Bigg Boss 12 28th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Saba and Anup Eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 28th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Anup, Saba, Sristy and Surbhi are nominated, there will be double elimination today, we will give them shock. Salman says there was a fight in kitchen today, they were given a task to make dishes in kitchen and see what happened.

In house, Deepika is making egg frankie and flour halwa.. Megha is aloo dish. Megha tells its Maharashtran, buzzer plays. Megha makes everyone taste it. Inmates like her dish. Deepika asks Sree to taste but he says no thanks.

Salman connects call to house and says today cooking contest happened, he asks who was better cook. He asks Deepak to bring items from store room. Deepak does. Salman says KV is wearing pink today. Salman asks to vote for Deepika and Megha. Only three votes for her. Salman

says her husband praised her cooking a lot. Salman says final decision is mine, oh my God I have to taste it. He jokes about their dishes. Salman tastes Megha’s dish and says nice. He tastes Deepika’s and says its good. Salman says Megha is winner as she got more votes. Salman asks Deepika how she will adjust kitchen slipping away from her? Deepika says its okay. Salman says we asked people where they wants inmates working in house? People voted for Deepika to handle washroom, they want Deepak and KV in kitchen. Salman asks KV when you wear clothes like these, what your kids think? KV says they think its garden garden. Salman says to Deepak that who denied doing their work? Deepak says KV and Shiv denied. Salman says this is your duty, make them work. Deepak says Sree sleeps and doesnt work. Salman says dont take captaincy lightly.
Salman connects call to house, he says I want to talk to Sree, he says you talk about humanity but you were mixing detergent to make Somi drink it, where was humanity at that time? Sree says I didnt want to make her drink it, I just wanted to scare her. Caller says when Bigg Boss asked to not use it then you stopped. Salman says it looked like you were making it to make her drink it, if you just wanted to scare her then you should have said in camera. Salman says its time to announce who is going home. Salman says Jasleen how would you feel? Jasleen says it would feel bad. Salman says ANUP IS ELIMINATED. Jasleen hugs him and asks him to take care, he leaves. Jasleen says he wanted to leave.
Somi says to Sree that I am shocked, how can he think to make me drink that.
Shiv says to Deepika that Sree needs us at this time. Deepika says we are with him but he needs to look at what he is saying.

Salman connects call to house, he says girls were excited to see Rohit. Urvashi says Surbhi praised him so much. Surbhi says I have a boyfriend but he is cute. Salman says one girl said that he does pooja and looks good, he is most eligible bachelor. Rohit laughs. Salman asks Rohit to sit on love seat. Rohit sits on it, Salman says girls have to mutually decide who will sit on that chair. Rohit says I will go with Sristy. Sristy sits with him. Salman says we will tell you statements, whom you doubt, break egg on them, we will use rotten eggs. Salman says someone said to take out Sree. Sree says I think Surbhi said it but she has problem with eggs. Surbhi says its okay. Sree breaks egg on Shiv. Salman says a new entry said it. Sree glares at Rohit. Salman says someone said that Deepak sings and stares at me a lot, it makes me uncomfortable. Deepak says I have to break it? Salman says yes. Deepak breaks egg on her head harshly. Salman says scene is off, Deepak says Shiv said it, all laugh. Shiv says I didnt say it. Salman says someone said Jasleen was happy when her boyfriend left, she changed clothes so much after he left. Jasleen says I think its Saba. Jasleen breaks egg on her head. Salman says Anup said it, not Saba. Jasleen says what? I have to talk to Anup. Salman says Anup didnt say it (Sree said it), someone from your pack said it. Jasleen says who? Salman says he is close to you. Salman says next statement is she is a vamp, she thinks she is clever but she is an idiot. Jasleen says its Surbhi and breaks egg on her head. Salman says Jasleen you are right. Salman says someone said that I am telling world that I am forgiving Deepika but I am not, its my gameplan. All laugh. Deepika says Sree brother. Sree says sure? She puts hand on his head and breaks egg on her head. Salman says Deepika you are right. Salman says someone said that how Megha won her season? she doesnt know anything. Megha breaks egg on Romil. Salman says Romil didnt say it (Rohit said it). He says someone said to nominate Megha and throw her out soon. Megha breaks egg on Rohit. Salman says it was wrong idea for this statement (Surbhi said it). Salman says to Urvashi that sorry nobody talks about you and you want to become captain? KV was supporting you too.
Salman says to inmates that today will be teams in Sultani ring, it will be wolves pack vs. happy club. Captains are Sree and Surbhi. Sree chooses Shiv and Jasleen. Surbhi chooses Romil and Deepak.

In Sultani ring, Salman welcomes them. Salman says first will be verbal diarrhea, you have to prove your team is better than other. Surbhi and Jasleen have to verbally duel over why each team is better than the other. Surbhi slams Jasleen and says we have strong friendship, we make captains with strong trust of all. Jasleen says we dont promise on lies, its fake friendship, Surbhi and Romil thinks they are masterminds but they are manipulative. Surbhi says why did you ask Romil to support you in captaincy task? you couldnt even give your clothes and makeup for your love. Jasleen says Deepak proved how fake he is when he slammed Urvashi. Surbhi says your team have no strategy, we make captains with strategy. jasleen says because you say curse words. Surbhi says Sree has said all curse words. Salman puts it to vote. KV is the only one who votes for wolf pack and the rest go to Happy Club, Deepika, Sristy doesnt vote. So now it is 1-0.
In the physical duel, the first round is between Jasleen and Surbhi. They have to push opponent on floor. They both fight and push each other. After a long tussle, the result goes in Surbhi’s favour as she pushes her out of ring. The second round is between Shivashish and Deepak and it ends pretty quickly with Shiv actually carrying Deepak out of the ring. The third round sees Sreesanth battle with Romil. Sree pushes him. Romil loses, so now it is a tie. The tie-breaker sees Romil and Shivashish fight it out and it is close but Salman judges that Romil has lost. Each of the three Wolf Pack members gets a medal and together, they get a hamper as a team.

On stage, Salman says its time for second eviction. Salman connects call to house and says Surbhi, Sristy and Saba are nominated, you all thought you are safe after Anup left but its not. There will be one more elimination today. Salman says Surbhi you guess. Surbhi says I am not in state of mind to guess right now. Salman says SABA IS ELIMINATED. Salman says well played. Somi breaks down, Salman tells her she is stronger than that. Surbhi also starts crying. Saba asks Somi to play well, Somi hugs her and cries. Rohit takes Saba’s suitcase as she leaves. Somi can’t stop crying as she hugs Saba and doesn’t let her go. Saba is the one consoling Somi and Surbhi. Even Romil can’t stop crying as he bids her adieu. They have a group hug, she leaves.

Sree says to Rohit that we were joking when you entered house. Sreesanth says it was weird the way Rohit hugged Romil when he entered the house and kissed his cheek. Sreesanth says that the way he apparently imitated Rohit was actually his impression of Kamal Haasan in Vishwaroopam. Rohit says I dont have to clarify but I was dating Miss India.

On stage, Salman says this week will be diwali mela where guests will go in house.

PRECAP- Romil says to Somi and Surbhi that Megha is making her own group by breaking people from both sides, she has broken Shiv from that side.
Megha says to Deepika that I need a group, you and Sristy are good for that. Sree has Sristy and Jasleen, even if we get two people from there then its fine, we have to keep a weapon if person infront of you has a sword. Deepika says you are right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. lol Anup jalota said in an interview he was asked to create ruckus when he didn’t so they eliminated him, it’s so obvious they saved surbhi there’s no way she would’ve survived against anup if it was based only on votes

    1. He also disclosed the thing we all already knew that him and jasleen aren’t dating lmao he really went out without really showing even glimpse of his personality and top of it all he was looking so close to sree during last two weeks and just after stepping out he called him drama queen

  2. if only sree had cleared infront of camera that he was only using vim liquid to scare contenders sigh but that’s down to him being new to entertainment industry or he would’ve been cautious his pr really didn’t prepare him for all of this huh

    1. Last time everyone was saying that sjilpa and team was planning to use veet on hina’s hair and that team even picked up the veet for the task.. But that clip was npt showed on tv… Y?

      1. Neither Sallu questioned…
        After this fizzy caller ,it became more obvious that BB crew r calling only…
        Host reprimanded Sree for everything else except ‘vim’ mixing on Saturday.. he didn’t question it bcs as per script , caller will question it then host can scold him and all Garwale can learn about it…
        Show is totally scripted.

  3. today’s episode was actually interesting what a surprise

  4. I’m so happy that Saba is our..pls eliminate at least one more commoner coming week…this biased Salman again only shared negative statements to create bigger rift between sreedeepika…
    What the hell is wrong with srishty dipika urvashi…why couldn’t these idiots raise their hand for wolf gang in the kushti task…dumb idiots…so glad srees team still won on their own…I know that sree and jasleen will def. get nominated tomorrow but I really hope surbhi romil somi also get nominated..

    1. Saba is out…I meant

    2. @sandeep…
      Deepika is the fakest contestant ever…
      Sree u r my brother… Sari ladkiyan sree ko matlab k liye bhai bhai bolti h..
      Pura week urvashi lad rahi thi suddenly aaj deepak n team pe itna pyaar aa gaya

      Deepika and sristy sree ko bhai only matlab k liye bolte they.. Actually surbhi ne aaj jo bola sultani akhada wo sachhi tha.. Sree n team m unity n planning 0..

      I am kind of liking jasleen kv amd shiv these days..
      Bcz atleast they are opinionated..
      Srisrty n deepika ko kya lagta h salman ki har baat pe haan haan kar k ye log winner bn jayenge.. Shayad ban bhi jaye..
      But ye log public ki respect loose kar rahe h..
      In beginning of the season.. I saw most pf the ppl see dpka as toughest competitor but she is just bored amd fake person..

      1. Neha was the strongest among celebrities…
        Deepika tried to make such an illusion that she ‘ s stronger ,but in tasks and other activities she failed to make her signature.
        I agree Surbi was talking truth about their unity and other team’s misunderstandings..

        Sandeep , Deepika srishty wernt supporting wolf pack bcs they disliked how sree made vim drink… So they withdrew their support… Waise be these celebs changes colors in seconds..
        Atleast they could support shiv and jasleen..!

      2. @Ezra …
        exactly…. neha’s fault was to follow dpka for the sake of support…
        otherwise task m thik thi wo..

    3. I liked Dipika not blindly supporting wolf team. Sree bhaiya chose jasleen over her. Actually there is no wolf team, flip hai sarea. Dipika khel gayi when she broke egg on her hand b4 hitting Sree bhaiya, symbolizing that she won’t hurt him even when he told hurtful thing. And himat dekho Sree bhaiya ki still lying saying do you think I told it. But again ppl will say intentionally nai bola. Actually liked Dipika. And wo movie k dialogue wali baat, I mean class hai jhoot bolne ki. KV and Sree bhaiya conviction ke saath jhoot bolte hai. Well played.
      Jasleen ka group to phir change hoga because Anup k wajeh se celebs were talking to her. Time up baby.

      1. @hope..
        Deepika apne liye toh stand le nhi sakti.. Sree bhaiya k liye kya stand legi?

    4. Nivika

      No nominations will be done this week and so no elimination bcz of diwali

  5. Update it fast. what happened today.

  6. I dnt know why but I hav started hating Salman Khan bcoz of his biased hosting…!! Every time he makes fun of kv unnecessarily, supports this so called Happy club. Come on Salman be fair enough…

  7. Congratulations 🎊 team shiv sree and jasleen and shiv played so well πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ today episode is 😎 cool

  8. Shiv says to Deepika that Sree needs us – he’s a good friend ❀️❀️❀️❀️ and when happy club say about friendship I laughed.. Surbi shouted at romil and deepak for smoke issues ohh.. and kv said about his child is cute ‘garden garden’

    1. @Ishani..

      correct.. shiv ki acchi baat pata h kya h.. wo salman se itna nhi darta…
      jo usey us situation k liye sahi lagta h wo wahin bolta h..
      and ab tak is season m sabse accha frnd wahin prove hua h…

  9. I think salman is jealous of kv and shiv.. Bcz they look far better than salman.. And they dont follow him.. 🀣

    Kl jo bnda s*xual remark ki ek line pe dusron ko gyaan de raha tha wah8n bnda aaj kisi k dressing sense ka mazak bana raha tja.. But let me tell u..
    Kv was looking damn good😍
    Rohit and shiv too.. Sultani akhada tast was good..
    Deepika, srisrty and urvashi se expected tha.. Cz agar salman kisi ko wrong declare karte h ye log us bnde se kuch time k liye door ho jate h..
    I have to say.. Hina and arshi was too good in front of salman.. Hina had guts to argue woth salman and put her points.. 8f she dont agree with him. She stays on her words…

    I wish next no. Urvashi ka lage.. Karti toh kuch h nhi.. Free ka reh rahi h.. Na accha bolti h.. Na kuch kaam karti h na entertain karto h aur na hi tasks…

    I was feeling sad for sree i just saw his face.. His confidence was too low today he cant even spoke properly.. And to see him i actually remember of hina.. When she was improving her nature and doings but everyone was targeting her and she was kind of lost..

    The same thing happening to sree this time..

    And for the first time.. I really dont want to see vg.. Who was one of my fav. Contestant in bb house..
    Bcz i know.. Rohit is his friend and vg sree pe chad padega… So i really dont want to see him this time..

    Anup and saba are eliminated.. Atleast ek mental tph bahar hui..

    1. Why would Salman Khan be jealous of KV and Shiv? Lmaoooo there are other people who have those chances of someone like Salman being jealous of them. Salman is there to host the show and also give earful to those who need it the most. His just good at what he does and also loved the fact that he supported Shilpa Shinde on last season as she was always right. 😍😍😍😍😍 I’m confused with who to support this season as Dipika disappointed me cos of her being ass kisser to that Sree , I also like Surbhi for standing up for herself against that psycho Sree who has no control of what he says to those around him.

      1. How he behave with kv from the beginning of the season seriously show he have some problem with kv..
        As i can see kv is the one of calm contestant in bb house..
        Agar aap aise bande ko bhi nhi chod sakte toh fir iska matlab nikaloge?

        Ab har koi toh content k liye gaaliyaan nhi de sakta na..
        Waise bhi last 3 seasons se toh confirm h hi.. Bb house m kon kotna stay karega wo pehle se decided hota h..
        Logo ko bola jata h controversies create karoge toh zyada time tak rahoge..
        And waise bhi bb m atey hi kon log h.. Jinke pass actually kaam nhi hota..

      2. If you think Salman actually watch episodes then you’re a fool lol. He only read the script. He is getting 14 crore for BB and he only said what makers want him to say. Rahi baat shilpa ki she has also showed middle finger, she has also tried to use Veet in the hair but they never aired it, she has also passed much more derogatory homophobic comments Salman ne kuch bola? So don’t talk abt last season. It’s season 12.
        And obviously Surbhi k fans ho to language v aisi he hogi. Can’t believe people can be this blind in hatred that they are supporting people like Surbhi.

      3. @ABC…
        loved ur comment..

        and u r absolutely right..
        salman k pass shayad aur bhi bohot kaam h 24 hours ye lofg kya karte h wo sabki balance sheet ready kar k nhi ata…

    2. Haha… Mental Saba.. I liked it

    3. @XYZ same…I’m also a lostsoul but don’t want to see Vikas again in the house. Sadly he’s against Sree and Shilpa is supporting Sree lmao. Waise v I’ve stopped watching BB since friday. The way they are editing and potraying Sree as some kind of villain I’m so over this show. Just watched a video today that in jail Deepak was instigating him ki bahar jaake kaun kaam dega apko and all but they never showed it instead Sree ne jo bola wo direct dikha diya. Surbhi n Romil to hai he 24×7 instigate karne k liye. Bakwas show..they r not getting any trp from me. Bhaad me jae.

      1. @ABC..

        frankly speaking mujhe pehle dpka,kv,sristy and neha pasand they in celebrities.. sree toh khin stand hi nhi karta tha..

        but after 2-3 weeks i found dpka,kv,sristy and neha was not doing anything..

        sree was still trying to give content.. and main thing…. wo jo bhi kar raha tha khud k sath kar raha tha.. starting weeks m usne na abusive language use kiya ghar se bhaag jane ka natak was just for the attension.. toh is sab m sree sree karne wale log hi bewakoof they na..

        and suddenly sree ne bohot zyada abuse karna start kiya uska reason bhi yahin tha ki log usey provoke karte h… cz in logo ko pata h he have some anger problem..

        aur rahi baat abusive language aur pasion ka dikhava karne ki.. toh jab commoners kuch na hote hue bhi kv jaise bande ko taunt karte h.. toh sree ka toh unhe pata hi h ki reactions easily mil jayenge….

        and right now i am supporting sree just bcz of i can see the reason behind his anger…

        surbhi is good in task.. either cheating kar k or animal ban k win karti h task.. but still kar hi leti h..

        but baaki ki jitni bhi footage h koi agree kare na kare surbhi ko lad k hi milti h..

        surbhi ki respect seriously tab hogi agar wo apna kuch kar k episode m dikhe..

  10. It’s laughable to see a guy who can’t take a simple “bhai apne to bore kar diya ” joke speaks so highly about humanity. Never been a fan of salman and now I guess I will never be

  11. The gal Without spects

    Maana ki sree galat hai pr jaise last year salman ne kaafi kaafi rude behave kiya atleast shiv ko toh bolne ka mauka dena chahiye .Yeh hr season salman ka same hai ek samay pr aakE biased ho jate hain.Salman is like jo usne keh diya woh hi sach hai he dont even watch the full epis.He should stop doing.Issi vajah se mai sree ko support kr rhi hoo iss mamle pr Smtimes he disappoint alot.Maana ki sree ko tokna zaroori hai pr woh pehle hi kr dena chahiye tha aur aise toh bilkul nhi.Aur khud hi verdict nhi deni chahiye thi.Upar se kl KVB wali lines edit krk dikhayi jo vdo aa rhi hai usmei saaf pta chl rha hai ki KV koi aur baat kr rha tha.Jb shiv ne kaha ki woh bi hai (smthing like this )tb kb ne kaha bhi ki galat train pr chadh rha hai.trp ke liye kuch bhi.Upar se uss vdo mei saba aur surbhi wala part kyun mhi dikhaya??Aacha lga aaj dangal jeet gye aur usmei kv ne aapni loyality bhi proof kr di..Excited Shikas back on bb.Dipika aur shristy disappointed km se km aaj toh hath uthana chahiye tha team ke liye.I mean really?agar agle hafte salman sree ki praise karega toh fir palat jayengi??Inn se better prince aur kishwer the!EvenEven luv hina pri were bettwr
    Irony was happy club was saying ki doosri team se koi task hota nhi lekin khud haar gye sultani akhada mein.

    1. @The Gal Without Spects..


  12. Chamatkar pe chamatkar!!!
    Ek ‘Silent mode’ bi aur ek ‘Violent mode’ bi ek hi din huyi gar se bahar 😍😍

  13. That filthy dumbo Surbhi should have gone instead of Anup Saheb. She’s got a gutter for a mouth and only crap comes out. She must have sucked off BB and Salman to come back, stay longer and utter nonsense without anyone stopping her. What a double standard person and show.

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