Hum Sath Sath (Episode 1)

Hii… Thank you so much for the comments….I am glad that you guys liked the intro….
Now here we go with the first episode….

Scene 1….
A girl is seen running.
The girl says to herself: “Oh, god! I am very late…. Don’t know what will happen…”
She enters a white building and goes to the reception.
The receptionist looks at the girl and says, “You are Khushi Bhalla, right?” (Yes, the girl is Khushi!!!)
Khushi nods her head nervously.
Receptionist: “Sorry, you are late for the intreview. Sir, doesn’t like people who are late as he is very punctual. So…sir left….”
Khushi became very upset…. she had lots of hopes…..
Khushi (sadly): “It’s ok.”
And went from there…

Scene 2….
A girl is seen crying looking at a photo. A man comes to console her.
Boy: “Aarthi… please stop thinking about your past….. it would only hurt you…so just forget it…”
(The girl is Aarthi!)
Aarthi: “No, Raman bhai….. I can’t…. I loved him truly, but he betrayed me.”
(The man is Raman)
Aarthi starts to cry more…
Raman: “Dekh Aarthi, agar tu royigi na, to phir mai bhi rounga.” (Look Aarthi, if you cry, then I will cry too.)
Aarthi (wiping her tears): “Nahi, nahi… aap mat rona kyunki jab aap rote ho na to sabke kaan fat jate hai!!!” (No, no… don’t cry because when you cry, everyone’s ear starts to hurt.)
Raman (Jokingly) “Chup kar! Varna marunga.” (Shut up else I will beat you)
With that Aarthi started to laugh….
Raman felt good seeing his sister laugh… but in his heart he promised to God that he will not leave the man who made his sister cry…..

Scene 3…..
A man is shown….
Man: “Hey, you! Put the white flowers in that room. And you, did you make all the food that I told you?
Just then Raman comes…..
Raman: “Hey, Arnav! What is happening? Is someone special coming?”
(The man is Arnav!)
Arnav: Ha… kal koyi bahut hi special aadmi aaraha hai… Aur wo meri di hai!!!! (Yes… tomorrow someone special is coming…. And that’s my sister!!!)
Raman: Oh, your sister…. Never met her before… what’s her name?
Arnav: Ishita….Ishita Raizada…..

Scene 4:
A girl is seen talking to a man….
Girl: Please come to India with me… We will have lots of fun…
Man: No, ishu. Please try to understand. I cannot go to India with you…..
So the girl is Ishita.
Ishu: Please, Guru. If you don’t come, then…
So the man is Guru.
Guru: Then?
Ishita thought what to say….
Ishu: Then…. Then I will not be your friend.
Ishita acts to be angry….
Guru: Ishu… please…
Guru thought for a while…
Guru: Ok fine I will come with you….
Ishu: Really????? Yay!!!! I am so happy!!!
Ishita then hugs Guru.
Guru: Acha ji… to tum gussa hone ki acting kar rahi thi na? (So you were acting to be angry, right?)
Ishita bit her tongue as she was caught….
Guru: Ab to tum nahi bachogi!!!
With that Guru starts to tickle Ishita… Ishita starts to run while Guru chases her…

Precap: Ishra meeting….

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