Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela tells Anand everything

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mama ji says I trust Sameer. He stops anyone from saying anything to Sameer. He makes Sameer sit down. Mami ji brings water for him. Bobby repeats his words. Mama ji says they are up to something. Sameer dint help her elope. She in turn trapped him. Bobby gives up on them. Mami ji seconds her husband. Such girls lure rich boys so they end up marrying in rich families! Bobby says we have been insulted enough. Mama ji vows to make Naina’s family’s life hell. He assures Sameer about it but Sameer tells him to stop. Talk to me directly now. I will forget every limit if anyone says anything against her again! We did run away. We will run again. Whoever wishes to stop us can try as mucha s they wish to! Vishakha asks him if he realises what he said. When will you understand that that girl

is trying to trap you? Sameer reminds her that her name is Naina. She is the first and last girl who I will ever love. She is the would-be DIL of this house. As far as I know, no MIL has a right to say anything against her DIL. He heads to his room in a huff. Everyone stands there stunned by his words.

The atmosphere is equally tense at Agarwal House. Everyone is seated at the dining table but is very much lost. Bela asks everyone to eat. Tai ji serves food to herself and her husband. Why should we fall sick because of them? She starts eating but her husband sits there lost in thought. Naina comes out in the hall and stands behind Anand. Bela gestures her to serve food to Anand but he does not let her. Bela serves him food. Naina sits next to Anand. Rakesh tells her to forget Sameer if she has even a little shame left. Do you understand anything or will you understand when everyone will be looking down at me? Naina makes a bite for herself. Rakesh does not stop scolding her. Feed us poison first and then eat food! We cannot even gulp down a bite and look at her! Naina gets teary eyed. Rakesh leaves from there followed by Tau ji. Tai ji is eating happily.

Voiceover – Naina:
Papa was saying many bitter things but Chacha ji’s silence was scarier. His looking away was scarier than any of Papa’s scolding that day!

Naina runs inside as Anand leaves too. Bela looks on helplessly.

Anand is standing in the balcony when Bela joins him. Please eat something. He tells her he has broken apart completely today. I was so proud even while taking Naina’s name but she made me look down today! She has destroyed everything. It is entirely my fault. I thought we should be friends with kids. I gave them every possible freedom but Naina misused them. It is my fault only! She ran away on the day I was coming back. Go. I will stay here a little longer. Bela ends up telling him that Rakesh Bhaisahab and Bhabhi ji saw Naina and Sameer together. A lot happened in the house. They were taking her forcibly to temple to marry Sharad. Anand does not buy it. She could have convinced them to wait till I am home. She could have talked to you. I cannot believe it that the girl who couldn’t go to next door without our permission, ran away with someone else! Bela admits that it was she who asked Naina to go with Sameer. She dint run! She tells Anand everything (in mute). Preeti told me that you supported Naina and Sameer. If you were here then none of this had happened. I couldn’t see Naina in such plight. I begged everyone to wait till you are home but no one heard me. I had no other way. My daughter’s life would have been ruined! I wouldn’t have been able to look either Naina or myself in the eye if Sharad had married her. You got her responsibility but Bhabhi had kept her in my lap. Bhabhi’s soul would have never forgiven me otherwise. I am the reason of your embarrassment and shame. It isn’t Naina. Forgive me if possible. She cries folding her hands before him.

Sameer calls Naina. She picks it immediately but notices Tai ji standing at the door. Tai ji snatches the phone out of her hands and disconnects the call.

Naina is in the balcony. She recalls how even Anand dint listen to her or Sameer. She begins to climb onto the edge but Preeti stops her. Naina wants to meet Sameer but Preeti tells her against it. Naina cries that everything has gone wrong. I have to talk to him. We only had Chacha ji but now he too! Preeti is sure he will understand them once he finds out the truth. Naina denies. No one will understand us or our love anymore. She breaks down. Preeti too cries helplessly.

Sameer calls at the landline again but it is lying broken on the floor.

Sad song plays as both Naina and Sameer miss each other. He cries looking at her photo kept in his wallet. He writes his name on the wall. Sameer too writes her name on the walls of his room. Preeti lies down but Naina gets up. Both Sameer and Naina are writing each other’s name at every possible place.

Voiceover – Naina:
You think tattoo was invented today? No! That day too it was used to show your love. It wasn’t permanent then but even a written name would mean that you could do anything for that person!

Sameer’s phone rings. He picks it up thinking it is Naina but goes quiet.

Precap: Sameer requests Anand to give him one chance. He holds his hand but Anand tells him it isn’t limited to them now. It is also about society. Sameer asks him what he means. Anand shares that he has decided to get Naina married.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. saranya sathish

    so sad… but episode was awesome..

  2. Today’s episode was okay okay. Chacha Ji’s silence was hurting me, When Chachi Ji told him everything he was expressionless which again hurt me.
    And Sameer is one army man the way he answered everyone was Soo good. And when he said ‘Saas ko apni Bahu ke bare mein bura nhi bolna chahiye’ (words can be wrong) I was flat on his acting. And curious to know whose phone was that which petrified Sameer ?.

    1. Swara23

      Phone could be of anand but the ques is about the precap
      chachaji wants naina to marry but whom
      i hope sameer

  3. Chachaji would have called Sameer

  4. Swara23 and Sanch that came to my mind also but his expression were like he have heard something that he didn’t even expected in his dreams. Now when Chacha Ji know why Naina elope then he will not name anyone else than SAMEER. But Sameer’s family is matter of concern as they are fully against their relationship and in Naina’s family Chacha Ji & Chachi Ji is with them.

  5. Swara23

    Vidha i didn’t saw the episode as i am out
    would not be able to see this week
    so i have no idea about expressions
    thankyou for telling me that

  6. Dont worry of Maheshwari family,Sameer will manage them,he can do it alone

  7. today episode heroes were 3 actors ,sameer ,bela chachi ,and naina ,

    see how sameer fearlessly told his mom ” saas ko kabhi bhi apni hone wali bahu ki burai nai karni Chahiye ” and see how bela chachi told fearlessly anand about everything

    and naina ,once she left sameer for his family members ,

    now she has become brave and does not shy from expressing his love towards sameer

    for one second i thought she is gonna suicide
    when Preeti stops her and asks what were you going to do ,she tells Preeti ,that she wants to meet sameer ,

    i think call is from anand

  8. Again another sad episode. I know this is an important track to be discovered but they’re dragging it too much and it’s being all sad sad. I think I’ll stop watching till my exams get over.

    Sameer was wonderful. But I think he should start to control his anger. The way he spoke to mama was little rude, instead he shoudl have explained about why he ran away with Naina and even then if his family would have blamed Naina, he could have backanswered.

    If all of them had to walk out of the dining table, why did they even sit to have dinner in the first place. Rakesh is so so annoying, someone please kill him, seriously.

    Chachaji was best today. Her love for Naina, she coming clear about the truth to chachaji, everything was point on. Chachaji so easily said that was not the way, despite chachiji saying they didn’t have any other way. I hope chachaji calms down and agrees for Naina Sameer rishta wholeheartedly than just doing it for namesake.

    Bring back sweet times of yudkbh please. This is getting a little depressing.

  9. Sunshine u r Soo even I didn’t like his way of talking with his Mama. I m also missing sweet days of YUDKBH in which I used to smile and laugh in whole episode. Right now it’s just depressing and bit irritating when I see Safari Suit and O Bai.

  10. yes guys– i read the synposis – Anand chacha will call sameer and inform him to convince his parent and ask him to bring them to his house. Even Chachaji convince Tauji and Rakesh for this alliance.Sameer will somehow convince his mother and they will go to Naina’s house that’s all for this week.

    The major drama will happen next week i think so……..what will happen if Maheswari and Aggarwal family meets and talks about their alliance. Excited to see how Rakesh vs Bobby and Mamiji vs Tauji conversation – Both side are equally have a negative person only hope is Mamaji and Chachaji…

    What will happen if Naina knows that Sameer’s mom hate her, I really worried about Sameer – Naina should take stand for him……

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