Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz gets thankful to Biji

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Farhaan looking for Majaaz and Mariam. Majaaz gets conscious and shouts Mariam. Biji says you would have given me a heart attack, don’t worry, I will make a century, you were shot, you are fine now, have milk, your daughter is pretty, she was scared, I handled her, she is sleeping, she said you will wake up and ask for her. He says I want to meet her. She asks him to come. He sees Mariam sleeping and cries. He thanks Biji. She says thank Lord, you are handsome, I will jump in fire for you. He smiles.

Mariam wakes up and hugs Majaaz. She says Biji took care of us, she said she will take us to India with her. Aayat is with Jibraan. Doctor asks her to find donor fast, else her son…. Hamdam smiles. Aayat says I will go and get Mariam. Jibraan stops her and asks her not to go anywhere, just be with him, he doesn’t want any kidney. She says I will come fast. He asks why do you hate Mariam, even she is your daughter, she will get hurt if she gives me kidney, Nawaaz told me everything, you have always hurt Mariam, so Lord has punished me. Aayat cries. He says wrong happens with wrong doer, if you worried for Mariam, maybe I would have got fine, you never cared for her. Aayat says maybe I did a mistake. He gets unwell. She shouts to doctor. She prays for her son. Biji says we will go with group. Majaaz says we will manage, you did a lot for us. Biji says I will talk to my group, there is a celebration today, everything went fine. She hugs Mariam.

Madiha comes Rifat and says if the case hearing gets in our favor, it will be big favor on us. Rifat asks them to go to court. She says if we don’t go, its fine, our lawyers will manage everything. Aijaz says this haveli is of ancestors, we will fight and get the haveli. They get a threatening letter at the door. Aijaz reads Sarfaraz’s letter. Farhaan looks for Majaaz and Mariam. Biji asks Majaaz not to worry. Mariam is with everyone. Farhaan reaches there and shows Majaaz’s pic. The man says we didn’t see. He stops Farhaan from going on. Farhaan sees the men with swords/knives and leaves. Majaaz sees the fire lit in the curtain. He runs and blows off the fire.

Everyone looks on. Mariam hugs him and cries. She says my dad is superhero. Everyone doubts on Majaaz and ask Biji. Rifat says Sarfaraz can do anything. She stops Zain. Aijaz says I won’t get scared of such threatening. They go out and face stone pelting. They all get in. Madiha does the aid. Rifat says we have to leave for court. Madiha says not needed, your lawyers are already there, we will win the case. Rifat says yes, it will be in our favor. She smiles and says I used Sarfaraz’s name in my game. Choti praises her.

Majaaz tells the entire truth to everyone. Biji says he is a nice man, we should help him, think about his daughter. People refuse to take him along. Biji says fine, I will also stay here if they can’t come with us. The man asks will you leave the pind people for a stranger. She says everyone is strangers here, relations are made later, I have taken my decision, you all decide now. Majaaz says you helped a lot, and fought with your people for us, thanks, I lost belief in this world, seeing you, I got sure of good people, I request you, please take Mariam with you, I won’t come with you. He cries and says I have full faith in you, you will take my daughter safely home. They cry. He says Mariam shouldn’t know this, if she knows this, she won’t come with you, she can’t leave her dad alone. She asks what will you do here.

Majaaz says I will cross border and go back for my daughter, Lord will help me. Biji asks people to realize his truth. The people agree to help him. They ask Majaaz to surrender, officers will manage. Majaaz thanks them. A man says I did a mistake and called police, police would be coming now. Biji scolds him. Majaaz says if they arrest me, it will be a big problem. They hear siren. Majaaz looks for Mariam. Police comes. Majaaz sees Aayat taking Mariam, and gets shocked.

Majaaz says I can’t cheat the country. The man threatens to kill Mariam. Majaaz says nothing should happen to my daughter. Mariam shouts to Majaaz.

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