Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Shows Akash’s Truth To Sarika

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya calls Satya and informs her that she was right regarding Akash, so she has come to meet his girlfriend and expose him. Satya says Akash is very intelligent, he fooled even her and proved her wrong, she can take her help. Jaya says she will manage. Akash’s girlfriend meets her and says he is very bad, he lured her with job, earlier she thought it is fine, but he took more advantage of her. Jaya asks to come and inform her family. Girlfriend says she does not want to fall into all this and walks away. Jaya reaches Sarika and informs her that Satya is right, Akash is cheating on Sarika. Sarika shouts that she and her mother cannot see her happy married life and are trying to ruin it. Jaya asks what if she gives her proof, she got a new sim number which nobody knows about,

she will message Akash via it. She messages him that she saw him in party and wants to meet him. He does not reply immediately. Sarika continues what if someone doubts Samar. Akash replies when and where they can meet. Sarika stops seeing phone beep. Jaya shows her Akash’s message and replies to meet her near temple. She insists Sarika to accompany her. They reach temple and wait for Akash. When Akash does not turn up, Sarika angrily walks away. Jaya sees Akash, runs and shows him to Sarika. Sarika is stunned seeing Akash. He replies where is she. She calls him via voice modulator and says since he did not come on time, she left. He asks where to meet again, she must be beautiful hearing her voice. Jaya says she will message him time and venue and disconnects call. Sarika stands shattered. Jaya wipes her tears and says she will not continue if Sarika does not want it. Sarika thanks her for exposing Akash’s truth and asks to continue till the end.

Jaya returns home and speaks to Akash over phone. Samar enters and asks whom she is speaking to. She says her friend from US has come. He takes her phone. She nervously stands. He keeps it on table. She relaxes. He tries to pick phone again. She hugs and stops him.

Next morning, Jaya gets ready to meet Akash. Rama asks where is she going. Jaya says to meet mamma. Rama asks her to take carrot halwa for Naani as she loves it. Jaya says she will take it later and leaves Samar hears their conversation and says he will drop on the way to Satya’s house and give them halwa. He reaches Satya’s house and greets Satya. Satya greets him in. He apologizes for whatever happened at his house. She goes up. He sits with Naani and asks her to call Jaya. Naani asks when did Jaya come here. Satya comes down and says she came and left. Akash asks them to have halwa and leaves. Naani asks Satya why did she lie. Satya says Jaya had messaged her.

Jaya meets Akash in a hotel with dupatta over her face and changed voice. Sarika hears their conversation sitting in table behind. Akash asks her why did she come late. She says she had to fool her husband and come and asks if he is not worried about his wife. He says his wife is a fool and blindly trusts him. She says she heard his in-laws are rich. He says he is lonely SIL of rich family, they trust him more than their son. He insists her to show her face and extends his hand towards her dupatta when Sarika calls him. He is shocked to see her.

Precap: Jaya rushes Injured Sarika to hospital who says Jaya was right, Akash is not a good man. Inspector comes to take Sarika’s statement. Sarika lies that she slipped and injured herself in an accident.

Update Credit to: MA

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