Bigg Boss 12 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi gets ticket to finale

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Bigg Boss 12 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 93
Surbhi gives her seat to Dipika and KV gives it to Romil. Romil says our animosity will end, Dipika says we will see. They are shown KV and Surbhi’s photos. Romil says we should save KV. Dipika says Surbhi is very clear on her thoughts, she is real and says what she wants to but KV accepted that he is dramatized means he has face on, biggest example is that he knows you all together, Surbhi keeps trying to talk to us and not losing hope, she is fighting alone, it shows that she deserves to stay here. Romil says she got your support at the end. Dipika says you can say it confidently because you have a group now but two weeks back you came to us as you were alone and asked for support. Romil says if someone is acting great and reached 14th week then I would want to be great

too. Dipika says he doesnt deserve to go to next level, Romil says we will get crosses then. Dipika says then let it be, Romil says Kv is your friend. Dipika says he is just a co-housemate and no friend. Dipika says she was your sister and save her, Romil says I am standing with them.. okay save Surbhi. Romil announces to save Surbhi as she is his sister and she deserves it. Dipika burns KV’s photo.

KV says to Dipika that I never called you co-housemate, thank you for calling me that. Dipika says its clear now. Sree says to Dipika that you did a great work by making Romil agree to you.
KV says to Deepak that are you happy now? we were ready to send Somi. Deepak says Somi was not better, she would get stuck and she would get cross herself.
Romil says to Sree that if I call you on my seat then what will you do? Sree says I will save you. Deepak says KV is coming next. Somi says send me. KV says I am coming. Sree says someone said its about mind game, come now. Sree says to Romil that snake hides in rat’s hole. KV says tail always remain bent. Somi asks Romil to give them seat. Romil says I want to give my seat to Somi. Dipika gives her seat to Surbhi. Romil asks Somi to think about them.

Buzzer plays, BB says we make rules so you can play using your mind within limits but not look at loopholes. Somi is already out of ticket to finale race so if they dont agree right now then those faces shown on wall, both will be crossed and this task will end. Surbhi and Romil’s photo are show. Surbhi says I want to play for myself, Somi says I know you would choose yourself but I promised Romil to take stand for yourself. Surbhi says you asked me to play for myself, Somi says we can mutually decide. Surbhi says then choose mine, I always took stand for you. Somi says both deserve it. Deepak says we are deserving too, think about me too. Surbhi says dont snatch this from me. Somi says I give Surbhi a chance and burn Romil’s photo. Somi gives her seat to Deepak and Surbhi gives it to Sree.

Dipika congrats Surbhi and says I was not expecting Somi to agree.
Deepak says Somi played.
Somi says I did what I could at that time. Sree says its a payback. Sree says she supported her friend. Deepak says I am zero for her then.
Surbhi laughs and says good happens with good people.

Buzzer plays, Sree and Dipika’s photo is shown. Sree says she has always been with me and I want to support her. Deepak says I want to support you. Sree says I want to save my sister, they burn Sree’s photo. BB says task ends and Dipika, Surbhi and Deepak are contenders to win ticket to finale.

Deepak is singing. KV is in tears. Deepak hugs him.

Sree makes a cake for his family member. Romil says its always a birthday for someone every day. Deepak says we can have birthdays for underwears too. Romil jokes about it.

Day 94
Inmates wake up to song aati kia khandala plays. Sree dances around Dipika, she laughs.

Sree says to Deepak that my last match was a test match, he gets sad. Deepak sings song for him. Dipika comes to him and consoles him. Deepak hugs him. Surbhi leaves from there.
Surbhi says I have stopped calling him sensitive.

Romil asks Deepak to sing sad song. Somi says your photo was going to burn anyway, did your mind burn too. Romil says your attitude was shown.

Three contenders will have a task to win ticket to finale, all other inmates will get nominated. When buzzer plays, one contender will go and sit on stool with headphones on, they will start to keep a tab on time, when they think that 33 minutes have passed, they will play a gong. Other inmates can talk to contenders through headphones to distract them from time.

Sree asks Dipika to tick on her wrist to count on time. Sree says I can count for you.

BB says first Deepak will sit. Deepak sits and starts counting. Surbhi takes phone and says to Deepak that you are double faced, you talk behind people’s back. Sree takes micro-phone and says you have eaten whole show, you can hurt people, you did bad things. Romil comes in booth and says you destroyed 10 week friendship because one person said some stuff, you are my brother. Dipika comes in and says if you have problem with celebrities then why did you come here? why you question others, what relation do you have? Deepak points to Romil. Dipika says you are playing a game and they are too, you taunt that we votes without working but we got their love with hard-work, you think we take footage from you but you have lost humanity so it doesnt matter even if you win. Deepak plays gong and says I think 33 minutes ended. Deepak says I got a little distracted. Surbhi says right. Deepak says I will answer Dipika and others.

Surbhi is calculating seconds for 33 minutes and says its 1980 seconds.

Deepak says to Dipika that you said a lot. Dipika says to Deepak you question my identity so I got a chance to answer you back.

Surbhi sits on stool and starts counting. Somi takes booth and says you cheated me throughout the show, when you wanted to go ahead you threw me out of bag task, you use relations to play ahead. Deepak comes in and says Surbhi you are fake and you call others fake? we made you captain but you used emotional card, you use people to your gain, you call others misbehaving but you play woman card, your brother even called you wrong. Romil comes in booth and says you said you made me, I took care of you, you used me so much and then used Deepak then KV, you always took Somi for nothing, you are changing now? Sree comes in booth and says my wife told you and next day you taunted me, I told my secret of 10 years, I gave you captaincy, saved you from nominations and you talked about Harbhajan, you are like men. Dipika comes in booth and says what identity you have? now you want to act good? you were aggressive before but when we tried to make you listen, you shouted at us, I made you food and you always insulted me. Surbhi tries to keep focus on counting, you think you are strong by putting others down. Surbhi plays gong and says I think it was 33 minutes, she emotionally leaves.

Dipika starts counting. Surbhi comes in booth and says you act like you are a kid, you are spokesperson of someone, you have no strategy, you even talked to Romil whom taunted your relation.
Deepak comes in Dipika and says you are not shown in this show and you acted like I questioned your identity, you say everything and then say you dont cross limits. Romil comes in booth and says you dont take stand for others, you talk about humanity but when Sree said such a big thing, you didnt take a stand, you are just a facade, you started shouting in 10th week on Sree because you wanted footage, you were just thinking about yourself all the time, people call you fake. Dipika plays gong.

Bigg Boss says Deepak’s time was 42:23minutes, Surbhi’s time was 36:50 and Dipika’s time was 45:45 minutes. Surbhi’s time was closest so she win ticket to finale week, she is first one to get into finale. All congratulate Surbhi. Bigg boss says all others are nominated this week. Surbhi leaves from there.

Dipika is in tears. Sree asks if she is okay? Dipika says I felt bad, I know its important to be in game, I am disappointed in myself. Sree says you heard them 12 minutes more but it doesnt matter.

Romil says to Sree that happy club still matters to me. Sree says its sad club. Romil says we four are still together. Sree says keep a photo of this moment. Dipika says this moment is not important? Romil leaves.
Romil says to Surbhi that best thing that happy club members are still in house, its best moment for me.

PRECAP- RJ Malashka starts BB radio show where people can talk to inmates. One caller asks Dipika if she is making relation with Sree to go ahead in game? Dipika says I am here because I played nicely, its my strength. Romil says she is playing brother and sister. RJ asks if Sree was not in house then she would have good relation with Romil? Dipika says not at all, I hate him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rajjo

    OMG…. After reading everything I just can’t believe what happened to you guys???? This happens every season????
    In whole page m seeing two names most deepika n romil…. Someone is supporting them someone is degrading them… In between these kv Deepak n shree can also be seen… What I analysed that either romil n deepika are the most strong contenders or the fans are not able to see what’s going on in bb… You will fight for romil n deepika n some other one will take the trophy… Seriously guyzzz wake up please stop arguing or demeaning others I request you…
    I never came here in previous season so I donno if this happens everytime or not but m in confusion….

    1. @Rajjo..

      atleast there are no such ppl in this season who abuse ppl if they write something against their favourite one…
      It happened in last season but now i know those ppl were no one can be that dumb jo realty show m baithe logo k liye dusron ko abuse karne lag jaye…

      1. Rajjo

        OMG… Seriously…. I can’t believe people get obsessed with a show this much…

    2. I think all the sree fans(jagganath jap sana anuanu anon2 etc) decided to sit out today together because they must be happy that finally their favorite isn’t getting abused the most and just wanted to enjoy the show from afar lmao

      1. Rajjo

        yaaaa…. hhahahaha… today the hot topic is someone else…

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