Bigg Boss 12 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv sent to torture room

Bigg Boss 12 13th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman says this week was full of masala, box office week. Fights in tasks, melodrama by Dipika after Sree left. We will find out today whether those were true tears or fake. There was also twist of mid-week eviction which sent Sree to the secret house. He says Sristy, Shiv, Sourav were out of jail in morning and they were given a task by Bigg Boss. There are boards with 7 bad qualities and after discussing, housemates had to assign 1 person to each bad quality.

Zero, fool, vicious, betrayer, double dholki, khalnayak, manipulative.

All agree to send Romil for vicious quality.

Singles take KV name for khalnayak quality, but he disagrees.

Deepak says Sourav for double dholki. KV says Deepak also qualifies for that. Deepak says Sourav says something to 1 person and then something else to other person. Sourav says Deepak had been doing that in start. Sristy tells Deepak that his friends said he betrayed them twice. Deepak takes betrayer board.

Romil takes Neha’s name for zero quality. She disagrees. Dipika takes Saba’s name for fool category. She comes in others talk easily when they talk sweet. Surbhi says Shiv qualifies for fool category because he takes Sourav’s advice in everything.

Now they start taking votes. Saba gets most votes for double dholki category between her and Sourav. Surbhi gets most votes for khalnayak category. For Zero, other name is Urvashi for lack of presence. She gets more votes against Neha. KV gets almost all votes for manipulative quality. Shiv gets most votes for fool.

Sree and Anup were given task whether housemates’ decision was right. They choose Neha for fool category for just following what Dipika says. Manipulative – Romil. Double-dholki – Sourav. Vicious – they say only one person is there, Dipika.

Bigg Boss tells housemates that some celebrities saw this task from outside and they disagree with them. Bigg Boss says Sree, Anup choices and ask housemates to switch / take their board. Singles are happy.

Salman talks to Sree and Anup. He asks them why they chose Dipika for vicious category. Sree says he had just started playing and she was smart to take his name. Salman asks whether she got insecure of him? He says may be. Salman asks Anup whether he was surprised when Dipika took Sree’s name. Anup says in first 2 weeks even he had said that Sree should go home, but he was sick that time. After that, he started playing really good. Dipika probably didn’t like that and she smartly evicted better player than her and then acted of being guilty. Salman then asks about picking Neha for fool category. Anup and Sree say it’s like Dipika is controlling her. Salman then asks Sree what change he saw in the home after coming to secret house. Sree says Dipika tries to keep all celebrities under control, maybe except Sristy. After he got evicted, KV was disagreeing with Dipika, but she smartly made him on her side. He was also disappointed with her decision against Sristy. Salman says they heard Sree saying that he will expose everyone. Sree says he will slowly slowly without telling them that he was seeing all action from secret room. Salman asks what if Anup reveals, especially to Jasleen. Anup says he won’t tell anyone.

Salman now meets other housemates. He asks Surbhi about Dipika being chosen for vicious category. Surbhi says she feels Dipika has over-sweetness mask, but in reality she is very vicious. She knows how to manipulate and get her work done. Dipika says it’s been a month, she can’t act all this time. By nature, she’s very caring towards everyone. She doesn’t go to anyone when she is angry, but if someone attacks her, then she doesn’t stay quiet either. Salman says Dipika is playing her way and there is nothing wrong in that. He says vicious/shatir means smart and that’s a compliment. Salman asks Neha what title she got. She says fool, but she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t show aggression, that doesn’t mean she’s fool or anything. Salman says correct, but they don’t understand that.

Salman then asks Dipika why she took Sree’s name. Dipika starts justifying. Salman says they all know that but after Sree went, she was justifying to everyone and cameras all over captured that. She says only reason she was saying that to camera, so Sree and his wife know the reason. Romil says if she was true friend, then she would have stopped him saying he’s in the show for his wife and kids and they are watching him. Salman says so basically that means they are saying Sree was her competitor and that is why she took his name. Surbhi says exactly and celebrities were just using him and overpowering him. Dipika disagrees saying she had nothing in her mind that he was her competitor. In last few days, Sree was normal and doing tasks and everything, but still he kept saying he wanted to go home and that’s the only reason she took his name. And regarding overpowering, her and KV were stopping him only so he doesn’t get more sick. They were making strategies in group and Sree had more say than them. Last task was planned exactly as Sree wanted. Surbhi says in last few days, her and her group told Sree that singles are using him and motivated him to open up. Dipika found out about that and whatever happened in mid-week eviction was its result.

Urvashi says reason that Dipika gave to evict him was not fair at all. Deepak says Sree once told him to pray so he stays in the game and tell rest of his story. Sree and Anup are able to watch/listen all this. Salman tells Deepak that his feelings were clear from song he sung other day and asks him to sing again. Deepak sings. Sree gets emotional.

Salman now takes KV’s classes. He asks why partiality in Sristy and Deepak. Both were hurt. KV says he thought Deepak just said he got hurt to control situation at that time. He didn’t know he was truly hurt as it wasn’t visible. Somi says he clearly said that Sristy is his friend and he is only concern for her. He doesn’t have anything to do with Deepak. Salman agrees that’s exactly what KV said. KV says it’s his mistake if he said that and apologizes.

Salman now asks Sourav whether he knew Shiv planned to attack on Deepak. Sourav says he didn’t know. Salman exposes his lie saying he was present and Shiv experimented that kick on him only. Shiv says he did plan but he didn’t kick him direct. He first used force and he didn’t move, so he kicked his shield. They had also grabbed Sourav and threw him on ground. That task was not possible without using your force. Salman says he’s disappointed in Sourav. Sourav says he wasn’t involved in that plan, he was just present there. Deepak says more surprising is, when it was time to send housemates to jail, Shiv took his name saying he couldn’t take his kick. Salman asks Shiv, he doesn’t see him at fault in this? Shiv says according to him no. He didn’t use force in ring task. In this task, force was needed. Singles say physical violence is not allowed no matter what. Salman asks Shiv whether he thinks before he speaks or he realizes what he’s saying. He’s basically saying whatever everyone says, according to him, he’s right. Shiv says yes. Salman continues, to hell with Bigg Boss, to hell with fans. They can think whatever they want. He is right according to him. Shiv says in a way, yes. Other housemates are surprised he’s still not saying sorry. Salman gives Shiv some time to think over and some time to housemates to make him understand. Everyone tells Shiv that he’s wrong. Shiv says if it’s just about saying sorry, then he will. He asks Deepak to come on side. Saba-Somi say this attitude is only wrong.

Shiv tells Deepak that he also said him rudely that he is rich in house and stuff. And never said sorry for that. So he also thought when Deepak is not saying sorry, why should he. Deepak says about Sourav’s lies. Shiv tells him to solve Sourav’s matter with him. They both tell each other sorry and hug it out.

Salman meets housemates again. He says he won’t ask Shiv whether he understood his action. Shiv says matter is sorted. He had hurt him mentally. Salman tells Shiv, so he thought it’s okay to hurt him physically as he is mentally weak and kicking a weak person is cool. Shiv says no it’s not cool.

Now Salman talks about Saba-Sristy fight. He asks KV who was more wrong. KV says both fought equally, but after that Sristy went inside and locked herself, so he thinks Sristy was more wrong. But in fight both were 50-50. Salman asks who was 49-51. KV says Sristy 49, Saba 51. Dipika and others disagree. KV says Saba’s push was more intense. Salman says both pushed equally, so he just didn’t like Sristy falling. Deepak says she fell because she slipped. Salman says in real both were pushing each other. After Sristy fell down, she almost punched Saba. Are they both trying to show they can fight? Both say sorry. Salman then asks Jasleen her point of view. Jasleen says Sristy was in aggression from time she came, so she finds her at more fault. Salman says Sristy fell down and thought how she could fall and she stood up in more rage and started fighting with Saba. After that she realized her mistake and went in bathroom and took out anger on herself. He declares Sristy wrong and asks to be mentally strong, not be like Shiv. Sristy says sorry saying she couldn’t control at that time. Salman gives last warning to everyone. If there is any more physical violence, he will personally throw that person out of the house.

Now it’s time to send someone to torture room. Everyone takes Shiv’s name. He will have to cut bunch of onions until Bigg Boss asks him to stop.

Precap: Navratri special episode.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. Salman Khan , just because Saba’s last name is Khan, dosen’t mean she is always right. She pushed Srishty. Do what u want to do, your Khan chamchis won’t win and Srishty will win.

    1. Totally agreed…

  2. It was expected from stupid n bised salmaan khan wen last season priyank pushed akash then he threw him out of bb house nw wt……even he didnt talk abt chudail surbhi jo jagatmata ban kr baithi kaand krke pulled someone hair called someone chindi chor n abusing is good…….wow actually salmaan khan scared of chudail surbhi n dayan sister saba n somi…..deepak got hurt was okh case shiv did bigggest mistake he should be elminated for this behaviour n surbi dirty flithy woman too bt we cnt forget deepak ek chalak lomdi hai……worst season……..

  3. And Salman of all the people, you don’t talk about voilence. Remember how you beat Aishwarya Rai and how you killed people by running your car over them? Being human huh?

    1. Meenakshi pandit accha tarika hai.jab Kuch Na mile bolne ko to personal ho Jao.but guess what.he is still the superstar.

    2. Agreed… What is wrong is wrong…
      Either u r superstar or common ppl…

  4. Such a beautiful episode after such a long time! Salman Khan – you were so just and not biased – in this whole episode. Worth remembering and it’s not sarcasm. I honestly loved this. Coming to Srishti, she is someone who has been brought up like a princess like I am my father’s princess ? and it is natural to not accept failure and better be the victim. It is okay, sweetheart. 🙂 Kudos to your courage that you accepted your fault. I was telling that day you should have stood up and completed the task like a fighter. Going to cry wasn’t an option!
    Coming to Deepika, justifying yourself is absolutely okay. I love you for being the Sherni Beti of the house who is not ‘clever’ but really ‘intelligent’. I was in tears when the song played for you.
    Coming to KV, I wish you luck for tomorrow being one of your million fans. And yeah, you were at fault during Deepak’s case.

    1. Meenakshi pandit


  5. Salmon is so biased..Worst season ever..

  6. Wow… What a partial judgement by salman…
    Khair i knew it yahin hona h.. As salman always supports khans in bb…

    Sabasomi ki kitni mistakes ko chupaoge… Abhi tak ek bhi mistake pe comment nhi kiya… Saba somi surbhi.. Celebrities ko kya kuchganda nhi bol dete still un sab mattera pe kabhi koi baat nhi hoti…

    Bechari sristy kahan fansgayi…
    I wish next time se celebrities aye hi na bb m..
    Cz un logo ka itne time ka struggle sab apni trp k liye khatam kar deta h…

    Ok.. Sristy was wrong in thismatter.. But what about others things.

    The worst season ever is bb12…

    It is clear is baar jodis m se saba-somi/romil ya fir dpka ko winner banana h..

    Ek toh do baar ye so called commoners ne ghatiya lvel pr ja k sristy ko hurt kiya.. Uta surbhi ka fayda hua fir se captainbn k ek week k liye save hogayi and dusra sab cheezon k kiye sristy pe blame aa gaya…

    Aur ye sab sristy ko game se jaldi nikalne k liye h
    Bb makers knows very well sabse zyada fan following kv ki h.. And ye logo ko kv ko nhi banana h winner

    Bhsi har matter m kv ko bali ka bakra bana dete ho.. Jb wo dusron k matter m involve hota h tab bhi sabko problem h..

    Wo kya god h jo har matter m bole… Q wo sabke sath accha ho..?
    Baaki sab h kya uske sath acche?
    Deepak ne aaj tak kta accha kiya h kv k liye ya kisi k liye bhi

    1. I don’t know why you are Saying this.apne gauhar Wala season nahi dekha??Salman used to scold gauhar and kushal and support Tanisha and armaan.and this time genuinely unhone Jo Kuch bhi bola against srishty was correct.the way she started the task was very aggressive.and phir dhakka lgne ke bad vo uthi and intentionally saba pe Jake attack krne lagi.and phir ja ke bathroom ka door bang kia.agar vo km responsible Hoti to task cancel nahi hota Balki vo captain Hoti.i support Salman word by word.

    2. @Heba, I agree to your point from the core of my heart. Agar woh task nahi chorti toh shayad woh captain ho jati.

    3. @heba…
      First ofall i have seen all the seasons of bb…
      I amnot sristy fan… But what is wrong is wrong…
      Chalo maan lo is baar shristy k galti thi..
      But what about other things?
      To curse celebrities.. Faltu ka uka seedba bakwas karna.. Unke mistakes q point out nhi hote.. Mera simple sa question ye h

      Aur agar apko saba ka sristy ko pudh karna actual m push karna nhi laga thenwhat can i say?

      I dnt like sristy but i will stand by her.. Bczif i would be in tha situation toh mene to saba k jam k dhun dena tha..

      So hats off to her jo eo ruk gayi..

      Aur rahi baat salman k judgement ki.. Toh usne ye khud accept kiya h ki wo only script read karta h..

      And u know what these 2 incidents increas the trp quite well
      1st dpka ka sree ko eliminate karne k liye vote and sree k reactions
      And sristy saba incident…
      Put urself in sristy’s place and think about it…
      Cz me toh chahe jo koi bhi kuch bhi bol le.. Salman toh kya even god bhi aa k bol le ki sristy galat h me tab bhi sristy k hi support m rehne wali hu..

      And bb me kitna partialoty hpti h wo tpj lat 2-3 seasons se sabko hi pata h…

      Sristy is not a big celebrity that’s y most of the ppl are not suporting her..

      Likh k de sakti hu.. Same incident agar deepika k sath ho gaya hota na tph sab k sab sabako wrong bolte for sure..

      And this is th3 reality of real world.. If something bad happen to more powerful person it will make a big issue..
      Every one will talk about that..

      If something bad will happen to a person whoch is not strong that no one will talk fr that person..

      One question..
      Sristy ne saba ko instigate kiya aur saba ne sristy ko push kiya…. Thik h fair enoug… Sisty ki galti thi instigate nhi karna tha(as per ur think8ng)

      But why priyank threw out of the bb house in last season?

      Akash instigate him he he raised his hamd.. Then y priyank got eliminate?
      This is the same situation. It means different rules for different person…

      Aur ek simple si baat h i lieks kv and dpka in beginning of the season..

      Srisrty is still my least fav. Still i will support her

    4. @heba…
      Ok mana liya sristy galat h…
      And wo aggressive thi..
      But saba somi toh har task m hi aggressive hote h.. Uska kya?
      Unki mistakes kab point out hogi?
      Kabhi nhi hogi as i can see..

    5. @XYZ, you can call Salman biased because he never points out mistakes of the Jodis. Yeah, here you are right.
      Because the jodis were at fault and he never pointed out.
      BUT, in this task, SRISHTI WAS WRONG.
      Therefore, last episode wasn’t biased.

    6. Meenakshi pandit

      1st of all Salman kushal ko sirf hate nahi krte the.vo gauhar ko hi nahi pasand krte the kyunki she was fake.and tried to be over sweet..and vo sirf Tanisha ko islie nahi support krte the qki she was kajol’s sister.tanisha ne kabhi Kisi ko bura nahi bola tha.jabki pratyusha,kushal and gauhar milke usko task me target krte the and cheap bar me Milne wali ladki bolte the.go checkout the in the box Wala task and see kushal ne kaise kia task.and pratyusha ne Kya bola Tanisha ko.and kushal hmesha gauhar ke influence me logo ka Jake Marta rehta the.jake dekh ke aao hr bat religion pe chale jate ho.and Shilpa was not a Khan.whay was she salman’s favourite and why did he hate arshi?and why did he like bani?

    7. Meenakshi pandit

      Salman is never ever biased.ab sabhi loh ek jaisa soche ye zaruri to nahi.and btw he always supported Tanisha over gauhar who was Khan btw.mtlb kahi se bhi Kuch bhi likh doge.

    8. Salman supported tanisha bcz she was the sister of kajol..
      And other thing salamn didn’t like kushal.. And that time gauhar was with kushal..
      That’s y salman supported tanisha…

    9. @Meenakshi..

      Zaruri toh nh9 ja8sa aap sochte ho waisa hi sab soche?
      Its my think8ng for salman and sristy..
      Aur rahi baat kahin se bhi kuch bho likne ki toh ye forum open source h.. Koi bhi aa k comment kar sakta h.. And sabki apni personal think8ng..

      U like salman i dont like.. It is ur and my personal choice.. As simple as that..

      And gauhar ko support na karne ka reason kushal tha gauhar kabhi nhi thi..
      And salamn knew tanisha fron her childhood time..

    10. @meenakshi.. i dont need to watch it again..bcz verything is cleared to me..
      Did u seriously read my comment with full focus?
      Did i say gauhar was right and tanisha was wrong?
      Kindly first read the comment properly.. Then comment ona particular thing..

      As i said bfr… No one can changr my thinking not even god on sristy’s topic…

      So its my personal choice…
      And whatever u th8nk ab9ut that situation is ur personal choice

      @heba… Its good if u would be calm on that situation.. But everyone cant have same thinking and same patiance and same way to take that situation and to react in the same way…
      According to u n some ppl sristy give up.. But according yo me she got insulted that’s y she left..

      And this is the end of the discussio Cz mere liye sristy hi right h.. Aur apke liye saba….

    11. 1st of all.neither do I like saba nor do I like srishty.and yes mai apne ap ko srishty ki hi jagah pe rkh ke dekh rhi hun.i did feel bad that she got targeted.and had to go to jail.but unki zyada ghalti thi.vo task shuru hone se pehle se hi bhadki hui thi.itni aggressive Hoke task krna saba ke bal khichna ghalat nahi h?and saba ne apne plates bchane ke lie unhe dhakka dia and vo slip ho kr gir Gyi.jis se vo gusse me aa Gyi and double aggressive ho Kar saba pe attack krne lagi and vo khud nahi ruki unhe dipika ne roka.mai unki jagah pe Hoti to ye nahi karti Balki i would stay calm and use it to be captain.ghalti to vaise dono ki thi but srishty zyada ghalat thi.and phir Jake bathroom me lock hona apna hath bang krna.ghalat nahi h? Agr vo Sahi Hoti to aj captain Hoti vo. saba just took all those attacks and sat talking about her.and Rahi bat b*t*hing krne ki to vo kaun nahi krta ghar me?Salman ka vo kaam nahi hai ki Jake sabko smjhae ki Kya bolo aur nahi. bacche nahi ye log and Salman is not their teacher.bolne ko to kV ne bhi bola tha saba ko ki apki jaise level ki ladki is ghar me aa Gyi hai..but vo unke views hai.salman sirf physical fights,nomination and task etc pe bolte hai Na ki b*t*hing and all pe.

  7. And most probably top 5 will be dpka sree saba-somi romil-surbhi
    Kv’s only mistake is he do not stay on his words.. He shoul9d be strong on his words..
    Sab bhed chaal m chal rage h.. Ek jo bolta h sab wahin karne lag jate h.. Ek bnde ne jail punoshment k liye vote change kiya tph sabne vote change kar diya…

  8. Ugly Surbhi Rana?

    What the f**k dipika what a fake game you’ve played with people’s heart fake tears everything was fake how could you shameless women disgraceful dirty game you played wow you people have actual pissed salman of hats of you people and dipika what on earth are yoi doing you’ve lost the plot b your acting like Hina how she kept everyone in control to be on her side weather it was wrong or right back stab manipulative badmouth just how I thought you was good you wouldn’t anything that would hurts ur fans or ur friends you hurt sree gave false shit to bb about sree seriously he respected you but you put him down where he can’t even trust u no more forget about neha but you dipika even doe u being an actress didnt know you could do all This fake dirty games dipika why don’t you get evicted yourself than neha your like one ahead than other such cheap game seriously dirty masterminds cmon dis game is equal you play fair and square and salman being angry he’s head could of blowed up what the f**k are you guys thinking f**k I hate surbhi f**k sake mental cow and shiv he’s okay to me why you calling this lass weak seriously deepak is two faced anyway he managed to keep sree in his control daft f**k feel sorry for uravshi she’s so innocent bless her hope she wins and rest of you shame on you and awful acts and salman why can’t you ask deepak for once why he been chatting bs bout dipika too sree why tf so you only fight on big things and not smal deepak been washing sree mind with dipika why else does he hate dis shit started from him anyway gosh bb was gona evict sree anyway lil did dipika know everyone would go against here dipika I was major fan of you but what you have done it’s hard to trust you again you’ve lost everything just like hinaa she did so much to put everyone in her control at the end of the day she was left with nothing friends started hating especially shilpa she didn’t even wanna see hinas face your al awfully disgusting man dipika you’ve put your fans down honestly i don’t even know what to say f**k dis I’m out peace✌?

  9. I didn’t feel that Salman was totally fair in Srishty Saba incident. He favored Saba even after pushing Stishty to ground while at the same time he took a class of Shiv in Ddepaks case. He didn’t seem consistent. Also nobody questioned Surbhis extended captaincy even after she got disqualified for physical violence only a day before. What’s wrong with Salman and Bigg Boss’s mindset.

    1. @sandeep…
      Its clear.. Bb makers ko trp chaiye..
      Sristy matter se boh9t discussion hue matlab trp increase hui..
      Kv, sree and sristy fan will take sristy’s side..

      Dpka and jodis fan will take saba’ side

      Its not about right and wrong.. Its about money..

  10. i didn’t know why but i feel sad for shiv I’m clueless but I’m sad for him ??

    1. @ishani… He is not that bad…
      He did a mistake for sure.. And he got punished..
      But in comparison of other commoners he is still much better… Till now…

  11. We should keep in mind that Surbhi was disqualified for captaincy task but she was not told that she will never become captain again. And if her becoming captain again is wrong than Sree coming back to main house with added advantage of seen footage is blunder. Sree never did anything to get that advantage of seeing everything that goes on in his absence. Yes he played in last 2 days, I agree. Even after this he will come back and will be playing along with Dipika, by her side. For this he already told that is his nature so he will forgive but I think he will forgive to play smart, that is ok though.
    Kapti……. I don’t know why Romil was chosen for that. Kapti was Sourav, actually he lied. Romil or/and Dipika are cunning or clever not kapti.
    I am not Salman Fan, but yes he scolded Shiv because his action was pre-planned and he admitted that he was not even sorry for that. But in Saba and Srishty case…………Srishty planned the action and Saba reacted and the way it ended was because both of them got carried away. That’s my feeling, may be wrong.
    One thing that was preety clear was KV takes his celebrity status very seriously and may be this game will change his thought process for good. Never seen KV talking to Zodies, may be he thinks he is above them. He should stop trying to prove himself too good all the times. Dipika, I don’t like her personally nor her serial either but I am liking her game. She doesn’t lie but manipulates which is quiet necessary nowadays to survive in real world. Surbhi is aggressive but she analyses things and people perfectly. I liked how she mentioned clear difference between Dipika and KV yesterday…..again I think reason is KV keeping distance with Zodies. Surbhi even explains Dipika’s game so nicely…………..parda fash types. But Surbhi should tone down her pitch and learn when not to talk from Romil. Deepak knows one thing besides game too…………compose one song for extra 5 mins slot on weekend:)

    1. @Hope, exactttttly ! These are my words… I don’t like Saba but in that particular task, it was Saba’s reaction to Srishti’s action.
      And that was an extremely fair judgement by Salman Khan ! Even initially I used to feel he was biased but not in this part. If Srishti fell down, she should have started the game once again, that would have earned her more respect I guess!
      Kishwer, Hina, Lopamudra, Bani… These girls fell down many times, but they got up too.. Didn’t leave the task. Srishti couldn’t take that someone pushed her like that and that’s why left the game.
      And for Deepika, she is a woman with guts… If she cried, they are her tears, her performance, her life, her choice how she will bring her. Who are we to judge?
      I hated her serial, I neither liked her nor hated her, but I am loving her now.. She is ‘akalmand’

    2. Well said @Aarohi totally agree with you. I m also not a big fan of Dips but liking her game.
      Dips played here game very well without abusing anyone like others do. Perfect title for her clever. Even Sree also got his àns from Salman that its the game she played n what u r here, u r not here to b good to everyone.
      N this commoners are like if celebrities express thr feelings thn they are acting bcz they are actors n if commoners express thr feelings than they are true feelings bcz they are not actors O plzz. When Sree left all commoners became the actors espclly tht Deepak show off person.
      Hope now the game actually begins. N Dips will b playing all alone if neha gets eliminate today bcz wese b all are agnst her n when sree is back thn toh even the singles will b agnst her.

  12. Salman was not biased yesterday. It is true that the aggression shown by srishty from the beginning itself is more. After she slipped she was all the more violent. I think she knew she wont win the task and hence all the ego n frustration came out. She knew she was wrong hence locked herself in the bathroom and tried to injure herself. I did not liked her much. But yesterday she was graceful accepted the mistake and really acted maturely. Unlike fake deepika who go on justifying her deed giving lame reasons. I respect srishty now. She didn play the victim card. I have started to like her.
    Coming to deepika she is arrogant and does not consider others as her equals. No I don’t accuse her in the sree matter. She is not wrong in evicting sree. But he afterward behaviour is too much irritating. She does not give valid points but just go on beating around the bush justifying and again justifying. When some one explains this much the dishonesty and ingenuineness of their actions n words become more evident. I believe that when expression increases honesty decreases.
    Shiv’s ego and his eagerness to impres jasleen n his thinking that macho man should not accept mistake n will continue to resist n saying sorry will decrease ur value in the eye of others is really make him a fool. These are his thinkings I presume.
    Coming to surbhi long way to go girl. Love her. May be she is loud mouth. But each n every point she is saying is true. Her analysis of kV, deepika, sree, shiv saurav etc are proving to be true. May be her way of talking is not good . But she tells whatever she want to tell on the face whether it is celebrity or Jodi. She does not shy away. Yesterday it was evident. How she was making her points and how deepika was only beating around the bush. And she is genuine too. Not fake. It is applaudable how she put the points even when majority of the rest may it be jodis or singles go against her fearlessly. Love Romil too. Intelligent and understand every one’s game. Surbhi romil- perfect combination of mind and heart. He control her too when she goes over the board. The complement each other.
    I know here no one except me is her fan. But truth is truth that she is a nice person. Want to see them in the finals.
    And deepika make eye contact
    u are not looking in the face. That itself shows u are not what u are trying to show. How long will u hide ur reality

    1. @ghosha…
      Actually dpka and sree ka game plan tph sahi tha.. But bb khel gaye..
      Sree k secret room m jane se bohot logo ka game plan open hua..
      Dpka ka sree k naam lena was a good decision.. But to justify again n again was not cool..
      And sree ka bhi game plan pata lag gaya.. Pehle bolta tha jana h.. Ab bol raha h wo top 5 m ane wala tha.. ?

      Is baar k sare celebrities brainless h..

  13. Salman is some times biased but today he was not shristy started it… surbhi should have got warning aswell

  14. @Ghosh I too like Surbhi, as I already told. And xyz it ‘s not that we don’t feel for Srishty but that aggression
    Was somewhat planned and then went beyond repair for her. And actually she felt bad that she is looking bad. Remember once Lopamudra also broke down in season when she reacted to Bani and then realized that she would be looking bad. Srishty and Lopa both were being human but yes they too know it is game. And should never go beyond a limit. That’s why Srishty accepted her mistake.
    Saba-somi are Khan but the thing is they are strong personality too. This game is about being mentally strong and so these girls and Surbhi are strong. I liked how Saba not only mentioned for herself but for Srishty too that she already has been punished. It is evident that Dipika is targeting Srishty but that is life and Srishty has to make friends in order to counter reply. When Dipika was cornered in Sree’s thing, she played smart. Agreed to Surbhi on her view point, manipulated KV and is talking to Saba too. However that would look wrong in ideal world but is a real smart thing to do.

  15. @Hope aisa nehi hai ke KV jodis ke saath interact nehi karte hai..In fact KV 1st day se sab se interact karte aaye to bigg boss wale main episode mei nehi dikhate hai,but aap agar Voot mei uncut videos mei dekhoge to sara kuch dikh jayega…

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