Bigg Boss 10 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 84
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’. Early in the morning. Inmates dance happily.

Manveer puts hand on Niti’s shoulder and says you are important in this house, look like you are in real, Niti says nobody ask me if i changed or not, they ask you if you do friendship for convenience or not, Manveer says are you not friend? please sweep house, she says i am not your friend. Manveer says to Niti and Lopa that you both will do cleaning. Niti says leave my hand, Manveer says i wont leave it, dont talk in english, Niti says i wont listen to you now, Niti says i suggested you to make everyone follow rules and you took me for-granted, Manveer says okay.

Manu says Manveer that we talk clearly, Niti wont show interest if it was not for

show, Manveer says i am not behind her because she is beautiful, we didnt ask for space, she gave it, Manu says why did you go to her? Manveer says i wanted her to do household work. She said i wont do it, i said then go home.

Niti asks Rohan what happened? Rohan says i expect a lot from my friends.
Manu says to Lopa that Rohan understands everything, let him come out of zone, Bani is putting smoke in fire to keep your differences with Rohan alive.

Rohan says to Lopa that i will support you till end, we might not talk but we will be friends. Lopa says i stood for you but if i said anything to Swami in anger then you say that i look bad on Tv, Rohan says i get angry too, Lopa says i was just reacting when i threw your things, Rohan says i will make you feel what you are making me feel for 90days, Lopa says we are different, i wont do what you do in angers, dont let me bring your truth out. Rohan says you say i make coffee for you and you say i do it for camera, you cant solve problems because you think you are always right. Rohan walks out, Lopa says nonsense.

Bani says to Niti that i will have to make compromises for achieving things, Niti says use Hindi, Bani gets reprimanded by Bigg Boss for using English words. Bani says i was saying in hindi only. Manveer says fight with Bigg boss now, should i sit here to keep tab on you, Bani says i will go now, i was talking in hindi only, Manveer says they would lie? Bani says i just used one line, she leaves. Manveer says what the.. Manveer says to niti that i like it you didnt talk in english, Niti says you didnt make anyone follow any rule in whole week and now you want to all them them followed in one day.

Manveer is eating food. Niti says our captain is talking in english too, he should be punished, Manveer says i didnt punish anyone, dont make me open my mouth, Niti says i have interest in making you open mouth, i am not talking to you, Manveer says you might sleep alone, Niti says dont misbehave with me, dont joke with me, i wont take it sportingly.

Niti asks Lopa that talk to Rohan calmly. Lopa says he keep interrupting. Rohan says dont backbite about me Rohan. Lopa comes to Rohan and says idiot, this is not backbiting, i was just discussing, they both are smiling, Rohan says i have no problem with you.

Bani is sniffing her cardigan. Niti talks in english with Bani. Nitibha also gets pulled up by Bigg Boss for speaking in English. Niti says i was talking to myself, i was not talking to Bani.

Niti says to Bani that i never thought what if i stay here for three months. Bigg boss warns Niti to use hindi only. Niti hides in kitchen. Manveer says you dont listen Niti, dont talk if you cant talk in hindi, if Bigg boss dont want you both together then dont talk, niti says Bigg boss is being strict, i am not talking in english intentionally, you curse in every sentence out of habit too so i talk in english as habit too, Manveer says i wont ask you to follow rules now, Niti says i didnt do it intentionally, Manveer says do anything, Niti says dont shout. Manveer says enough, dont tell me what i have to do. rohan says Manveer have to ask all to follow rules. Manveer says to Niti that you couldnt do anything in 12weeks, Niti says who the f*** are you to warn me? Niti says dont forget your manners, dont you dare talk to me like that, Manveer says you dont deserve my manners, Niti says i will slap you, Manveer says do that. Bani says to Lopa that Manveer is complaining that Niti keep saying f**k but Manveer curse out in hindi then its fine? Manveer asks niti to not touch him, you can be captain but dont forget your manners, you cant shout on girl like this, Manveer says thats why i asking you calmly to not break rules, Niti says he said that show doesnt want Bani and me together, who is he to say? who he is to tell what show wants and not, Manveer says talk in hindi, Niti says ****, Manveer says you didnt do anything in 12weeks, Niti says who are you to tell me what i did in 12weeks or not. Bani cant stop laughing at argument. Niti says he even joke about my lean body, Manu says please end it, Niti says he has crossed limits.

Niti is emotional and says i dont say anything but dont take me for granted, he said i didnt do anything in 12weeks. Manu says i know Manveer said wrong thats why i am standing with you, Niti says he is too much overconfident now.
Manveer says to Mona that i joked with Niti only. Manu says Bani is provoking Niti still, if girls are fighting with you then as a man, you should back out, that company is making Niti say all that, keep distance from Niti, Manveer says she says she is bearing us for 12weeks.

Bani and Niti are washing dishes. Manu says to Manveer that they are looking similar, they are type of girls who blame guys even if they are not talking to them and would allege them for harassing girls when he didnt even talk to her, Mona laughs.

Bigg Boss introduces the ranking task as a build-up to the ticket to finale week task. The contestants are made to rank themselves in the order of 1 to 6 after mutual decision and claim their position by standing on a ranking podium. Bigg Boss also informs them that the task will have direct implications on the ticket to finale task and the one with the highest rank will get an edge over other contestants. Rohan is made the sanchalak (referee) of the task since he is nominated for the entire season.
Manu says i want 2nd position, Rohan says whom you want as 1st position, Niti says i think i am in top 3, i am thinking, Manu says i didnt fail or quit any task, i gave all entertainment i could, Bani says i am sure about 1st position but i am pretty good with 2nd position too, i have got 2 calls from caller of week too, i have been one of talked contestant, Lopa says something, Bani says i didnt interrupt you so let me talk or you can leave, Lopa says you are no one to tell me i i leave or not, Bani says atleast have respect to listen, Rohan says let Bani talk, Bani says i get hatred in house but india in return give double triple love to me. Manu asks Mona what position she wants? Mona says when you are done deciding then i will take last spot, Manveer laughs at her innocence and side hugs her, Manveer says i have one tasks, entertainment and fights, i have been useful for bigg boss, i can keep Lopa above me and Manu is at same position as me, Niti says i am moving one position down, because top 3, i can see them. rohan says i think Manveer or Lopa should be on number 1, my preference is Lopa because she takes stand. Lopa says i am straightforward. Manveer says i want 1st position, Lopa says i want 1st position, Bani says i am fine with 2nd position, Manu says i am fine with 2nd position, Bani says Manu should be on 1st position, Manveer says i think Lopa should be on 1st position, Bani says all celebrities talk to me and praise me every weekend, i am highly flawed but i have my journey with me. Bani says i think Manveer deserves 1st position, Rohan says you dont make sense, Bani says i am coming on 2nd position, i am being considerate, Rohan and all laugh. Manu says we are not deciding winner here Bani, i am giving you people guarantee that you people would be watching me on TV and i will be on 2nd or 1st position, Manveer says i deserve on top. Lopa says i respect india’s decision but it will be on finale. Manu asks Niti to come on 3rd position, Manveer doesnt let Manu sit below him, Positions are:
Mona-6th position. Mona says i am on last position because i think all are more entertaining than me.
Manveer-5th position. Manveer says i think Mona’s performance is below me, i want Manu above me and he is more entertaining than me, he knows what to say.
Manu-5th, Manu says i think Niti, Bani and Lopa are more deserving than me.
Niti-3rd. Niti says i think Manu left show but i am here for more days than him so i deserve this position.
Bani-2nd, Bani says i got love from all, i am standing for all and for Gauhar. I think Manu deserve 3rd position, i think Manveer or me got 1st position.
Lopa-1st. Lopa says Manu or Manveer should be on 2nd position, i am better than Bani because she lost all tasks to me, i have done good performance, i want to pat my back for that, all clap for Lopa’s speech.

Manu says to rohan that i knew Bani and Lopa would not move from top positions so we didnt say anything, Lopa says i think Bani deserves 6th position but you didnt say anything to her, you didnt move her position and now blaming me.

Manveer comes and tries to strike a conversation with Bani. He tells her that she is showing herself as a weakling in front of others by giving up on everything so easily. Bani says you dont know me then, Manveer says it affect us, your behavior, Bani says why would i care about me?
Manu says to Lopa that i made Niti stand above me but that doesnt mean she is above me.
Bani says to Manveer that public have showed me love, Manveer says maybe i am wrong to say india is not understanding you.
Rohan sys to Lopa that did you see Manu’s confidence that he will be in finals, Lopa says he shouldnt fly in air.
Manveer says to Manu and Bani that she is playing really well thats why she doesnt care about anyone. Bani says she does care about what everyone says about her, Manu says that Lopa is no less than a spoilt brat since her every wrong action was encouraged by Rohan, Karan, and Rahul in the past. As a result, she now refuses to take criticism from anyone and moreover tries to put another person down. Bani says Gaurav told me Rohan is mature but he is lost because of being with Lopa, Niti says Rohan protects his opinion a lot and his listening skills is less and Lopa’s are less too and together its worst.

Bani asks Niti if you vote for winner then will you choose Lopa or Bani? Niti says if i had to generally then i would be confused, i saw you try to explain things politely but Lopa’s reaction is like she is carrying baggage, i would have taken your name as winner. Bani says what if choice was between Lopa or Manveer? Niti says ofcourse him. Bani says they kept bringing my performance in tasks but Mona didnt do any task nicely, Lopa kept trying to put point that she made me loose in tasks, it was not my motivation to win tasks here, Niti says she is over-confident like Manu, Bani says yes.

PRECAP- There will be ‘solar system’ task for ticket to finale week. Inmates will revolve around fake solar system while holding their bowls which are filled with water, they have to keep protecting water in bowl while taking rounds. Manveer says to Manu that some inmates will give up. Bani is seen moving closer to manveer while taking rounds, Manveer asks her to be away from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I definitely see Lopa and Bani in top 2. But why the hell Nitibha was on number 3! Lol. I think Lopa, Bani and Manveer will be in top 3. Manu will be 4th, Mona 5th and Rohan and Nitibha will get evicted before finale.

  2. chu**ya bb show…1 week may end hoga tho acha hai meri liye….

    just tolerating this f ***ing show for Rohan

    Guys vote for #Rohan more n more and make him winner….

    This will be my last season and colors channel will always be on my ban list…

    Don’t know how Rohan going thru this much biasedness in that shit house…

    #Stay strong ROHAN…alone warrior

    sms ROH to 56882

    1. Bhavna I felt really bad for Rohan today. He couldn’t participate in the ticket to finale task only because of Om who is not even a part of this show anymore.

  3. ROHAN is literally the only Biggboss contestant in the history who has done no wrong till date.

    #Proud to be a ROHAN MEHRA….vote for rohan

  4. Rohan is much more better and deserving candidate than selfish Bani and manner less gunda Manveer.As bb also know that thats y demotivating him and promoting bani and manveer.

    Hamara winner kaisa ho Rohanmehra jaisa ho….vote for Rohan

  5. what d hell nithiba in 3rd seriously

    mona is a innocent baby…..she is so gooood and kind hearted but she doesnt no 2 play game….

    manu should be in last— double gamer

    bani—- 3rd—she is also waste in tasks but better dan others

    manveer or lopa

    rohan—2nd plays very fair game but if gets angry he over reacts

  6. dis bani doesn’t hav better work dan b*t*hing about lopa……


    1. Lopa isn’t less she hate Bani and she think she is the best while she is nothing without make up !!

      1. best one jihan! vidhi r u listening….

  7. Zai

    Why so unfair bigg boss? You should have let Rohan participate in tasks. I feel bad for him, he us discouraged in everyway possible but still he keeps on fighting. He is the most deserving contestant ever on Bigg boss
    Bhavana is right i am also tolerating this f**king show only for Rohan.
    Started watching for Salman but now even he cannot stop me from banning this once Rohan is out either by eviction or by winning it.

    1. Zai

      Plz guys, vote for Rohan, he deseves it. He didn’t even once disappoint his fans… we are proud of him. Plz vote for him

    2. Zai so true! Rohan deserves to be the winner of this season. Please guys vote for him. Rohan has been sidelined by the makers of bigg boss just like the way they did with Gautam Gulati, who was a sevak for almost the whole season.

  8. It would be nice to see Rohan as the winner. He is young but not immature as most think. He speaks logic unlike most of them. Mona will do anything for the two boys Manu and Manveer even if it would mean walking out to give her place. So there is no challenge from her and a total waste. Big Boss is very kind he got the prize money to increase by giving them a task. He should also let Rohan compete for the ticket to finale. Manu is he worst, very sly and keepings talking about everyone. A total instigator.

  9. Lopa is a low-scum, insecure piece of junk trash. Her false pretense and footage-grabbing low-level desperation is obvious to any intelligent and normal viewers. She thinks normal people can’t see how she purposely interrupts others, including Bani, so that others can’t put their point forward. But when SHE wants to speak, a single word of interruption from someone else makes her scream and shout. She is the one obnoxious person in this place who throws things and harasses people – the way she manipulated poor Rohan is also evident when she was showing her repulsive luggage-throwing nonsense. Bani has her own drawbacks, such as being a bit selfish and over-emotional, but she is a billion times better in comparison to a b*t*hy level piece of makeup-clad junk like Lopa, who is ugly as trash without all that filthy paint on her insignificant face. She thinks she has reached heights by doing vulgar, naked ‘pageants’ lol that no one has ever even heard of in the world. She is evidently insecure of Bani, because she knows she is low level in front of that smart individual, and the only reason Bani doesn’t bother speaking to anyone in this stupid house is because they are all so rubbish and low level. Gaurav, Bani, and Rohan were the only ones deserving to be in the top 3, but of course they kept garbage like that ‘swami’ thing on purpose just for TRPs. what hypocritical nonsense. I got into this stupid show and am going to spend time on more intelligent things. Perhaps if they throw away trash, intelligent viewers can enjoy an actual progressive show with some value and quality. But since majority of the audience is dumb shi*, obviously a dumb show will appeal to them.

  10. This Episode’s written update misses lota crucial details which may lead readers who rely on written update to presume things in a wrong way…

    I guess atiba was in a hurry today while writing.. Its ok as its a tedious task!

    1. Please tell us what are those crucial points..I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode..

    2. Nothing ‘crucial’ has been missed.

  11. Yess i agree only ROHAN is a real n genuine contestant in BB10…even manu realized it today n said dat rohan is mature n understands everything….dis lopa i just hate her most manupulative character n tries to always manupulate rohan….rohan is very innocent so gets trap into her words….but i want him to stay away from her as somewhere she knows dat rohan is a strong contestant n he can win so she wants to take him on his side….everyone is fake in d house except rohan…i truly wish dat he wins dis season but seems difficult as i dnt know how sum people r voting for these fake people in d house…just watching BB10 for rohan….otherwise wud hv stopped watching it way before….pls guys vote for him…he is a real winner coz he is alone n fighting like a tiger.

  12. Again Lopa Darling spoke in between when Bani is speaking.. how insecure are you girl.. why don’t you let her speak anything… everything has to be you …. When Rohan was captain then why didn’t BB interfere whenever someone was breaking the rules and now when Manveer is captain, BB wants to remind the housemates about the rule and not take his captaincy back.. doesn’t it show that BB is favoring the commeners as Rohan has said during weekend ka war BB is favoring the commeners … it is clearly proven in this episode that Rohan was correct…..

  13. I read manu mona won ticket o finale task.both r in final.definately now bani is another finalist.mention 2 evictions this time from nominated it means manveer also in finalist.may be rohan nitibha will evict nxt week.wao.funny.mona in final

  14. Frm few days how bani make weird faces while conversation.i start hate her now.rohan is best

  15. bb scripted show

    What this irritating bani is saying
    that tasks are not important for winning bigg boss? What the hell
    I want to ask her that why bigg boss is organizing task ? she belongs to Viacom therefore she knows that she is scripted winner whether she win or lose the tasks
    Overconfident bani
    What is the problem of her
    She is not deserving
    However she is still in the game
    She has totally changed the bigg boss rules
    Even nitibha stood at position 3 , what a joke haha ?
    manveer should be at 2
    Manu at 3
    Mona at 4
    Bani at 5
    Nitibha at 6

    Bani came here in bb house only to eat eggs nonsense
    She’s not deserving at all
    Bani Is fully confident that she will be the winner so she is thinking what is the need to win the task
    Scripted show

  16. Srijana dhakal

    Lopa deserves the best to be in finale…

    1. Right, because her vulgar and bi*chy behaviour isn’t obvious to a moron like you haha.

  17. Simran99

    hi kp , preeti , shriya , diyq , gud girl , aakashi , anu s , swastika , riya and all bb fans .
    yr har kisi mein kitna attitude aa gya hai . manu ne firse mona ko bawkoof bnaya pichle wale nomination task ki trah . ek baar chhuta muta keh diya k Mona tum aa jao . baad m khud chad gya. manu is very clever . now everybody is top of the world except Mona and rohan( rohan ko toh moka hi nhi dete ) . guys meri traf se choti si poem
    bb m ranking ka task aaya
    ghar m bhuchal laya
    sare contestant ne bhav khaya
    sab m bhut Sara attitude aaya
    manu ne dimag chlaya
    mona ko fir se bawkoof paya
    rohan ko firse task k bahar paya
    mujhe bhut gussa aaya
    rohan ko hamne TTFW chaha
    but ye ho na paya
    (guys TTFW means ticket to finale )
    guys mujhe pta hai ye poem bilkul bekar hai ?
    and ya guys ghar m kisi ko nhi lag RHA ki rohan jitega so m chahtu hun sabhi k sabu bhut sare vote karo air us waqt m manu and manveer k shall dekhna chahti hun jab rohan trophy lekr khda hoga

    1. ssly yaar simran….sare gherwalon me kuch jada he attitude n selfishness bdh gyi h(except our cutie of course)
      mujhe lopa bahot bekar lagi….khud k tarif karne me koi kasar nhi chodi usne(khud k muh miyan mitthu)
      manu toh as usual worst tha….chugli karne me maharat hasil kr li h
      manveer nitibha dono footage k liye ld rhe the….aisa lga mujhe
      mona sacchi innocent h bahot…n kuch din se khud b sochne ka try kr rhi h(captaincy rating task me)…
      bani…..ab mujhe bilkul b pasand nhi h…..she is carbon copy of lopa(attitude n selfishness me)

      bas rohan he jeetna chahiye….kuch b ho
      usey toh bb chance he nhi de rhe kuch prove krne ka….bt fir b vo ab tk patience rakhe hue h

      just vote for rohan guys…he is best

    2. itni bhi bekar nhi thi poem☺☺simran

    3. ShriyaT

      Hiee simran!! Srsly sab logo ne apna asli chehra dikha diya hai…sirf bichari mona aur rohan ko weak dikhate hai ye bb wale…but they dont know fan power!!! Hum sirf Rohan ko hi support karenge n he will definitely win??

  18. Simran99

    sorry thodi si corections
    diyq – ditya
    shall – shakal

    1. Oh simran ji aapko ye thodi si mistake lagti hai aap manveer ki shakal ke jagah aap hame unke shall dikha rahi hai hahaha aur ditya ji ko diyq haha

      aur sahi pakde hai bahut bekar poem hai aapki but i would give 10 out of 10 wonderful poem

      1. ditya ji?…r u serious kp ji??

      2. No am not serious ditya dear hahaha

      3. Simran99

        kp mujhe samj nhi aaya k aspne meri poem ki tarif ki ya taras kha kr mujhe 10/10 diye .

      4. Aapko samjhate hai actually hamhe aapki poem bahut achhi lagi lsiliya hamne 10 out of 10 diye aur last me likha bhi wonderful poem samjh me aaya simran ji

      5. Simran99

        ooo dhnyawad apne hame sapasht roop m samjhya.

  19. Guys pls dnt support bani. She is arrogant as hell. Just bcoz she is from viacom 18. She thinks she can do whatever she wants in life. Super selfish self centered. She just wants to win and dont wanna work towards it. She was rude to salman who maintained his calm. Rohan Manveer Lopa are still deserving ppl. Mona n nitibha are just eyecandy. They dnt even exist. Manu plays mindgames. He backstabs manveer. Who has never done that to Manu ever. Thats frndship. Lopa still is playing hard in tasks and taking stand. Bani is cheap. Only when her fight is there she wants everyone to support her but when others fights are happenin she justs ignores n laughs about it. I certainly believe she should be out. If she wins we know entire bb is scripted. N viacom guys decide who will win….

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      Oh really then why didn’t every season person from viacom win …every season guys from roadies and splitsvilla participates but only deserving won…u can see independent news portals and Web sites….bani is leading in every poll….so u hate bani …accept it don’t blame it on viacom guys….

  20. hey did anyone notice dual faced Mannu after Manveer & Nitibha’s fight????? at first he told Nitibha that Manveer is wrong, then went to Manveer and said him to stay away from Nitibha!!!! cunning guy…??????????????????

    Mona is sooooo hopeless… at least trust on yourself.. always Mannu Mannu.. I’m sure Mannu will be the cause of her eviction…

    1. and he told lopa that these days there are fights between manveer n nitibha and u n rohan because of bani. such an instigator.

  21. hrithik ka Fan

    two villains of bb 10…manu and lopa…

    …1…manu…the biggest manipulator. …he badmouth bani in front of lopa and then badmouth lopa in front of bani…….actually he is very smart sa well …he knows how to make people on their side….

    ..2…lopa…..she is in her own world. .I hate her face and the way she talk. .and very very insecure of bani. ..always interupt her and backbites. ..rohan has also understood that …he yesterday stopped her……and lopa is instigator as well during her fights with priyanka and baba she was the one who started fights and then they both stooped to that level…….again when baba was in jail after that pee incident. ..she was saying others to don’t talk and go closer to baba but she was the one who was giong closeer to him and abusing him until bb asked manveer to keep away everyone. ..she is footage hungry always try to show her above all blo*dy b*t*h…can’t tolerate her…

    last thing …bb please evict that mona …I can’t see her face every morning dancing cheap dance with those cheap clothes. ..despo. …

  22. OMGG!!!!! don’t know it is true or false, hope it’s false… friends check the link…

    1. Oh godbless no it can’t be true it can’t heppen or will it be? I don’t know

    2. I don’t know… if it happens, then Biggboss must be scripted…

    3. No it is overall rating nd monalisa ws nominated mny tyms.. dats y c is n fst place bt rohan got higher votes aprox 4lck ech tym whn he ws nominated nxt bani.. check twitter for individual voting rank

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      ???? Mona at no.1??! What!!! Wow Bhojpuri power ??? Besides Mona at no.1 quite agree to the rankings but Lopa at 6 ? Didn’t expect Nitibha to be better than Lopa , Rohan-manu Tie not surprising

  23. Who cares about the winner now.
    As most of us want Rohan to be winner but it seems that bigboss makers do not want Rohan to be the winner.
    So let anyone be d winner. Does not matter.
    But it was intersting watching the episode as now everyine showing true face except rohan who is still same.
    Manveer talking to bani wow.
    Lopa was supporting m3 very much but the time she choose first position everyone got against her.
    She was not supporting rohan but rohan supported her everytime. this shows rohan is a true friend.
    And i dont think lopa is wrong anyhow coz if bani choose to b on second position then btwn manu manveer and lopa it is right that lopa is better than manu and manveer.

  24. Don’t believe for ROHAN…..

    BB wants Bani/Manveer as winner…..but in finale they count votes.

    Last year also prince got highest votes as their family abd PR team has promoted him a lot….

    Voting matters…..Rishabh was never promoted by bb/salman/ any celebrity but still he reached to TOP 2.

    If u guys really like ROHAN …..Support him ….shower ur love thru votes…..

    Vote for ROHAN….He is ths most deserving contestant.

    manu – b*t*hing
    manveer – no basic manners
    lopa – arrogant
    Bani – selfish

    where as Rohan sensible,matured,respectable and decent guy…

    His gaalis gadha,bandhar in super angry mood…….that shows his upbringing.

    In real life i want a friend /boy friend like ROHAN

    #Proud to be a ROHAN MEHRA fan,Rohan fans show ur support not to maje him winner fir his fighting spirit

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Exactly this is what I m trying to say that when it comes to finals bb will be fair which is what they did last season. This Year also they may do same if not viewers won’t spare them ? But they r not even letting Rohan go to finals at the first place by not letting him participate in task because u know bb is unfair even b4 finals

  25. OMG!!!!!! Wat d hell??? Hope its nt true… don’t do dis bb…. Deserving contestant is Rohan Mehra so plz vote for him…. Rohan is d real winner….. Bani, Manveer & Lopa also deserves 2nd, 3rd places (my point of view)

  26. nitiba 3rd rank gud joke..ticket to finale task going on..niti lopa mona itz btw bani manveer n two ll b goin to mall today evening..i hope one ll b bani..acc. to me finale top2 bani n manveer..winner may b manveer as bb want to him winner n this season concept..based on voting bani ll win..but i want bani to win this show..

    1. *bb want 2 make him as winner

  27. I have a very strong desire to ask Manu one day, “do u know their are cctv everywhere in the house? N if u know, don’t u realise viewers can have a very good idea of what a good backstabber u are?” Seriously…

    Play like a man, u r just a hypocrite, u use mona, tell nitibha how much manveer irritates u, tell manveer how nitibha uses him, n above all… U r the only one using everybody for own benefit, n then get the “DILDAAR” hamper.

    Rohan – The most sensible man in the house. He is the real “man”, others are just boys.

    Manveer – My favourite. Pyaar vi kare to sabke samne, nafrat vi kare to sabke samne. Real one. Not a hypocrite.

    Lopa – She doesn’t like Bani, so what can she do? Strong contender n love the way she protests.

    These three are my top 3 n they deserve to win.

    Bani is somewhere playing on her own, but one should communicte with everyone to survive. I find her a bit lonely. She never speaks to anyone first. Not very social.

    But love u Mona. She proves innocence still do exist in this cruel society. She is very sweet n shy.
    N love u more for being a Bengali coz I m too from Kolkata.

  28. Plz guys vote for Rohan , he really desrve to win
    Most genuine n kind person
    Plz show ur support by vote , prefer sms voting
    Vote for Rohan

  29. hi Aarohi.. I’m a Bengali too.. nice to meet you…. ekjon bangali bondhu peye khub khushi holam…???????

    1. Hello Godbless 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. wow…i feel nitibha is copying or trying to be like bani..using abusive words…and she even asked bani to draw a cross on her eye just like banis eye…btw she always chants rule rule and she defyed the rule of speaking in hindi…and ya bb scripted show..wen did bani say tasks are not imp.???

  31. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m just really frustrated with bb makers this season what do they think of themselves recently i read somewhere that Salman used to send food to bb contestants once a week all season and this season the food never reached them . It is sweet of Salman to express his gratitude towards the contestants after all he is the anchor of the show it’s wrong on bb side to not deliever the food no wonder why Salman is disinterested in anchoring this season .
    And they r being damm unfair by not letting Rohan participate the ticket to finale task last season they did the same to my fav Keith and this season same to my fav Rohan hate bb i thought Rohan will win but now I have serious doubt if he will win bb Won’t let him win they didn’t even let him participate in task not fair .
    I like Bani but she deserves to be the runne up as no offense to bani fans she is lagging when it comes to task if not everything else is fine and task is one of the most important thing here. Lopa is good takes stand performs well in task but too jealous and insecure of bani how can she say bani deserves no.6 spot :/ she used to be my fav Lopa but due to too much insecurity to bani she is not my fav anymore but i still like her.
    Just because Nitibha performed well last week doesn’t mean she deserves the TOP 3 spot because b4 that she didn’t do anything special. Manveer is good without Manu. He was at his best during manu’s absence no offense looks like manu unlucky for him lol. I love Nitibha-manu pair so sad their friendship broke , manu is expert in backbiting says one thing and does another and also gossips a lot if not he is also good. Manveer good hearted but influenced easily. Mona also innocent but she was never interested in tasks. Read somewhere manu, Mona Went to finals. Manu i understand, but Mona? How she was never interested? I am so surprised she can still get more votes than Gaurav. I think Rohan and Nitibha will be evicted b4 finals now as bb didn’t even let him participate in task, so bani, Lopa n Manveer anyone of them will not make to finals dk who . Till season 8 makers were fine don’t know what happened to them last season looks like trp made them crazy they have to understand that in terms of late night show despite trp is Low since it’s a late night show it is still doing well .
    Now slowly losing interest in bb only watching for Rohan and bani maybe Lopa Want Bani-Lopa and Manveer-Nitibha to be friends. Want manveer to wake up too. Manu not bad but stop influencing others. Mona and Nitibha frankly speaking bb is not made to Them but idk why makers love them

  32. & this two commoners made their way to compete for Ticket to Finale..
    I supz,, Manveer has high chancez than Manu..
    Hope to C Lopa,Rohan & Manveer in t finale..
    thou tis mid week double-elimination is haunting..!! any 1 can get evicted.. May t 1 among tis win

  33. Rohan is the best please vote for him and make him win the game he is deserving only only only vote for him
    thanks LAASYA

  34. Such a dbl stndrd man is Mannu…..after tdys epi he has fallen 2 to the xtreme down…….
    He thinks India has brought him this position….. Shit man….really u think dat u r DA wnr …..
    initially he was playing quite well but after rentry he strtd backbiting ,,n playing mind games….
    BB is protctng DA commoners n dats y mannu , niti n mona r still prsnt…..n how can Mona n mannu win DA ticket to finale??? Its really Shocking…..
    My obserbtn says mannu or Manveer is gonna win as bb is tryin to justify da concept of commoners…..

    Bani u r DA real winner ….
    Bani rokzzZzz!!!

  35. Prettypreeti

    Shama prathi shama prathi…mujhe dher hoo gyii..
    Simu ji aapki kavita theek hi thi..aur aachi ho skti thi…kuch kamiyaan hai unhe door kiya jaye….maine abhi jo kaha woh sara sar jhoot tha..priye sakhi tumne atya sunder kammal kavita likhi thi…..

  36. Prettypreeti

    Maffi glti se post comment db gya..ab suniye…mera mtlb padhiye…epi toh poora hi jhoota tha..kuch theek lga hi nhi hme toh…..
    Chliye kavita toh padh lijiye-
    Dekhi pehle niti manveer ki fight,
    Fir dekha ranking task jo chla till night..
    Lopa ne liya no ek,
    No do aaya bani ka jiska aaya tha diet bday cake,
    Teesra no nithibha ne le liya,
    Manu ko chotha no de diya..
    Phanchva no mila manveer ko,
    Mona ne khud hi le liye 6 no na kiya koi no woh..
    Aaj aayega ticket to finale jo hoga roll roll,
    Hath me pakhde hoge sbne bowl..
    Kash rohan bhi hota,
    Toh bakhi ghar rota.

    1. Hahahaha preeti

    2. Farhan (StarBoy)

      best poem i have ever read, you write poem like professional.
      lopa ne liya number ek,
      number do aaya bani ka jisne liya tha bday cake.
      hahaha 🙂

  37. Lopa bilkul Theak hai number 1 per
    ,per bani aur nitibha kis khushi main khari Hui hain 2 and 3per
    Bani Ko to 5 aur nitibha Ko 6 per hona chahye

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      Haha very funny …lopa on no. 1 for what .bani s jalne ke kiye.…

  38. Rohan is the best please vote for him and make him win the game he is deserving only only only vote for him and make him win the game he is deserving

  39. I wont be surprised if a fool wins bb10…coz they dont want true winner like rohan to win…i guess this is bigg boss.all fake…rohan u win or not in dat house but u r still a winner of india and for all your true fans..

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