Bigg Boss 12 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shoaib comes to meet Dipika

Bigg Boss 12 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 84
Bigg Boss pause KV. KV says to Teejay that I love you, he cries looking at his babies. His daughter holds his finger. Teejay says lets go. She starts leaving with daughters. Bigg Boss says KV play. KV runs to them and takes his daughters. Teejay greets Sree and Dipika. Teejay says to KV that play for yourself. He hugs her. Bigg Boss says KV pause. Teejay takes his daughters, they cry while they leave. Bigg Boss says play. KV cries. Deepak hugs him and consoles him. KV says one more second. Deepak says you have done nice. Everyone hugs him. Sree hugs him too.

Bigg Boss pause KV as he is hiding food in his cupboard. Rohit and Deepak takes bread from him and run. Bigg Boss says KV play. He comes and sees all eating bread.

Romil says to himself that they use friends, they keep throwing people away, I am alone but I was happy for Surbhi becoming captain.
Somi says to Surbhi that Romil is sitting alone and talking to himself.

Deepak and Somi comes to Romil. Romil says leave me, why did you get angry on me? Deepak says you gave statement about me, Romil says you didnt clarify with me. Deepak says we both play together in tasks but if you say that then I will feel bad.

Day 85
Inmates wake up to apke aa jane se. They all dance and enjoy. Bigg Boss says rewind, they all rewind, BB says fast forward, they all do it.

Somi says I am repeating my clothes, it will look good if mom comes.
Surbhi sings paratha banao while making them.
Romil says to Somi that you look good without makeup too.

Somi asks Romil if he wants breakfast? he says no. Rohit says ask me too if I need tea or something.

Surbhi sings bole chudiyan. Bigg boss says Surbhi fast forward, she dances fast. Bigg boss pause her, Deepak throws cushion at her. Bigg Boss says Deepak pause. They throw water on Deepak. Bigg Boss says rewind.

Romil says to Somi that you have three layers on face, Somi says stop. Bigg Boss everyone. Romil’s wife enters house with their son. She asks how is he? he nods. She says to Somi that I want to thank you for being a good younger sister, I will give you a gift when you come out. She says to Surbhi that think about your statements. She says to Deepak that dont listen to others. She says to Romil that you have to play for yourself. Bigg Boss says Romil play, he hugs his son and asks her to bless Surbhi. She kisses Surbhi’s cheek. Romil says Somi is the best person in house, she says she is your younger sister right.
Romil and his family comes to Dipika, his wife says I like you. She says to Romil that keep your respect intact. Bigg Boss pause Romil, his wife greets him and leaves with his son. Surbhi gets sad and leaves.

Romil says to Sree that my wife said to Surbhi to take care of her statements.
Surbhi cries and says what I can do? I regret it, I am a complaint for everyone. I am sorry. Dipika and Somi consoles her. Surbhi says this is enough. Romil and Sree comes there too. Surbhi says I am tired. Dipika says you are a nice girl, everyone knows. Sree jokes with her and makes her life.

Somi says to camera that Romil’s wife said sweets words to me, I will go out and meet them. Rohit comes there and asks what she said? Somi says she said we will celebrate after game.

Bigg Boss pause everyone. Saba enters house. Somi cries. Saba says dont cry, you are playing very nice. She goes to Saba and says to Deepak that you are playing nice. Saba hugs Surbhi and says be strong. Saba says to Dipika that you are not fake, I like you a lot. She says to Sree that I hated you first but I saw you telling Surbhi that she is strong, I wish all the best. She comes to Somi and says if they keep saying you weak then take stand, do friendships out of house. She says to Romil that your relation with Somi is nice but people can take it wrong, focus on game. Bigg Boss says Somi play. Somi comes to Saba and hugs her. Saba says to Somi that people dont accept friendship between girls and boys, high time, focus on game. BB says Romil play. Romil comes to Saba. Saba says I know you both are friends but focus on your game. Bigg boss pause Somi and asks Saba to leave, Saba leaves. Somi cries. BB says play. Romil says I wont talk to Somi anymore, she pointed at our relation. Deepak says she let go of things but you push it.

Romil asks Somi to talk to him, Romil says I dont know how they are portray things but its better we dont talk, Somi says your wife clarified too that I am your sister. Romil says I will be careful. Somi says we didnt do anything that they are questioning us, I told you to not joke about things, my image will destroy. Romil says my image is at stake too. Romil says my wife cleared it too, we cannot change the past but we can change the future, lets play our game now. He leaves from there.

Deepak says to Romil that dont open the chapter which cant be opened, it will create problems for her. Romil says it can create more problems for me. Deepak says your wife understands you so its not a problem.
Somi says Romil sacrificed a video for me and we became nice friends so I felt like I owe him and always stood by him, if it was portrayed wrongly then I am sorry, if you think relations are purified by calling each other siblings then we are sister and brother.

Surbhi calls Rohit brother and says Somi your dignity is in your hands, people can say what they want to say, I am a cool person but they call me aggressive. Somi says what we do? what Romil and I do that they show?
Deepak says to Romil that sitting with her, lying on her blanket, avoid that. Romil says for sure.
Surbhi says india girl and boy can be friends, Somi is close to my heart, please they dont have to give name to their relation.
Romil says whats the solution? Deepak says call her friends. Saba pointed out so clarify that she is your sister.
KV says to Somi that maintain a distance. Somi says there is nothing to maintain. KV says I would not sit comfortably with you, its small things.

Surbhi says to Dipika that you got married newly so must miss him too much. Dipika says our bond is different, he is my backbone, I know he is there for me even if I am here, I forgot to live in life and he made me stand up again. Surbhi says what you mean by not living? Dipika says I had forgotten how to be happy but then I met Shoaib, he is my very good friend, he is my world, I cant tell in words, even my mom says that only he can bear me.

Dipika says to Sree that you understand urdu words? He says yes. Dipika says a poetry and says I cant say in words who you are for me, you are a prayer only for me, you made my world light up, I got so much in life for you, I have nothing to return, I just have prayers for you. Suddenly Shoaib’s voice is heard and he continues poetry, he says you are my feelings, my smile, I realized who are you to me when I was away from you. Dipika cries and says come fast, please.. please. Bigg Boss says everyone pause. Shoaib enters from confession room and hugs Dipika. She cries and says I missed you so much. He kisses her forehead and says we are proud of you, she asks everyone fine? he says all are fine, dont cry, be happy. He hugs her and says you are my lioness, he kisses her forehead and consoles her, he says do tasks, I am telling you, she smiles. He says poetry for her that you have quality to win, they call you fake but you have shown yourself, be yourself, remain like that. Dipika cries. Shoaib says I missed you. Shoaib says let me meet others. He comes to Sree and says how are you? He says Dipika doesnt have brother and you are my brother in law now, Dipika says he is elder, Shoaib thanks Sree for taking care of her. Shoaib says she is that close to only few people. Shoaib says to Romil that I like you, I just didnt like one thing, you are my favorite after Dipika and Sree. Dipika says Bigg Boss free me, I beg you. Shoaib says to Somi that you were telling Dipika that you wanted to go on a date with me so I will go on a date with you when you come out and Dipika will arrange it, Dipika laughs and says yes. Shoaib says to KV that Dipika is not that wrong, God bless. He says to Surbhi that I just want to say that only some time is remaining, change people’s thinking, you will realize what you lost and got here. Dipika is crying. Bigg Boss says Dipika play. Dipika runs and hugs him.

PRECAP- Dipika hugs Shoaib. He sits on his knees and gives her a ring, he gifts her his jacket and says dont cry please.
Inmates can get saved by giving up on others personal items in genie den. Rohit have to destroy Deepak’s parents photo. He asks Deepak and Deepak says everything to remain in show. Rohit says he is lying, he wont give it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

    About the nomination so fcking what if dipika didn’t save him fgs why does always depend on dipika tf man there’s no karma in this seriously airplanes what’s your problem golden hearted romil first of u kinda likes dipika stop calling her simar her names dipika u weird dickhead m assuming your a girl who’s over possessive over romil ERGH

    1. lol lady chill “calling dickhead” is not good at all seems u are offended lol so that you don’t have guts to choose any user name other than mine lol u areobssesed with me dear take a chill pill coz demeaning a person here is not good # i hope u are not jisha but even if you are get a life dear i have my view point many agree many disagree i will not change for your andhbhakthi of simar lol #VOTE FOR SIMAR LOL and make her winner and don’t cry like a baby lol, potraying comments have no relation on gender dear but your mentality has shown it all # true soul golden hearted romil is a LEGEND WINNER !!!believe it or not a jacket was never important than forgiveness lol , your SIMAR is behaving rude to kvb and her DRAMA IA KNOWN TO ALL LOL, take paracetamol and keep the thermometer on mouth your degrees are getting over:))-

    2. Dekhiye hum samjethe AAP Dipika Ko pasand Nehi Karthi par iska MATLAB ye bilkul nahi hai ki AAP usse iss tarah zalil kare.she didn’t abused anyone in the show, atleast respect stop calling her fake /bahu it’s really hurting to see your comments now.its like you cannot get any bad thing about her so using her simar thing to make her wrong in others eyes

    3. @actual airplanes…(with black logo)
      Y wud u think it’s me? Look at the logo… it’s different from mine…
      Secondly I never said anything bad abt u…not even abt Romil..

    4. Airplanes,don’t worry,i think it’s d same person who has commented as “queen Dipika king Shoaib”..and is again commenting from another username…I cud c it from d kind of poor abusive language he is using..don’t respond to such foul mouthed people..and yes,don’t call them flipsanth or simar,their fans will get offended.. instead let’s concentrate on romil and also positivity of other contestants ?

    5. @Lakshmi..

      forget about the comment..
      but i really found ur way of writing “Dekhiye hum samjethe” sooooo cute..

  2. Bella, chote romil both stealed my heart today
    Lots of loves….. Romil wife wow.. loved her too
    Sabaa looked more beautiful….. now she idea about all….. explained very well to romil nd somi… but romil took it little wrongly….it all started when somi started becoming jealous of jas…. it’s natural… when my best friend starts to spending more tym with her other frndz in my presence it hurts me, i may feel alone or avoiding…….. that way somi showed her genuine feeling…..then come dipika’s shoaib…… it was very emotional for me…’s difficult to stay away from her hus, that too early months of mrg…..the way she was eagerly awaiting to see him, begging bigboss to free her… loved it
    Remaining part tomorrow……

  3. Nivika

    Kal se we will get to see dipika’s morning dance…yeyyy….finally…

  4. Chotu romil was so cute…?
    I feel BB should keep all the kids in a room n let them play…for at least 15 min… would be fun to watch…
    Romil wife – she is a perfect match for romil…she conveyed everything she wanted to everyone…
    To Somi – the way she repeated the word ‘choti sister’ meant everything… and that bhai duj ka gift…and lastly deepak bura nai hai…she was bang on….
    To be Frank I never felt romil has anything for her…he considers her as a good friend…he even have asked her to think about deepak..
    But the way somi behaves… getting insecure when romil talks to jasleen, feeling jasleen is competing with her to get his attention…was kinda weird…
    By the time his wife left, Romil kinda understood that their friendship is portrayed in different manner by BB..he looked tensed. After Saba’s comment, that thought intensified and he thought of keeping safe distance from her… Fair enough… family comes first…
    Somi sister – sweet n said what she felt…
    Deepika shoib was full on filmy…claps to BB makers …they know it’s gonna get trp …so they deliberately break it into 2 episodes…
    Surbhi break down – I am happy she understood her mistakes and is regretting…
    (wait…I don’t trust her…she might go back to square 1 in few days or hours…)
    And for family members pointing her wrong deeds- I would say “reap what you sow”…
    They will definitely talk about it…they are not Salman or BB makers to tolerate it for trp…
    I think she should be thankful to every member coz it’s for her betterment.. at least she understood that she is given a villain image and she should rectify it…
    When u r not stopped or punished by BB team, she kinda felt she is on right track.. poor girl didn’t realise BB was getting trp by painting her villain …
    I loved how shoaib called shree sale saheb.. he has a great voice…
    Shoaib too gave surbhi nicely by saying will u call me fake if I say something to u…and gave her a good advice…

    1. @jisha, I really enjoy reading Ur comments..quite nice

    2. @jisha…

      again totally agreed with ur comment…
      but seriously i have never found somi and romil’s relation in different way… i dont know how and y lots of ppl looking their relation more than of frndship..

      yes somi easily get jealous and dont like to share her frnd with anyone else…does’t mean there is something in her mind…

      even sometimes i got jealous easily when my best buddy(which is a girl) gives attention to someone else…. so is it mean that i started like her in that way..

    3. Jisha

      Agreed…that could be just jealousy…that jealousy plus BB edits made it look like something else..
      If it was just a small thing, Romil’s wife wouldn’t say it again n again…she was conveying him it that BB khel rehe hai…Bach lo from this.. whispered in his ears “Somi” before leaving…
      He clearly understood that and was talking to deepak that “my dad didn’t come today coz of this angle…I could read that in my wife’s eyes…”

    4. @jisha ,
      lol no problem dear if it wasn’t you # inconvenience coz is deeply mistaken !!!!!
      keeping flying with colours :))-

  5. I forgot…
    How nicely shree and deepika held surbhi and consoled her…. that shows how they are at heart…
    Romil was zoned out at that time coz his wife kinda puzzled him by that repeated ‘choti behen’ term…
    There is a saying in my language…
    Don’t count the number of people around u, when you are happy (well in money,health n all ), instead count on them who were besides u when u were crying (poor or difficulties in life…)
    Hope I conveyed it correctly…

  6. Saba was not totally wrong. I mean Jo possissiveness somi nee dikhayi hai wo dosti k dayre ko cross kar gayi. I mean if that possessiveness is of a friend to bhi she should know kitna sahi lagta hai.
    Romil to game mein ek support le raha tha somi pata nai. Feeling bad for her. Bechari kly aaj embarrassing ho gaya.
    Deepak ko movie dialogue pata nai tha theek se but was correct jish rashte Jana nai udhar ka rashta kyun pakarna

  7. Somi and romil r best buddies…. They really have a pure relation… Things bcm wrong when jeas started interfering n actually I felt that she had feeling for romil… This is really very obvious if my best friend strt giving attention to sm one else… I will get jealous… Somi n romil r no where wrong. Romil’s wife understands him tht y she tried to clarify things… But saba ruined everything with her mean thoughts …. I love somi-romil bbf..
    Moreover tht ws really very cute when bella pulled her dad’s finger to come with her… Tht was really emotional….
    Deepika and shoiab… I can really understand how much hard it was for her to wait…. 3 days .. everyone family cm…. Each n every moment for her was like years… Tht poetry n everything was her emotions… M a wife n I can understand…. She wasn’t doing drama…. Bs haaa… Thoda hug n kissi ho gayi khule aam… Gharwalo k samne… It’s okay they r newly married…

    1. @twinkle,so nice to see dat such broad minded people exist.?

    2. @Twinkle…
      everything is true..
      except.. “Things bcm wrong when jeas started interfering ”
      jas and romil became frnds even bfr romil’s eviction…. ..
      jas distanced herself lil bit from romil as he was the part of so called HC..
      when HC dissovled and romil was feeling alone and bad…. It was not at all somi who consoled him… even she was arguing on “how u called me weak” topic..

      so interfere jas ka kahan se h…?????
      It is somi who is forcing herself on romil.. but jas was very dignified.. usko fark hi nhi padta romil kisk bhaav deta h kisko nhi

  8. First of all.. Thanks to all who missed me here bfr 3 days… ????

    Family episode is the best episode i guess we should say only good episode of this season..

    It was really heart touching when bella and vienna was crying for her dad… They want their dad to be with them…. I really like their voice and smile… Oh my god.. How kv and sree controlled themselv3s to see their childs…
    For all the kids…. ?????????

    All kids were really very cute… And kids were the highlight of the family episode..

    I didn’t found surbhi’s brother as a good person like surbhi.. I didn’t like his comment on kv girls ki tarah pin etc na lagaya karo… But all in all it was ok..

    I really very like deepak’s father… Very genuine emotions actually i found deepak’s father so cute when he said “aap log acche mitra ho lekin vyaah nhi ho sakta”.. I was like awww…. And he was continuously telling deepak respect others… Pehle wale deepak bano… And ladayi jhagda nhi karna h..

    Happy to see dpka and shoaib togather… But it was lil dramatic for me…
    May be it is bcz of over editing…. 8t would bereally looked more real 8f makers did not do that much editing bcz we wants to see real things… Otherwise it was really good to see them…

    I. Like r9mil’s family…. But didn’t see much expressions and eagerness or excitement on romil’s face lik rest of the housemates..

    Saba was looking really pretty and her advise to her sister was true.. And she said dpka is n9t fake actually improved saba’s image too and here she got the point..

    I think rohit was not that bad… But game win karne k chakkar m aur limel8ght m ne k liye usne sare galat kam kiye.. Now he realiz3d his mistake wh8ch is really good for his career and even i find him really cute 21 yr old boy.

    @Airplanes… Nah… Now i am not sad… Even now i am hoping That sree win the show.. ?

    @sandeep,anon,jisha, AnuAnu
    I read only 4 comments of u guys.. And i am completely agree with ur each n every point..

    I am agreed on this point too.. Bha7vneshwari was not at all rude w8th sree.. But whrn i sae surbhi’s face and it was looking like now she has started to realizing her mistakes..

    I actually found bhuvneshwari very rud3 with rohit as to left out someone to even say hii is very insulting.

    As she is a wife of sree and surbhi really tortured sree almost for the whole season so it was justified to talk about the things which was very hurtful for sree’s wife.. And actually i found nain ji spot on.. Her words and points were very clear…. And her tone was n9t at all like scolding even her voice was kind of shivering.. And it shows all the love for her husband..

    I readone more c9mment where someon3 was comparing tj and bhuvneshwari… So.. When salman was continuosuly making fun of kv.. Tj as a wife wrote open letter too…
    So why to judge bhuwneshwari????
    Even i found her more genuine.. And jitna zyada sree k sath hua h usk3 liy3 bhuvneshwari ka itna bolna banta h..

    All the points written in ur comment.. Was very true. And define every point beautifully.. .. ?

    1. AnuAnu

      @XYZ Thank you 🙂

  9. Saba khel gai she made somi topic of every conversation

    1. Yeah and that too in one fell sweep, everybody from here to twitter to youtube to insta everyone is talking about it even though according to me it isn’t an enthralling topic to discuss but everyone has become mohalle ki aunties & chachis anyways I don’t think it’ll do much for either of them it looks like(at least to me) makers have rejected the plan of making him the winner and deepak will be in his place now (there is a change in how he is beinv shown & interacted woth by salman )and somi is a gone case no amount of publicity can won her fans she’s top level of annoying biased idiot who I personally feel tried copying hina but fell flat on her face

  10. @ jisha
    Nice analysis
    By the way i missed some episode
    I had seen somi being jealous, but had not seen her hurting or scratching jas
    Now i confused abt somi’s emotions

  11. If u guys get time, I’ll be highly obliged if u kindly read this.
    There are much controversies going on revolving Somi-Romil and KV-Dipika.
    I m just trying to put my opinion on this.
    Criticism is welcomed.
    For a second, if we close our eyes and hear the phone which is ringing at the doorstep and think it’s coming from the hospital with some bad news, who come to our minds first and foremost ? For me, it will be my parents. Why them? Because they are everything to me. I do not love them just like that. I love them because they are there with me for so many years and I can’t help but love them. I have my weaknesses, my strengths, my losses and my gains safe with them.
    In a word, I get the security.
    Security that I will be safe. In this cruel world.
    Security is the base of love. I don’t believe in relationships or love at first sight. I believe in friendships.
    If there’s one friend like that with whom I get that security, with whom I feel like I won’t get betrayed, with whom I am “NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP” to be considered by the society, with whom I don’t want to get married, with whom I just feel SAFE and hold him tightly close to my heart so that I won’t leave him – won’t it be named love?
    U say, “it is much more than friendship”.
    I say, “it is much more than relationship.”
    For me, friendship comes one notch higher than relationship. Love is present in both. More in friendship. And I consider friendship to be the purest form of love. Nameless, yet beautiful . :’)
    Somi is in that stage. Just that stage.
    We can’t fake emotions, and I find her emotion to be so real. Romil is that particular friend. I DO NOT FEEL ANYTHING IS WRONG IN IT, but this is love.
    Yeah @Airplanes was right to call it an infatuation . But it is.
    It is there. Fear of the unknown, fear of facing it alone. The company we get then, we feel that is most important.

    @Diya, my girl, u are too sweet. Just forget the past and wish u a beautiful life ahead. God bless and give your 100% in the exams. U gonna shine, sweetie. Much much love to you.

    1. that was so wrong of you to say that ” i cant help it but love them”. Atleast do not get parents to this crap. Parents are above all this.

  12. @ xyz
    Welcome back
    Late but good review

  13. Sreeshanth,
    I never loved him. I hated him from the core of my heart. But u know, when the vamp becomes the hero, u really do start loving him. Same for Sree. I feel he’s not that bad. He has been very real. I mean he was known for changing sides, but at least he was far from broken promises to any individual. He never promised, still, he stood by Surbhi and saw all the goodness in her. It compels me to see the goodness in him. :’) so, let me forgive u.

    Lol! Akshara and Simar both were tellyqueens once upon a time with Simar destroying science and logic by achieving her matarani ashirvaads, and Akshara being the crybaby.
    But in real life, both are very different .
    Remember Hina had broken her Sher Singh cup which was with her for so long as her strength !
    Dipika got a jacket just yesterday . ?
    She will be leaving by 3 weeks. ?
    She felt it was more important than forgiving KV!
    @Airplanes, I agree to you she has become overconfident .
    But, from her side, she’s correct as Shoaib told KV that Dipika is not that bad. She now feels KV hates her and she won’t do anything for her hater ! So, justified once again.

    He is not the man of hearts, he is the heart of the man Bigg Boss.

    Sorted. Charming. Humorous. Witty. Intellectual. Maybe, a Gemini or an Aquarius! Knows to control emotions. People’s favourite.
    One of my favourites.

    Sherni beti. Baccha hain. Out of emotions, goes wrong. Not clever. No jalebis at heart. True. Straightforward. Loses it when angry.
    Forgiveness is a bliss. Let us all forgive her.

    This boy is too funny! He has his own amazing wit. I don’t hate him. Does tasks properly . Responsible .

    Mamma’s boy. Doesn’t know directions . Not yet. Scalar quantity . Looks good. Child till now. Lost boy’s lost kid.

    1. KV is not heart, hes one diplomatic person. Dipika has done a lot for him and in return he b*t*hes about Dipika. In the earlier days he was with celebrities to evict commoners and now changes sides. Atleast Dipika is not that person and not even fake at all. KVs all karnamas has already been shown on television.

    2. @Aaro,
      jo bhi kaha sach kaha ,sach ke siwa kuch nhi kaha :))-

  14. Sree’s wife was bang on. She spilled her heart into the show. The way she supports Sree showcases how a true couple must behave. Even Romil’s wife was poise dignified. Saba Khan was like a breath of fresh air. She looked beautiful. She spoke the correct words. Shoaib and Deepika.. as usual they overdramatize everything. How fake they appear? Looks like either Sree or Deepika will win.

  15. KV is not heart, hes one diplomatic person. Dipika has done a lot for him and in return he b*t*hes about Dipika. In the earlier days he was with celebrities to evict commoners and now changes sides. Atleast Dipika is not that person and not even fake at all. KVs all karnamas has already been shown on television.

  16. AnuAnu

    Hi everyone..
    After watching the episode clearly on Voot here is my observations :-

    1. Somi and Romil share a pure friendship from their part .. so true. but the way Somi takes care of Romil is what causing the confusion like she asked if ‘Romil’ ne khana kaya ? and Rohit teases her on that .. so , may be she has some feelings from her side which she doesn’t realized it until Diksha Ji said choti bahen waali baat. It’s not her fault … Romil is a nice guy… i am not saying she loves or fallen for him that would be judging .. She has a liking for Romil .
    2 . Ye sirf editing or BB makers portray nahi kartin hai to some extent bcz
    a) when Somi was discussing the issue with KV Kv asked Somi to make a little distance from Romil like keep the friendly hug formally .. meaning they must have felt something they are the ones inside the house
    b) When Romil discussed issue with Deepak Deepak also said ‘AAp dono ek kabbal ke niche mat raha karo ” something like that . but i think she was just being friendly
    c) When Romil was crying lonely , Surbhi asked Somi to go and console him Somi said i don’t care but later she and Deepak went consoling him . There was a smile on her face and KV’s face when that happened .
    d) Somi was clearly jealous of Jas which makes others think she might like or something but hasn’t realised it.
    but i think there was no weirdness from their part but people around them are making it weird for them.If they intentianlly break their friendship then others will think they were right about them so i want them to continue friendship unaffected

    For Dipika we know she was always possessive about Shoaib . We saw her how she reacted to’Sayyan-bhayyan’ issue. If she had sacrificed Shoaib’s jacket for anybody , then her reaction on that day would not have been justified .Now you can justify her actions and know sayyan unke than-mann mein hain inside -outside the Game. If she had sacrificed her jacket everyone would say if Shoaib was not so important to her then why did she reacted on the saiyyan-bhayyan issue . correct ..?

    For KV we know he is a very good and a kind person. we would expect him to be ..he has been like that in his entire journey..but I say HATS OFF to KV Only he can do it ..Deepak has been his good friend and TJ ne bhi bola tha he is a very good Friend…He again proved he is a GOOD and LOYAL friend

    But before pointing a finger at Dipika remember she was called ‘worst Sanchalak’ in captaincy task’ only for making KV captain.She admitted her partiality later also …

    My and only my best part of episode Sree and Dipika consoling Surbhi…

    1. @ well done Anuanu
      U again explained well(especially dipika’s part)
      Loved it
      And kv’s sacrifice, great !!! I failed to mention it, any i think many others tooo
      Kv sacrificing his daughter’s toy for saving deepak……really great…

  17. AnuAnu

    @Airplanes is it really you ? . Your comment tone has changed ….

    1. @ANUANU ,
      if i favour sree and simar im sweet payasam
      and if not im bittergourd # tones may differ but not the person # its differentiating aroma # anu anu somes times khatti sometime mithi # the only flavour you want is sree and dipika but i want the luxury of all HMS :))-
      i have zero hatred dear but im not always ha mein ha person i will say no to a point which i feel is wrong and ppl started abusing me too nowadays that means they are trying to hide my truthfull comments

  18. AnuAnu

    @Airplanes hey I was just asking out of concern. And you got me wrong I don’t hate anybody I just love Sree more.all of us here know you only like Romil.
    I thought you were the only one who wasn’t the mediator between @Arohi and my POVs.
    I had said I missed reading your comments after 1 week.
    And everybody here don’t agree to every other’s opinions..
    Sorry if question irritated you..

    1. @ ANU ANU,
      criticism is one thing which allows a person to analyse the situation whether he/she is right or wrong at a point , your pov differs that doesn’t mean u are bad but i believe in my perception too its game and you have your favs and mine have other but respect to all the concern of yours # cheers

    2. Woah woah….
      Take a chill pill guys!!!

      I’m eagerly waiting for today’s update.

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