Salman Khan’s Bigg Bos 13 will have a female voice instructor too?

The most controversial TV show is about to hit the TV screens. Bigg Boss is one of the most watched and the most talked about TV show in the history of Indian television. In the show celebrities and sometimes commoners too are made to stay in a house with no connection to the outside world. They turn green and blue as their moods vary inside and well, as most of them say they come out as different people altogether.

As this year’s season is about to start, the makers have started furnishing a few deets to intrigue the interest of the viewers. The latest one being the entry of a new host this time. No, Salman Khan is irreplaceable, the host we are talking about is Bigg Boss himself.

A report creating buzz all around says that there is going to be a female Bigg Boss too this year. We all know and have adored the voice of Atul Kapoor as Bigg Boss in all the previous seasons. This time he will be joined by a female Bigg Boss and the fans just can’t stop talking about it.

The reports also say that there are going to be two finales this time. We also hear that Mahika Sharma, Karan Patel, Dalljiet Kaur and Shivin Narang are the people who might be seen spending time in the house as housemates this time. While all this hasn’t been confirmed by the makers, the news we know for sure is that this time the set of the show has been moved from Lonavala to Mumbai.

While we have to wait for the season o start to know if all of the above are true, we know for sure that it’s going to be a superb entertainer. By the way, did you catch the promo yet? Well, here it is:

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