Love birds (part-23)

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This episode is starting from thapki and bihaan is there in room.bihaan did exercise in his room.thapki comes in front of him.bihaan gets shocked seeing her glamorous avatar.she wears transparent saree in low hip.he stares at her.he becomes speechless.thapki asks to him,bihaan what are you looking at me.he didn’t say anything to her.he sees her and stands like a sewing. thapki keeps her hands in his shoulder.she shakes him.he comes out from the thinking.bihaan wears black color fit t shirt.he looks so hot and nice.he didn’t say anything to thapki.he turns his face from her.he takes tumbles.he continuous his exercise. his face and arms gets sweating.he shakes his head.sweating drops are comes from his hair.thapki looks him.she looks his arms.thapki goes to him.bihaan stoped doing exercise.thapki holds her hands in his shoulder.bihaan looks at her.he says to her,thapki I am doing exercise now.I will talk to you later.just wait for few minutes.thapki says to him,oh…bi… bi.. bihaan so your are thinking this exercise is important for you.not me right?.bihaan says to her,thapki not like that.please listen to me. thapki says to him,I…i am listening you only now.but you are listening me.bihaan says to her,thapki what happend for you…why are you talking like this.thapki keeps her finger in his mouth.she says to him,don’t say anything OK.thapki hugs him.she goes to kiss him.bihaan suddenly holds her hands.he pinches her belly.she screams…ouch..bihaan hugs her.he keeps his hands in her blouse back.he slowly keeps his hands to belly then to hip.thapki says to him,bihaan what are you doing take your hands from me.he didn’t take his hands.she seperates from bihaan.he laughs.she says to him,why are you laughing.he says to her,why are you seperates from me.come to me.he goes closes to her.thapki says to him,bihaan I just played to you.we will talk later.he says to her,I told the same to you but you didn’t listen na..he walks to her.she walks backward.she says to him,no bihaan… no…. she goes to wall. he holds her hands tightly against wall.she closes her eyes.(ranjhanaa plays…..)he sees her face.bihaan goes nearly to her face.suddenly aditi comes there.bihaan leaves her.aditi smiles at them.

she says to them vasu aunty is calling to downstairs. they nodes at her.vasu and balwander arranged everything. she shows the kites to balwander.she says to balwander pink color is thapki its for thapki and bihaan.this is for Sankara and dhruv. balwander says to vasu,OK OK I know you are pillar of this house.its getting late.where is our sons and bahus.

vasu sees them.thapki and bihaan comes to vasu.she says to thapki,this is for you.I know your favourite color is I wrote your and bihaan name is here. bihaan says to vasu,maa… but I am your son.I like yellow color .why you didn’t bought for me.balwander laughs.he says to him,beta yellow color kite is not available in store.bihaan nodes at him.vasu looking for Sankara and dhruv.after few minutes dhruv and Sankara comes.they takes blessing from vasu and balwander.
vasu does aarthi.they sings aarthi song.bihaan and thapki looks at each other.they smiles at each other.
vasu says to them,this sankrathi is very special in this family.because of my both sons gets married.god gives me such wonderful bahus.that god will give blessing for our family.

everyone goes outside of house.they started to fly kite.bihaan says to thapki,you hold the thread in your hands.I will make this fly.thapki says to him,no.. no..I will make this holds the threads in your hands.he says to her,hello madam…you are from you don’t know about this.I will do this.she says to him,…bi… bi.. bihaan I know this.vasu sees their fighting.she says to him,beta don’t fight each other.thapki you makes this kite fly.bihaan you holds the thread.she goes from there.thapki laughs at bihaan.bihaan looks at her.he says to her,OK my maa said to I am doing this.
dhruv and Sankara stands and they takes their kites.dhruv holds threads in his hands.thahaan and sanruv starts to makes fly the kite.
thapki makes flies that in high distance.Sankara doesn’t know to make kite flying.dhruv sees her.he holds her hands.he takes the thread from her hands.

sankara looks at dhruv.Sankara stares at him.vasu says to them,let’s see who will win in this. Sankara thinks to beat thapki in this.thapki kite was comes down was rotating other doesn’t flies properly.bihaan says to her,I know this already thats why I asked to give from you.we are going to lose.thapki says to him,bi… bi…bihaan don’t blame on me.its not my mistake.air is not there in this direction. he says to her,what air is not there?see dhruv…they are also doing this in same sky.thapki doesnt agree with him.bihaan says to her,can I bring table fan to fly this.thapki looks angry at him.he takes the thread from her hand.he makes kite fly in high.Sankara gets excited to win this competition. she holds dhruv hands.she says to him,dhruv fast fast…see bihaan.his kite is becoming fast.we have to win.dhruv looks at Sankara.they looks at each other.then Sankara takes her hands on him.thahaan gets shocked at Sankara.

John goes to Sankara room.he checks her cupboard and mobile. he says I got everything from you Sankara.I will show your truth to everyone.he smiles.

Sankara and dhruv kite thread is cuts and falls somewhere. finally thapki and bihaan won in sankrathi.vasu and balwander claps.vasu gives bangles to thapki as gift and she gives anklets to Sankara.they gets from vasu.Sankara and thapki takes blessings from her.
bihaan and thapki comes to room.thapki angry at bihaan.he sees her.he tries to talk with her.but she goes from him.bihaan smiles at her.thapki goes from room.suddenly bihaan comes to her.he locks the door.she says to him,bi… bihaan leave me.I have to go.bihaan says to her,OK you can go.she says to him,how can I go.unlock the door.he says to that thapki,OK don’t go.she says to him,wh…what is your problem.he holds her hands.he hugs her forcibly.she seperates from him. he says to her,thapki if I didn’t hold it we will lost it.thapki didn’t say anything at him.he holds her face.he says to her,sorry please .. thapki hits in his chest.he smiles at her.then she hugs him.they looks at each other they smiles.

dhruv slaps Sankara.bihaan and thapki gets shocked.vasu throws Sankara out of house.

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  1. first comment…the episode was amazing specially thahaan scenes. Upload next part soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much dear arooj…

  2. Hi vinolin nice episode dear.waiting for next episode.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear rifa… thanks dear.

  3. Manish ki deewani

    Hi vino how r u episode is awsm and wow Sankara is out from house

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear I am are you?.may I know your name please?

      1. Manish ki deewani

        Vino my name is R Phor Reshal . and don’t say plz we r friends and I’m fine.sometime its not possible to comment .becoz busy in studies

    2. Vinolin.d

      hai dear I am are you?.may I know your real name please?

    3. Vinolin.d

      hai… reshal…wow nice name dear.

  4. Kite flying scene was the best ……?? Thahaan each and every scene u wrote has romance in it ❤ Loved it ? Plz update soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks you naitan darl

  5. A beautiful part vinolin dear

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks Priya dear..

  6. Super vino… upld nxt one soon..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai crazy girl… thank you so much.may I know your name???

  7. Nice very nice….

    1. Vinolin.d

      fitri…thank you dear

  8. Alia919

    Nice update…
    Cute romantic scene…
    Kite scene was amazing…
    Waiting for next update

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear alia…thanks

  9. very nice epi…thapki angry on bihan i like it….i always think that some day thapki will definately be romantic with bihan….heheh….as bihan wants this….hope so dhruv and sankar will unite….exciting to knw the relationship btwn jhon and aditi…

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