger.

    12. Hello XYZ,
      Thanks for mentioning my name ?
      I really like u as a person. u r too good by heart and your thnking is amazing i was a silent reader in last year and this year as well.would like to read ur comments again in bb13. Till then be happy ?
      And a very happy new year to u….

    13. Rajjo

      Thank you so much ??
      Its lovely

    14. @xyz. ??? thanx Monica! This is Jas (m a girl! And straight ?) Dnt knw why m writing aftr two days! No one s gonna read!

    15. @Indian…

      “m a girl! And straight ?” I am straight too .. ? ha ha ha
      bdw.. nice name….

  25. I just cant express my happiness woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  26. Season 13 will be kick ass. Yeh season flop tha isse makers ko akal aa gyi hogi..

    Will watch khatron ke khiladi now…??

    Deepak I love u???????aapki wajah se yeh show yaad rahega…apke ganno ki wajah se, apke entertainment ki wajah se.
    U have won my heart still missing u…????????????????

  27. best parts of the ep..deepak singing phoolon ka song..deepak’s dad really made me cry…lol sree’s daughter was playing with surbhi’s hair throughout the episode…tat was funny…somi had a vampire look with her haistyle today..anyway she was the 2nd most beautiful girl in the house… i really missed jesline and shivashish … i wanted to see them…happy ending …

  28. only bad part of the final ep was tat dabang show… i somewhere really like deepak..but his fans ..shit they called deepika as looser…sohaib got upset..and and yellow dress girl near sohaib literally cried.. grow up ppl…u can support the contestant u like..but dont degrade others…anyway gonna wait for another 9 months …bubye frnds..

    1. @raji tamil yaa i agree nd that yellow girl dress is SABA as i think dpkas sister inlaw nd happy new year?

    2. Happy new year dear?

    3. Lokesh

      Yup loser nahi bolna tha, they are not fictional character ,she is real so itni to ijjat honi hi chaiye

    4. @Raji Tamil,
      Yes, true. Shilpa is making fun of herself by doing all this.

  29. Winner is as boring and fixed as this season was since the start, I’m sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous and unfairness is slapped on your face there were news of colors fighting to make colors face the winner on last season they’ll have on their channel with endemol & evidently they stuck with it, I understand sree doesn’t have cookie cutter image to be a winner but you’ve freaking deepak at your disposal make him the winner na he was more deserving and even though he was annoying at times but he was the most active one if not him then for god sake should had made kV instead at least he did do something & didn’t reach this far on someone else coattail blo*dy waste of time

    1. I agree with you if the show was fixed anyway then they should’ve fixed a more deserving winner. I don’t know why I have a feeling this may be the last BB season…or maybe Salman’s last season – he was so boring and unenthusiastic this season, literally worst season ever.

    2. @Tala,
      I have the same views! :-^
      Agreed with you.

    3. @Tala agreed

    4. Lokesh

      Totally agreed

  30. Gayatri

    Finally winner is dipika…am not that happy as i wanted sree to win…
    had a great time with you guys…
    anu anu sure next season i will come early
    Will miss the fights and cute nok jokes of you ppl…..
    Happy new year in advance to all…

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