Bigg Boss 12 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bigg Boss surprises housemates

Bigg Boss 12 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23, 7:00pm

Sree decides to stop KV first and then Urvashi. He tells that to singles and pairs as well. Romil asks Sree to let Deepak go then. He will stop KV. Sree says it will create fight then. Deepak comes in place of girl. Sree indeed stops KV and he’s out.

Sristy and Urvashi are left. Jasleen replaces Deepak from police team. Deepak says he decided with Sree they won’t stop anyone. Whoever runs first will be winner. Jasleen says she didn’t talk anything like that. Deepak asks her to let him go then. Jasleen says she hasn’t gone in any round and refuses to let him go instead of her. Somi also says she hasn’t gone in any round and asks Sree to let her go. Sree refuses. Somi argues with him. Deepak tells Sree that he trusted him and let Jasleen come

on his place. He should stick to his plan of not stopping anyone. Romil tells Deepak he should not have given up his place to Jasleen. He feels it’s clear strategy from Sree. Deepak goes back to Sree to clarify that Jasleen won’t stop Urvashi. Sree says to believe him. Buzzer rings. Sree and Jasleen block Urvashi and Sristy wins. Deepak is disappointed. He says he learned a good lesson from this. Surbhi blames herself for letting this task go. They could have won easily. Romil, Urvashi say just take learning lesson from this.

Bigg Boss announces Sristy and Saba-Somi are contenders for next captaincy.

Sristy is not happy with Somi as she didn’t support her openly like she did. Somi says at that time Sristy looked stronger to her. Sristy says she just wanted to hear that and now she will be playing for herself as well.


Surbhi tells Jasleen that she doesn’t like him walking on Deepak’s face and talking about shoes. Deepak might not have muscles and good shoes, but to walk on his face is wrong. Jasleen agrees and says she talked to him. (Might be talking about Sree).


Neha talks to KV regarding not defending her when Saba said something. Saba comes and tells KV that he should have said something when she said Neha is not a good sanchalak and didn’t do much as captain. KV says he said they could have made him sanchalak then. Saba says being a friend, he didn’t feel like telling that to Neha? KV says no. Saba then asks he takes Neha as a friend or a competitor. KV says as both. Inside, Dipika tells Sree that after that call, Neha has become little insecure. She takes small things to heart.

Later, Neha shows her displeasure to KV for him taking their matters to pairs when they had decided to keep their differences among themselves.

Dipika, Sristy, Urvashi discuss that Saba-Somi wanted to make fight between them. They don’t like singles’ unity.


Shiv exchanges his blanket with Surbhi’s. Jasleen laughs and says she will come and say why he took it without asking her. Surbhi comes and figures Shiv did something. She asks for her blanket. Shiv says to take from someone else. Surbhi takes from Sourav.


Jasleen is singing in shower. Surbhi dances outside. Anup comments very nice singing.

Romil asks Sree whether he was trying to steal appy fizz. Saba and Somi were telling him. Sree argues with Somi telling her not to say if she doesn’t know what he was doing. Somi says she felt he was finding key or something, so she told captain. KV tells Somi not to assume. Sree says he feels a lot of things as well. Somi leaves from there and cries outside saying she doesn’t like how Sree talks to her and asks Romil to talk to him. Saba tells Somi when she wasn’t sure then why did she tell. Romil tells Sree to talk with respect and not call girls “tu”. Sree says that’s how his Hindi is. He calls “tu” to everyone.


Somi tells Saba that Sree is messing with her. She will make his life hell. Saba says to do it then. They then complain about KV. Yesterday Deepak was also hurt and KV was just caring about Sristy.


Bigg Boss announces surprise mid-week eviction. He calls KV, Sree, Neha in activity area. All contestants are shocked. Dipika is crying.

Bigg Boss asks contestants that are safe to take 1 name from nominated contestants who doesn’t deserve to be in the house. Dipika is asked to go first. She cries and takes Sree’s name saying he himself wants to go home. Other contestants tell her that this is not the reason. Bigg Boss asked to take name who has not shown his/her full potential and doesn’t deserve to be in the house. Dipika says then she finds all capable. Surbhi interrupts. Dipika says this is her point of view. Neha, KV, Sree are standing in some box. Some guys come and pour something in Sree’s box.

Deepak, Urvashi take Neha’s name as they feel Neha has not opened up fully in the show. Now something is poured in Neha’s box.

Sourav-Shiv take Sree’s name for not doing tasks properly.

Jasleen takes Neha’s name saying she’s trying but in compare to KV and Sree, she is able to express herself less.

Saba-Somi also take Neha’s name for more or less same reason.

Surbhi-Romil take Neha’s name as well for same reason.

Sristy takes Neha’s name as she feels Neha has held herself back for some reason.

KV is crying. Neha asks him not to cry. It’s okay.

Bigg Boss tells housemates that they gave their decision, but here only viewers’ decision matter. Based on viewers’ votes, contestant that is eliminated is…. other housemates can’t hear Bigg Boss now or see KV, Sree, Neha on TV.

Bigg Boss tells KV, Sree, Neha that Sree has been eliminated. KV and Neha are sad. They are asked to go back in house.

Other housemates see KV and Neha joining and figure Sree has been eliminated. Surbhi says he can’t go.. he was good. Has India gone mad or what? Whatever he said, he was doing, he was a good person. Dipika hopes he waits for her explanation and don’t take her wrong.

Saba tells Jasleen what a reason Dipika gave. Even she had said she wants to go home. Inside, Surbhi, Urvashi, Deepak mock singles for using Sree. Somi, Romil also join and share same opinion.


Sree comes to secret room and meets Anup. Sree says he wants to see what’s happening in the house. Anup says they will show soon.

Bigg Boss announces that voting is resumed and nominated contestants who were declared safe are still nominated. One contestant from Neha and KV will be eliminated later this week. Dipika, Neha, KV get more shock. Neha says she expected this.. double eviction. Shiv asks that means Sree won’t be back? Jasleen says nope, he has been eliminated already.

Precap: Sree tells Anup that he is shocked Dipika took his name. Dipika tells KV that her bond with Neha is very strong, that’s why she took Sree’s name. Fight / pushing between Sristy and Saba in captaincy task.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. hey guys
    aaj toh maja hi aagaya biggboss kya game khela hai ek toh sree ka secret room jana and then kv and neha ka nominations. gharwale ko vote out karne ko bola phir apni kardi. biggboss ko laga hoga sree ki gussa ki wajah se gharwale sayd usko vote out karenge lekin vote kiya neha ko toh. secret room pe toh sree ko jana tha kardi janta ka bahana. maan gaye biggboss
    ye surbhi itna kyn shor karti hai bhai jab koi nahi sunna chata hai tab bhi bakk bakk karti rehti hai. jhagda ka start khud karti hai aur phir wohi rona dona ajeeb hai iss ladki ka sound kyun itna irritate lagta hai yaar. bina baat pe jhagda karna aur aag lagana bhagwan bachaye isse.
    deepika kuch jyada hai rooti hai na itna emotional hona sayad her negative point ho sakta hai. bhai game khelne aaye ho khelo why are you giving explanations and u were not wrong yaar agar koi harr choti choti baat pe door knock kare gussa kare ghar jana hai bole toh jab voting hota hai u can vote chaye woh aapke close kyun na ho and by the way u r close to neha than sree so its ok( this is my point of view)
    i m liking shristy she is playing her game akele. she is not ganging up with anyone . close hona ek baat hai but she is not relying on anybody neither jodi nor singles.
    urvashi yaar tum bahut achhi ho ye deepak ke saath phas gayi tum woh sahi bollrahe the tumhara bilkul opposite hai deepak
    romil bhai ye bhi surbhi se kuch kam nahi kitna chugli karta hai aag lagane ka kaam karr raha hai bahut bura phasega ye bahut bura
    abb aati hai saba somi ye dono sirf chilla sakte hai aur kuch nai and ek quote bhi na jo garajte hai woh baraste nahi aur jo baraste hai woh garajte nahi aur ye logg garajne wale hi hai. support toh tum openly karr nahi paye.
    jasleen shiv sourav ok

    where are you guys from last year. iss baar most people gayab hogaye and comments bhi jyada nahi aarahe so guys do comments

  2. As i told earlier this is worst season ever only read important updates if necessary bt dont waste time to watch this show on tv……unnecessary salmaan khan targeting karanvir bohra which upset the fans n nobody saying anything to b*t*h saba somi surbhi n dog romil n deepak………who r deserving to live in bigg boss house r going to be eliminated by bigg boss stupid decision atleast today bigg boss should hv announced tht all contestants r nominated this should b fair…..who r playing dirty game like deepak romil saba dayan somi chudail n flithy woman like surbhi disgusting r staying what a shit……..n salmaan khan the great n bigg boss the great only support jodis…….shit n how long urvashi shivashish n saurbh going to be safe…….totally unfair game..stupid show stupid host who cnt see saba somi surbhi disgusting behaviour many time they create mess surbhi pulled shristi hair saba somi play dirty game even task time they always gets voilent even pushed shristi…..nibody saying anything..

    1. @Cute..

      totally agreed with ur comment….
      it was so unfair to put kv,neha and shree in elimination..
      according to me.. neha is playing good… she is performing good in every task…
      deepika seems like not anymore interested in this game..
      worst season,worst commoners and worst celebrities(only for the game perspective)

      this time celebrities are not that much clever.. may be they are good by heart… but this reason doesn’t justify their performance…

      i dont know kv itna mahan banne q laga hua h…

      kv and neha are the best performer from singles still kv ne kal captaincy k iiye esily give up kar diya..

      pata nhi singles brain kahan chod k aye h… jab dusri team se saba somi captaincy contenders they toh urvashi and shrishty ko save karna was useless..
      sry to the shrishty fans… but shrishty ko har bar captaincy chaiye hoti h.. but singles se perform always kv neha and dpka karte h..
      jasleen,shiv,urvashi jaise logo ko bb nomiante nhi hone de rahe h… kar toh ye log bhi kuch nhi ahe bb house m…

      there is no unity in singles.. not even in task…
      shilpa,vikas,hina k personal grudges jo bhi they but if they play from a team then they show unity in the task..

      and i really like hina for the spirit to get captaincy…
      i dont know is baar k singles m wo spirit q nhi h… aur kab tak ayegi…

      khair jo bhi h…
      i wish celebrities m se is baar koi eliminate na ho…

  3. How I wish Saba-Somi win the captaincy task and Karan Vohra is out next …… it ll fun with all celebs out….

  4. Wese bhi Sree never performed in any task he always back out. So its better that who atleast perform stay . N yesterday toh he told Surbhi na he is playing his game. So if he can back stab singles yesterday even after singles being so supportive to him so what Dipika did today was fair enough than. A performer (neha) is better than a crying baby.

    1. @Cutipie… sahi pakde ho….
      i really like shree in starting… but now i dont like his behaviour.. uski team usey always itna support karti h but wo time ane pe un logo ko support nhi karta..
      like he said wo singles ka khilona nhi h… neha k liye bolna me itna sab janta hu n all… kv ko captain na banne dena…
      upar se task bilkul bhi perform na karna…

  5. Very happy… Sree evict nhi huwa secrete room me hai chalo ye acha kiya bigg boss.. Mujhe deepika pasand h but sree ka name liya usne mujhe ye acha nhi laga agar tum Neha se zyada close ho to direct reason do na Bhai.. Sree ka name lene ki ye kya wajha huwi k WO ghar jaana chahta hai. Neha and kV me se ek to jayega hi.. I don’t like Neha.. I don’t know why but I don’t like her

  6. I will say one thing , dipika was right..but i hope sree will understand….n i feel like neha might go back home….so lets wait n watch…

    1. May be sree will misunderstood deepika …
      Bt she was right , shree never performed in any task and also in captaincy task deepika tries her best to make him captain bt he sits idle and at the end he says its his strategy…. if she takes neha’s name then others will also called her fake friend..
      I hate the way surbhi speaks that deepika will cry whole night for what she has done..i like the way deepika is playing .. ab usse strong banna padega …

      1. @Ravneet….
        totally agreed….

  7. Sree fought with every1 4 dipika,went against Deepak, he trusted her d most,they had a bro sis bond. She doesn’t even talk to kvb dt much. So obviously Sree was shocked. Yes its Dipika’s decision n naam le liya. But fir ye rona dhona kyu? It looks so fake n annoying. Mujhe explanation karna tha ye wo. You literally took his name 4 eviction to fir kya explanation dena hai. Sree sabhi k saath accha tha. Yes they used to fight with him but baad me thik v hojata tha. Lyk d way khan sisters were saying ki Sree Dipak k chot lagne k baat usse dekhna to dur baat v nahi kar raha but next moment humne dekha ki sree sofa me tha aur dipak k neck ki malish kar raha tha. Surbhi n romil v the. Except 4 him n shristi, don’t think other celebs r that close to commoners especially Dipika n Neha. The way the jodis reacted when Sree got evicted showed who’s better and good at heart. Even after so many fights they thought he was real. Urvashi said it ryt dt some people used him 4 his emotions. N How is Neha more deserving than Sree? Pura episode me to dikhti v nahi,task karti hai par task to jodis v karte hai. She’s not entertaining at all. Sree good or bad content de raha hai n chor police task v kiya.
    Sree gusse me i can’t stay here, ghar jana hai bolta doesn’t mean that 2m khud he usko evict kar do. BB asked ki BB me rehne laik kaun nahi hai.. N jodis were ryt to take Neha’s name.

    1. Agree with u ABC. Deepika and kV thinks they are above others. Deepika want to look mahaan hence so much Rona dhona which is totally fake. Previous season vikas was also cry baby. But that is not a reason to send some one. I like Neha she is genuine. But the overpowering deepika don’t allow her to shine bcoz she is scared that Neha get more popularity than her. She is not a good friend of Neha. She is using her. Totally artificial. Sree is at least honest. Not liking kV also. They make fun of surbhi n Deepak for clothes shoes looks etc. HOW CHEAP… I am liking surbhi romil sree Neha. They are good

  8. I also do not see any fault in what deepika did.she was a gud friend n shrew shld understand that but I guess he will be misled by the jodis .I really wasn’t happy with d whole scenario yesterday

    1. deepika is not at all wrong bcz she is close to neha…
      she doesn’t choose kv.. cz it is clear all are fed up to control sree’s anger…
      plus he is not at all supportive in team task…
      and as deepika said in premier.. that she comes to win.. she really needs of money.. and shree is somewhere disappointing her………

  9. I also do not see any fault in what deepika did.she was a gud friend n shree shld understand that but I guess he will be misled by the jodis .I really wasn’t happy with d whole scenario yesterday

    1. I also agree with those who says “Deepika wasn’t wrong”!
      The question was “gar me rehne ke layak kaun nhi hai?” – though Deepika voted right person her explanation was a bit inaccurate.. it should be like” Bigboss is a show for endurance,patience and winning in all kinda situations, But Sree couldn’t reach to that level unlike Neha & Kvb ..this is why he gets angry for all issues and knocks door and threatening to sree should go among these 3″..
      Fact : Sree is still inside bcs Bigboss haven’t opened the door when he knocks..BB wants him here for fights.
      BB might have thought Jodis wil vote sree or kv bcs they fighted verbally with many same day morning..
      Dishonest BB

  10. I really like KV. But he shouldn’t be too good in the game (esp. in nominations).

    I am not sure who I’m supporting this year. But I’m not at all fond of Saba-Somi , Surbhi or Jasleen.

    Since only Neha and KV are nominated, one of them will be eliminated.

    And I don’t think any of them (including Sree) should be evicted.

    TBH, Anup Sir must should have been evicted last week. And this could have been “no eviction” week.

    As much as I like Salman Sir, Why target KV when there are people who are an actual headache?

    I don’t even find the tasks interesting anymore.

    I do not like this season.

  11. really liking kv , he is good , not much fake till now , deepika cries for everything , thats why not able to decide if she is faking her tears or not

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