Bigg Boss 10 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and dances on hangover. Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says there will be twist coming to season. BANI, MANVEER, GAURAV, RAHUL and NITI were nominated but voting lines were closed so there wont be exit from house but there will be four wild card entries. Nobody will exit but nominated five contestants are not safe, maybe these wild card entries will take their places, there will be interesting tale from now. Salman says coming to Swami’s antics, see what he did.

Clip plays, Manu asks Lopa where are prawns? Lopa says it was on table only, Manu says Swami ate it, Swami says I thought it was veggies, I never ate fish so I didn’t know its taste. Niti says you are still eating it, Swami says I did sin so now I should continue eating it, I should eat meat too, he takes meat and says nobody told me that it was prawn so its their sin, Lopa says but you don’t eat mutton, Manu says let him be. Swami eats mutton, Mona says you want to eat it, Swami says you people didn’t inform me that it was prawns, Mona says don’t act, Swami says I came here for acting only, Niti says you are eating all non-veg, Swami shouts why you have problem? Swami says if Gautam can survive alone in house then I can too.
Manveer says to Manu that this man’s mind is wild, its working too much. Swami says to inmates that I will eat non-veg here and will leave it outside house, inmates will be sinner for this, they didn’t inform me. Manu says to Gaurav that this man has changed my life dictionary.

On stage, Salman says he did one mistake but kept repeating it, technically if he kept eating non-veg then it was no mistake, all laugh. Salman says Vidya Balan went in house, lets see what happened.

Vidya Balan is in confession room. There is phone in garden. Vidya calls them, Niti takes call and says guess who I am, I will reveal secret. Niti says to inmates that if she is actress of Raaz movie? vidya calls again, Manu picks it, Vidya says my life is a maze/bhool bhuliya, guess who I am? she ends call. Manu says nobody can recognize her. Lopa says it can be Vidya balan as she was in movie bhool bhuliya. Vidya calls again, Lopa picks it this time, Vidya says I have come here for three things only that is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Lopa dances as she recognized her as Vidya Balan before only, Lopa says its Vidya Balan, Vidya laughs and enters house. She shakes hand with Manveer and gives him side hug, then greets other inmates. Swami says thank you for coming here. Vidya says to Lopa that you recognized me, great. Bigg boss welcomes Vidya Balan and wishes her luck for Kahani movie.
Vidya sits with inmates and says I have come to get treasure from this house. Task is that I will give topic to inmates and they have to create story and act it out. She asks Manu and Manveer to act first. She says mimic Bani and tell house story in her style. Manu and Manveer starts acting like warming up. Manveer acts Gaurav while Manu acts like Bani and they bicker. Vidya asks Bani if she and Gaurav fight a lot? Bani says no, it happens here, its normal. manveer then acts Rohan and Manu orders him to be good captain. They act like Bani exercising, they then shout like Niti, inmates are laughing hysterically seeing them, all clap for them. Gaurav hugs Manveer. Vidya asks Bani if you behave like this? Bani says they exaggerated it but they acted nicely.
vidya says now Rahul will mimic Swami, Bani will mimic Manu and Gaurav will mimic Manveer. Swami says to Vidya that you are great actor, my followers say that many people try to act like you, vidya says you act nicely too, Swami says I have come to learn here, Vidya says we are learning from you. Gaurav and Bani starts acting like Manu and Manveer. They kick Rahul like waking Swami. Rahul wakes up and acts like Swami, they act like convincing Swami/Rahul to change clothes for task, Rahul acts like rockstar Swami, inmates are going crazy seeing them acting. Rahul says I am going to my greatest hero, Bani acts like swearing like Manveer. All clap them for mimicking. Vidya says it was amazing. Vidya says who won? Manu says it was clear that we won, Vidya says I love your over-confidence, who will win between you and Manveer? Manu says I will win but I will give prize money to Manveer.
Vidya says the next task is that I will show placards, you have to choose who has that trait which is written on card and have to dedicate it to them. She says first best-friends will come that is Bani and Lopa, Lopa rolls her eyes, they both come and stand on blocks. She asks Rahul to come, she shows him placard ‘fair’ and says who from Bani and Lopa has this trait? Rahul gives it to Lopa and says she is not biased and is always positive, Vidya says you didn’t hesitate to give it to her, Bani says no benefit of doubt? next is Manveer, he gets card ‘honest’, he gives it to Lopa too, Bani says no he will lie. Manveer says she is honest, she takes stand and fights for people. Vidya says now Tv’s Ambitabh, Gaurav’s turn. He gets placard ‘entertainer’ and gives it to Bani, he says people don’t know it but we are honest with each other and says we entertain each other, Lopa says is very positive too. Manu says still diplomatic. Vidya calls Manu and gives him card ‘diplomatic’, he gives it to Bani and says I feel she is positive too but then I think she is manipulative too, Bani says I am not diplomatic. Vidya calls Rohan and gives him card ‘intelligent’, Bani says he will give it to Lopa only. Rohan says Lopa is more intelligent, she shows intelligence in everything. vidya gives ‘badtameez(misbehavior)’ card to him, he says I misbehave most but Lopa doesn’t misbehave, Bani is not but she has less good intentions than Lopa so I give it to Bani. Vidya gives ‘selfish’ to Mona, she gives it to Bani and says Bani is possessive about her food so she is selfish. Vidya gives ‘clean heart’ card to Niti, Niti says I talked with Bani so she is clean hearted. Vidya says so according to inmates, Bani is entertainer, clean hearted, selfish, diplomatic, misbehaving. And lopa is fair, intelligent, honest. Lopa says I am touched. Vidya says I am stuck now. Vidya says I will take selfie now. She takes selfie with everyone. Vidya says it was lovely to be here, she hugs Bani and Lopa. She turns and Swami is ready to hug her, she moves back and says ops, Niti laughs, Vidya says I was about to mistakenly hug him, she hugs Rohan and greets everyone, she leaves.

On stage, Salman welcomes Vidya Balan. Salman says you were comfortable in house. Vidya says I had fun there but let me tell you funny tale, I turned to hug Mona but.. Salman says Swami came infront of you to hug you? she says yes, Salman says he hugs a lot, don’t let him hug(potty in hindi). Vidya says Rahul was so good at mimicking Swami, Salman says Swami is making movie with budget 100crores. Vidya says if Rahul acts in that movie then Rahul has to hug a lot, they laugh. Salman says your movie is releasing, Vidya tells story about movie, she says I am also confused about movie, they laugh. Salman says we will do task. We will tell truth and lie to each other and we have to guess if it was truth or lie. Salman says first I will tell statement, Salman says I and Sanjay was in America and we didn’t money from show so Sohail collected money. We entered airport and security thought we were drug dealers with all that money, tell me it was truth or lie? Vidya says its true. Salman says anyone can believe these spicy stories about me and Sanjay, all laugh. Vidya tells statement that regression shows that I was Meena Kumari in last birth. Salman says your personality is like her, its correct statement. Vidya says now I believe this too. Vidya tells statement that I used to fake myself as ad agency agent and used to make guys take off their shirts for auditions, true or false? Salman says its true, Vidya laughs and says how can you say its true? Salman says you made me take off shirt too, Vidya says its true statement. Salman says my statement that I paint so I made portrait of Katrina, Katrina said it doesn’t look like me but Vidya Balan, Vidya says when did this happen? Salman says I don’t remember, Vidya says was it dirty picture? all laugh. Salman says I made Kat’s painting and it looked like you, Vidya says I didn’t know I was in your heart. Vidya says this is true statement so its a tie between us.
Salman says to Vidya that we will get cutouts of actors and we have to mimic them. Vidya says we are going to be recreating a scene from Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Vidya says SRK will be Raj, Simran with Katrina, Amir Khan will babuji. Salman makes SRK, Karan Jaahur, Akshay’s cutout stand in line and says they are standing in ATM’s line, Vidya laughs. Salman acts like SRK. Vidya acts like Kat and mimics her accent while mouthing Simran’s line, Salman says whose accent is this? Vidya says you know Kat’s accent more, all laugh. Vidya says if Raj’s loves me then he will turn around. Salman mimicking SRK says I can turn out, I am pissing, Vidya laughs. Salman acts like babuji then and says ja Simran je le apni zindagi. Vidya says you mimic very well. Salman promotes Vidya’s movie, Vidya says I love you, she hugs him and leaves.

Salman connects call to inmates. Salman says we showed you winning video from nomination task but we didn’t show first videos because those videos were not allowed on TV. We have edited it a lot and will show you now, see it. Video plays, setup is marriage night bed. First video shows Mona being pulled on bed by Manu, all laugh seeing it, Mona says why hurrying? Manu says I don’t want to waste any minute, Swami enters scene. Next video shows, Rahul and Gaurav jumping on bed and screaming love, they say we are one, Gaurav and Rahul hug each other, Rahul and Gaurav, Gaurav and Rahul hides their faces seeing it. Salman cant stop laughing and says this after huge editing. Swami says I put my respect at stake for task, this is not my image outside, Salman you are not common man but great man. Manu says Lopa chose this script. Salman says Lopa you have superb future in direction. Salman says Rahul and Gaurav acted like lovers in two videos, Manu says you asked them to be free in house and see what they are doing now, all laugh. Rahul says I did as Gaurav said. Salman says that’s why Rohan wanted to sleep with Bani and Lopa and not with Rahul and Gaurav, all laugh. Salman asks who wants to eat jalebi? what was it? Rahul says it was my mistake, Salman says you finally got chance to use that statement on Swami. Salman says we will show you pictures of nomination task and you have to tell me what is happening? First picture shows Bani and Gaurav shirtless in bathtub and close to each other. Salman asks Swami what is happening here? Swami says their friendship is intimate, this is not acting at all. Bani says what? Gaurav says just talk about picture, Swami says I am telling reality. Bani says you don’t know reality. Swami says you both are always in corner, I am not saying wrong, this is friendship. Next photo shows Swami in pant shirt and suspenders, all laugh. Salman says when I will comeback, there will be storm coming inside, he ends call.

Salman says lets welcome our wild card entried. First wild card entry Jason Shah comes on stage. He dances Kya Karoon. Salman welcomes him, Salman says whats your full name? Jason says its Jason Kantilal Shah, all laugh. Jason says my mom was from England and my real father was from America but my step father is Gujrati. Salman asks you know Gujrati? he says i understand it, i am bad at Hindi but its enough. i was born in Mumbai. Salman asks what you do? Jason says i am fitness trainer and model too, i have goat as pet, Salman laughs and says what you do with goat? Jason says i am waiting for Eid to cut her, Salman laughs. Salman asks how will you be in house? Jason says i will make someone goat, Salman asks who you would not get along? Jason says i wont get along Swami. Salman says lets dance. Jason takes off his shirt, they dance on Oo jane jana. Salman welcomes second wild card entry, Elena Kazan. Salman asks from where you are? she says from germany, i am living for mor than 6years. Salman says to Jason that her hindi is more good than you but you are living here since by birth. Elena says i watched hindi movies in childhood. i started acting in Bengali films, Salman says you talk in bengali too? she talks in Bengali, Salman is stunned and says even i cant talk about it. Salman asks do you watch Bigg boss? she says no, surprise is better, Salman says this is going to be shock, you dont know inmates? She says i have worked with Gaurav in movie, Salman says you dont know about Swami? Elena says i just know he said ill words, Salman says he say it daily, its biggesty mystery from where did he come. Salman says if you get to know anything about him then share with me, she says sure. Salman says call wild card number three. Sahil Anand comes stage and dances Vella song. Salman greets him, Salman says he is actor, he asked did you watch this season? Sahil says i have seen it but i am scared from Swami, Salman says he is taking on whole house, Sahil says all celebs are boring so there should be person like him, Salman says he is running house rightnow. Salman asks if he knows any inmate? Sahil says i was part of roadies and Bani was in it, i didnt talk to her much after that, its been ten years, Salman asks what happened? Sahil says let is be surprise. Sahil says i will get along with Lopa, she doesnt fight without reason. Salman says lets welcome our fourth wild card entry. Priyanka Jagga enters there and dances on dum Maro dum. Salman welcomes her and says this is breaking news, Priyanka says its me. Salman says she got evicted in first week, how is your journey. Priyank says people started recognizing me, there are fans, Salman says its lottery for you, did you see season? Priyank says i saw it two times. Salman asks what is difference now? Priyanka says its totally changed, Swami Om thinks he is only rular of house and others are nothing, i didnt expect this from him, Salman asks who had growth? Priyanka says Mona grew a lot and Gaurav has come down. Salman asks Sahil if you saw her? Sahil says i am surprised that she used to call Swami as father and now saying it. Priyanka says i didnt say anything wrong, i am taking on thing which i say, he is calling a girl characterless, i cant digest it, even if my father says it to any girl, i will treat him same, i will call out to him, he is father so that doesnt mean he can call girl anything. Salman says you have started from now only. Jason says she is smart and confusing too, she looks different and say different. Salman says to wild cards that you have replace nominated inmates in house, tell me who you want to replace in house? Salman asks jason whom he wants to replace? Jason says Gaurav and says he is strong contender and he is like my type of man. Elena targets Niti and says i dont know about her so its fair. Sahil targets Rahul and says i can entertain more than him. Priyanka targets Bani and says she is strong and i would rather challenge her than Niti. Salman says its time to send them to house. He greets them, they go in house.
Salman connects call to house, Salman says to inmates that its time for eviction. Salman says five inmates are nominated but secret is that voting lines were closed this week, you must be thinking why eviction didnt happen, nominated inmates are still in danger because big storm is coming. Some masked men enters house, inmates get scared seeing them. Masked men make them wear glasses and make them stand near black glass. Suddenly glass breaks, all inmates scream. Behind glass, there are bars behind which wild card entries are standing, inmates scream in happiness. Swami says my daughter has come, i used to miss her daily, she used to fight for me. Bani hi-five’s Sahil and says i am so glad. Salman says you will see what daughter does now. Swami says i have no sadness now, she is winner of this game. Salman says your sadness is going to increase, stop making daughters and give birth to your daughter, Swami says it will happen when i come out of house. Salman says nominated inmates are in danger, these wild card entries will challenge you to take your place in house, goodluck. He signs off from show. Priyanka says to Manveer that we have become celebrity, all used to recognize me. Priyanka says show is going on. Priyanka asks Swami on what line he is walking on? you encountered my sister Mona, just do task, what you did? Swami says this is my acting.
Manu says to Gaurav and Bani that we should talk with each now, we have to survive. Niti says to Manveer that i have to win this task, i cant loose now. Priyanka says to Swami that you wont say ill words now, i used to trust you a lot, Swami says God has sent you to set me right, they should stop abusing me too, Priyanka says they are not my father, i made you father, talk to them but dont abuse, he says fine.
Mona says to Manu that i am scared, they have seen us and would take on us, Manveer says just be what you are.
Priyanka says to Sahil that people want to see negative, they must be bored with Mona and Manu’s love story, Sahil laughs, Priyanka says they want to see Mona-Manu fight.
Manu says to Mona that priyanka can never be above than you for me, you need friend more, i am saying this straight, Mona says i am scared that Priyanka can say anything, Manu says she wont say anything to you.
Priyanka says to Sahil that Mona didnt like that i came here, she is scared that i would take friends from her, its not like i dont like Mona but i dont want my friends to hangout with Mona.
Manveer says to Mona that we cant be partial with her too, we cant ignore her too, Mona says i know, but she is too much, Manu says she can die for her friends, she is very nice, you have to understand, that she is our good friend, Sahil will play on both sides. Gaurav have got one more girl Elena to flirt, Jason will be in his zone, Priyanka wil come to our side only, dont behave like we are favoring her. Mona says i am scared that she will use bad word for me, Manu says i wont let her, even if i have to fight with Manveer for you, i will do it for you, i wont let anyone say bad words for you.
Lopa says to inmates that now suddenly all have unity and love. Manu says we will send them in jail in tasks. Manu mimics Jason. Manu says Swami wont go to jail now, Swami says i dont care, send me jail, torture me and i will get footage more, i will shout. manu says we are saying that we will be united against new wild cards. Swami says i am with my daughter Priyanka. Lopa says what is new devi Elena called? Swami says oh yes i didnt name her, she doesnt talk in english.

PRECAP- There will be competition between wild cards(challengers) vs. inmates. In dome task, challenger and one inmate who he has challenged will be caught in a dome, whoever will come out of dome first will loose task. Lopa says to Niti that just pee in dome and Elena will come out first. Manu says i will put flour on her head. Gaurav says to Rohan that dont give them anything to eat, give them stress that we have support from you people. Bani says to Gaurav that how will i make Priyanka loose? Gaurav says psych out her, Bani says how to psych her out when she is already psycho? Manu gives thumbs to Priyanka.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. hi all bb fans it was an interesting episode . I hope ab priyanka swami ki har Galt baat pr side na le . all new wildcard entries seems to be nice but can’t say anything now
    swami om is the most irritating person in the house . fir se chugli bhi start kardi. Mona insecure lag rhii thi .

  2. hi kp am also wants to ask u question . are u a student or doing something else ? I am a college student .

    1. sorry it was I instead of am

    2. f**k u

    3. what’s wrong with u mr. sahil anand, are u mad commenting this to simran…

    4. Oh mr. how dare you just comment like that to my friend just get lost you idiot

    5. who the hell are u sahil anand . just keep ur mouth shut . agar tumahre pas kuchh comment karne ke liye nhi hai toh kuch bhi comment mat karo

    6. Good to read simran that you are college student and am also student because a 17 yr old boy can’t do something else beyond study hahaha joking ok
      and today i am laughing after watch that two vedio oh my god gaurav and rahul dev hahaha and baba eat chicken himself and saying paap tum logo ko lagega hahaha dhongi

    7. OK kp and thanx dgenerationX and kp to take stand .
      I don’t no what is happening here . why some free peoples came here and post disgusting comments . first there was sneha now sahil anand

  3. How disgusting is this swami

  4. Hi aakashi and swastika how are you both? And aakashi pls don’t stop watching big boss because we used to enjoy your comment i also hate jagga daku but i think she will eliminate again

    1. Swami phirse beti bula rahi hai aaj beti bula rahi hai kal jhagra karenge usi beti se. Kp kya tum konse class mein parte ho. Hii aakasi

  5. Who will win the task?? Any idea

    1. priyanka

  6. Epi was mimic task gaurav team juz nailed it…wild card entries looks intresting except tat jagga don like her..jason looks intresting n cool..rooting 4 bani vs jagga…wow looks intresting bt i thnk bani ll give prblm bani oly d thing z u ll get nominated 4 ths week…fans ll keep voting u…n lso rooting 4 gaurav vs jason it ll b intresting to watch whoz gonna win..

  7. I think manu will turn his side to priyanka and torture bani, defeating priyanka in task will be difficult bani beware, lopa will win i suppose, gaurav may win, rahul i think so will get defeated as sahil is a tough competitor

    1. Sorry not lopa, nitibha

    2. Mujhe bhi lgta hai manu to hai hi shakuni mama aur rohan bhi akela kya bolega baqi uski sari team domes mein hai khasker gorav bani rahul to i think manu jagga ko support krega he hates bani moka mila hai use to baqi may be sahil strong contender ho pr rasgullawale task mein manu bhi tha pr rshul did it

  8. Oh no this Priyanka is back! :/
    She is annoying and super loud… I can’t stand her -_-
    Big boss is all about drama that’s why they called this drama queen back -_-
    I hope she gets evicted soon :/

    1. Priyanka is being paid even higher than bani to comeback in this show to increase trp of show so task is kept which she will definately win….
      This time she is not going to get evicted so soon…. so sad….

  9. It was interesting to watch today’s episode..

  10. Manu is double faced, when manveer was on thappad chair, he said i would choose u over mona, now he says i would fight with manveer for mona

    1. Manu is liar and fake person gaurav ko shurur se kehta hai k mere compititor hai bla bla ab khud bat karne a gaya ke humko sath milker rehna hai phr zara der meinn laguage room mein team bhi bana li sahil ider uder gaurav ko flirt karne ko ek aut ladki jagga humari taraf may i ask ke gaurav ne kab flirt kiya hai ??? Aur kis ladki ke sath even bani ke sath bhi uski dosti hai aur wo bhi murawwat wali jahan bechara murawwatan kafi cheez bardashtbkar leta hai on the other hand maal kehne wala ye khud hai pehle bani ki figure per comment phr sunny pr aliya deepika kis ko chodta hai jbki gaurav well behaved hi rehta hai
      Salman ne aj bhi mnveer ko is bat k liye nhi toka lost hope in salman na bani ko praise kiya swami om k khilaf stand lene pr

    2. hi farhan, may be manu said this to mona to make her comfortable since she was scared by return of jagga meuse…..
      so i think manveer will always be his first priority…

  11. Lila

    Jagga daku ko nikalo

  12. I don’t watch big boss now bcoz of jagga.. Plzz nikalo yr koi use

    1. its very difficult preet, since priyanka can go to any level in the task to win….
      again she is going to beat bani in task like in horse task….

  13. May those wildcards never win i want bani, gaurav, rahul stay till finale !

    1. Defintely they ll b there..i think Bani ll b there till top2..either she ll b runner-up o lse winner..nw a dyz bani gaurav rahul playing vry gud n entertaining…

    2. definately bani will reach to final along with gaurav.
      Hope one of them wins…..

  14. If jagga stayed I would never watch bb again….

    1. sorry ruby but its very difficult to leave watching this show, its very addictive…

  15. I just want wild cards are as winner.obviously jagga u hav to win …bani ko bhi to paata chale,attitude kis base per dekhana chahiye…..
    mona darling,,,,afraid now???mannu ko pakad kar kaab taakk???mannu,manveer just play..supporting u guys..
    swami akela hi kaafi hain,abh jaagga mil jaye toh iss Mein bura hi Keya hain?…..
    dumb niti,tujhe jitna hain???jitna hain??toh khel Na…
    egarly waiting for tomorrow……

    1. jagga cant win just by your single support since whole india hates her……

    2. Sarayumane

      So true, dude

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow cool and interesting episode amazing episode this week bigg boss episodes were bang on. I m surprised but I love the fact that all the inmates r supporting each other and r together the GAP between commoners and celebs r finally closed even manu manveer getting along with celebs this proves that not fights or drama r needed to make show entertaining team work also helps and baba he is just an antique ?
    And haha wildcard entries entry made the bond better ? Interesting wild cards the new ones aur yeh jagga daku achanak itna mulayam Kaise ban Gaya ? chalo at least she said one thing right that baba is wrong in speaking wrong about girls Priyanka jagga for now better than last time jagga daku and this task is damm interesting

    1. It is only begining aage age dekho kya hota hai i dont think priyanka jesi ldki sudher sakti hai

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya u r right she won’t change so easily and many more episodes to go but jagga daku won’t win as she got evicted once and a wildcard never won bigg boss

  17. F9 kp…i will watch….but WHO THE HELL IS SAHIL ANAND…is it sneha herself with another name…coz her supporter was also saahil…kis type ke log aate hai yahan…kam vam kuch nahi hai..bas comment marte hai…priyanka ke tarah

    1. So true aakasi. Or sneha nhi hai kuch dino se

    2. ya u r ryt

  18. Ye priyanka jagga ko wapas kyn laya gya.she is so irretating.nikalo usko khud ko bahut advance samajhti h,celebrities ki itni insult krti h jaise khud kaha ki maharani ho.i like bani and want to be win her.bani u rock and priyanka ko uski asli aukat dikhao.i also hate manu&mona.manu chugli k alawa aur kuch kr nh skta.

  19. Ali oh no priyanka wo bhut gandi ha

  20. oh no priyanka wo bhut gandi ha

  21. Aditya dhanraj

    Guys ek bat batao aap sab mona ko itna hate ku karte ho I really don’t understand Isse jayda to swami hai guys hum bhi college me apne frends ke pas hi to hote hai so mona manu nd manveer ke pas hoti hai aur ek bhi mona ke and a winner wali koe quality nhi but atleast itni negativity to nhi hai

  22. hi all bb fans
    manu is double faced hai jab priyanka usko Mona k bare bare m samjha rhii toh wo sirf uski baat sun rhaa tha Mona k pas jaker kaha meine isko ye bola meine uski wo bola .

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