bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 62) (engagement special)

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All reached their farm house. After relaxing for sometime girls went for shopping leaving boys all alone. All boys started to seeing TV but after sometime they become bore and closes it.
Sanskar: bhai, when these girls will come.
Adi: yeah without them we are becoming bore and see then they must be doing enjoying in mall.
Laksh: from enjoyment I remember bachelor party, do you both think something about it.
Adi: dude if girls will also listen this word na then they will kill us. I don’t know about other but my duck will surely cancel marriage.
Sanskar: not only your adi, even swara will give divorce to me. Think about me what will people say divorce without marriage.
Laksh: you both shut up, who going to tell them anything. It will be top secret and don’t dare to open your mouths in front of them. Or else mine will kill me with her hand only.
Both boys nodded in yes.
Laksh: so after sangeet we will do it.
Sanskar: umm okay as your wish but yes if any problem will come then we both don’t know you.
Adi: true said dude.
Sanskar: yep.

After doing lot of shopping girls comeback, they become shocked seeing house condition. All things lying here and there. Sanadilak were peacefully seeing TV. Anger raised in them, all girls looked toward each other and smirked.
Ragini/Swara/kaira: laksh/Adi/partner.
All boys looked toward them, anger clearly visible from their faces.
Swara: this sanskar is like that only but I didn’t expected adi you and jiju will be also like that. What is it?
Ragini; leave it doll, all are same. But really Sanskar and aditya you both disappoint me.
Kaira: same here partner.
All boys sees toward each other, girls went from there leaving bags there itself.
Sanskar: I think they become really angry.
Adilak: yeah, now what we have to do.
Sanskar: you guys think about yourself because I know after today surprise my princess will not going to angry from me.
Adi: very bad, at least help us na.
Sanskar: sry guys no idea.
He went from there,later girls make them clean all mess by both of them because whole day Sanskar was busy somewhere. Adilak cursing themselves to enjoy that much note than it they wanna kill Sanskar who leave them in whole situation.
Laksh: now no one can save that idiot from me, really think we trio enjoyed but when time came for punishment he became
Mr India.

Adi: yeah definitely.
Laksh: leave it, we will think about it later. Just tell me do you thought something how to stop them from winning.
Adi: yeah very simple we will not let him meet to her. If he will not meet then he can’t able to impress her. So we can win easily.
Both give HiFi to each other.
Adi: most amazing things is swara’s frnd is also with me. So
Laksh: no one can stop us from winning.
Someone listened whole conversation and smirk little.
Someone: ohh my poor monkey what do you think you will easily get to win. Baby if her frnd is at your side then his frnds are also in my plan who will help him to meet her. So baby ready to loose.
Engagement day,
Engagement location was kept secret from both couples, it all planned by some of their best frnds and raglak.
Someone: Di, here everything is ready just both couples are missing.
Ragini: don’t worry soon they are also going to come.
The other person nodded in yes.
At other side, swara and kaira became ready in white- pink elegant half saree and red brown lehnga respectively.
Sanskar was passing from there, he became freeze by seeing her. He signal kaira for excuse she smilingly went from there and wishes him best of luck.
He entered there and slightly closed door.
Her eyes were close,she had recently applied eye liner in it.
Swara: Kayu pls set my hair na.
He smiled and went near her.
He sided her hair and started to caresses her back.
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: not bad Mrs maheswari.
Her eyes still closed, her cheeks turned into crimson red.
Sanskar: swara open your eyes, I have something for you.
She slowly open her eyes looked down, he cupped her cheeks.
Sanskar: look here.
She looked in his eyes, both of their eyes locked with each other.

Swara: Sanskar what are you doing her, if jiju or adi will see then they will not leave you. You already make them angry by afternoon incident.
Sanskar: don’t worry, I just came here to help you and also to give you something.
Sanskar handed her something and went closer to her.
Sanskar: See it after our engagement.
Before she could react, someone stormed in there.
Voice: sry sry wrong timing, well don’t mind. Because we love to do so.
Swasan parted away and look back.
Swara: you all, what a surprise.
Someone: why can’t we come.
Swara: no,its not like that i thought you all will directly reach at venue.
Someone: surprised swara, now he have to leave from here. We have to make our shona ready.
Sanskar: but I am here na I will help her.
All nodded in no.
Sanskar: not fair, by the way give me your introduction yr. It seems you all are her frnds.
Swara: not only frnds, they all my bests frnds. Really I never expected my frnds will come to make me ready. I thought you all will directly meet me at venue only.
All of them hug her and cup her face.
“ how can we forget your this wish, you always want to ready by your frnds. That’s why we are here.”
Swara: yeah you guys are truly my bestie.
Sanskar: if your frnds meeting is over then also tell me about you all.
Swara: let me introduce all of them.

5 girls were standing there, all were dressed in beautiful lehangas.
She went near them
Swara: they are not only my frnds but also my sisters who always supported me. Leave emotional stuffs, they are rabia, shan, vidhi, kakali and her you already know she is my cutest frnd…
Sanskar: Shreeyu right
Shreeyu: yep right.
Swara: and he is
Rabia: we already know him, he is your prince charming. Are we right?
Sanskar: 100% right, now kindly excuse us I want to help her.
All girls look toward each other and nodded in no.
Sanskar: why guys?
Swara was smiling, she understood they are not going to help him.
Sanskar: swara tell them I want to be with you.
Swara: ups sry, I am with them. Now you go we will meet in engagement.
Sanskar: not fair, you all make your team.
Rabia: what fair, everything is fair in love and war.
Shan: this is our love for shona and war for you.
Sanskar: But

Vidhi: nothing if and but, you go from here.
Shreeyu: Are you going your self or we should call someone.
Sanskar: call whomever you all want I am not going anywhere.
Kakali: Are you sure?
Sanskar sit on bed, Swara silently sitting on dressing table.
Sanskar: damn sure
Shan: okay then, rabia di I am calling herrrr.
Rabia: yeah call her.
Suddenly his brain worked, he looked upward.
Sanskar: do you all mean by herrr?
Vidhi: yep her, so
Sanskar: no no I am going, sry to disturb you girls.
He rushes from there.

Swara hug all of them.
Swara: where are others?
Shreeyu: they will directly meet you at function, vo na they are planning…
Kakali: Shreeyu….
Shreeyu: ups zip on mouth.
Rabia: better.
Shan: now enough of these thing. We have to do that things for which we have come here.
All nooded in yes, they all started to make her ready.
Swara: now enough, can we move.
Kakali: one more last thing.
Swara: now what?
She signal something to them, all nodded in yes and shows thumbs up.
Rabia came with something in hand, she tied it around her eyes.
Swara: arre what is this.
Shan: patience shona, now you have to come with us.
Swara: arre but what is it guys and where is kaira.
Vidhi: don’t worry she must be coming here at any moment.
Kaira also come there, her eyes were also tied up, someone was holding her hands.
Kaira: see shona, what they did? I call them for my games and they started their own games.
Swara: but who did it with you? They tell me others will directly meet us at venue.
Someone: me, I thought when they all handling you then why not I go do further work with her. Arre she is also our bride.

She give HiFi to others girls.
All girls together shouted: any idea both of you who is she?
Swara: yeah little idea, she is non other than our doll ‘ Simi’. Am I right?
Simi: yeah, always you get to know.
Shreeyu: now enough of drama, let go to venue or other will kill us. They all are waiting for them yr. So give them chance also.
Swara : yeah first they will kill me then later you all. Think if anything happen to me then what will be my Sanskar, so I can’t take any risk.
All: yeah only Sanskar
Kaira: girls stop teasing her, do fast I am so excited for my first ever engagement.
Swara: kaira, its also my first engagement only.
Kaira: ya whatever but now I can’t wait.
Rabia: Kayu you can’t wait for engagement or from seeing aditya.
Shan: crct di, she is so desperate to see him.
Vidhi: frnds, later we will tease both of them. Let’s move.
All nodded in yes,they held both of their hands and move toward car.

Sanskar’s room
He became ready and about to went from there.
Some girls entered there with adi.
Adi: Sanskar see what your frnds have done with me. They are not letting me see my duck.
Sanskar: only your game they played on you. You also send her frnds to her room stopping me to see her. So tit for tat.
Adi started to make face.
Adi: yeah whatever, but who are these beautiful girls.
Sanskar: don’t flirt with them..
All girl: yep we know how to handle boys.
They give hi fi to Sanskrar.
Sanskar: well they are simin, chandu, deeksha, vyshu, soujanya, sri .
Simin: yeah not only we six but other also came they are busy somewhere so they will come there only.
Sanskar: not fair, where are they. I want to meet all of them. And also wanted to met you all someone special.
Chandu: don’t be sad Na, they will soon come.
Vyshu: most importantly we all already know know your someone special, I guess you forgot in clg we only use to help you calling your someone special.
Sanskar smiled shyly.
Sanskar: yeah she is same girl.
Deeksha: yup we remember how much you were crazy for her.
Sri: not crazy deekshu,he was mad. You remember that incident how much he irritated us for her no.
Soujanya: yeah how we can forget that he almost not talk to us for 1 week. When we gave him her no then…
Sanskar: I gave treat yr.
All nodded in yes.

Vyshu: by the way sanskar, I already met her but again excited seeing her.
Deeksha: you don’t sanskar how much she teased us when she came back.
Chandu: yeah really she irritated lot again and again telling swara became more beautiful.
Simin: That’s why when we get news about your engagement we can’t able to stop us.
Soujanya: girls we are forgetting something.
Sri: yeah I remember, so now stop talking here let’s do that for we are here.
Adi: uff finally you all stop, bye I am going.
Sanskar: not so soon my princesses bff, why girls I am right or not.
All sees toward each other and nodded in yes.
Adi: what are you all up to?
Vyshu: nothing, just we are here to kidnap you. Well don’t worry not only you but also sanskar.
Adi: then okay
He realised what she said he looked toward them.
Adi: whatttt?????
Sanskar: I understand you have to kidnap him but why me? I mean I have engagement yr.
Chandu: we know that, you just wait and watch.
All girls together tied their eyes and went with them from there.
All girls reached there with their respective prey.
Other girls: uff finally you all reached , we thought you all directly come with them for marriage.
Ragini: me to thought same, now open their eyes.
They opened their eyes.

They became shock seeing place + decorations. Specially swasan were shocked. They are standing middle of beach. Whole beach was shining due to moon lights, Arrangements are like that some artificial moon shape lights hanging in sky and some star shape lights were also there. On ground there were white petals are scattered. In corners white pink flower scattered, stage was totally made of wood and white grass were scattered on it.
Swasan and adira became shocked seeing that scene.
Sanskar: wow, who did it? Bhai, bhabi is you both did it.
Laksh: no this all done by both of your frnds.
Swara: really guys, what is need of it. We can do engagement in some hotels.
Someone come from behind.
Someone: that means you not like it Na, sry for it. But we thought to surprise you all. Sry for it…
Swara: shut up mica, it’s really amazing. I only telling that because I thought it must be tiring for you all.
Krystle: no shona, anything for frnds. Well not only us but jiju frnds also help us.
Mica: yeah shona, without them it can’t able to happen.
Sanskar: guys it’s really what I say I don’t getting any word for it. Thanks guys for it.
Febi: see guys he is thanking us. We thought him as frnds.
Hemalatha: yeah and mica, krystle it is only we. We all did equally work.
Sanskar: okay okay no thanks, but guys I love you all for it.
All girls passes smile.

Ragini : now time for engagement.
Tani: not so soon di, there is more surprise for them.
Adi: more??
Shan: yeah adi more surprise, this is just trailer what say guys start.
Dipti: definitely now time for special surprise. So ready Na.
All girls nodded in yes.
Raglak take them to stage, both couples sited at sofa, which was in snow white color.
Ragini : Now I am handling everything to you all, so guys let’s rock.
All : definitely
Raglak stand at corner.
Two girls came there, both were dressing swara and sanskar get up.
Swara: sanji
Sanskar: kaira( his frnd,not adi’s kaira)
Sanji: you must be thinking why we are here na.
Kaira: that too we in this get up, well we are not going to tell you because we will show it.
Lights became deep.
Both started to show their love journey.
First, kaira( as sanskar) seeing sanji(as swara) in high school. Disturbing her through calls.
Second, distance between them kaira( as sanskar) coming to Kolkata and sanji( as swara) at London only.
Swasan look toward each other, tears were coming from eyes remembering it.
Swarna: what do you think, did this unsaid love story only ended here. Nope destiny again make meet them but this time totally in diff wayl. Let’s see, now My other frnds will continue it.
Seebu( as swara) : yeah we again meet that time we also not knew this meeting will write new story in our life.
Stg: ( as sanskar) yes totally unexpected meet was that.

They show their meeting at airport, their fight, landing in PS, fight for room, his entering in room without anyone notice, disturbing her, her bold look, acting as not understanding anything.
Swasan smiled seeing it, he lovingly sees toward her.
Sneha: what do you think, is he able to win her? Let see, my other frnds will show you further journey.
Milestone; ( as sanskar) then we got chance to come here.
Nandini:( as swara) this place is very special because let not we will show you only.
They showed their journey started in car, car’s damage, stopping truck for help, her bold confession in truck, their beach moment, his unique proposal.
Swasan sees toward each other, both remember it.
Mona: everything was perfect but yeah but destiny want to taste their love. Let’s see do they fail or pass.
Sus( as sanskar): I did biggest mistake of my life, I hurt that person without whom I can’t imagine my life.
Hap: ( as swara) that totally broke me that phase is really horrible for us.
They showed his slap, his accusations, her state, entering of spcl person in their life.
Swasan sees toward each other, guilt was clearly in his eyes. She hold his eyes and signal him to smile.
Rabia: who was that spcl person who help her, is any villan or angle of their love story. So let’s see who was he? I will call her s…, no you only guess that person.

Kaira: Adi do you know who was that person?
Adi sees toward swasan.
Adi: yeah
Kaira: who?
He points toward someone who was facing back, that person turned toward them.
Kaira: Why shan is dressed like you?
Adi: just wait.
Shan( As adi): I entered in their life, umm not in their life I entered in swara life.
Krystle: (As swara) yeah that time when I really loose all my hope, he entered as angel. Just see how this angel help me.
Both show a journey of friendship, how he always help her in every situation, how he get injured due to her, how both became stranger to best frnds, how they together stop marriage, she getting injured , slipping in coma, realisation of mistake, ragini going Paris with swadi.
Swasan sees toward aditya who was crying remembering everything.
Swasan say thanks to him in sign language, Adi turn his face, swara signal kaira to make him turn.
Kaira: oye monkey see toward them.
Adi: no, they are thanking me.
Kaira: just see Na.
Adi: okay

Swasan signal sry for saying thanks, adi again about to turn.
Swasan: No sry and no thanks.
He smiled.
Simi: is it end? Or there is something which yet going to happen. How again they met? How they again come together?
Vidhi: ( as swara) I have to came back here for completing something which was left.
Deeksha: ( as sanskar) that was chance for me, getting her back.
They showed his trying for getting forgiveness, her ignorance, her anger, his guilt, coming of another person in their life.
Swasan sees toward each other,they tightly holding each other hands, still tears were coming.
Simin; everyone should get one chance, but how she gave him one chance let see.
Mica: one minute simu, you forget again someone was entering umm is that person going to angel or villan.
Simin: yeah I forget don’t worry, now let see who was that?
Kaira: adi, who entered? Is that person try to separate them.
He smiled listening it.
Adi: yeah she was villan.
Kaira: who was she?
Adi: let see.

Kaku came over stage as dressed in kaira.
Kaira: adi why she is looking as me?
Swara: because that was you only.
Sanskar: who help me, my best frnd and my crime partner.
Kaira: really,means this monkey fool me.
Adi: yep miss duck.
Kaku and Shreeyu( as adi) showed their love journey, how both help swasan, how both help in exposing alia, how everything became fine.
Vyshu: is story end here? Everything was fine but still one thing was remaining. That was forgiveness, let see how he get that.
Shreeyu( as swara) and sri( as sanskar) they finally show last stage of their love journey.
Voice; this is not any end, it was beginning, a new beginning which both of them have to start together, in that beginning again new hurdle will come which will break them but if they will be together then they will definitely going to win over challenges. Am I right guys?
All shout in yes.

Swasan and adira came at stage.
Swara: titi you ( ?????)
Anniya: yeah me yr how can I miss it.
Sanskar: thank God you came here or else we both planning to kill you.
Anniya: yup I know, you all definitely chocked me in mixture. Well frnd come over stage yr, that moment finally come for which we all are waiting.
All frnds came at stage, they again hug swasan and adira.
Laksh : if all suprise are over then let complete engagement.
Me: yeah jiju, you can now we will not disturb them more.
All nodes in yes and took their seats.
Ragini handed ring to swara and kaira.
Laksh give ring to sanadi.
Adira make each other wear rings.
Now turn to swasan.
Swara forward her hand.
Sanskar: I can’t do this engagement
All become shock

Swara: why sanskar? You love me Na.
Sanskar: yes but one thing is pending, first let me do that then we will think about it.
He move from there, all were confusingly seeing it. He bend down near ragini feet.
Ragini: sanskar.
Sanskar: plz let me speak today.
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar: if I hurt someone more than anything than it was you bhabi, I separate you from your husband only due to me your sister was fighting with death.
Ragini: sanskar those things are past.
Sanskar: yeah I know but still wanna ask two things.will you give it?
Ragini nodded in yes.
Sanskar: first forgiveness.
Ragini: I already forgiven you.
Sanskar: your sister hand ‘ Bhabi plz give your sister hand’
He forward his hand, her eyes became teary.
Ragini: let me think once again.
Sanskar: bhabi I promise I will never allow any tears, I will not say I will love her more than you do but I promise I will love her more than myself. I can’t promise I will treat her as princesses or not but I promose I will become slave for her.

Ragini’s heart become emotional. She bring swara and give her hand in his hand. He slided ring in it, she also did same.
All coward started clapping.
He stand from his place and hug her.
Sanskar: do you like it? See I fullfil your one wish.
Swara: yeah but
Sanskar: I know what you will say, that wish will be soon going to fullfil.
Swara: I will wait.
Sanskar: only some moment princesses then you will get your biggest surprise.
Adi; umm now you both can separate.
Both parted away and looked down.
Adi: shona, control we have to win.
Swara: yeah.
Kaira: your frnd is already impressed by him.
Swara’s frnds: don’t worry kaira still game is on. We will not let you win.
Sanskar’s frnd: that we will see.
Precap: let see sanskar will able to give surprise or not. Further function with frnds and ofcurse with more fun.
Yippee now only two parts are left, last part will be end at marriage.
Sryyy for such long chap, I tired to cut but don’t get how to make short.?????
Also sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy if you not like this part,I tried do something diff from usual dance and all. Hope you like it, and sry if you don’t like your roles. Pls pardon me for that, I tired to give everyone chance. Sry if I forget anyone name, you can freely tell me.
Acha tell me one thing sequence of function between haldi, mehndi and sangeet.

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  19. Just loved it dear…. thank you so much for giving a space in ur ff.

    1. Anniya

      No need to say thanks, you deserve it…

  20. Sri

    Thankkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuu titi?????????
    I’m sooooo happy that u mentioned my name
    This is the very first time that someone mentioned my name that too in my favourite ff
    I always been a silent reader due to my laziness to comment
    But titi I read all ur ffs and this ff from starting
    I didn’t liked or loved this episode
    I lived in this episode
    Its a great day for me

    1. Anniya

      Thank you you, you made my day. ..
      I can’t express my happiness…..
      I am so much happpy seeing that you love it so much so you able to live in this episode…..

  21. U nailed it….. Super super awesome….. damn good….n m very happy dat u mentioned my name…. thank u so much,it means alot to me

    1. Anniya

      Glad you like it

  22. Swarmayi

    It was so amazing titi..
    Loved it!

    1. Anniya

      Thankssssssssss sammyy

  23. SRSL

    Awsm..titti is that your pet name…then even I will call you titti…I loved this episode all misunderstandings are cleared…waiting for marriage then swasan’s child…*shameless me..

    1. Anniya

      Yup you can call me titi
      Omg swasan child, don’t worry I will them they will definitely going to fullfil it….

  24. Dharani

    i am really sorry anniya for not commenting in previous episodes i was really busy and not able to read them i just read them from 59th epi i read them now all are awesome sorry for not commenting again

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