Bigg Boss 12 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree announced as best performer

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Bigg Boss 12 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 88
Somi says to Romil that I dont want to make a love angle, Deepak will remain my friend for a life, he cares for me so I respect that. Romil says you were selfish to get saved. Somi says you are selfish to question me, I helped you, I take stand for my friends, I destroyed my photos for you, I could have sent you to nominations. Romil says would you sacrifice your nominations for me? She says no.

Sree is massaging Dipika’s hair. Sree says I used to do it for ma’amji(his wife). She thanks him.

Day 89
Inmates wake up to song dance mare. They all dance and enjoy.

Romil is sleeping so slarm plays. Surbhi glares at him and says you should walk, I cant keep saying same thing. Bigg Boss asks Romil to wear his mic. Somi asks

why he keeps breaking rules? Romil says you have a problem? go out, Somi says I dont care and leaves.
Somi says to Rohit that I am hurt with Romil’s antics, he was talking against me.
Somi says to Romil that the way you tried to show me as negative was bad. Romil says I am doing that for you too. Somi says you are so selfish, you are mean, I dont need a person like you.

Surbhi says to Rohit that KV does acting, Rohit says he is celebrity and follows Deepak and doesnt have his mind?
KV says to Deepak that we have done fun but I care for my respect, I care for my friendship, Rohit cares for himself only. I dont expect anything from him.

Bigg Boss asks inmates to choose one inmate as best performer from winning team, all can say their name. Sree says for me it was Dipika. Deepak says game changer was the end person.

Romil asks Kv who is man of the match.
Surbhi says the way Sree took bottle from KV in the end was great.
Deepak says to Romil that Sree made them win.
Somi says to Surbhi that Sree takes Dipika’s name, she takes his name but I was working in task too.

Deepak says majority wants to take Sree’s name. Somi says I didnt show give up attitude and performed well so I worked for my team. KV says you were involved but not a game changer. Somi says turning point was that Deepak gave bottle to Sree.

Rohit says to Surbhi that they think it was performing, Somi was enjoying with Deepak and Romil in task, he leaves. Somi says why he is saying that I was enjoying with them?

Both teams mutually decide that Sree was best performer. Sree thanks them. Dipika reads that its time to choose three inmates to be sent to jail, only best performer will choose those people, when gong plays, all will gather in garden and best performer will take one name to be sent to jail and inbetween gongs, inmates can talk to best performer to not send them. Kv asks Sree to not take revenge on others, Sree smiles.

Romil says to Deepak that I am ready to go.
KV says to Sree that nothing personal but Rohit was misbehaving in task.
Somi says to Romil that you are too over-confident. Romil says you dont appreciate your friends.

Somi says to Sree that send Romil to jail as he is too over-confident.
Surbhi says to Sree that Deepak doesnt have respect for girls.
Romil says to Somi that you took my name? Are you happy now.
Dipika says to Sree that Romil is too egoistic and he is the best.
Somi says you have questioned my friendship. Romil says you questioned it.
Rohit asks Sree to send Romil to jail for being over-confident.

Gong plays, Sree says I want to send Romil to jail as he break rules and is egoistic but biggest issue that he doesnt listen to BB. He locks Romil to jail.

Somi says to Surbhi that Rohit went personal with me, he said a lot of stuff. Surbhi says Deepak did that with me too. Somi says there should be limits in task, he called others dogs. Rohit says that is not the point. Rohit says Deepak misbehaved too. Deepak says dont take my name, Rohit says you are ****, get lost. Deepak says talk with respect. Rohit says all the best. Surbhi asks Deepak to stop it. Surbhi asks KV to solve things with Rohit, KV says its between me and him so I dont want to talk with you, he leaves. Rohit says to Somi that Romil misbehaves with you too. Somi says why are you pointing at his and my relation?

Deepak says to Sree that Rohit said sorry and then cursed me again.

Gong plays, Sree says I talked to everyone and all are sleeping without beds because of Rohit. He sends Rohit to jail. Romil asks Deepak to take Somi’s name. Somi says you are doing this? Romil says shut up. Somi says Rohit was saying that you misbehave with me and I go to you. Rohit says I just said that he misbehaves but you keep going to him.

KV says to Sree that Deepak have level of irritating in task.

Deepak says to Surbhi that I said I wanted to talk to you but you dont listen. Surbhi says to Sree that I was fair referee and they cant bear it.
Deepak says to Dipika that Surbhi was partial in task.
Dipika comes to Sree and says Deepak keeps defending himself but he crossed line of aggression.

Gong plays, Sree says Surbhi’s captaincy was aggressive, Deepak was aggressive in task but Surbhi saved me in task so Deepak. Surbhi says give fair explanation. Sree says I want to take Deepak’s name. Deepak laughs and goes in jail.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that nominated inmates are KV, Rohit and Somi, you all know each other well and know what people and what they dont, you will tell who is the nominated inmate who doesnt deserve to go to 14th week, there are balls for three of them, whose name is taken, that person’s ball will be thrown out of house by Sree. Surbhi says KV does not know what he is doing in game, he said once that he doesnt know why he is in show, he doesnt deserve to go in 14th week. Sree throws ball of KV out. KV says Rohit doesnt have leadership, he doesnt deserve. Sree says Rohit for me too. Dipika takes Rohit’s name for being aggressive. Somi says Rohit’s attitude is negative. Romil says Rohit doesnt have thirst to win. Rohit takes KV’s name for being trying to great. Deepak says Rohit is selfish that his words have no value so he doesnt deserve. Bigg Boss says most inmates think that Rohit doesnt deserve to go to 14th week, we will see tomorrow if audience think same. KV says to Surbhi that I dont want to talk to you anymore. Surbhi says I am in 13th week so I will talk about competition, I will focus on your performance, I respect you but I have thoughts for you. KV says its okay. Surbhi says he has vote bank but Somi is performing way more than him.

KV says to Surbhi that they asked who doesnt deserve to go ahead and you talked about competition? Surbhi says its my point of view.

Romil says to Deepak that Sree is very clever, his emotions are not genuine, in last season, it was just Vikas and Shilpa so Sree made that with him and Dipika, he shows like his emotions are genuine but he is a controversial star and people want to see him.

Somi says to KV that you follow others. KV says Surbhi uses people, first it was Romil, then Deepak, she needs a person to use for her benefit. KV says Sree have fans to but she took my name because I took her name for jail, I am not going to let her use me.

PRECAP- Salman says SRK is going to come on show. Salman connects call and man says I want to talk to you Salman, he says there is a marriage bureau of a friend, all girls ask for a man like Salman bhai. Salman says Salman or Salman bhai? All laugh. Surbhi says he is RJ. Caller says this is SRK. All inmates are stunned. A small man mimicking SRK comes on stage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. [Okay i wpuldnt have commented at all but after reading some comments i cant help myself]this is a show about people getting to know about contestants thought process and past life this isn’t about showing physical strength they came in it and relating to public is the biggest need of it if you say you have a past then share it and if you can’t as it’s too difficult to confess in front of cameras then don’t put down other contestants guts for doing so don’t give hyperbolic mahaan statements about how you don’t seek attention through it well that’s the most honest & cleanest way to seek attention then encouraging a love angle even after being married or b*t*hing about other contestants game or sleeping and napping all the time that’s not how you “prove” yourself?NO that’s how you excuse your underwhelming efforts,predictability and not-so-daring attitude in the show, why commoners & some part of public alike beat the drum of them not having an advantage that celebs have? They’re surrounded by cameras 24×7 recorded and being shown to such a huge crowd that in itself is a huge platform and an advantage for an unknown face(credit:anon2) they can use it to bend and form an opinion for themselves and support bigger than any celeb who’ve came with a baggage but no they’ve to use #becharecommoners card and victim card to gain sympathy and vote when they can do so much more and then public think of them as them fighting against all odds

  2. I have seen people commenting on having a Kishwer- Prince task on shree- deepika bond…
    As a shree fan, I personally wouldn’t like to see that..
    But in worst case scenario, if that happens shree will leave the house with earning a huge amount of respect…coz he is damn emotional n his wife knew that could happen and that’s why she was hinting him not to be emotional while leaving…
    Secondly I don’t feel that’s fair to other contestants. if shree leaves, the shree fans would vote for deepika in finale week to make sure his sacrifice is not in vain (or vice versa if deepika left for shree…)
    I felt that’s what happened in that season…kishwer fans n Prince fans were voting for Prince and he won the trophy…

    1. I mean yeah it’ll be hurtful for many sree fans but i think winning respect is better deal than becoming a winner of a flop show, I feel if given a chance good contestants should jump off this drowning ship and save themselves from the blame that’s to come next for the shows failure, nobody is going to remember about editing team screwing everything about the show up everyone will blame the contestants and winner the most.

    2. Don’t worry..shree is winner and deepika is Runner up.. It’s already showing on bigg boss wikipedia

  3. @Ada Didn’t want to hurt you in anyways. But if I did a warm hug from my side. It’s weekend so got more time to put forth my POV bus.
    Someone told that everyone should tell their stories on national TV, if life was unfair to them. I disagree. BB jaise show mein problem batane se problem solve nai honi so why? Here also we are commenting this much not because those contestants are so important to us, we are doing so because our view point is important to us. With that I don’t mean no one should reveal past. It’s individual choice.
    There has been very few moments where I liked Dipika and one was where she refused to reveal bothering past to Surbhi.
    One moment which was cute was Romil saying Deepak jail aaja and he got happy when Deepak came in. It was like old school days when your teacher sends you out of class and you tell your best friend to come along and he intentionally does something wiered or is sent out next and you enjoy.
    I like their bromance more than any fake romantic angle in home

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