Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 44
The contestants wake up to ‘Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe’.

Manveer says to Priyanka that well played, we are waiting for results for task, Priyanka says Bigg boss will tell, Manveer says you have changed after coming out of task, you know we will be happy to see you win, Priyanka says you know i can never loose.
Bani confides into her Gaurav about her conversation with Priyanka and her plans to target Manu and Mona.
Manu says to Priyanka that all are thinking its draw, why you are not telling results to inmates? all know that even if you have to in dig, you wont loose, Priyanka says i can never loose.
Manu asks Swami what he thinks about Mona? Swami says i dont find anyone wrong here, Manu says you are still thinking about answer? i am done with you man, you call daughter whole day. Manu says to Priyanka that he calls her daughter all the time and now he cant even praise her? Priyanka says to Swami that you have to play black and white and dont insult girls, Swami says i am just saying, i dont find anyone wrong here, Priyanka says all are your kids here, Swami says biologically i dont have any kids so i have to take care of Priyanka more than Mona, Manu says i am bored listening to you.

Swami says to Sahil that Manu is manipulating me, if i praise Mona infront of Priyanka then Priyanka gets miffed with me, i am tired of them, why Manu wants me to praise Mona infront of Priyanka?
Manu says to Mona that they are brainwashing people, Priyanka said that you people are white for me and all are black for me, Manu says i said that Mona is white for me, Manveer says we cant ignore Swami.

Bigg boss tells inmates that GAURAV, SAHIL, NITI and PRIYANKA won task the dome and are saved from nominations. Nominates inmates are RAHUL, ELENA, JASON and BANI. All nominated inmates will remain in challenger room, they will live there. Sahil and Priyanka will be pat of house so they wont live in challengers room anymore, Bani and Rahul will replace them. Rohan has to make sure that this replacement happens nicely, Manu hugs Priyanka and congratulates.

Bani comes in challengers room. Gaurav is there with her and says i dont like you being here, Bani asks why? Gaurav says i dont like some changes, Bani says i didnt get advice in task, nobody was there to support me in task, you came only once, if it was me, i would have been there for you.

bigg boss calls Rohan in confession room. Manu says Bigg boss give me duty of jailer, i will teach them lesson, Priyanka says Bigg boss make Manu jailer of my heart, Manu laughs.
Rohan is in confession room. Bigg boss asks why replacement didnt happen? Rohan says Bani is not listening, i thought you would order her, Bigg boss says it was your duty to send them in challengers room. you should be firm in your stance, you should know how to make them listen, Rohan says people dont listen, Bigg boss says you dont try, only challengers will be in challengers room and inmates should not go inside and challengers should not come out in house, its your duty to make sure of it, do it now, Rohan leaves.
Rohan comes to Rahul and Jason and says you have to keep inside challengers room. Jason says i cant workout? Rohan says no, you have to be in there.

Manu sees Swami exchanging pillows. Manu says what he is doing? he is hiding something in pillow. Manveer says lets check. Swami comes there. Priyanka asks Swami if you are with me or against me? i will stop talking to you if you do this, why you are stopping me?
On checking his pillow, Manveer finds spoons and tells everybody that Om Swami had some ulterior motives. Priyanka says stop doing all this, this wont make any difference, Gaurav asks his reasons, Justifying himself, Om Swami says that he kept the spoons to keep ‘Asoor shakti away’(bad powers). Priyanka says why did you put in Manveer’s pillows? Swami says to keep bad powers away, Manu says you are biggest bad power here. Rahul says to Jason and Elena that soon they will be friends. Lopa asks what else have you done?

Manu and Manveer starts checking bedroom, they take off his mattress and finds balls there.
Swami says to Sahil that i put spoon in my pillow, Sahil says it was not needed.
Manu says to Priyanka that he is stealing things from inmates too, he stole Lopa’s deodorant, i will show you. They come in luggage room. they find Lopa’s perfume and other household items in his basket, Priyanka sees it, Manu says we are respecting him and doesnt let anyone touch his things. Manveer opens his luggage and finds plates there, they find lockdown task dress too. They bring two full baskets, it has make-up, does and other things. Manu and Manveer brings it in lounge and tell inmates that we found these things in Swami’s luggage, Lopa says oh my God, what he is gonna do with all this? Sahil says will he take all this home? Sahil says to Gaurav that people are liking him, Gaurav says i dont care, i have to live with him and its not good. Lopa says keep all these things in bathroom.
Manu and Manveer brings Swami’s stolen things in kitchen, Manu says to Swami that we found these things in your luggage, Swami says so what? dont open my luggage in my absence, Manveer says but you can steal? Rohan asks why you are taking make-up of girls? Swami says as if i will sell it, Priyanka asks why make-up is with you? Swami says i thought my daughter Priyanka will come and i will give it to you, Priyanka says stop taking my name, you are insulting yourself, Swami says i wont do anything now.

Swami says to Gaurav that its not good to open my luggage in my absence, Manveer says why you are keeping things of people? Swami says i didnt deny to give things back, Manveer says if you can keep spoon in my pillow then we can check your luggage, Swami says you took my pillow which had spoon. Rohan says Salman told us that you stole Lopa’s perfume in first week, Swami says impossible, Rohan says Naveen found it. Manu says God is sleeping. Manveer says why did you keep sticks under your bed? Swami says you are forcing me to shout, to hell with sticks. i want to be peaceful, you robbers stole things from my luggage, Manu says your daughter did it, Swami says you made her check my things. Sahil is running, Gaurav asks why you are going in their fight? Sahil says to calm them down, Gaurav says this keep going on here whole day, Lopa says this is of daily routine. Swami says i will do what i want, Manveer says then i will keep finding things from you. Manu says he is thief. Sahil asks them to calm down. Swami says to Priyanka that i brought perfumes myself, i didnt steal Lopa’s perfume. Swami says in camera that they are looking in my bags without my consent. Manu says he has gone mad. Manveer says you gargle with harpic. Swami says i wanted peace but they dont want me silent. Swami says he should be in store room. swami says i will win at any cost. Manu says i dont want to win, audience make Swami win.

Swami looks at baskets which was brought from his luggage and cries. Manveer says it happens, you can keep these things, Swami says i dont need these things, Manveer says we are not killing you, sorry, cool down, he hugs him, Swami says i didnt keep these things for myself, i kept it for all inmates. Niti says it happens, people get agitated seeing all this, Manveer asks him to calm down. Manu touches his feet and says sorry, dont cry, i swear that i wont irritate you, i wont say anything to you till i am in your house.

Swami says to Manveer that someone has stolen my kurta. Manveer says this is wrong. Swami says i wore it once only. Manveer comes in luggage room, he asks Swami to open his bag, Swami says i dont know its lock number, Manveer says then how will we open it? Swami appeals in camera to unlock his bag. Manveer opens his lock and says Bigg boss opened it, they are controlling from there only, Swami goes to check his bag, Manveer smirks and leaves.

Om Swami tells Priyanka that Manu and Manveer are responsible for creating fights between all the housemates, they make people against each other, they backbite about people. Mona says you backbite about people. Swami says who asked them to open my luggage? Mona says why you are backbiting about them? you scheme about people. Mona says why did you steal things when you recite hanuman chalisa? Swami says they are different things, Manu and Manveer comes there, Mona says he calling you people manipulators, Swami says even my perfume is stolen, Mona says you come behind us later, Swami says i wont come, Manu says are you listening to him Priyanka? Priyanka says dont talk to him then.

Mona says to Manu that i cant be nice to everyone like you. Priyanka comes there and says Swami is saying all this since start so whats problem now? Manu says to Mona that i want to talk to you. Manveer asks Priyanka why you are taking his side? Priyanka says i am not, Manu says you should not listen to him, Priyanka says even i listened that you said you want wild card entries should leave, Manveer asks who said it? Manu says i wont talk to you now, Priyanka says fine then, Mona keep telling you anything and you listen to her. Mona says to Priyanka that i have problem with your voice thats why i am avoiding you, Priyanka says Swami commented about her before too, be in your limits Mona, Mona says you said that i am breaking house and all, Mona says who are you to say all this? Manu asks Mona to calm down.
Jason says to Bani that this group has fights and fun, Bani asks Niti to go and see what is happening in fight. Priyanka says to Lopa that Swami always comment about people. Mona says Priyanka is asking me to not break house, Priyanka says i didnt say it, i just said that be in your limits, Mona says who are you tell what my limits are? Priyanka says i dont have interest in you, she says to Manu and Manveer that you are taking her side too.

Manu says to Mona that i wont leave you. I am like this. Priyanka says to Manu that Mona feels we are against her, i am fond of her, she sees Mona sad and says i like you in anger more, i will kiss you, she kisses her cheek and hugs her, she says if you are Manu and Manveer’s friend then you are my friend too, Manu asks Mona to understand, whatever you found wrong, sort it out. Priyanka hugs her, Mona is uncomfortable.

Rohan is confession room, Bigg boss says how is your captaincy going? Rohan says i am trying to control people, Bigg boss says your captaincy has become joke, Rohan says people dont listen to my punishments, i think there is less authority to captain, he should have more powers, Bigg boss says means you are not able to control? Rohan says i try but people dont listen. Bigg boss says you are right, if someone dont want to listen then you cant make them listen, you can leave, Rohan leaves.

Seeing the housemates take their own sweet time to complete their work, Sahil and Bani discussed Rohan’s inabilities as a captain. Sahil says to Bani that even duties are not assigned. Rahul is sleeping, alarm plays. Rohan asks Rahul if he slept? Rahul says yes, Rohan asks him to wake up.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its pride to become captain of bigg boss house, captain has got some responsibilities, if we call captain and ask him to set things right then he should do it instead of saying that he wants more power and he doesnt have grip, or that no one listens to him so he cant do anything, if inmates dont listen to captain then maybe they think Rohan doesnt deserve to be captain, Rohan has failed completely as captain. Bigg Boss decides to terminate Rohan’s captaincy and bars him from ever being a captain again. Swami says all should follow rules, Lopa says we should have schedule of household works. Rohan asks for everyone’s opinion about his captaincy and all the contestants try to pacify him. Manu says to Mona that if i become captain then i will set them right.
Rohan says i will see what next captain do that i didnt, Gaurav says dont say like this, Rohan says so what is this that i can become captain again in whole season? i tried my best.

Manu says to Manveer that Rohan is feeling low. Manu says he gave us all punishments.
Lopa says to Rohan that you got captaincy two times, its big achievement, Rohan says but they took it from me saying i dont deserve it, its embarrassing, why did they say i cant be captain again?
Manveer says to manu that insulting to take captaincy back.
Swami says to Priyanka that Rohan got egoistic, its good that they took captaincy back from him.

Priyanka jokes that i cant say hi and bye nicely, Mona and Manu laughs. Lopa comes there, Priyanka says its Bani’s birthday at midnight, Manu says we should sleep before midnight then, or we can keep candle on protein jar, they laugh.

Manu says to Mona that i dont understand Niti, she keep talking to people whole day but at night, she get attached to us, Mona says there is too much going on her in mind. Manu says i enjoyed you putting Priyanka in place, she took your scolding seriously, i couldnt even notice what she was saying, you took stand nicely, Mona says i was listening silently but she was talking ill about you people, Manu says this is friendship.

As the clock strikes midnight, the housemates bring in Bani’s birthday by cutting a cake sent for her by her best friend. Bani says this is my protein cake. All inmates come there, Bani cuts cake, all sing birthday song. Bani says nobody is gonna like this cake, she makes Gaurav eat it. Bani eats it.

Rohan asks niti if Bani got her cake? Niti says her manager sent it, its protein cake, Rohan asks did they eat it? Niti says its in fridge, Bani has said that no one should eat it without asking her. Lopa says as if someone would eat it, Rohan says as if anyone will touch it after Bani saying nobody should touch it, Niti says happiness should be spread but its her life, do whatever you want.

PRECAP- Gaurav reads captaincy task. All inmates will get test tube on one inmate’s name. When gong plays, one inmate will empty test tube if he wants that name to be out of captaincy race. Manveer asks Sahil to empty Swami’s test tube, he will get heart attack. Swami asks Priyanka to tell Sahil to not empty my test tube, Priyanka asks Sahil to not empty Swami’s test tube.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mannu boring. Priyanka talks too much , very irritating. Manveer trying to act good. Please eliminate Mr. Om. Not sure why people would want to see disgusting behavior.

  2. CHOR CHOR CHORRRR!!!!!!!!CHOR SWAMI…..yeh test tube wala task humne last season mebhi dekha tha ……protein cake…??iss sahil ko kya michmichi hai…kyu guss rahe hai…..yaar yeh swami is unpredictable….yeh priyanka khud ko kya samajhti hai…dumbo… all those who complained abt the update yesterday…write an updaye urself and see… it possible to write and everything by urself????

    1. Haha nice funny comment aakashi thats why i used to enjoy your comment and totally agree with you on matter of updating the updates

  3. hi bb fans, you wont be surprised to know that…….outside house there are many cases filed against of swami om for robbery……………even police had come to arrest him in bigg boss house……………
    it looks amazing when manu-manveer fights against swami om……………………cant hate bani even gharwale calls her selfish……

    1. Agree with you . Maine bhi dekhi thi ek side pe

  4. not fair with rohan yaar, i am feeling bad for him

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh this baba he is so uff nothing to say. Today episode was more of manu, manveer and jagga -_- and yes baba. And these two challenger wild cards jason and Elena are barely seen, Sahil is still seen i think among the three Sahil is better but it’s too early to say. Protein cake? ? Wow so many things what is baba going to do with that he should have kept one as a birthday gift for bani ?? Poor Rohan lost his captaincy it was a little too mean on bigg boss side and also Rohan is the youngest so most won’t listen to him even if he is captain snatching captaincy was justifiable but for entire season is just not done. I think this week any one of the two wild cards will be evicted.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      this week there is again no eviction

      1. How did you know? hrithik roshan told you??

      2. hrithik ka Fan

        very funny …ya hrithik told me ….

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Really? Again no eviction? Then when will show end ? Anyways this is the only one of the few shows i m watching. It will be good in a way no eviction since Jason and Elena r wild cards and they need time so it was a bit unfair for them but now if no elimination then it’s fine

  6. OM3 drama of fight and love is very very funny…except that there is no entertainment in house…..

  7. yeeeessssss,bani lost…..

  8. Feeling bad for rohan, captaincy is difficult especially when he is the youngest of all, no one really listen to him. It’s nit hus fault, if they don’t listen to him. BB shouldn’t stop him from being captain for the entire season…. i hope that he does his best in tasks so that he shows everyone he is competant enough to win…
    What to say about swami? Salman said right, he says something/ does something then apologized. This is wrong.
    And DgenerationX you are right, there are a lot of police complain against sawmi, his own brother complaint about him for stealing… i read that somewhere

  9. Thank u very much kp….lekin yaar sachmein that swami is a total CHOR….degenerationx acutually this swami is made into the house only for his antics outside….thts the only possible reason bb wud bring such a namuna into the house

  10. priyanka jagga entry kertay huay bolti hai yar hum sub celebrities ban gyayay hain hahaha ., baqi sub to theak is priyanka ka konn fan hai ? lol

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