Love makes life beautiful episode 23

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Hii all so I am so scared all r threatening me yaar ok fine with all ur orders soldier vaishali going to obey all her captains I will try to post frequently I know all r waiting to know who is suresh even I am waiting lets see what happens …

The episode starts with,,
Abhi shouted PRAGYA at the top of his voice. Pragya was horrified calling him like this he would call her name whenever they fought or whenever he forgot his towel in the bed when the kids were inside their room. She immediately cut the call and saw abhi she was surprised indeed as she was thinking he would come the next day. She saw abhi pacing here and there with their daughter in their hands to make her sleep coz she cant sleep without her papa. Pragya went near him and asked
P : what happened bud- abhishek why are u shouting? Kids are sleeping her and riya has fever too. And.

A : oh come on pragya don’t show ur fake concern I knw u in and out u don’t have any concern towards our children sry my children just don’t fake it
P : abhishek when did u started talking like this I thought u will understand me but—
Abhi shouted : ENOUGH enough just one word I don’t know what will I do just leave me and my life along with my children I know to take care of them u know I loved my fuggy but she has lost somewhere I hate this pragya just get the hell out of my sight go and talk to ur so called love MS. PRAGYA ARORA
Pragya was startled with his words tears were brimming in her eyes.she started explaining herself.

P : abhishek listen to me… I just want to
A : no just stop stop I don’t want to listen anything get out of here NOW..
Riya who was disturbed by their argument started crying suddenly so abhi started pacifying her. Seeing her not stopping her cry pragya came forward,
P : give her I will take car. Abhi stopped her.
A : no need Ms. Pragya I can take care of my daughter u may go and have ur beautiful sleep with ur boyfriend in ur dreams. He turned the other side patting riyas back. Riya was continuously crying so abhi sang a lullaby for her
Hava dheere aana
neend bhare, pankh liye, jhula jhula jaana
nanhi kali sone chali hava dheere aana
neend bhare, pankh liye, jhula jhula jaana
nanhi kali sone chali
Chaand kiran si gudiya naajon ki hai pali (2)
aaj agar chaandaniya aana meri gali
gun gun gun geet koi haule haule gaana
neend bhare pankh liye, jhula jhula jaana
Resham ki dor agar pairon ko ulajhaae (2)
ghungharu ka daana koi shor macha jaae
daane mere jaage to phir nindiya tu bahalaana
neend bhare, pankh liye, jhula jhula jaana

nanhi kali sone chali hava dheere aana ( I don’t know any lori in hindi I got it in the net so if it didn’t sink with the situation pls think of any other of ur choice)
Soon riya drifted to sleep. He was broken beyond repair. He couldn’t help thinking that his pragya his fuggy has betrayed him. Suddenly the word “ I love u suresh” hit him it stirred his emotions and broke his heart to pieces. The word suresh brought so many memories to him. Even now this suresh doesn’t leave me.

While studying school, both abhi and pragya know each other but they wont speak much. Abhi secretly had a crush on pragya because of her dareful behavior her innocence and her natural beauty all in his gang knows abpout his crush for pragya but they didn’t even let a breat out if they do like that she will make them dance on their knees. As usual abhi was following pragya to her class that’s hen he saw suresh another classmate of his went and spoke to pragya with a rose and a card in his hand. Its like suresh was proposing pragya. When abhi was nervous whether she will accept it pragya gave suresh a tight slap and a light warning and ended the convo with a friendly hug. Abhi was now proud of his girl he always knew pragya belongs to him only. Suresh came with a sad face. Abhi came near him and put hands on his shoulders and turned him. Abhi consoled him and said” buddy she is not like normal girls so leave her”. Suresh with light anger “ don’t u dare to say anything u freak I wll look after her I know about girls they makes us to run after them but they also not less than boys she is showing her attitude I will show her who suresh shrivastav she is feeling herself as a diva I will show her her place u get lost and “ abhi shouted not able to hear anything abt his girl,, his girl when did she become his girl,” look mr. whatever don’t ever say anything abt my girl u don’t have any rights she belongs to me don’t ever vross her path” suresh “ oh soo mr. let me see u don’t know the power of suresh he will get whatever he wants I am challenging u openly I will make sure that girl fall in my trap and I will use her infront of u and dump her to the extent she will never ever can face a boy in her life like she does now” abhi pulled his shirt and they ended up in a fight abhi “ I will also see suresh what u can do she belongs to me u can never touch her until I am her..”

His thoughts interrupted by his phone buzzing he was standing in the balcony with hot teaqrs in his cheeks. It was a message from purab telling they will return after 2 days because of some urgent meeting.
Abhi entered their room to find pragya arranging the bed for riya and abhi and for herself in the couch as she don’t want abhi to be upset and the last thing she wanted was abhi to shout at her aimlessly and she breaking down. She eventually wiped her tears while arranging the bed remembering his words this morning “ god how am I going to explain him about suresh? Will he understand me?”he went out to his kids room to check on them.
Abhi returned the room carrying riya in his arms patting her back as she was sleeping. Still slight fever so he was so conscious about her health that he totally forgot about pragya. He came near pragya as she was going to sleep on couch.
A : no nee ms. Pragya I will sleep on couch u sleep on bed so that u get dreams n with ur boyfriend.

Pragya was hurt by his words and tears started brimming her eyes.
P : abhishek no I will sleep on couch u sleep on bed with riya she cant sleep without u.
Abhi without hearing her words slept on couch covering his face with hands. Pragya had no other option so she slept on bed with riys. After some time riya started sobbin seeing abhi not next to her. Both woke up and abhi took riya in his arms.
A : sshh gudiya don’t cry dear see pap is with u only se don’t cry na beta
R : papa sleep with me plsh (pls) I get bad dleams(dreams). Abhi patted her back he tried to put her on bed but in vain she didn’t let him. Seeing this pragya got to sleep on couch. Abhi stopped her with his arms and lied on couch with riya sleeping on his chest. Pragya started feeling more hurt but she didnt showed it. After sometime abhi realized that riya was sleeping uncomfortably. So he made her sleep on couch and intertwined his fingers with hers so that she wont freak out not seeing him near her and slept on floor facing riya and continuously patting her. Pragya saw him sleeping on floor in this hard floor she started sobbing lightly and unknowingly went to sleep.
Abhi was twisting in floor as he didn’t experience sleeping on floor its been a long time indeed as he slept on floor. Once in his childhood and once before the custody case while they wer living in the small house with pragya cuddling next him. Haa,.. pragya with pragya came the thoughts of suresh.

Before his divorce to neerja abhi pragya and rishab aditi were staying in a small house as neerja got all properties of abhi by cheating. One day they all went to park for relaxation. There he saw suresh after many years even after seeing this much years made his gut feeling to thrash him as the words of suresh didn’t forget from his memory. He acted he don’t remember him. Pragya immediately recognized him, when pragya introduced abhi to him as her friend abhi felt an unknown anger rushing down in his body seeing pragya with suresh, he didn’t showed it to them suresh made a look to abhi ‘ stil I didn’t forget abt the challenge’. Pragya introduced her kids to suresh “ suresh see this is rishbh and this aditi my two kids” then she told him all the story.
Suresh: pragya what r u dng u are mothering two children without marriage u r still young enough to continue with ur career don’t stuck here itself I am so concerned abt u u r spending whole time with them and..
P : no suresh I am enjoying this I know I am young but I also love them a lot it is not important to me than my kids happiness.
Su : but pragya they r not even ur own children then y u r gvng this much concern to them and u two r not married yet.
P : suresh its not like that.. abhi couldn’t take all this interrupted.
A : actually suresh we r gng to get married in few dys so u don’t have to worry abt her life and they are not my children they r our children see ur driver is calling u its better u leave now so we will have our family time.
He led suresh to the gate of the park. Suresh with anger
S : mark my words mr. mehra I do what I say the challenge is not complete yet I will get whatever I want and this trophy wife do not belongs to a loser like u she belongs to me for her laid back attitude that slap sound still echoing in my ears I will win my challenge whatever may happen for sure just keep wondering when will ur future wife will leave u bye mr. abhishek prem mehra.
Flashback end.
Abhi was thinking all this while sleeping on the floor. He didn’t know what life has written for himself only dejection and pain or some happiness too.. only god know what is hpng in my life..

Precap : “don’t leave me” “ no its time for our parting” “ bday gift for u is ur freedom” a speedy car comes and hits someone. Someone is crying hard.

So guys here is the next episode I would like to thank all my readers who have been a constant support for me in uploading this story I feel so blessed to have u all and to my surprise there are so many silent readers too all r threatening me if I say anything wrong abt me or if I didn’t upload I will try my level best to upload as my pre half early and half early exams are going on so whenever I hv time I will surely try to upload thanks fr ur constant support love u all keep smiling and also keep bearing me…

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