Bigg Boss 12 29th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kriti and Roshmi eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 29th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show, Salman says I want to dedicate a song to Sree that is aaj jane ki zid na karo. Salman says one will be eliminated this weekend, there will be double eviction this time. He says Ayushman went in house and see what happened.

In House,
Ayush enters and greets everyone. Ayush says Anup you in Bigg boss is surprising, he says there is a task in which you will tell who is following herd. Sree says Somi follows Saba, Somi and Saba takes Sourabh’s name, Sourabh says Nirmal follows others, Deepak says Anup follows herd, he doesnt give his point of view, Nirmal says Deepak and Urvashi plays safe too. Anup says Nirmal gets influenced, Jasleen takes his name too. Deepika says Jasleen gets influenced, she doesnt have strong opinion, Ayush

says game will change, I know it. Jasleen says I say what I think is right. KV says they dont give opinion on time, Jasleen should do it. Neha takes Nirmal’s name. Shiv says Nirmal follows herd. Kriti says Sree follows his team. sree says may God bless her, I dont want to irritate her as she is already nominated. Roshmi takes Nirmal’s name. Nirmal takes Sourabh, Romil takes Shiv’s name and says he calms down with Sourabh’s words. Ayush asks Deepak to bring cards from store room, Ayush says Nirmal got most votes so he gets that award, Sourabh gets award too. Deepak hugs him.
Ayush tells about another task, he says some people are entertaining, we have to select top 7 entertainers. He wishes them luck and leaves.

Sristy asks Deepak, Deepak says we got feedback and they praised me so I am first then Somi. Romil says Deepak, Saba-Somi, KV, Anup-Jasleen. Anup says 1st is Deepak, then us then Saba-Somi. Deepika takes Deepak, Saba-Somi, KV, Romil. They all decide and gives ranks as entertainers:
7th – Kriti-Roshmi
6th – Sree
5th – Romil
4th – KV
3rd – Jasleen-Anup
2nd – Saba-Somi
1st – Deepak-Urvashi

Roshmi says that Sree is most of time. Saba says he changes things.
Neha says to Deepika that Sree sees things from his point of view only, you make him understand but he doesnt respect that, it hurts me.

On stage,
Salman says Ayush will be here soon, lets talk to inmates. He connects call to house. Salman asks how are they? they say good. Salman asks them to stand as per their ranking, they do. Salman says I understand that Neha is not shown, how Deepika is out of ranking? Deepika says most thought Kriti and Roshmi are more suitable. Salman says Deepika you should be on top 3. Salman says KV is 4th even after Vikas telling him all that, Nirmal shouldnt be at 5th. He says Shiv and Sourabh are not even in ranking? Salman says you people are clueless, problem is that nobody is standing out, I feel you dont want to make enemies, so you are safe from nominations, you have to make place in hearts, why make this show black and white. Salman says a person came to tell you and suggest you but you didnt want to accept it? We asked you to write blames on each other. He says there is a witness box, they will defend themselves against allegations. First Anup and Jasleen stands in witness box. Salman says Anup you are respect, first allegation is that you dont take stands, Anup says I took stand when I wanted, Somi accepted that she tore cushion so it was wrong. Salman asks KV if he doesnt agree with Anup? KV says Anup didnt make Somi understand. Somi says it was our decision as a team to tear it. Deepak says no it was not our decision. Salman says let me talk to Somi. Somi says I am sorry if I was wrong. Salman says KV if you dont hear anything then why believe it? Anup didnt see Somi tearing it. Deepak says she went against team, Urvashi says we were trying to explain. Jasleen says I dont get along with Deepika, I dont have enemies here. Salman says keep up this animosity, atleast it is shown but all are others dull.
Salman makes Deepak and Urvashi stand in witness box. Salman says first is that Deepak is less involved in house, Urvashi doesnt give her point of view and then blast at a time, guess who said it? Deepak says Shiv. Salman says KV put this allegation. Salman asks who thinks Deepak doesnt work? 8 people agree. Salman says you think I am joking? we have not come to have vacations. Salman asks KV. KV says Deepak, Shiv and Nirmal doesnt work, Salman says talk about Deepak. Deepika says Urvashi can be underestimated but she has good thinking. Salman says next allegation is that Deepak butters a lot but he backbite them. Deepak says I say on face what I find it wrong. Anup says Deepak plays with calculations. Salman asks Deepak who many seasons he watched? he says after Manoj Tiwari, I saw all seasons. Somi says he backbites against people, Saba says he leaves some people but backbites most of people. Jasleen says Deepak can become very selfish, he doesnt evn wash one extra spoon. Urvashi doesnt even make him understand. Nirmal says Deepak could have stopped his team but he took other team’s side. Salman says they are alleged to keep good relations with both sides. Deepak says Urvashi have more time with Deepika in kitchen, if we play from singles then we will go too. Nirmal says Deepak put so much allegations on me that I had to go to jail. Salman asks them to think how Deepak is playing.

Deepak cries, Shiv hugs him. Neha comes there and asks what happened?
Saba says to Anup that Urvashi doesnt raise voice on time.
Sree asks Deepak to not cry.
Jasleen says to Anup that we will play like this till end, Jaleen hugs him, Anup says we didnt do any politics and will not do it.

On Stage,
Salman says our talks affect inmates, lets talk to them more. He connects call and says you people know Deepika, KV, Kriti-Roshmi, Romil-Nirmal are nominated. Salman says next is KV. KV stands in witness box, Salman says first is why dont you wear *****, all laugh. Salman says man have chest but you dont have to show it, all laugh. Salman says first allegation is that you want to bond with everyone too much. KV says I agree, I will not involve too much. Saba says he said to so many people that he was like them 10 years back. KV says I see that I was spontaneous 10 years and was less patient. Saba says KV talked to Kriti about nominations, he talked to her and then told to everyone. KV says I should have stopped her at that time. Salman says you used that talk to nominate her. Salman says you are alleged that you are fake, manipulative, use others, does favoritism, tries to please others, selfish and doesnt reflect on his mistakes. KV says they are seeing themselves by saying all that. Roshmi says I agree that he waits for people to make mistakes, Kriti says he uses others talks.
Salman connects call to caller of week, he asks Sree that you played a double game, you were angry on pairs in task when they treated your team badly but second day you plotted your team to not spare them, then you took Romil and Nirmal’s name for bad treatment. Sree says I didnt play double game. Salman laughs. Sree says if they cant take it then they shouldnt have given it, we decided to be harsh with Shiv and Sourabh as they are men. Salman says all are equal. Salman says you suggested lather, powder and then you said you cant watch it? you planned all that then why were you asking to send Romil and Nirmal to jail? Salman asks Sree that suppose that if you play against women team so you will let them win? Sree says I will be lenient with them, but we will win. Salman says you think girls are weak. Somi says he gets aggressive and said that he would slap me. Salman asks if Sree think girls are weak? Neha says no he respects us. Caller says to Deepika that she is playing well, we like you, dont cry, he ends call. Salman says to inmates that girls won seasons so take them as equals, respect them but dont step back on game.
Salman asks who is villain of this week? Sristy, Neha, Shiv, Sourabh, Roshmi, Kriti, Urvashi takes Romil’s name. Deepika, Romil, KV takes Kriti’s name. Nirmal, Anup takes Deepak’s name. Saba takes Deepika’s name. Salman says Romil have to go to torture room. Romil says last week I was said to be weak, when I played so they think I was inhumane? they were supporting me in task, Deepika was shaking her head so I splashed water on her, Sristy was spitting so I used water, it was my strategy. Salman asks why they took your name? Romil says we have come to play, Sree is a big celebrity, we are commoners. Sree says we have struggled too, talk with respect. Romil says I was not talking about his family. Salman says you are giving wrong reasons, I can give one reason that your name was taken because they are following herds. Romil thanks him. Salman asks him to go to torture room. Romil sits in glass cage. fake slap keeps hitting him on both cheeks, some inmates laugh, Kriti leaves from there, some go behind her.
Sree says to Shiv that why he is saying I am celebrity? I worked hard to be here, I trained hard, I played for country with hard work, I was nice with him, it was task and it was done, KV says they can go to any extent.

Salman welcomes Taboo and Ayush on stage. Salman says you keep doing movies after movies. Taboo says I want to go as contestent too. Ayush says I want to do a mashup with you. Ayush sings nazam nazam sa.. Salman sings hangover, all clap. Salman says there are some items in box, we will sell them. First prop is jumpsuit. Taboo says this is Shiv’s jumpsuit, all your abs will be shown through it. Second prop is a pecifier, Ayush says Sree needs this pecifier to calm him as he cries like a baby. Salman laughs. Salman promotes their movie, they thank him and leave.

On stage, Salman says lets go in house and tell who is eliminated today. He says should we play, take time or just tell right away? Kv says no. Salman says KV come. Deepika says no. Salman says KRITI-ROSHMI are ELIMINATED, all hug them. Shiv hugs Roshmi. They leave house.
On stage, Salman says tomorrow will be elimination too.

PRECAP- Some puppies are placed in Salman’s lap.
As a part of task, inmates throw cupcakes at each other.
Karan Patel says to inmates that you will donate your strengths to some other inmate. Neha donates her mental strength to Sree. Sree says I am not accepting it. Karan says its just a thoughtful donation. Sree says its my decision to not accept it, he walks away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sree is a comedy item…i thnk biggboss ko uske jaise item 15 lane chahiye the…just imagine daily darwaje k samne koi na koi khada hoke bolta i want to go home..

    1. Exactly
      when he was adviced not to give up, don’t try to run away
      he said in front of camera ‘don’t ever tell me to give up’ and then suddenly he wants to go home
      anyone gives him a advice and he’s mad
      at first he was barking ar pairs
      then he again said to singles ‘stop it i can’t see this yaar’
      i mean Lol..he’s playing but also being a laughing stock

  2. Thank you so much India…. Finally Kirti is out but feeling a little bit bad for Roshmi😣
    I love Sree so much but he need to calm. Allegations was right about Anoop. But why Saba Somi are not out…. I need cotton for rest of daysπŸ˜†
    Loads of love for Neha > Srishti> Sree….. (Don’t ignore descending orders) Earlier I used to love KV and Deepu a lot but is hafte feeling nhi aa rhi aisi …. All in all I love all 5 celebraties…..
    Waiting for comments…. Where are you guys?😐

  3. Lmaoooooo Sree makes me laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    Why they always cut shristi scene….in bigboss. Today they also cut her scene…they show each contestant -who is andhakanun but didn’t show whom shristi say

  5. I love salman khan but i think he is being bias now…….
    So many people were wrong this week…but he only pointed fingers at sree and kv. Sree has anger issues…but salman is known to have anger issues also…. and What about kriti and roshmi? They did a bad captaincy job…. both khan sisters are always irritating…
    I think he is being biased…last year he liked shilpa better….before he liked mandana better… always ignored when they were wronf

    1. Yes even i feel that salman behave rude with kv. I do not know what is salman problem with kv. Today also he was insulting kv. I did not like it at all.

  6. Shree is a bit crazy. Salman is biased.
    What is jasleen trying to do so desperately. Neha is just fine. She doesnt need to change. Endemol just wants somi saba sudher na jayen kahin. Hence the weird support

  7. Why are they saying that “Neha dikahai nahi de rahi”? As far as I can see Neha is doing better than other celebrities.

    Sreesanth is pissing me much anger issues! Har bar wohi rona dhona.πŸ˜‘

    Why was Salman Khan talking to KV like that? He’s manipulative but smart and playing game according to his strategy like others so why to disrespect him?
    I don’t like Deepika and Shristi for some reasons.
    And I literally hate Deepak….what a cunning ass! Urvashi is OK. Khan sisters could be better if they don’t fight unnecessary.
    Anup and Jasleen is OK OK, Shivasheesh and Saurabh are not entertaining, Romil is good for the show but Nirmal is kinda “thanda”

    Kriti deserved to be out but Roshmi could stay more but hard luck.

    1. I agree with you. I love Salman but when it comes to bigg boss, he is always biased in every season. In yesterday’s episode, I was so disappointed when he pointed out at KV and talked in that manner whereas he didn’t tell anything to Kirti who was so biased in the task being a sanchalak.

  8. M happy that Deepak was exposed yesterday.
    He is the double dholki of BB12.
    Uff, SreeAshanth is too much.., he doesn’t hav any sportsman spirit in him ; but just anger and arrogance only.. He has no idea of what this show means ,not a single clue of how contestants lived inside in previous seasons.. imagine how would he behave if Priyanka and Om were with him..No wonder why he didn’t go far in KKK 9.
    All other celebrities are doing great especially Neha.. I guess salman and colors have their favourite already. Deepika!! That’s why they disgrace Karan… I like both of them.
    Very happy that Kriti and Roshmi is out.

    1. Sree Ashaant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ very much agree to that

      People are finding him funny and entertaining but he gives me headaches….whenever I see him I’m like “kya yaar fir se wohi drama, ye aaya kyu hai is show me!”

  9. i do like salman but he was biased…

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