Bigg Boss 12 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shoaib comes to meet Dipika

Bigg Boss 12 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 84
Bigg Boss pause KV. KV says to Teejay that I love you, he cries looking at his babies. His daughter holds his finger. Teejay says lets go. She starts leaving with daughters. Bigg Boss says KV play. KV runs to them and takes his daughters. Teejay greets Sree and Dipika. Teejay says to KV that play for yourself. He hugs her. Bigg Boss says KV pause. Teejay takes his daughters, they cry while they leave. Bigg Boss says play. KV cries. Deepak hugs him and consoles him. KV says one more second. Deepak says you have done nice. Everyone hugs him. Sree hugs him too.

Bigg Boss pause KV as he is hiding food in his cupboard. Rohit and Deepak takes bread from him and run. Bigg Boss says KV play. He comes and sees all eating bread.

Romil says to himself that they use friends, they keep throwing people away, I am alone but I was happy for Surbhi becoming captain.
Somi says to Surbhi that Romil is sitting alone and talking to himself.

Deepak and Somi comes to Romil. Romil says leave me, why did you get angry on me? Deepak says you gave statement about me, Romil says you didnt clarify with me. Deepak says we both play together in tasks but if you say that then I will feel bad.

Day 85
Inmates wake up to apke aa jane se. They all dance and enjoy. Bigg Boss says rewind, they all rewind, BB says fast forward, they all do it.

Somi says I am repeating my clothes, it will look good if mom comes.
Surbhi sings paratha banao while making them.
Romil says to Somi that you look good without makeup too.

Somi asks Romil if he wants breakfast? he says no. Rohit says ask me too if I need tea or something.

Surbhi sings bole chudiyan. Bigg boss says Surbhi fast forward, she dances fast. Bigg boss pause her, Deepak throws cushion at her. Bigg Boss says Deepak pause. They throw water on Deepak. Bigg Boss says rewind.

Romil says to Somi that you have three layers on face, Somi says stop. Bigg Boss everyone. Romil’s wife enters house with their son. She asks how is he? he nods. She says to Somi that I want to thank you for being a good younger sister, I will give you a gift when you come out. She says to Surbhi that think about your statements. She says to Deepak that dont listen to others. She says to Romil that you have to play for yourself. Bigg Boss says Romil play, he hugs his son and asks her to bless Surbhi. She kisses Surbhi’s cheek. Romil says Somi is the best person in house, she says she is your younger sister right.
Romil and his family comes to Dipika, his wife says I like you. She says to Romil that keep your respect intact. Bigg Boss pause Romil, his wife greets him and leaves with his son. Surbhi gets sad and leaves.

Romil says to Sree that my wife said to Surbhi to take care of her statements.
Surbhi cries and says what I can do? I regret it, I am a complaint for everyone. I am sorry. Dipika and Somi consoles her. Surbhi says this is enough. Romil and Sree comes there too. Surbhi says I am tired. Dipika says you are a nice girl, everyone knows. Sree jokes with her and makes her life.

Somi says to camera that Romil’s wife said sweets words to me, I will go out and meet them. Rohit comes there and asks what she said? Somi says she said we will celebrate after game.

Bigg Boss pause everyone. Saba enters house. Somi cries. Saba says dont cry, you are playing very nice. She goes to Saba and says to Deepak that you are playing nice. Saba hugs Surbhi and says be strong. Saba says to Dipika that you are not fake, I like you a lot. She says to Sree that I hated you first but I saw you telling Surbhi that she is strong, I wish all the best. She comes to Somi and says if they keep saying you weak then take stand, do friendships out of house. She says to Romil that your relation with Somi is nice but people can take it wrong, focus on game. Bigg Boss says Somi play. Somi comes to Saba and hugs her. Saba says to Somi that people dont accept friendship between girls and boys, high time, focus on game. BB says Romil play. Romil comes to Saba. Saba says I know you both are friends but focus on your game. Bigg boss pause Somi and asks Saba to leave, Saba leaves. Somi cries. BB says play. Romil says I wont talk to Somi anymore, she pointed at our relation. Deepak says she let go of things but you push it.

Romil asks Somi to talk to him, Romil says I dont know how they are portray things but its better we dont talk, Somi says your wife clarified too that I am your sister. Romil says I will be careful. Somi says we didnt do anything that they are questioning us, I told you to not joke about things, my image will destroy. Romil says my image is at stake too. Romil says my wife cleared it too, we cannot change the past but we can change the future, lets play our game now. He leaves from there.

Deepak says to Romil that dont open the chapter which cant be opened, it will create problems for her. Romil says it can create more problems for me. Deepak says your wife understands you so its not a problem.
Somi says Romil sacrificed a video for me and we became nice friends so I felt like I owe him and always stood by him, if it was portrayed wrongly then I am sorry, if you think relations are purified by calling each other siblings then we are sister and brother.

Surbhi calls Rohit brother and says Somi your dignity is in your hands, people can say what they want to say, I am a cool person but they call me aggressive. Somi says what we do? what Romil and I do that they show?
Deepak says to Romil that sitting with her, lying on her blanket, avoid that. Romil says for sure.
Surbhi says india girl and boy can be friends, Somi is close to my heart, please they dont have to give name to their relation.
Romil says whats the solution? Deepak says call her friends. Saba pointed out so clarify that she is your sister.
KV says to Somi that maintain a distance. Somi says there is nothing to maintain. KV says I would not sit comfortably with you, its small things.

Surbhi says to Dipika that you got married newly so must miss him too much. Dipika says our bond is different, he is my backbone, I know he is there for me even if I am here, I forgot to live in life and he made me stand up again. Surbhi says what you mean by not living? Dipika says I had forgotten how to be happy but then I met Shoaib, he is my very good friend, he is my world, I cant tell in words, even my mom says that only he can bear me.

Dipika says to Sree that you understand urdu words? He says yes. Dipika says a poetry and says I cant say in words who you are for me, you are a prayer only for me, you made my world light up, I got so much in life for you, I have nothing to return, I just have prayers for you. Suddenly Shoaib’s voice is heard and he continues poetry, he says you are my feelings, my smile, I realized who are you to me when I was away from you. Dipika cries and says come fast, please.. please. Bigg Boss says everyone pause. Shoaib enters from confession room and hugs Dipika. She cries and says I missed you so much. He kisses her forehead and says we are proud of you, she asks everyone fine? he says all are fine, dont cry, be happy. He hugs her and says you are my lioness, he kisses her forehead and consoles her, he says do tasks, I am telling you, she smiles. He says poetry for her that you have quality to win, they call you fake but you have shown yourself, be yourself, remain like that. Dipika cries. Shoaib says I missed you. Shoaib says let me meet others. He comes to Sree and says how are you? He says Dipika doesnt have brother and you are my brother in law now, Dipika says he is elder, Shoaib thanks Sree for taking care of her. Shoaib says she is that close to only few people. Shoaib says to Romil that I like you, I just didnt like one thing, you are my favorite after Dipika and Sree. Dipika says Bigg Boss free me, I beg you. Shoaib says to Somi that you were telling Dipika that you wanted to go on a date with me so I will go on a date with you when you come out and Dipika will arrange it, Dipika laughs and says yes. Shoaib says to KV that Dipika is not that wrong, God bless. He says to Surbhi that I just want to say that only some time is remaining, change people’s thinking, you will realize what you lost and got here. Dipika is crying. Bigg Boss says Dipika play. Dipika runs and hugs him.

PRECAP- Dipika hugs Shoaib. He sits on his knees and gives her a ring, he gifts her his jacket and says dont cry please.
Inmates can get saved by giving up on others personal items in genie den. Rohit have to destroy Deepak’s parents photo. He asks Deepak and Deepak says everything to remain in show. Rohit says he is lying, he wont give it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE U OJ !!!!!!

    1. @ aeroplane
      romil son is so cute
      His smile looking at romil so cuteee
      Steals heart…..

    2. @Teddy,
      he was soo damm cute and yes his smile was so mesmerising just like bella :))-


  3. Kv’s daughters r so cute……the way Bella held his finger n how they were crying was really emotional…..they r angels in disguise…..
    Half of the day was wasted today in clarifying romil-somi relationship……the way romil’s wife kept saying chhoti behen was funny……n Saba too made them aware of the outside world…..bigg boss is the one to defame their friendship in a way as this……
    Anyways romil didn’t even had a single tear when he saw his son n wife……strange……he is the same person who once cried heavily for sree,his foe at some point……OJ is really very adorable n that little fountain pony was too good??
    Yesterday sree’s wife was killed……she was awesome……I don’t think she was rude,she was blunt though……
    Now coming to dipika n shoaib……it was really sweet…….I never watched dipika’s serial so I have liked her in this show as a person not as simar……the couple is really amazing……
    Shoaib entered with his shayari……n he called sree saalesahab??……they were both looking just perfect n made for each other#touchwood……I must say shoaib gave everybody a genuine advice n in a dignified way…..
    Dipika fans or rather shoika fans have to keep up the spirit…….one more day to go……

    1. Shoaib is really charming, he approached too amazingly, but he was very filmy! -_- I mean I wanted him to say good things, but those shayris on mic and Dipika saying those lines before him – made it very ‘?’ !
      Aisa kab hota hain?

    2. Even I felt so..Shoaib is a very sweet person but it looked little cheesy.. nevertheless,nice couple..

    3. @Aarohi…

      ha ha… even i was thinking the same… but ye ring n all mujhe thoda zyada lagta h…
      but shoaib ka pata h mujhko mne aur bhi ek do events and realty shows m dekha h.. he is a very good shayar…

    4. They themselves are responsible for what people are thinking about them the jealousy somi showed towards jasleen to level of physically harming her over romil was in itself telling and the way romil look at her or talk to her is a notch cosier than we talk to friends

    5. Do u seriously think dat in dono k beech sach mein kuch chal rha h? regarding romil,I don’t see any kind f sign from him..wo humesha Somi se bolta h ki Deepak Ko haa kar do..and I’m sure Somi k or se v kuch bhi nahi hoga..plz i kindly request u to nt defame a frndship..

    6. @diya I am not sure about romil but somi definitely has something for him

    7. @Diya and Anon,
      Anon is right. Very right. We mustn’t name our every relationship . Somi will get embarrassed too when she will realise one day that she had fallen for Romil.
      But I don’t blame Somi, neither Romil.
      They had no intention like that, but unknowingly, Somi became very dependent on Romil.

    8. @Anon…
      somi k andar J factor itna zyada h ki wo apne kisi bhi fnd ko share karna nhi chahti kisi aur k sath.. and this thing looks like uska kisi bande k sath kuch scene h…

      Yes… jas k liye mujhe romil ki side se starting se laga that he was attracted towards her…. but for somi it was only brother-sister relation or we can say frnd realtion …

      even from somi’s side .. only frnds relation h… but she was just an attention seeker and a girls who likes to get each n evryone’s attention… aur jab wo jealous show karti h toh lagta h like she has started liking romil…

      now romil is strong kuch game plan bhi h somi ka to be with better person and kuch real feelings(frnds wali) bhi h…

    9. Agree wd each comment u made..just wanted to clarify one thing. Till now wat we have seen of romil in BB,he dsnt cry very easily. And d tyms he had cried,it was out f sadness,NVR out f Khushi.. dere was no Khushi..when his wife and kid came last tym,he dint cry den too..but his happiness is evident from his face.

    10. @Nandini..

      i have seen shoaib in nach baliye .. wahan bhi bohot shayrana andaaz tha uska.. so i think uski natural personality hi wahin h aur kuch makers ki editing .. but ek baat samajh nhi ati… shows m aa k rings n all q dena.. he he..

    BELLA AND VIENNA AND OJA DESERVED FINALISTS OF BIGG BOSS # vote for your favs hahahaha @ buzzers :))- soo soo happy too see the kids #absolute day in life !!!!! for a true fan , diksha ji very lovely and pretty , very very strong lady she spread the smile in the whole house with her wittiness towards somi , no doubt our LEGEND WINNER IS BLESSED TO HAVE DIKSHAJI ( PERFECT WIFE SO STRONG AND ONLY LOVE LOVE AND LOVE GOALS ), Instructed romil to play for himself and focus on game # but oj and bella takes my day off !!!!!!!#out of emotions yippeee hurray !!!!!

  5. I meant sree’s wife was killer…..:-))

    1. LOL LOLLLON hehehehehe

    2. @Nandini…

      correct.. she was very clear on her points… and i really appreciate her for her emotions…except to ignore rohit…and to not hug surbhi even after sree was telling her to hug surbhi…

    3. @ NANDINI,
      sometimes disappointments are good to see the wider prospects of the situation !!!!! SIMAR is getting votes not DIPIKA and its true , audience liking SIMAR KA HALWA and NOW JACKET LOVE !!!!
      bada kaun hota hai jo maaaf kare aur misunderstandings dur kar dosti karle but no #SIMAR ko maaf nhi revenge lena hai

  6. Whoooosh! *.*
    Firstly, lemme complete with the sweet little things.
    Saba Khan. She is beautiful. She looked like a divine goddess today ! I am starting to develop a girl crush on her like crazy!! She was bold, brave and so beautiful. No more words. She apologized to Dipika, said the right things as she used to do and that charm she carried today – it was a million bucks ! I mean it.
    Then comes Diksha Ma’am. Romil and his wife can keep their emotions in control, and that’s one thing I loved about her. She was way more sarcastic and trolled Somi like anything !
    I don’t want to comment rudely on anything,
    But Sreeshanth and KV are husbands too, and the vibe we never got while KV or Sree sat with Srishti – we, maybe I, got the vibe while Romil was with Somi. U may call me oldie for keeping this thought, but, if any day, someone comes in my life and he eventually asks for a head massage from a girl no matter how close she is just because he is feeling lazy – I wouldn’t hate that girl, I would throw him out of my life! Romil’s wife’s behavior was completely justified . Totally .
    I shouldn’t say this, but, my Dr. Watson instincts say that Romil might have married Dikshaji under pressure and maybe, there are some promises to be kept. Maybe, there are some murders that happened few years back and he is repenting for the wrong done ! ? Or some gruesome flashbacks that hit Romil while driving the car and he went through a memory loss and he doesn’t tell anyone what he has gone through! ? Maybe, there is more to it ! So, better stop here.
    Then comes Premji for Simar. I was going ROFL watching Sree’s expressions then n there. He was like, “???? aur kitni der chalega iye drama?” (sorry, he didn’t say this but I felt like that) and seriously, he went so filmy that I laughed all the way seeing Sree’s expressions ! ?
    Day by day, Sree is turning to be a hero from a vamp for me. Why? The way he was consoling Surbhi today. I loved it. 🙂 I really hated Sree at a time just like Saba, I don’t love him like KV, but yeah, I like him nowadays.
    Somi’s emotions , justified .
    Romil’s , justified.
    Dikshaji’s, justified .
    :’) As clay jensen says, We don’t choose whom we fall for. :’) all relationships don’t have names, yet I understand the feeling each of the three is going through.
    Somi had no fault in that, neither Romil, nor Diksha ma’am. Just Romil should’ve stopped making her fall for him a little earlier. I know he understands.

    1. I had seen in a voot vdo dat Dipika is massaging sree’s head..eve they drink from same cup..sree calls Dipika “babe”..dere relationship is pious bt Somi romil frndship isn’t? Sad yaar

    2. Deepika didn’t hurt someone over sree lol while somi scratched jasleen just BC of romil that was what had people raise their eyebrows over it and romil always in blanket next to her talking in a soft voice & asking her about her crush then bb showing it all with a romantic song in background sealed the deal for audience maybe that wasn’t their feelings but makers gave it that anngle……………..does deepika and sree really drink from same cup?ewwwwwwwwwwwww acha atleast they wash it before using it though?

    3. @Diya,
      I just don’t know, yaar. I get the vibe. Sree-Dipika or KV-srishti – I never got that vibe. It’s very emotional, I m not blaming Somi, but that thing is growing in Somi and she isn’t aware of it.

    4. @Sambit,
      Somi and Romil DO NOT DO ANYTHING BAD to get them judged.
      I will be very honest about this, in my school days, I had this same guy who was becoming my best friend and he had a girlfriend. He was head over heels for her. But he used to give me company every time, couldn’t see me cry. He was always there for me after my parents . I just took him casually, one day, he left for another state with his family, and then I realised I had fallen for him and didn’t even know.
      I respect his girlfriend (though broken up) more than him, and I won’t ever tell him that because that would break our friendship too. So, I keep a distance from him and I’ve moved on from all that. I NEVER want him as a lover but I always want him as a FRIEND , i don’t want to lose him.
      I feel Somi. :))

    5. AnuAnu

      @Arohi so true.. And Sreeshanth was saying that something when shoaib called him Saale saab I didn’t hear what. But it was really cute and fun.
      I too get that vibe from Somi Romil but only from Somi’s part.. I think bcz she is was jealous of Jass.

    6. @AnuAnu,
      Yep, only on Somi’s part. For Romil I think, he has no feelings for her, but he is letting the water flow even after knowing that.
      And yesterday, I saw your text late at night, replying here – I don’t really watch movies, not even Bengali ones. I watch some of the movies if it has Ayushmann or Radhika Apte in them. Or some American webseries.
      So, I’ll say sorry to u if it has hurt your sentiments but I do see India as a whole and everyone does. It’s not demeaning South in any way. Because, we all know, where India is just a developing country, South India is on the top in terms of education .

    7. @aarohi, yes even if Somi is falling for romil,I don’t think it’s her Sab ctrl mein nhi hota h

  7. uff after soo much excitement back to ground and potray analysis
    BB makers are trolling TRUE SOUL ROMIL and somi’s careship for each other , their is nothing much from romil’s side and i agree no need to give a name to the relation if society not likes it and if you are true with your stand for each other then finger raisers go to have a check up u ppl have no point in raising one’s relations , romil and somi are in house fun masti hoti rahegi wo dono murti to hai nhi ki batt nhi karenge lol
    dipika sree bond is bhai -behen ok but romil-somi concernship and strong friendship is questionable # cheap thinkers lol on u all with this thinking india can never progress its a modern era get over your so called old ideology rather than throwing stones go get a life !!!!!( to all chepos )

    1. So true..if dere relationship is weird,anyone can question sree dips relationship too..d way they drink from same cup or d way sree calls her babes..I m really really really hurt and angry and ds z just cheap tactics by BB wale to defame romil since inspite f being a commoner,he’s giving tough competition to celebs.. they r just shocked wd his fan following.. cheap BB and cheap audience who think ds way abt a frndship….chhi

    2. @Airplanes,
      For men, they choose a woman they like, fall for them and keep them happy.
      For women, they don’t choose a crush, they fall for their best friends in most of the cases.
      Romil and Somi’s relationship is not being judged, Somi is developing feelings for him and she has no control on it. 🙂
      U won’t feel that, sweetheart.
      But I know that possessiveness, that pain very closely.

    3. @Aaro,
      its one side of the coin dear , your assumption i respect but for the guys and girls situation differs at most times # girls have to make choices on most occassions some prevails some looses , if the guy is standing with the girl he loves then things get easier to go but when that support left off things becomes difficult to overcome
      i hope your possessiveness have experienced that but pain is not good , better regrove see the nice future ahead there’s definite a sweetheart for you , every relation need not name but if somi has anything its just infactuation once the show is over romil apne raste somi apne raste !!!!!# keep smiling coz when u smile ppl around you smiles

    4. @Airplanes…

      It is questionable from their own relations….like romil’s wife and even saba was telling her the same.. and trust me… ppl with good brain have no interest to judge their relationship….

      but we can not deny somi uses everyone time to time… if u will see starting episodes.. she was trying on shiv… but after everyone went against these sisters then shiv distanced himself from somi…
      then kriti and roshmi tried on him.. but he had brain to be not used by someone to stay in the game…

      i really appreciate somi to tell deepak there is nothing like this he is thinking.. but as time comes she too use deepak’s attention to grab focus..

      now comes to romil… i really dont thnik there is anything cooking btwn them… somi ki jealousy usey wrong project kar rahi h… and makers ki editing too…
      and one more thing jitna frndly and bhai behen wala relation show ho raha h… i dont found it completely true…

      kuch true feelings h,kuch game m rehne ki strategy h aur kuch support system…

    5. @xyz ,
      you are viewing from your pov and i m from mine hope this two different opinions bring some positve results !!!!!

  8. SHOIKA MAHA MILAN # AWESOME AWESOME # SO ROMANTIC SHAYRIS # INSIDE GHALIB OFF ME WAS EXCITED TOO LOL # DIPIKA got best friend as a husband beautifull life ahead for the newly wedded couple
    very few ppl know that dipika was divorced and depresed in life but shoaib came to her life and made her love realisation and indeed yes he is the backbone for dipika # life gave her second chance and she has got her bff as husband their reunion can beat any bollywood hero-heroine and that jacket he took off and had her over was the USP of the show , i hope everybody gets someone lucky enough to have your jacket over her hahaha # couple goals love shayris rose proposal halwa celebration # ALL IN ALL A MINI DATE PACKAGE #enjoyed it #lol lol lol

    1. @ aeroplane
      Explained well dr

    2. @Teddy ,
      your appreciation is welcomed pro :))-

  9. @Sandeep Virk Saw your yesterday’s comment late buddy so I am replying here. I respect your feelings for Sree and his wife. I think I told, I liked the fact that Sree went to Surbhi. I didn’t support Surbhi and only told that there is a limit and Sree’s wife was too emotional to follow that. I just meant that we behave to people according to our habit and our thought process, it is not needed to answer back in rude way. Being celeb wife and throughout these years I bet this is not first time she heard it, right? And she would have handled herself more smartly there. We all are judging Sree on basis of cricket. It is integral part of him but I would judge people here on basis of their personality. Sree is too good but has some major anger issue too. He too comments on many thing including class and looks. But no complains to him as right now he is sober. Aur dono Surbhi aur Sree bahut kuch bus game kly kar rahe hai, even they admit it.
    Aur bhai na main Surbhi ko pasand karti hoon na Sree ko but I don’t hate them either. After Romil, I think I would prefer Sree to be winner. Ye bhi change ho sakta hai as my POV changes according to their daily game. Anyways I know Romil is not winning. He would be third in lead as per fan following. Shoiab has a romantic voice, so yes waiting to hear him.
    Anyways so I am not spokesperson for anyone. Waise bhi jitna high HMs ka volume hai, I don’t think they need you or me as spokesperson.
    I am yet to see today’s episode (this episode). But updates suggest that Romil is overreacting on his and somi issue. Somi- I wanted her out of house long time back.

    1. @ Hope
      Hello dear…I was just so disappointed with the way everyone was trolling sree wife and I just wrote what came to my mind at that point…I’m sure poor lady only intended to convey to surbhi what audience has been discussing on social platforms all this time and then to see a sudden change in ppls reaction like this is shocking…but I enjoyed each and everyone of the family members ….romils wife is awesome…he looks afraid of his wife in a cute way…Deepak dad is also very dignified and grounded…kvs wife and kids r too adorable…I lovedhow his little bella was answering questions so intelligently….srees daughter is an angel…she looks like papas daughter…Saba looked killer in her outfit and makeover…I cant understand why bb is bringing this disgusting angle of somiromil…its not needed at all bb…leave the poor man alone…

    2. I’m not the person you’re talking to but I’ll just chime in and say that his wife has actually witnessed his condition in person during his hard days she knows the way he came out of it and the pain he went through bc of it and to see some stranger using that period of time as a cheap trick to get a reaction out of him and cheap publicity through it must have been really hurtful for her and her whole family and to see host of the show take no action over it had added to that hurt so the first chance she got to meet that stranger she lashed out on her there was no chance of controlling since it was a really personal matter surbhi has targeted time and time again

    3. @hope,b positive girl…romil is quite popular on insta and all.. if fans vote for him diligently,u NVR know na..manveer was commoner too.keep voting romil..and keep supporting him till d end?

    4. @Diya Hope so Romil jeet jayea. I like him as he has all shades in his personality and just brings up his particular part of personality at right time and rightly. And liking someone is for sure not loving someone so why this fuss about anything. Bhai bande ki wife ushe bahut ache se janti hogi so he should not worry. And I hate it when in India you have to categories your friend who is a boy as brother or boyfriend. If you appreciate anyone than it becomes a big problem. The only reason I don’t want Somi in house is that she is not playing.
      And flirting mein bhi kuch bura nai hai, I will watch BB today to hear Shoaib and it has nothing to do with his looks. I have not watched Shoaib’s work, dance or whatsoever but loved his voice when I think he sent message for Dipika in BB house.

    5. @Diya,
      soo soo soo sweet of you !!!!!!

    6. @hope,@airplanes and @aarohi,all f Ur comments r so true..and Aarohi,the way u handled Ur little situation,is so mature..way to go,girl?

    7. @Diya..

      here i wants to add one thing..
      Manveer was pathetic in starting weeks….his commentbaazi on celebrities and behaviour was too rude.. but yes he improved himself very well as day passes..

      BUT … it was well clear.. bani was going to win.. and even she got the highest votes
      but it was well predicted by janta and bcz of the theme.. makers decided to make manveer ..winner who got second highest votes..

      even in last season winner was pre decided…

    8. @Diya,
      Thank you so much. Much much love, girl. ❤

    9. @Hope,
      U are the only one whose views make me feel, she understands me. 🙂
      I don’t know what to say, but every line is just exactly what I thought. So true. This is indeed, great.

  10. saba returned and fetch some brains in somi’s mind but it will backfire soon for her coz she had made her more confused of the societal claims on relation of her with romil got disappointed from saba she was wrong to make them feel guilty # ppl get over your dreams – somi is not arshi and romil is not hiten lol we as viewers are understanding these cheap makers are editing clips to make them view as more than a friend this is bad and its true friendship nothing else , #TRUE SOUL ROMIL discussed the matter with deepak in a perfect way and nice suggestions from him too ,but romil said he will not talk thats not gonna happen in house and kv really was right in his teachings to somi
    it was a confusion stunt put up in # MASTERMIND’S ROMIL so that he split his friendship with her and get into fav 3 # dipika sree and LEGEND WINNER ROMIL #if it comesgood well and good but it will misfire for somi # somi and rohit are nominated in chirag task too #TIMES UP FOR SOMI ROHIT FOR SURE , THIS matter has upset GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL but not for long

    1. This cheap thing has upset me too..I NVR tht I wud get so emotionally attached wd finals r knocking at d door and I was planning to study after watching itna hurt hua mujhe after seeing ppl’s mentality.. I cudnt study man..I relate to romil since I too hv really frnds from opp gender..and dat z d purest..infact they were d ones who supported me wen I went thru a breakup after 4yrs relationship.. and u know,PPL think dat I m a flirtatious girl just BCS I mingle more wd guys.. India Ko progress hone mein av v bht tym lagega… sad
      PPL r linking dem although romil continuously asks her to say yes to Deepak..shameful!!

    2. @Diya,
      it takes courage to accept that and u have done wonderfully well , old ideologies differs but the bond of friends from opposite gender need not a name # mutual understanding says it all , there’s no such beautiful thing if you have a wonderful friends in your bad times seems like you have some so feel special rather than this idiot societal norms , and yes they force an individual to accept that relation as guilt but not anymore changes are happening romil gave the chance to somi to see family clip and somi was so overwhelmed her reaction to jass was like she feels neglected at times to her but romil has equal respect for both of them and their bond is pious , u know what diya , makers ne ye angle laya hi isiliye hai # ppl will talk made assumptions have dinner and forget it once the show is over but this chepo belief is inevitable one has to try and overcome such things !!!!!
      as a friend or an anonymous person i must tell you breakup is never a digestable tab but u did good to overcome that # feelings do get hurt but don’t let ppl hurt you # feel special coz u are special !!!!!! definitely you will have a loveble future ahead #LADKI HIRA HAI HIRA !!!!!!#cheers up and yes don’t be sad coz sadness blocks you from self being :))-

    3. @airplanes,thank u so much for all d kind words????

    4. @Airplanes..

      i will differ here with ur pov… first of all saba belongs to a muslim family and we know.. muslim community is much more image contious…
      second thing she just told them reactions of janta … she didn’t say anything on deepak and somi relation.. bcz it was well cleared from somi’s side and that was all for fun and entertainment plus deepak is not marreid too 😉
      so to give advise to ur sister is good…

      second thing i really dont like the comparison of arshi-somi and romil-hiten..

      these 2 cant compete with them

      arshi was true entertainer, hiten was consistent and very genuine and calm person..

      everyone knew it they were showing their relationship only to entertain janta and to entertain HMS and even to entertain themselves…

  11. this is family weekend for housemates but TIT FOR TAT FOR SURNHI , she had got the return back nicely and yes shoaib’s advice to her was genuine , ho gaya yaar ab bahoot she has suffered too much mentally ,time to give her space too its getting harsh on her now also , makers u have made her a villan and you are successfull
    outburst of surbhi was genuine, as she has been a suffering girl too its better to halt this blame games as audience we don’t wanna that to happen now again in 13th week lol # that bole chudiyyan was funnier and pool party fun with deepak and others seems perfect happy moments # nice to see that
    # surbhi pov on romil is result of her insecurity of her towards him only , she is jealous of TRUE SOUL ROMIL ‘S GROWING DAY BY DAY POPULARITY BUT on point of somi- romil bond she was damm right with her request to bharat ki janta she had nailed it only on that topic
    diksha ji did tell her the best things and had given her indirest hints to stay in limits rather going for character assasination !!!!!

    1. I agree with your point Airplanes…at one point Romil was the strongest and most liked head of happy club(even though they didnt believe it)..surbhi grew jealous of him and she cornered him slowly by instigating others against Romil…but dont worry surbhi Romil is better than u in everyday and a true finalist

    2. @sandeep virk,
      spot on mate !!!! hope audience vote for him to see him in finale he is most deserving !!!!!
      nice comments

    3. @Sandeep Virk,so true

    4. Shes a big time villain. Just by crying you cant show your innocence. Shes been irritating the whole house since the day she entered. She dint even leave Romil when she said that he eyes on her. I mean cmon. She should be kicked out of house for what she has done. Shens not less than priyanka jagga. She dint leave even a single person whom she has not tortured and better you guys stop suplorting her. Shes not worth it. By doing emtional drama and playing the women card, doesnt mean she has suffered. Shes doing all this drama to get the sympathy. So better dont go there.

    5. @shankar,
      absolute true # spot on # correct to the core # she demean him with no reason other than jealousy

    6. @shankar..

    7. @Airplanes…

      true.. salman’s words didn’t affect her much as the advise she is getting from almost each and every family members who visited in family task…
      yes.. makers should give her some it is coming on her face that now she is fed up and kind of suffering from all the adivises….

  12. Firstly,god … oj is d cutest kid I have ever seen..chhhhhooooo chhhwwweeeeet..his smile and dat hairstyle..he’s sooooooooooooo cute.?????????..I wish both Deeksha and oj cud have stayed lil longer..loved how sweetly Deeksha Sabse pesh ayi..she touched sree’s feet?
    She put her points in a much more dignified manner than sree’s wife.. our mastermind’s wife is also a mastermind
    And wdout being rude to Somi Surbhi,she told wat she felt..kudos to ds woman?
    I guess PPL might find romil fake or something fr nt he’s nt d kind of a rona dhona Banda..bada hi sakht launda types..Kam Roya h show mein..and jab v Roya h dukh mein Roya h..maybe nhi aata usko Khushi k aasu but plz don’t judge him fr dat kyuki uski smile se pata chal rha tha dat he was very happy.
    Next up,Saba shd now realise dat her sister is really weak,more like a parasite which can’t survive wdout odr’s help..I badly want Somi to b evicted…

    1. @Diya,
      words from from heart potrayed by yourself # bang on !!!# agreed on every letter pinned # superb support for #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL

  13. don’t know if I am heartless but I cringed super hard during deepikas and shoaib reunion, it was so filmsy upar se inke dialogues were like a 60s film I thought I’m watching sequel of paakiza(meena kumari’s movie)? lol besides just for saying it that what they were calling shayri it was actually tuk bandi if some of my Muslim friends watched it (the one who knows Urdu really well) they’ll cuss them out it’s their pet peeve when people mix random words and call it shayri anyways I think romil’s wife would’ve called somi out really fiercely if there weren’t cameras there and why won’t she many felt somi advancing towards romil and romil was enjoying that attention saba comment to sree was actually rude in really meaning of rude what his wife or romils wife said to surbhi was still justified but what saba said was totally out of limit even though she covered it up immediately but using “hate” word for someone who has shown only humility towards you is not done besides she actually highlighted romil and somi relationship it was there and people outside have their doubts but romils wife too hinted it but in a limit without redirecting focus on it and saba just made it a wkw mudda which will highlight it even more

    1. @anonymous
      Totally agree with your comments. I dnt thnk it’s justifiable for an audience to first curse Surabhi and then wen the family members attack her for the same reason, we as audience pull out our moral compass out and start being angels. Strict No
      I stand by my view point of Surabhi even now, she deserved it. And she called for it herself.
      Regarding Romil somi. Stop the drama of “humari dosti ko galat Mat judge karo bullshit” Somi is behaving far ahead than a mere friend and it’s quite clear for experienced eyes, romil was enjoying the attention. So wtevr Diksha said as a wife was justifiable considering where she comes from as Somi Herself was no less (rewind to her scratching jasleen like a cat) jab woh dost hoke jealous ho gayi toh wife ka banta hai. But I wud say somi and Diksha ka national television pe Aise react karna was quite cheap. It cud have been dealt with in a better way as it only pulled Romil down.
      And for God s sake, Mujhe hi dikh raha kya? Kya somi waqiye main itni khoobsurat hai??

    2. @indian…..

      again… views matches….
      even i am not getting the same thing.. jo banda pure season without any reason dusron ko provoke karta raha and logo ko bully kar k mental torture karta raha.. suddenly agar usne 2 ansu baha diye toh us bande ki pure season ki badtameeziyan 0 nhi ho jati…

      yes i felt lil bit bad for surbhi as she is getting scolded by everyone suddenly… so uske reactions bhi justified h kisi ko bhi bura lagega but jo usne baaki logo k sath ab tak kiya toh abhi jo uske sath ho raha h wo bhi justified h..

      and even.. i will say it in romil and deepak’s case too… now they are doing good..
      but till now jo sab ye logo ne kiya wo sab bhool k only 2-3 weeks k doings pe judge karna is not at all good..

      ska matlab wo log bewakoof h… jo starting se calm and cool they ..

      is season k reviews dekh k ek baat pata lagti h.. it would be really favourable agar aap whole season badtameeziyan karo chahe wo footage k liye h ya kisi ko mentally weak karne k liye… and last k 2-3 weeks acche ban jao..

      toh log un logo ko zyada appreciate karenge jinhone khud ko improve kiya instead of those ppl who maintained their dignity from the beginning of the season…

    3. @Indian…

      frankly speaking.. i didnt see anything else in their relationship..BUT it is very clear to me all HC guys are using each other yes there is feelings too as frnds… but rishto ka game plan bhi h….

      jitna frnsdhip n all ka natak hota h utni actual m h nahi…
      aur wo time to time dekhne bhi milia h… and if someone says frnds m aisa toh hota h toh i will say wo frnd hi kya jo choti si baat pe apne frnd ko beyond the limit ja k demeaning words use kare….

      abhi romil ka palda bhari h isliye somi romil k sath h… agar palda surbhi deepak ki side bhari hota toh wo unke sath hoti and surbhi deepak ab usey utna involve bhi nh kar rahe they ..simple….

    4. @Anonymous… agreed to ur most of the point..

      BUT.. dont know y as most of the ppl are finding some likeness towards romil and ppl are finding it genuine.. but neither i can see their relation more than of frndship.. nor i am finding it genuine..

      even i was thinking how somi switched from deepak to romil .. it was very sudden… 2 weeks pehle toh i guess kuch nhi dikh raha tha.. suddenly 2 weeks m somi-romil relation kaise ban gaya..

      then i thought may be makers are showing them like this.. or may be it is their strategy or they need support of each other.. b
      otherwise if u will see when deepak,surbhi and rohit went against of romil them somi was playing safe and only on one comment of romil she behaved very rude to him even for 2-3 days untill she didn’t feel romil is much better than of surbhi,rohit and deepak….

    5. I think to understand it the theory jasleen gave in her interview fits the best, somi moved onto romil once deepak angle with her started becoming stale and she was trying to control both group through both deepak and romil in her favor…I don’t if she has that kind of mind power to strategies her relationship with people but maybe there’s 50% chance that she is

  14. interesting precap : somi , rohit , kv nominated soo far # rohit was asked to save somi by nominating himself lol and he declined so somi gets nominated # MAKERS KHEL GYE KYUKI ROMIL KO CHOOSE NHI KIYA SOMI KO SAVE KARNE KE LIYE LOL HAHAHAH # PERFECT PLOT
    # KVB NOMINATED as DIPIKA DECLINED TO RUIN THE SHOAIB’S JACKET #KHEL GYI SIMAR nominated kv she is overconfident that her fans will save her just like shilpa in last season has removed hiten by selecting priyank over him # DIPIKA KO SREE AUR SREE KO DIPIKA HI SAVE KARENGE LOL HAHAAH # MAKERS ne audiences ka popat bna rakha hai # somi and rohit ke last week hai yeah lol hhaaahha
    DIPIKA KHEL GYI POORI SEASON USNE SREE KO KV SE DURR RAKHA AUR AB EK JACKET KE LIYE KV KO SAVE BHI NHI KIYA LOL # innocent BAHU , DEVI nhi DAYAN ban gyi (at least for kv fans lol)# stay tuned much more to come personally waiting for TRUE SOUL ROMIL what decision he takes and whom can save him in their turn # DEKHTE RAHIYE KISSA BACHNE BACHANE KA !!!!TA !DA!

    1. I doubt agar jacket Wala Sree ke like aata to work ek baar bhi sochti manaa karnese oehle. Dipika is a perfect example of carrying on animosity.

    2. @Pari: Agree with u.. KV destroyed the toy given by his little princess to save deepak.. and deepika could not destroy even a jacket

    3. @Pari ,
      she never wanted to save kv as she wanted him to get eliminated soon

    4. @Pari…. totally agreed…

      kv and dpka ka relation thik hota toh dpka again sree to kv switch kar jati…
      aur scenario ekdum alag hi hota…

      but as they(sree-dpka) build genuine relation due to need of support for sure .. she would have definitely save sree……

    5. @ aeroplane
      I felt bad reading this comment, really felt very bad
      U just now commented about dipika’s past, shoaib value in her life
      The jacket was given by shoaib whom she consider her life. How could she make her mind to ruin that jacket.

    6. @Teddy…….very true….
      She is not not overconfident she doesn’t want to sacrifice her precious thing for someone who doesn’t deserve it…….kV has been pathetic moreover what the hell has kV done or sacrificed for dipika……..1 baar dipika ki wajah she hi captain bana h n still that dumb head took dipika’s name for torture……..ridiculous……..u can’t blame dipika for everything n in this case its just not acceptable…….
      N coming to the next part……..hello sree n kV aren’t kid whom dipika has separated……but it could be romil who has always separated deepak from celebs………lol

    7. @Teddy,
      i meant not to hurt any one emotion teddy but its my pov that she should have mended it with kv by ruining materialistic jacket # jackets ka kya hai aate jate rahenge aur shoaib dipika will be happy in their life after 3 weeks par agar dipika ye kv ke dosti ke liye karti then i am damm sure she would have won a good friend but she had gone for a jacket # shoaib kahin door nhi jaa rhe hai unse par kv ko save kar ek chance agar dosti evolve karti to as a vewer we would have respected her more # but anyways , JACKET IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR HER #she is unforgiving kv inorder to move on

    8. @Teddy…

      yes for me it was justified to not save kv cz neither they share good bond and at this point dpka and each n everyone have to think for themselves..

      but i am agreed on this thing and even i am saying this thing from the starting of the season… dpka was the soul reason for all the differences… she never wanted the celebs to unite and play as a team..

      it was quite clear that her game plan was to first remove celebs and then commoners as she is quiet popular among who likes saa bahu kind of serial…

      BUT yes jacket is not a big thing if someone truely wanted to save someone… If there would be sree on KV’S place dpka would have definitely saved sree..

      so jacket does’t matter… The thing matters.. for whom u r sacrificing…

    9. @Airlpanes..

      koi bhi predict kar sakta tha ye pura season easily…
      kon nominations m ayega
      chalo atleast last year ki tarah winner to atleast predicted nhi h atleast there is a confusion btwn sree/romil and dpka

    10. @ airplanes nd xyz
      I’m sure kv sree dipika is going to patch up after the game is over.
      And to me i felt like dipika is not ready to ruin the jacket as it was gifted by shoaib, i am not able to believe that dipika did it intentionally to nominate kv.
      If it was sree, i don’t think sree will ask her to ruin it, becoz he knows what it meant to her

    11. @Airplanes..

      simar starting se hi khel rahi h…. if kv will not distanced himself from dpka… then she would definitely switched from sree to kv ..again…

      and dpka knows kiske nominations m ane se usey fayda h aur kisko save karne se… sare celebs uske competetion they starting se..

      BUT it is fair enough…. agar abhi apne bare m nhi sochegi toh kab sochegi….
      aur waise bhi kv and dpka have some grudged too… so its justified …..

      BUT i will respect her more if she would have saved kv from nomination..

    12. @Airplanes…

      “MAKERS ne audiences ka popat bna rakha hai”…
      very true…. yahin reason tha happy club abhi tak bb house m h.. otherwise no one from HC showed something extra ordinary not even ordinary till now…

      as i know u really like romil..and a huge fan and supporter of him… but i somewhere feel romil/deepak/somi/surbhi ko bohot zyada favour kiya gaya h…

  15. Sree is actually nice wow who knew, the way he consoled surbhi was a nice gesture i never thought he would do that was he like this all season and we weren’t shown it or is he trying to be nice just for cameras?….I actually laughed when surbhi was crying she was looking like a c grade movie actor who don’t know an a of acting but is given a scene of crying over husband death

  16. LOL 3 weeks tak bewkoof banana hi kyu straight away nominate SIMAR/ FLIPSANTH/TRUESOUL ROMIL aur de do TROPHY SIMAR BAHU KO #clap for audience lol for voting SIMAR not DIPIKA :))-
    orbit mall ke task me jayenge GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL AND AUGERBINE THALLI DEEPAK # SURNHI ka kya hoga kalia :p

    1. AAP Kyun Dipika ka peeche PADI ho,don’t you have feelings.its her husband’s jacket and when she doesn’t want to ruin it it’s her problem.let me tell you something if this is. Done by your golden hearted romil you will say that he played a nice game but if Dipika does you are getting wrong.its not like kV is a good friend of Dipika he backb*t*hed her,even didn’t gave support to make her captain and for that if she had a chance to nominate him she did that.i don’t see any wrong in it.and please stop calling her fake/ simar.shes real for her own good.and about being selfish you need to know your golden hearted romil is the most selfish person in the house.

    2. @ lakahmi
      Nicely explained
      Plz guys repect each others fans and their feelings
      Just point out ur views, why hurting others contestants fans. Share what you felt right and wrong in a better way

    3. @Lakshmi
      Well said……
      This forum has blindfolded fans of romil……

    4. @Lakshmi…
      calm down…

      Not only kv but dpka is equally responsible for their sour relation..
      Yes kv should not take dpka’s name for punishment as bad sanchalan…and should have support her to make captain..

      but kv did alot for everyone too… he went jail 2 times to save girls.. specially dpka…
      in 3rd episode.. there were a task only one can be saved from nominations.. and kv easily got agreed on it…

      so what they did either good or bad was on equal level….

    5. @lakshmi,
      your pov i read but i can’t agree on that so better be happy and enjoy your pov its looking who is getting selfish # JACKET IS MORE THAN FORGIVING KV and saving him WOW # great clap clap clap !!!!!
      she only had sree by god’s grace if makers nominate or ask dipika and sree that only one could stay among you then it will be a nice seen whom your SIMAR chooses lol may be #JACKET AGAIN INSTEAD OF SREE:P

    6. @ lakshmi V ,
      aapke sare aarop bebuniyaad hai aur to be frank i didn’t zalil any one here i potray my pov if it differs from you then well and good its better to leave :p
      i m not always a” yes yes ” person when heart says its time to say “no” to a certain plot i point that only and your BAHU SIMAR IS DOING NICE INSTEAD OF DIPIKA # its a fact better take it or leave it # choice is yours but yes JACKET AND KVB selection was unjustified # SIMAR kabhi maaf nhi kar sakti kisi ko bhi lol it feels like unhe kisi ne kabhi zoor ka dhokha de diya hai she don’t believe in 2nd chance , bada wohi hota hai jo maaf kare aur aage badhe par apki @SIMAR to ruk si gyi hai :))-

    7. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes plzz agar aap Flipsanth bolna thoda kam karengi… Your hurting a fan’s feelings..

    8. @ANU ANU ,
      is that fan is you :p

    9. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes Yes of course.

    10. u all want deepika play n not become simar who sacrifice for everyone n now at the last days of the game she is playing for herself u want her to sacrifice.pls stick to one point

    11. And plz its high time stop calling sree flipsanth n dipika simar……..we people here call surbhi rohit by their names so its not appropriate tease all the time…….so sir/ma’am its just an advice as a friend:-))

    12. @ lucky nd nandhini
      I too feel bad when sree nd dipika are called like that

    13. @Airplanes…

      It can be romil too.. as i found makers supported HC throughout the season….
      but i want sree to win… as he suffered a lot.. and task toh waise bhi in 3no m se bhi bohot zyada kisi ne perform nhi kiya..
      toh trp wise and journey wise and fanwise it should be romil..

      but hope for the best to win… 🙂

    14. Imean it should be sree*

    15. @Airplanes,
      Sometimes we do little things, little sacrifices and make our worst foes our best friends.
      As Shoaib says, Dipika is very limited to few people in her life, she won’t welcome new. But, I strongly believe, if she had forgiven KV and given him just that jacket, maybe – KV would have just got saved if we see,
      but actually, she could have got a lost friend !
      That was the most important .
      Everything u said on this comment – it was really sweet. One who forgives is greater than the forgiven. Love, Love..

    16. @Aaro,
      i just say what my pov has approached nowonder im getting abused and bashed now # prize of truth comes with a prize:p

  17. @airplanes,it amazes me how nicely u understand romil and somi frndship..PPL r so narrow minded.. actually it is a result of BB tactics to gain TRP and defame romil ..kuch nhi Mila to uske character pe keechar nhi sochenge ki haa he’s married or dat he has a baby
    I started watching ds BB from season 11
    Bt ds tym I do feel BB makers r kind f making it too evident dat de want a celeb to win..and I m too disappointed wd Saba..TBH I just want Somi to leave asap ..I don’t want BB makers to spoil his game now..and ds cheap story started from dat jobless actress Sneha wagh’s tweet dat “something is brewing btwn Somi and romil”
    Bhai Bhai krti h sree Ko..arey sree bahar aake isko puchenge v nhi…ye log apna hi mazak Bana rhe h

    1. @diya,
      its good that you have same view as mine :))-

  18. Romil wife was subtle about her doubts over somis interaction with her husband then saba came and over simplified it for everyone to pick it up and troll them over it she has set her own sister to be thrashed and I’ve already seen atleast 50 jokes about her being a home wrecker and husband stealer or her having a habit of having a husband with many wife(since she’s Muslim) :/ good job saba jab show mein thin jab to kharab kartein hin thi uska game now you ruined it again(even though there wasn’t much to ruined honestly) I wonder why nobodyis trolling romil tho even though he let it happen even encouraged it sometime

    1. Maybe BCS indirectly hi sahi,romil usko uski jagah dikha rha h..u must hv heard atleast 100tymd jab romil ne Somi Ko bola dat say yes to Deepak.. even if he has felt Somi has feelings fr him,indirectly hisahi he’s trying to b a frnd nly..anyway I don’t think dat unke bich Dosti k alwa kuch’s just cheap TRP tactics

  19. Dips and Shoaib moment was really nice..truly made fr each other..cute couple..sorry yaar isse zyada bola nhi Gaya..I m too upset..wd all ds character assassination of romil and hurtful..
    Anyway god bless dat couple?

  20. The way shoaib was talking to dipika & other and the way dipika ran and hugged him must be a treat for romantic people but for me it was a torture o_o it was full on tv scene going on there I mean how can they not be embarrassed whole house was there and they were looking like they’ll just break out dancing and singing umm control your hormones shoaib & dipika you’ll meet in just 3 weeks I’m sure 2 or 3 HMS must’ve got diabetes from watching it all transpire*facepalm*

    1. @Jagganath..

      though not completely agreed …
      but enjoyed ur comment…ha ha..
      nice one..

    2. Lol I felt secondhand embarrassment, and I’m sure sree must be cursing them inside his head as well cause I’ve seen him getting annoyed when kV overreact or do those over acting expressions and deepika & shoaib were playing out whole 400 pages romantic script after all

  21. Lol sree and deepak face in the background when deepika & shoaib were going on and on and on was so funny cringe was real on their faces

  22. Had kV not started crying his daughters wouldn’t have that reaction stupid him yaar they’re just kids and when they saw their father cry so much they were concerned and feared for him that’s why they wanted to take him with them they thought he is in danger he scared them he should’ve tried happily sending them off but instead he upset them with his behaviour, I felt so bad for them now they’ll stay worried for him until he comes to them poor kids

    1. Well, it is obvious that he missed them a lot.
      It is a human emotion dear. You can’t blame him for crying. But he wasn’t crying when he was near the door. When he was paused Vienna wanted to go to him but he stood still. And maybe the girls remember that they came from the same door and they would be going back by the same. So calling him stupid isn’t justified here, dear.

    2. AnuAnu

      @Sonali KV cried bcz he was happy seeing his daughters. He knows how long he was waiting to hear ‘DADA’.. Crying was purely his emotions…

    3. @ Sonali …
      Babies are too small to understand these things…
      At the gate, kids thought dad is coming with us and one of them was going towards him..Vienna wanted daddy to hold her. TJ and KV had to stop them and kids started crying…
      It happens…

    4. @sonali…
      even kids ko dekh k i was feeling emotional ..kv toh fir bhi father h and after looking ur daughters and wife after a long time is obviously a n emotional moment…

    5. @xyz jisha,anu anu & pari kV could’ve controlled his tears and acted happy for the sake of his daughters, kids can sense sadness and sometimes maybe look it at as fear so I’m not against him getting emotional for them what I felt he could’ve done was not cry in front of them they’re too small to understand the complexity of the situation and that he’s crying bc of meeting them after so long but instead they justlook at him & draw a simplest meaning they can out of it, they wanted their father to be with them and go with them cause they were afraid for him as he was breaking down really badly in front of them, if he has just put on a big smile & sent them off with that i dont think they had been so upset

  23. Saba is basically jealous of Somi. Chill girl, how many times will you repeat” Focus in the game”?

    1. True..I have always hated Khan sisters

    2. @Abhishek..

      saba was much better than somi as a performer…
      But makers can be used somi as she was the only good looking girls in commoners
      and now it is happening first makers try to project deepak-somi relation and now somi-romi..

  24. Saba was an idiot and she’s still an idiot and she and her sister are the most unpleasant contestants this season there is no warmth in their words or actions ever it just crassness overload and why was romil has such cold vibes towards his wife? He was a bit distanced from her I don’t wanted him to go all like over acting ki dukaan shoaib and deepika but just a hug with a big smile would’ve been nice he was acting like he is just caught by a traffic police with truck load of alcohol that sheepish smile and one arm distance was not nice to see

  25. Happy club doing all the fun act then one of them running behind other to beat them is an overkill, kV getting caught redhanded was funny but why were they eating bread like it’s rasmalai?

  26. Romil actually flirted with somi many times so you cant bkame bigg boss editing team over this sorry they didn’t just wake up and decided to show it that way romil somi actually behaved like that many times and it was more obvious from somi’s side, deepak sudden change towards romil was bc of his closeness to somi only and it was shown as that then somi made it very obvious when she continuously fought with jasleen even physically hurted her and romil singing songs to her and then talking about love life in the house their long staring into each others eye wasn’t an indication of where they are heading to then what was it then? today rohit was teasing her about the same…

  27. Well, it is obvious that he missed them a lot.
    It is a human emotion dear. You can’t blame him for crying. But he wasn’t crying when he was near the door. When he was paused Vienna wanted to go to him but he stood still. And maybe the girls remember that they came from the same door and they would be going back by the same. So calling him stupid isn’t justified here, dear.


    Queen Dipika❤️King Shoaib, I have never seen sucha a amazing beautiful tearful soul the most fabulous gorgeous couple in the world?❣️I can not describe my beautiful words for you both it’s so unreal too see your beauty queen love for your king shoaib absolutely mind blowing this honestly took my heart away brought me too tear?This women who fought for herself who broke down,tears running down her cheeks?Who was fighting for her own battle against her worst enemies The people who would constantly put her down call her (fake drama queen acting dramatic baby cry) Who would make fun out of her, who would talk to her in a very disgusting and disrespectful way, who doesn’t even have manners of way of talking,who doesn’t even know the value of respect you should give towards a women?This women who cared for everyone who would put others first then herself she would be there for that person no matter what happens fulfils her promises always there to cheer one another can’t see others pain the women who was there for you and the amount of the people she trusted who broke her trust back stabbed her and then you people ask why shes bleeding?The women who distanced herself away from people she doesn’t like nor get along?The women who doesn’t even wanna face who doesn’t even wanna get into these little pitty fake fights who wants too stay away from these kinda people the whom she can’t trust the one who wants too keep her own self respect because she has that respect of her own she doesn’t want her image to get ruined by these filthy people.
    The amount of people who called her fake drama queen dramatic fake acting fake tears just doing it for the show jelousy, who can’t even see her happiness the whom she loves so much you can’t see her precious happiness to much nazar too much evilness?leme tel you one thing☝️One jelousy can destroy your whole life you wil never ever be happy do what you want but you wil destroy your own happiness just for jelousy over something or someone trust me keep being jelouse do fckawl w your life. Your life wil be ruined with your own hands you’ll be with living regrets and sadness those monements you had wil never return hate as much as you want but karma is a b*t*h it wil hit you 10x harder?It’s shocking too see the amount of people who hate dipika and who are jelouse of her it’s absolutely disgusting get over it she’s recently married her being over dramatic she has a right to do that too me she ain’t dramatic at al it’s called true love?Have you ever falled in love or heard of a true love tbh I don’t think you have fml?Dipika who got married to shoaib it’s called love marrige for the people who don’t know what love is smh?She was away from her hubby for 3 months it’s hard leaving someone you love so much this man she loves means the hella world to him you have no idea she’s been thru hell she hides the biggest pain behind every smile there’s a pain hidden that no one knows please don’t judge nor hate it’s a request and no mudafuka can separate these true lovers❤️Go on play your dirty ass games do fckawl but at the end of the day it’s u and ur life think before doing fcks your pride is too much that you forget your own happiness your too much for an ego grow up act your age stop being too jelousy over someone you should apperciate every little thing you have in life bacause life is very short live a little make most of it if you wanna leave this world then leave in peace and with smile on your face and the moment you looked back you’ll be like did I really do this just thank god for everything you have LOVE YOU SO MUCH QUEEN DIPIKA KING SHOAIB SALA SAHAB SREE LOVE YOU THREE SO MUCH XX NUFF LOVE STAY BLESSED ND HAPPY?

    One more thing there is nothing wrong with drinking from the same cup grow up what is so gross about ot seriously you make little things into a bigger issue learn how to take things slightly I’m sure you drink from someone that’s from the same cup you probly drinking from a friend parents siblings seriously man idek where u get al this bs from and yes sree does call her babe but she has warned him not to call him babe he calls everyone that just in a nice way theres nwt wrong in that seriously idk where ur lots Brain is it seems very lost too many haters damn I can’t stand em ffs

  29. Deepika will win it’s so obvious people think sree will be the winner but it’ll be her just to add shock value but tbh I won’t mind if he doesn’t win i saw some commment here few days ago & i actually agree with it I don’t want people to remember him as THIS season winner lol it was a complete disaster ik makers are at fault but general public who don’t watch boot won’t understand that they’ll blame the contestants so he’s better off not winning it…besides I can’t wait for next season since it has been kind of a pattern with bigg boss that after two great season there comes a bad season then after that 1 bad season comes 2 great seasons and so on and forth it has always gone

  30. Can someone tell me what exactly happened with deepika that she doesn’t wanna visit? I’ve seen her fans talk about it as well but they never tell what happened really

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